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					            Issue 2, 2009

  A Newsletter about the Corporate
 Donation Program of the Wisconsin
 Technical College System Foundation

Chippewa Valley Technical College
   dental clinic trains students
    while providing service to
      low-income patients

 Wisconsin Indianhead Technical
 College partners with Marshfield
   Clinic to create new Health
        Education Center

       Langlade County helps
  Northcentral Technical College
  create the Wood Manufacturing
        Center of Excellence

  Nicolet Area Technical College
    promotes growth through
   Northwoods Manufacturing

      Help educate Wisconsin’s
     workforce...donate equipment
       to the Technical Colleges
    2     At Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
          Partnership Creates New Health
          Education Center at WITC

    6     At Northcentral Technical College
          Wood Manufacturing Center of Excellence:
          A Higher Education Partnership

    8     At Chippewa Valley Technical College
          CVTC Dental Clinic Could be Part
          of the Solution for Health Care

    10    At Nicolet Area Technical College
          Northwoods Manufacturing Consortium

    14    The Corporate Donation Program

          On our cover:
          Marquette Dentists and CVTC staff
                                                                                         Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
          work together to provide low cost care to
          patients on medical assistance, while

          training students in dentistry.

                                                                                                 Creates New Health
                                                                                                 By any other definition,
                                                                                                 the building looks like a
                                                                                                 medical clinic. But upon
                                                                                                 closer examination one
                                                                                                 discovers it’s a thriving,
                                                                                                 true-to-life learning facility...
                                                                                                 a place where students learn
    The Wisconsin Technical College System, established in, includes 16 regional                 how to be the real thing:
    post-secondary education districts with 49 campuses statewide serving over 453,000
    students annually. Corporations contract with the Colleges to train over 100,000             top notch health providers.
    members of the corporate workforce each year. This issue of Donation Matters
    highlights the districts shown in tan on map. Future issues will visit with our
    other technical college districts.

Education Center                        at WITC
  It’s the brainchild of two collaborating entities:                “We’ve always held WITC in high regard from our
  MARSHFIELD CLINIC and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical            experience with their programs and students,” Anderson
  College, with the product being the Health Education            said. “Part of the mission of MARSHFIELD CLINIC includes
  Center (HEC) located in the former MARSHFIELD CLINIC            education and this was the perfect fit. We had the building
  building on north Main Street in Rice Lake, Wis.                space available and worked closely with them on financing
     There was an agreement to make it work for the benefit       the necessary remodeling so they could expand their health
  of both institutions and the remodeling of the building         care programs. It really was a win-win situation for both of
  started last fall. The total cost of the project was $60,000,   us and we’re very pleased with the end result.”
  of which MARSHFIELD CLINIC covered 90 percent of the              MARSHFIELD CLINIC vacated the site in April 2008,
  expenses. Jolene Anderson, administrator of MARSHFIELD          and soon thereafter, the old building reopened with a new
  CLINIC – Rice Lake Center, called it an “ideal partnership”     purpose. Classrooms, office space, computer labs and
  in providing a local, highly trained workforce in the health    instructional exam rooms now occupy nearly 6,000 square
  care fields.                                                    feet of the second floor.
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                             Partnership Creates New Health Education Center

    — Dr. Robert Meyer
      Wisconsin Indianhead
      Technical College

                                                  er will
                                       This cent that
                                       help ensu be
                                       WITC w inue to
                                        able to co lified
                                        provide q the
                                         gradua  tes in
                                         health oc f our
                                          field to all
                                           local healt rs.
                                            care prov
                                                                                programs receive their core class instruction
                                                                                at the HEC. Students still attend general
                                                                                education courses on the main campus.
                                                                                  “The Health Education Center would
                                                                                not be possible without the tremendous
                               “The overwhelming majority of students           support that we received from the
                             seem to enjoy being at the HEC,” said Mary         MARSHFIELD CLINIC organization,” said
                             Ann Pebler, WITC dean of Allied Health.            Craig Fowler, vice president, continuing
                             “The space is considered ‘their space’ and         education/executive director, foundation and
                             some students even come to the HEC                 Rice Lake campus administrator. “From the
                             campus on days they don’t have classes to          beginning, Jolene Anderson, Brad Bekkum,
                             study in groups or access the resources. The       Dan DeGroot, John Dubiel and Scott
                             location is also very close to local health care   Kniprath all worked very hard to make this
                             agencies for the nursing students, where           center a reality. This center will help ensure
                             many students have clinical rotations.”            that WITC will be able to continue to
                               About 100 full-time and 200 part-time            provide qualified graduates in the health
                             students in the Associate Degree Nursing,          occupations field to all of our local health
                             Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant            care providers.”

                                                                                                 Large left: Students utilize a lab space at
                                                  Wisconsin Indianhead                           WITC’s new Health Education Center. The
                                                                                                 building was the former home of Marshfield
                                                  Technical College                              Clinic. Classrooms, office space, computer labs
                                                                                                 and instructional exam rooms now occupy
                                                                                                 nearly 6,000 square feet of the second floor.
                                                  Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is      Circle: Tiffany Sprague, right, prepares to
                                                  an accredited two-year college offering a      take a blood pressure reading from Candi
                                                                                                 Paul, as instructor Carol Utpadel observes
                                                  technologically advanced college experience    during class at WITC’s new Health
                                                  based on the latest theories and approaches.   Education Center. Both Sprague and Paul
                                                  Faculty mentors with real world experience     are students in WITC’s Medical Assistant
                                                  offer associate and technical degree career
                                                  programs, professional certificates, and
                                                  business and industry services that
                                                  contribute to the vitality of Northwest
                                                  Wisconsin. The college’s four main
                                                  campuses include Ashland, New Richmond,
                                                  Rice Lake and Superior, with branch
                                                  campuses in Ladysmith and Hayward. All
                                                  promote business growth, supply a skilled
                                                  work force and provide local education and
                                                  training to support a strong economy. Each
                                                  campus includes a conference center
                                                  available for local corporate and community
                                                  development organizations to participate in
                                                  statewide, national or global meetings using
                                                  current teleconferencing technology.

Marshfield Clinic
When six MARSHFIELD physicians pooled               The clinic’s willingness to explore new                Smart Reason
their medical expertise in 1916 to form           horizons has resulted in numerous medical
MARSHFIELD CLINIC, they built the                 and service innovations. Its research
                                                                                                           to Donate:
foundation for what has grown to become           division, MARSHFIELD CLINIC RESEARCH                     Unused building
one of the largest private, multispecialty        FOUNDATION ( MCRF), was established                      space can be used
group practices in the United States.             in 1959.                                                 to train your future
  With 796 physicians representing                  Housed in the Lawton Center and the                    workforce
83 different medical specialties, 6,500           Melvin R. Laird Center, MCRF scientists
additional staff, and 49 regional centers/sites   conduct research on health care and public
in 33 communities throughout northern,            health. Areas of focus include clinical
central and western Wisconsin,                    research, rural and agricultural health and
MARSHFIELD CLINIC is growing. Patients            safety, human genetics, epidemiology and
from every county in Wisconsin, 49 of the         biomedical informatics.
50 states in the nation, and 19 foreign
countries were seen within the Clinic
system in 2008.

                                       Northcentral Technical College

                                       Wood Manufacturing Center of Excellence:

    — Dr. Lori Weyers
      Northcentral Technical College

                                       Northcentral Technical College (NTC),            In September, 2008, the Langlade County
                                       Langlade County, the City of Antigo,             Board approved borrowing approximately
                                       local K-12 schools and local wood                $2.5 million for the construction of a 30,000
                                       manufacturers are collaborating to expand        sq. ft. wood technology economic
                                       educational opportunities in the wood            development building on NTC’s Antigo
                                       manufacturing industry through a new             campus.
                                       Center of Excellence slated to open on              Supervisor Dave Morse told fellow board
                                       the NTC Antigo Campus in 2010.                   members that the investment was “fiscally”
                                         The partnership began in 2006, when            responsible, and that the educational
                                       local employers approached NTC with the          programs that will be offered have an
                                       need for a larger skilled workforce to replace   opportunity to improve the community.
                                       retiring workers and support advancing           “We have a real chance here,” Morse said,
                                       technology that would allow them to compete      stressing that the opportunities offset the
                                       nationally and globally. NTC representatives     investment made through the College and
                                       researched the required curriculum in wood       the County.
                                       manufacturing technologies and determined           The pinnacle of LANGLADE COUNTY’s
                                       that hands-on experience with actual             commitment to its residents, business and
                                       equipment would be required.                     industry is its decision to donate the Wood
                                         Recognizing the immediacy of the               Manufacturing Center of Excellence to NTC
                                       training needs, LANGLADE COUNTY’s                upon repayment of its 10-year loan. This gift
                                       economic development committee took up           will provide sustained wood industry training
                                       the challenge and launched an effort with        throughout the County and showcase
                                       County and State officials to implement
                                       construction of a wood technology facility.      continued on page 13...

A Higher Education Partnership
Northcentral Technical College
NTC is a customer-focused, accessible provider of innovative lifelong learning that builds a
globally competitive workforce. The College’s 5,900 square mile, 10-county district includes
six convenient campus locations in Wausau, Antigo, Medford, Phillips, Spencer and
Wittenberg, as well as a Public Safety Training & Education Center in Merrill. NTC
offers over 32 associate degree programs, 23 technical diploma programs and more
than 110 short-term certificate options, with many credits transferring to Wisconsin’s
four-year public and private colleges, creating a seamless path for lifelong learning.
NTC graduates are highly successful in their ability to move from the classroom
into the workroom. 90% of the graduates of the class of 2008 were employed
within six months of graduation. In addition, the College’s Workforce
Learning Solutions team annual serves over 11,000 district employees
through continuing education and contract training opportunities.                       The pinnacle of
For more information on NTC, please call 715-675-3331 or                               Langlade County’s
visit us on the web at
                                                                           commitment to its residents,
                                                                             business and industry is
                                                                              its decision to donate
                                                                            the Wood Manufacturing
                                                                               Center of Excellence
Langlade County                                                                      to NTC.
LANGLADE COUNTY, located in the heart of
northern Wisconsin, is central to 125 area
wood manufacturing enterprises that benefit
from the more than 160,000 acres of
hardwood timber located within its borders.
LANGLADE COUNTY owns 127,000 acres                                                                       Smart Reason
of forest land and earns over $1.5 million                                                               to Donate:
dollars annually in timber sale revenues.                                                                Create the facility
However, annual revenues from timber sales                                                               to train the skilled
are dependent upon the market for wood
                                                                                                         workforce you need
products. The COUNTY’s investment in the
Wood Technology Center of Excellence will
create additional opportunities to market       estimated that the wood products industry
timber harvested in LANGLADE COUNTY.            in LANGLADE COUNTY is responsible for a
According to a feasibility study prepared for   total of 686 jobs, wages of almost $24
Northcentral Technical College by the           million and producing total output of
University of Wisconsin Extension, it is        almost $115 million.

                          Chippewa Valley Technical College

                          CVTC Dental Clinic Could be Part of the

    — Mr. Bruce Barker
      Chippewa Valley
      Technical College

                          The Dental Clinic at Chippewa Valley                   The backlog has to do with the lack
                          Technical College in Eau Claire has served          of incentive private practice dentists have
                          more than 25,000 low-income patients since          in providing care for those on medical
                          it opened in 2004 and it is being looked at as      assistance, a category of patient that
                          a national model.                                   comprises three quarters of all patients at
                             More than 4,000 would-be patients are on         the CVTC clinic. Many thousands across
                          a waiting list to receive dental care, and a like   Wisconsin go without dental care.
                          number await hygiene care.                             “Many of the patients in the CVTC
                             The desire for the benefits of partnership       clinic have not seen a dentist in 10 years,”
                          among CVTC, MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY,                   says Dr. Sheila Stover, a director of Rural
                          and the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN FAMILY              Outreach at MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY’s
                          MEDICINE CLINIC, was part of the genesis of         School of Dentistry, and a frequent
                          the Health Education Center that houses one         practitioner at the CVTC Dental Clinic.
                          of the largest dental clinics in the state.
Solution for Health Care
                                                                                                  Top right: Pam Entorf is a dental hygienist
                                                                                                  instructor at Chippewa Valley Technical College
                                                                                                  and a leader in establishing the CVTC Dental
                                                                                                  Clinic. She sees herself as a health activist,
                                                                                                  frequently pointing out the evidence-based link
                                                                                                  between overall health and good oral hygiene.
                                                                                                  She believes CVTC’s efforts could be replicated
                                                                                                  by other colleges for great public savings.
                                                                                                  Middle right: Dr. William Lobb, dean,
                                                                                                  Marquette University School of Dentistry
                                                                                                  (left); Bruce Barker, president, Chippewa Valley
                                                                                                  Technical College (middle); and Rick McClaflin
                                                                                                  M.D., director, University of Wisconsin
                                                                                                  Family Medicine Clinic Eau Claire (right).
                                                                                                  Marquette University and the UW Clinic
                                                                                                  have been partners in the clinic since it
                                                                                                  opened in 2004.
                                                                                                  Bottom Right: X-Rays are examined in the
                                                                                                  CVTC Dental Clinic.

    “We know that there is a direct correlation     The CVTC clinic succeeds on a number
 between overall health and oral health,” says    of levels. Providing low-cost care to the
                                                                                                           Smart Reason
 Pam Entorf, one of the principals at the         underprivileged is one. But the founding                 to Donate:
 clinic and a CVTC Dental Hygiene                 purpose of the clinic was and is educational.            Your expertise helps
 Instructor. Stories abound of emergency          The MARQUETTE dental students and                        educating students,
 room visits by people with aches and             graduates, and the Chippewa Valley                       while providing a
 abscesses, oral health care problems. And        Technical College students in dental                     service to your
 of course these visits often do constitute       hygiene and dental hygiene assisting,
 emergencies in that people are in dire pain.     are brought together with CVTC staff
 But such patients should be treated by a         dentists, and occasionally, resident
 dentist, not a physician, for the sake of        physicians from the UNIVERSITY OF
 efficient care.                                  WISCONSIN FAMILY MEDICINE CLINIC
                                                  in a wholly unique learning venture.
                                                  continued on page 12...

                                        Nicolet Area Technical College

                                        Northwoods Manufacturing Consortium

     — Dr. Adrian Lorbetske
       Nicolet Area Technical College

                                        Thom Umlauf of Superior Diesel, foreground, describes an engine assembly to members of the Northwoods Manufacturing Steering
                                        Committee during a tour of the Superior Diesel plant. The Rhinelander plant customizes engines for more than 250 applications.

                                        There was a time when manufacturing                               Nicolet’s vice president of instruction who,
                                        professionals in Wisconsin’s rural                                not by coincidence, has a long history of
                                        Northwoods had little opportunity to                              promoting manufacturing during his 29 years
                                        network with each other. Sure, there were                         in the Wisconsin Technical College System.
                                        national professional organizations that many                     “The consortium has become a great forum
                                        of them belonged to, but really not many                          for manufacturing professionals to get
                                        structured activities on the local level.                         together to network, to determine as a group
                                           All that changed nine years ago when Jim                       what their training and professional
                                        Brown and Don Roberts from Nicolet Area                           development needs are, and to work together
                                        Technical College invited together a handful                      to find solutions to common issues they face
                                        of Northwoods manufacturing leaders.                              in their day-to-day operations.”
                                        Brown and Roberts wanted to see if there                            The consortium is driven by a 18-member
                                        was interest in forming a local professional                      steering committee that meets monthly to
                                        group to promote and improve the                                  identify needs and then plan activities to
                                        manufacturing environment in the region.                          meet those needs. Three times a year the
                                           Today, that handful has grown to more                          consortium holds dinners for the general
                                        than 100 individuals who participate in a                         membership. These events feature a keynote
                                        wide variety of activities sponsored by the                       speaker of state or national manufacturing
                                        NORTHWOODS MANUFACTURING                                          prominence and also tours of area
                                        CONSORTIUM.                                                       manufacturing facilities.
                                           “It’s safe to say that there’s been a great                      In the early days Nicolet’s Don Roberts
                                        response to the consortium,” said Brown,                          wasn’t exactly sure what the response was
10                                                                                                        continued on page 13...
Promotes Growth, Professional Development

                                                                                                                                 The Consortium’s
                                                                                                                                 goal: Working
                                                                                                                                 together for
                                                                                                                                 overall economic
                                                                                                                                 development and
 Members of the Northwoods Manufacturing Consortium’s Steering Committee who recently toured the Superior Diesel plant in
 Rhinelander include front row, left to right, Jim Brown, Nicolet College; Steve Daigle, Daigle Brothers, Inc.; Jeff Cummings,
                                                                                                                                 growth of the
 Red Arrow Products; Thom Umlauf, Superior Diesel; Steve Denis, Northstar Steel Fabricating, Inc.; back row, Brian Wendt,
 Superior Diesel; Matt Garske, Northland Stainless, Inc.; Ben Bonnell, Wausau Paper-Rhinelander Mill; Steve Pawelko,             community.
 Advanced Barrier Extrusions; Jeff Otto, Harley-Davidson Motor Co.; and Ron Zimmerman, PCA Tomahawk Mill.

 Northwoods Manufacturing Consortium
 The NORTHWOODS MANUFACTURING                                      — Helping Nicolet develop the curriculum
 CONSORTIUM has been involved in a wide                              for the 16-credit Industrial Mainte-
 variety of partnerships and activities over                         nance Electronics one-year technical
 the years. These include:                                           diploma, which started in 2008; and
 — Working closely with K-12 technology                              college’s new 10-credit Manufacturing
      education students and staff to promote                        Fundamentals/Essentials certificate
      careers in manufacturing. This includes                        which will be offered for the first time
      creating Youth Apprenticeship employ-                          this fall.
      ment opportunities for high school                           — Working closely with Grow North, the
      students and providing scholarships to                         region’s economic development
      junior high students to attend the                             corporation.
      week-long Camp Wanna Weld at                                 — Creating the initial framework for the
      Nicolet College which introduces                               launch of the region’s Inventors and
      students to welding.                                           Entrepreneurs Club, which spun off
                                                                     from the consortium in 2005.

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                                Chippewa Valley Technical College
     For a free DVD             “This is an opportunity. You can bring          patients win and the taxpayers win,” says
     explaining the successes   members of the dental team together,”           Dr. David Johnson, a CVTC staff dentist
     of the clinic, email       said Dr. William Lobb, dean of dentistry        with decades of private practice.           at Marquette.                                     Pam Entorf, who is increasingly
                                  The interaction among the professionals       known for her advocacy, believes that other
                                and future professionals, and the service to    technical colleges could do much the same
                                the underprivileged might go unnoticed          as CVTC has and reduce health care costs
                                but for another fact: the clinic breaks even!   within states by millions. She has support.
                                  It didn’t always. But by adding chairs to     “This is absolutely a replicable model,” says
                                increase volume and by securing grants, the     Public Health Hygienist Lisa Bell of the
                                CVTC Dental Clinic does not cost the            Wisconsin Division of Public Health.
                                taxpayers a dime, says Kirk Moist, CVTC         CVTC “is way ahead of the curve.”
                                director of finance. “The students win, the

                                Chippewa Valley Technical College
“ The students win,             CVTC offers associate degree and technical diploma programs to more than 6,000
  the patients win and          full-time and 16,000 continuing education students at five different campuses in
                                west-central Wisconsin, with the main campus located in Eau Claire. Other campuses
  the taxpayers win.”           are located in Menomonie, River Falls, Neillsville, and Chippewa Falls. CVTC maintains
 — Dr. David Johnson
   CVTC staff dentist           state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and actively collaborates with business,
                                government, communities, and other educational institutions to meet workforce needs in
                                the region and serve the larger community. CVTC’s Simulation City, where the “Flood
                                House” is located, is a significant part of the college’s long-range strategic plan to combine
                                structures and demonstration learning areas for simulation training in emergency events
                                including medical emergencies, fires, floods, and crime scenes.

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Nicolet Area Technical College
going to be to the tours, considering that         Today the benefits of the consortium         The benefits of the
some members were competitors. The               have extended well beyond the individual       consortium have extended
whole issue of revealing trade secrets by        facilities. “Overall economic development      well beyond the individual
letting the competition into your plant was      and community growth have always been          facilities. A lot of the credit
always in the back of their minds.               very important to the consortium,” said
                                                 Thom Umlauf, a founding consortium             for that goes to Nicolet
   “What we found was that the more                                                             College, which has been
manufacturers opened their doors, the            member with SUPERIOR DIESEL in
more comfortable everyone became,” said          Rhinelander. “The consortium is a very         the glue that has held
Roberts, special projects coordinator at         worthwhile organization. A lot of the credit   everything together.
Nicolet. “It didn’t take that long before they   for that needs to go to Nicolet College,
started helping each other. They became          which over the years has been the glue
comfortable with picking up the phone to         that has held everything together.”
find the answer to anything they had a
question about.”

Nicolet Area Technical College
About 10,000 people a year utilize some aspect of Nicolet Area Technical College.
About 2,000 students annually enroll in credit classes. The others take advantage of a
wide variety of other services and opportunities the college provides. These include
numerous business development and personal enrichment opportunities through its
Center for Business and Community Education; the Nicolet Live! Arts and Speakers
Series; the Outdoor Adventure Series; and the Learning in Retirement organization,
made up of more than 300 Northwoods retirees with a life-long desire to learn.
  The Nicolet district is located in one of the more rural portions of the state, with an
estimated 84,000 people living in the district which encompasses all of Oneida, Vilas
and Forest counties and portions of Lincoln, Langlade and Iron counties.

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Northcentral college
LANGLADE COUNTY wood products,                     This unique partnership is evidenced in
assisting in the economic development            many additional ways. The Antigo School
enhanced through governmental, industrial        District offers the WoodLINKS program
and educational partnerships.                    that prepares students to explore careers in
  “These are things we have to do together       woods manufacturing. Community leaders
because we can’t afford to go it alone,” said    and employers have provided input into
Dr. Lori Weyers, President, Northcentral         curriculum development and aided in
Technical College. “The unwavering               recruitment of instructional staff. County
conviction of the County Board of                and industry representatives are serving on
Supervisors has brought the concept for          the program advisory committee.
training to fruition, an undertaking that           “It’s all about partnership and
was not easy considering current economic        collaboration,” said Weyers.
Thank You                   The Corporate Donation Program
to these recent donors:
American Bolt               The Foundation has operated the Corporate Donation Program since 1979, soliciting
American Family Insurance   gifts such as equipment, materials, cash, and buildings from individuals, associations, and
                            corporations. These donations are matched up to needs at the individual technical
Boulevard Moving
                            colleges, helping them continue to educate skilled workers to keep Wisconsin industries
and Storage
                            competitive and its economy healthy.
Bradley Center
                              The Corporate Donation Program can help support your corporate mission and
Briggs & Stratton           even enhance your bottom line.
Evco                        How does your                                  Why donate to the
GE Medical Systems          company benefit?                               Corporate Donation Program?
GE Osmonics                 Corporate Tax Deduction                        Credibility.
                            Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue      Over 25 years of program experience
Generac Power Systems
                            Code allows qualifying companies a tax         ensures delivery of your donations to
Gordon Flesch Company       deduction.                                     intended recipients.
Harnischfeger Corporation   Additional Warehouse Space                     Flexibility
In-Sink-Erator              The elimination of slow-moving inventory       Your product can be shipped to the
Johnson Financial Group     or excess equipment increases warehouse        Technical College(s) that meets both your
                            capacity and decreases administrative          company’s preferences and local needs.
M R Bearing                 expenses.                                      Efficiency
Midland Plastics
                            Positive Public Relations                      From scheduling pick-ups to processing
Monarch Corporation         The Corporate Donation Program staff is        documentation, our professional and
PT Products, Inc.           ready to help your organization maximize       courteous staff makes each donation easy
                            on public-relations opportunities to           and time efficient.
Schroeder Installation
Systems                     highlight your donation.                       Valuable Resources
State Machine Tool          Philanthropic Involvement                      Donations continue to educate skilled
Thermo Electron             Your partnership with the Corporate            workers to keep Wisconsin industries
                            Donation Program provides a fitting            competitive and its economy healthy.
UW Credit Union             channel for investing in the people
Waukesha Industrial         and communities that contribute to
Supply, Inc.                your success.
Wells Fargo Bank
Wisconsin Control
Corporation                 To donate call

                                                                                                                                                                WISCONSIN TECHNICAL
The Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation                                                                                                               COLLEGE SYSTEM

The Foundation was established in 1977 to assist the Wisconsin Technical College                                                                                WTCS System
System Board and Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges. By facilitating the development                                                                             Daniel Clancy, President
and funding of a variety of projects, the Foundation helps the colleges accomplish                                                                              Blackhawk
projects that can be done more efficiently and effectively on a cooperative basis, rather                                                                       Dr. Eric A. Larson, President
than individually.                                                                                                                                              Chippewa Valley
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Bruce Barker, President
  The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, non-stock corporation solicits grants
and gifts, develops shared courseware, and conducts other charitable and educational                                                                            Fox Valley
                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Susan May, President
functions on behalf of the colleges.
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Bryan Albrecht, President
Foundation Board Members                                                                                                                                        Dr. Michael Lanser, President
                                                                                                                                                                Madison Area
Edward Chin, President                                                         Thomas Fletemeyer, Board Member                                                  Dr. Bettsey Barhorst, President
Past President & State Director of Wisconsin Technical College System          Bachelors Degree from Purdue University
Past Board Member, Competitive Wisconsin                                       Masters Degree from UW Madison
Past Board Member, Forward Wisconsin                                           Program Supervisor at Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau
Past Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin - Madison                    Bureau Director at Wisconsin Technical College System Board                      Dr. John Clark, President
                                                                               Executive Director at Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
Eugene Lehrmann,Vice-President                                                                                                                                  Milwaukee Area
Past President of Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation                C. Phillip Johnson, Board Member                                                 Vicki Martin, Interim President
Immediate Past President (National), American Association of Retired Persons   Past Member of Wisconsin Bar
Chairperson, Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care                       Past President of Wisconsin Technical College System Board
Past State Director, Wisconsin Technical College System                        Past Board Member, U.W. Board of Regents
                                                                                                                                                                Moraine Park
Past Member, National Hospice Organization Board                               Past President, Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation, Inc.              Dr. L. Gayle Hytrek, President
James Elliott, Secretary                                                       Earl Mihlbauer, Board Member                                                     Nicolet Area
Past President, Wisconsin Technical College System Board                       Bachelors Degree from Western Michigan University                                Dr. Adrian Lorbetske, President
Member of Greater Milwaukee Committee                                          Masters Degree from UW Whitewater,
Past President, Milwaukee Building Trades Council                              Executive Director of Wisconsin Technical College                                Northcentral
Past Member of Competitive Wisconsin                                           Districts Boards Association
                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Lori Weyers, President
Robert Sorensen, Treasurer                                                     Linda Stewart, Board Member
Past State Director of Wisconsin Technical College System                      Director of Workforce Development Center, U.W. Milwaukee                         Northeast Wisconsin
Past President of Moraine Technical College                                    Past Cabinet Secretary, State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development   Dr. H. Jeffrey Rafn, President
Past Member of Forward Wisconsin                                               Past Deputy State Director of Wisconsin Technical College System Board
Past Member of Competitive Wisconsin                                           Past Assistant Vice President of Corporate Banking, First Bank                   Southwest Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Karen R. Knox, President
                                                                                                                                                                Waukesha County
Wisconsin Technical College
                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Barbara Prindiville, President
System Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                                                         Western
One Foundation Circle                                                                                                                                           Dr. Lee Rasch, President
Waunakee, WI 53597
                                                                                                                                                                Wisconsin Indianhead                                                                                                                                       Dr. Robert Meyer, President
Call 1-800-322-1354 or 608-849-2444

Donation Matters is published quarterly by the
Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation. It
is sent to 2,000 Wisconsin decision-makers in the
manufacturing, service, and distribution sectors
statewide, as well as to the Technical College System

Wisconsin Technical College                                                  NON PROFIT ORG.
System Foundation                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
One Foundation Circle                                                         LA CROSSE, WI

Waunakee, WI 53597
                                                                               PERMIT #25

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