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                                   Biblical Based: Jeremiah 1:10

                                      TO ROOT OUT
                                     TO PULL DOWN
                                      TO DESTROY
                                    TO THROW DOWN
                             THE STRONGHOLDS OF THE ENEMY


                   Mission: \’mi-shen\ n 1: Task; Assignment; Calling; Delegation

                     Nursery - Nov 1998                       Outer Court Counseling - Aug 2001
             Full-Time Ministry Staff - Oct 1998                Bridge The Gap Plus - Oct 2001
                    Bookstore - Oct 1998                         Volleyball League - June 2002
                  Deaf Ministry - May 1999                         Prayer Center - June 2002
              Women with Children Program                     Single Women Seminars - Date TBA
                (The Potter’s House) - July 1999               Single Men Seminars - Date TBA
         Covenant Partners Tape Ministry - Aug 1999                Radio Station - Date TBA
           Leap of Faith Dance Ministry - Feb 2000          Drug Rehabilitation Center - Date TBA
               Marriage Seminars - Aug 2000                        Bible Institute - Date TBA
                  Bridge the Gap - Oct 2000                 Youth Rehabilitation Center - Date TBA
                Basketball League - Feb 2001                   Respite Care Program - Date TBA
                   Teen’s Choir - July 2001                       College Library - Date TBA
                  Teen’s Retreat - Aug 2001                              Faith TV - 2003

    Remember: The vision cannot be taught, the vision has to be caught - Catch the vision!!!

    VISION: \`vi-zhen\ n 1. Something seen otherwise than by ordinary sight. 2. Unusual wisdom
                in foreseeing what is going to happen. 3. The act or power of seeing

           Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
              For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak,
         and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
                                                                          -Habakkuk 2: 2-3; KJV

Message from the Pastors ………………………………………………………………………...           2
Message from the Head Elders …………………………………………………………………..          3
Pastors Biographies ……………………………………………………………………………….               4
Speak the Word Brochure ………………………………………………………………………..             5
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Department Heads and Elders …....………………………………………………………………        11
Auxiliary Teams …………………………………………………………………………………..             12-13
First Service ………………………………………………………………………………............         14
Downstairs Renovations …………………………………………………………………………              15
The First Year …………………………………………………………………………………….              16-17
First Year Anniversary …………………………………………………………………………….            18
Musicians & Praise and Worship Team ………………………………………………………….      19
The Second Year …………………………………………………………………………………               20-21
Building New Sanctuary ………………………………………………………………………….             22
Crossover …………………………………………………………………………………………                     23
Leap of Faith ……………………………………………………………………………………..                24
Ministerial Licenses ………………………………………………………………………………………..         25
The Third Year …………………………………………………………………………………...             26-27
Nursery Ministry ………………………………………………………………………………….                28
Children’s Ministry ……………………………………………………………………………….              29
Teen’s Ministry …………………………………………………………………………………...               30
Boys to Men ………………………………………………………………………………………...                 31
Sister 2 Sister ……………………………………………………………………………………….               31
Athletics ………………………………………………………………………………………….                 32-33
The Fourth Year ………………………………………………………………………………….              34-35
Women’s Shopping Spree…………………………………………………………………………..             36
Euro Tour ………………………………………………………………………………………..                    37
Seminars …………………………………………………………………………………………                      38
Guest Speakers ……………………………………………………………………..……………...              39
Marriage Vow Renewals ………………………………………………………………………….              40
Baby Dedications ………………………………………………………………………………..                41
Conferences ………………………………………………………………………………………                    42
Concerts …………………………………………………………………………………………...                   43
Covenant Partners ………………………………………………………………………………..               44
New Life Classes …………………………………………………………………………………………….            45
Media Outreach …………………………………………………………………………………                   46
Word TV …………………………………………………………………………………………..                     47
Prayer School ………………………………………………………………………………………………..             48
Prayer Center …………………………………………………………………………………….                  49
The Fifth Year …………………………………………………………………………………...             50-51
The College Library ……………………………………………………………………………...             52
Statistics ………………………………………………………………………………………...                  53
Testimonies ……………………………………………………………………………………...               54-55


    Dear Friends:

    We are so excited about what God has done in these past five years. God has taken us from
    faith to faith, and from glory to glory. There has never been a time that God did not come
    through for us. These last five years have been a blessing beyond measure. The Word of God
    holds true in the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith
    the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” For what we
    could not even begin to imagine, God already had in store and steadily he has been revealing
    His master plan. We started at the 30 fold and have advanced to the 60 fold. We know that
    the hundred fold depends on our continued sowing into the Kingdom of God.

    As a result of your giving, souls have been saved, healed and delivered. Families have been
    restored before our very eyes. We have seen a tremendous increase in our membership and
    attendance. God has commissioned us to reach the world with the Gospel, we believe we
    must first start with impacting our community and then our world. We have expanded our
    ministry beyond the walls of the sanctuary. The expansion is noticeable. We have ministries
    that God has given us to develop that serve the needs of the people in our community.
    These Outreach Ministries include: The Potter’s House, Boys-To-Men, Sister-2-Sister and our
    television ministry on TV 2. God has truly given us a big vision. We believe that God will
    continue to use us to meet the needs of the community and enable us to reach the world.

    Yours In Christ,

    Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple


Cornerstone Investments International
            5000 Teaque Bay
         Christiansted , St. Croix
         US Virgin Islands 00820


                                                PASTORS DEXTER AND TERRY SKEPPLE

    Pastor Dexter Skepple was born and raised in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. Upon completion of High School he
    moved to Killeen, Texas where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation from Central Texas College. He also graduated
    from Christian House of Prayer’s School of the Prophets in Copperas Cove, TX, under the leadership of Bishop Nathaniel Hol-
    comb. While in Texas he met and married his wife “Terry.” They immediately moved to the Virgin Islands where they have
    resided for the last 10 years.

    He is an Airline Captain and has worked in Aviation for 15 years. By faith, Pastor Skepple transitioned from the Cockpit to the
    Pulpit in 1998. On October 8, 1998 he and his wife started Speak The Word Ministries International where they now Pastor full
    -time. From day one of the ministry, Pastor Skepple told God “If it’s not you telling me to start this ministry – I’ll close it down
    so fast, nobody will know what happened..”

    Without advertising, only doing what God had instructed, they started the ministry with 8 people in 1998. To this day they
    don’t know how those eight people found out about the ministry all they know is that God had to send them. Pastor Skepple
    knew after the first service that it was totally God. Speak the Word Ministries is a multi-cultural, non-denominational ministry
    which has 8 full-time employees, its own Bookstore, Children’s Church, Nursery, Prayer Center and most recently the College
    Library. The ministry now has two services and well over 700 people on Sunday morning. Speak The Word ministries is where
    souls are being saved, healed and delivered, there is a special anointing for “Increase, Favor, and Promotion.” Pastor Skepple
    takes no credit for what God has done - for “God has done it all.” Pastor Skepple has a very simplistic approach to ministry,
    therefore, he teaches with simplicity, power and boldness. His assignment is to build people of purpose, power and praise and
    to teach them that there are “No Fears, No Limits and No Borders.”

    Pastor Terry Skepple was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland. Shortly after completion of High School she moved to Killeen,
    Texas where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Texas
    (Now Tarleton State University). It was in Texas that she met and married her Husband, “ Dexter.” Immediately following their
    marriage they moved to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands where they have resided for the last 10 years.

    Upon moving to St. Croix Pastor Terry Skepple, knowing nothing about St. Croix and needing a job, called all the High School
    in the Phone Directory in order to find a job. She found out that Free Will Baptist High School needed a Counselor. Immedi-
    ately she applied and worked at Free Will part-time. She then acquired a job at Queen Louise Home for Children, where she
    worked for six years. After the ministry started God spoke and told her to leave her job and do ministry full-time. She battled
    with the thought of leaving the place she loved so much, so she told God “When I see the finances in the ministry I’ll resign.”
    God immediately replied “That is not faith – once you move on what I have said then the finances will be there.” After realiz-
    ing it was the voice of God she resigned from Queen Louise. Effective June 1, 2000, she began working at Speak The Word
    Ministries full-time. Since she activated her faith, God has always provided and proven Himself mighty. Pastor Terry is the
    Church Administrator. She has also worked as a Part-Time Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands.

    Speak The Word Ministries International is an interdenominational ministry, it is a teaching ministry that believes in prosperity,
    healing and practical application of the word. We are under the covering of Bishop Nathaniel and Pastor Valerie Holcomb, they
    are Pastors of the Christian House of Prayer in Copperas Cove, Texas. Pastor has been under Bishop Holcomb’s teaching for the
    past seventeen years.

    The Bible says, “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” There is no doubt that God has put together this awe-
    some ministry team, they are called to tear down the strongholds of the enemy and build up the Kingdom of God. Together
    with God they have built a “Ministry of Excellence.”




     We are a ministry that believes in confessing the Word of God. Hebrews 3:1 states “Wherefore, holy brethren,
     partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus.” The
     word profession in the Greek is “homologeo” which means to speak the same thing. We as born again
     believers must learn the power of speaking what God has spoken, not what we feel or think, but what God has
     said in His word about our circumstances. For example; if you are sick and pain is in your body, you don’t deny
     the pain and refuse to go to the doctor- that’s completely foolish. You must confess and believe (accept as a
     fact where there is no self realm evidence) Isaiah 53:4 “surely He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows:
     yet we did esteem him stricken,      smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions,
     he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are
     healed.” Don’t stop confessing and believing until the pain is gone, it may take two hours, two months, two
     years, whatever the time frame don’t stop confessing until you see a change!

     Proverbs 6:2 says “thou art snared (trapped) with the words of thy mouth” and Proverb 18:21 says “Death and
     life is in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

     What Is Confession?

     Confession is a statement in agreement with the Word of God over your circumstances.

     How Does Confession Work?

     According to Romans 4:17 “As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations, before him whom he
     believed, even God who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.” In
     the old testament Abraham wanted a child and God changed his name from Abram to Abraham which meant
     “The father of many nations,” but at the time he had no children. So how did he become the father of many
     nations? Simply, by changing his words. Rule #1: You’ll never rise above the level of your confession. So
     Abraham kept saying “I’m the father of many nations, I’m the father of many nations, I’m the father of many
     nations.” So because he was saying what he wanted he got what he was saying. Rule #2: There’s power in
     your tongue.” So the principle of CONFESSION was in effect.


We have been saying a confession over this ministry since we began October 8, 1998:

“People are standing in line to get into this church to hear the Word of God.
Every seat is filled in every service with expectations of signs,    wonders and
miracles. The Sunday morning service at 8:00 and 10:15, the Friday night ser-
vice at 7:00, and any other services that we might have. Every need in this minis-
try is met and we are 100% tithe givers. All of our property is paid off in full and
we owe nothing to no man. Every member of this church is healed, healthy,
blessed and prosperous and we are reaching the world with the gospel through
our prayers and support.

For this is a prosperous year for us and the door of success has been opened. We
shall succeed in everything in Christ. The doors of failure have been closed and
we shall not know defeat.

And being fully persuaded that what He has promised He is able to also perform.
In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen!!”

Confession does work. We said it when we had 8 members and now we are still saying it with well over 700
in attendance, and we will continue to say it forever and ever – Amen!


                                                FULL TIME STAFF

     Pastors Dexter and Terry Skepple    Minister Joshua Kennedy              Elder Bertrand Small
         Founders, October 8, 1998      New Life Classes Coordinator   Media/ Children’s Church Coordinator
                                            Hired: July 1, 1999                Hired: July 13, 2001

               Pearl Parilla             Minister George John                  Jermaine Dennis
             Financial Director         Prayer Center Coordinator         College Library Coordinator
          Hired: October 2, 2001          Hired: August 20, 2002             Hired: January 1, 2003

                                            PART TIME STAFF

               John Joseph                                                  Minister Gloria Small
        Media Outreach Coordinator                                        Children’s Church Minister
12      Hired: September 22, 2003                                            Hired: July 13, 2001

 P RAISE & WORSHIP                               BOOKSTORE
    Pastor Terry Skepple                        Wenda Stephenson

    Ulric & Gina Benjamin                         Terrence Joseph

        NURSERY                                BRIDGE THE GAP
        Pearl Parrilla                          Elder Bertrand Small

COVENANT PARTNERS                              LEAP OF FAITH
    Elder Bertrand Small                           Susan Joseph

   POTTERS HOUSE                                BOYS TO MEN
  Elders Dallas & Pam Tirk                      Jermaine K. Dennis

CH ILDREN’S CHURCH                            SISTER 2 SISTER
Elders Bertrand & Gloria Small                 Pastor Terry Skepple

   MEDIA OUTREACH                                BUS MINISTRY
         John Joseph                               Geron Peters

   CLEANING TEAM                                   STEPPERS
   Paul & Andrea McIntosh                          Tiffany Rogers

              ELDERS DALLAS & PAM TIRK                            ELDERS MEL &
                      Head Elders                                 CAROL MORRIS

                                                             ELDERS JOSHUA &
                ELDERS BERTRAND &                            LORAINE KENNEDY
                GLORIA SMALL


     USHERS/GREETERS                          BOOKSTORE

      CLEANING TEAM                            NURSERY


                         BUS MINISTRY


           MEDIA OUTREACH                                                  PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS

                STEPPERS                                                    PRAISE & WORSHIP TEAM

                   BAND                                        GRAPHICS DESIGN AND PUBLICATION TEAM

* Not all team members were able to be present to have photos taken. Nonetheless we sincerely appreciate their hard work.

                                      WE THANK THEM
                         FOR ALL THA T THEY DO!

                                                                        In preparation for our first service we acquired a
                                                                        telephone number and located a building. In order
                                                                        to officially become a church, we began by register-
                                                                        ing our Name, and preparing the Articles of Incorpo-
                                                                        ration and By Laws. We realize that there were some
                                                                        things we had to purchase for the ministry prior to it
                                                                        starting. We first brought Banners to go on the walls
                                                                        of the Sanctuary, We then brought amplifiers,
                                                                        microphones, tape recorder, keyboard, were given
                                                                        chairs to start, and ordered a podium off the internet
                                                                        – The company was located in Canada. Pastor Skep-
                                                                        ple had the podium shipped to Detroit, Michigan
                                                                        then he flew there to pick it up. Drove it to the
                                                                        Airport and flew it back to St. Croix the night before
                                                                        we started.
            Our First Service was started with only eight adults
                                                                     We had the electricity paperwork completed and
     were promised service by Sunday Morning, needless to say they came but could not get to the electrical boxes so
     they left and we had no electricity in our sanctuary for the first service. We did not panic, with permission we ran
     extension cords to another room in the building just so we could start at our appointed time.

     Our first service was held on October 8, 1998 at #81 Castle Coakley – The Health Conscious Building. The service
     was at 9:00am.

     We decorated the Sanctuary with Banners. We knew God was doing something wonderful and new so we placed a
     banner up that read “This Is a New Day.” Without any advertisement, God blessed us with eight people. Pastor
     Skepple’s first message was entitled: “Living A Life of Victory.” It was an awesome service. The people who at-
     tended expressed how much they enjoyed the service and said they would be returning the next week.

     We knew from this moment on – God had begun a good work and the Bible says “He who begun a good work is
     faithful to complete it.”

                                                    First Service—October 8, 1998


We were so excited about what God was
doing in this ministry. He was proving
Himself Mighty. We had no choice, every
seat was filled upstairs, we had placed as
many chairs in as we possibly could, as a
matter of fact, there was no center aisle,
people were having to stand against the wall.
We had to move.

The downstairs area of the Health Conscious
building was prime for what we wanted to do
and how God was directed us. Downstairs
was being used as the Owners Storage Room,
but they said if we wanted it they would move
all their belongings out. We agreed to rent all                          Building the Sound Booth
of the downstairs space except the Health
Conscious Store.

Pastor Skepple had the Jubilee Sunday in which we collected $21,000. We started renovations downstairs of the
Health Conscious Building, April 19, 1999. This building consisted of our Sanctuary which would hold about 75
people comfortably. Of course we got as many as 91 in that building. The building also consisted of our Nursery, our
Bookstore and our office (which both Pastors shared).

Our Children’s Church was now located upstairs in the old Sanctuary space.

                   Children Church moved upstairs

                                                                              Renovating the Sanctuary


                                 OCTOBER 8, 1998 – OCTOBER 8, 1999

     Speak The Word Ministries is a Bible teaching, Christ-Centered, Non-Denominational, Word of Faith ministry.

     Pastors Dexter and Terry Skepple, founders and Pastors of Speak The Word Ministries International received the
     vision of Ministry in 1998, while Pastor Skepple was serving as a Pilot and Department Head at Word of Faith
     Ministries in Detroit, Michigan.

     In September of 1998, God told Pastor Skepple it was time for him to fulfill the vision by establishing a church in
     St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. God instructed the Pastors to locate a building – they found it at
     #81Castle Coakley, “The Health Conscious Building.” And on Sunday, October 8, 1998, Pastors Dexter and Terry
     Skepple started Speak The Word Ministries International. They started the ministry with eight adults and 3
     children. When the ministry first began, Pastor Skepple was full-time. He would run tapes during the day and
     mail them out to those who attended on Sunday morning. He would answer the phone, clean the sanctuary, cut
     the grass, call members during the week to encourage them, put up signs to advertise the church and preach.
     Pastor Terry was not yet full-time, but would open in prayer, sing and play praise and worship, record the
     services, teach children’s church, come back to the main sanctuary and play for altar call (we rented another room
     down the hall from the sanctuary for children’s church on Sunday mornings.)

     They confessed that people were standing in line to get into the church. They continued to see increase. After
     three services, they began the Children’s church which Pastor Terry taught. It started with 2 children. By
     December 31, 1998 (New Year’s Eve Service), God had filled the sanctuary to its capacity (61 adults), so by
     February, 1999 there was a need for a second Sunday morning service; it would start at 11:00. So that meant a
     9:00 and 11:00 on Sunday mornings.

     Seeing that the people were hungry for the word of God, the first Friday night service was held on April 2, 1999.
     There was such a need for expansion. Space was secured downstairs in the Health Conscious Building. Before
     they could move downstairs, they realized that the space downstairs would need renovations. It would cost
     approximately $12,000 to renovate the space and prepare the sanctuary. God laid it on Pastor Skepple’s heart
     that the church would collect $12,000 in one Sunday service to move downstairs.

                                                                                   Sign Language set to music

April 18,1999 was Jubilee Sunday. Pastor explained that if it was
God, He would do exceeding, abundantly above all that we
could ask or think. It was God - the total collected that Sunday
was $21,700.

On April 25, 1999, the church moved downstairs, making re-
pairs as they went along. The tape ministry was growing, and
as a result the Bookstore opened. As far as tape      duplica-
tion, we started by duplicating each tape one at a time. We
then brought a single tape duplicator and grew to an 8-tape

May 28-30, 1999 - Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple did the first
“Family Seminar” It was held on Friday Night and      Sunday

As the workload increased, the need for help arose.       Minis-
ter Joshua Kennedy (Children’s Church Minister), the second full-
time employee was hired on July 1, 1999. Of course the first
full-time employee was Pastor Skepple. After seeing our baby
count rise, we opened the Nursery, August 1, 1999. God con-
tinued to increase the babies.
                                                                         Sister Gita Fangmann sings
The Vision was being fulfilled. On September 1, 1999, the
“Potter’s House Ministry” (Women and Children Program) began, followed by the “Deaf Ministry” which began
September 12, 1999. Since this ministry has started, Pastor Skepple had been confessing that we will have our
own radio station – we were researching this project.

After a year, we were averaging 120 adults and 70 children.

   Bishop Nathaniel & Pastor Valerie Holcomb at 1st Anniversary          1st Anniversary Service


                                                                 Our First Year Anniversary – October 8, 1999. We
                                                                 were so excited about what God had done. Now
                                                                 averaging 120 adults and 70 children, we
                                                                 celebrated the victory!!

                                                                 Our First Year Anniversary Celebration started
                                                                 Friday, October 8, 1999 with a Banquet held at
                                                                 Gertrude’s Restaurant. With well over 200 people
                                                                 in attendance, we had an awesome time. The
                                                                 theme for our Celebration was “We’ve Only Just
                                                                 Begun.” Our Bishop, Bishop Nathaniel and Pastor
                                                                 Valarie Holcomb traveled from Copperas Cove,
                                                                 Texas to be with us.

                   Anniversary Dinner at Gertrude’s
                                                                    Bishop spoke on Friday Night – He encouraged us
     and said something that stuck with all of us - “Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can”.

     Sunday morning Bishop Holcomb spoke at our two Services – 9:00 and 11:00. Bishop Holcomb’s message at 9:00
     was “What God Has For Me – It Is For Me.” His message at 11:00 service was “The Real McCoy – Us Or Them,
     Which One Are You?”

         Bishop and Pastor Valarie Holcomb                                  First year Dinner at Gertrude’s


                                        Pastor Terry was the Praise and Worship Leader from October 8, 1998.
                                        She played the keyboard and sang for two years until God sent an-
                                        other musician.

                                        The Pastors realized that there was a Musician in the midst, Orion
                                        Williams who had been at the Ministry for a while. In October 2000,
                                        we started our Praise and Worship Team. We started with a Key-
                                        board Player and 4 backup singers. The first 4 background singers
                                        were: Bernadette Carrion, Loraine Kennedy, Vonette Mewborn and
                                        Keturah Charles .

                                        We had a Drummer who was faithful for a long time – but we had no
                                        drums at that time. When we moved to our new sanctuary, we
                                        purchased a set of drums and added our Drummer, Marvin Benjamin.
                                        We realized we had more singers – so we started two teams of praise
                                        and worship singers.

                                        Lorenzo Walcott came aboard as our Congo Drummer. For at least a
                                        year, these 3 brothers along with the Praise and Worship Team,
                                        played. October 3, 2001, we started recording Praise and Worship on
                                        CD. God then sent us a Bass Player, Wilmoth Jarvis; followed by a
                                        Steel Pan Musician, Michael Belgrave and recently God added one
                                        more – our Saxophone player Pedro Encarnacion.

God has blessed us with a great Band.

At the end of August 2003, our keyboard player resigned. Pastor Terry started playing and singing again. Then
in October 2003, we hired a full time minister of music, Timothy Deal (Pastor Terry’s cousin) from Maryland.


                                                Pastor started off the year with a message entitled: “Stay
                                                Focused.” God was adding to us daily. We were growing by leaps
                                                and bounds. To accommodate the growth we were forced to go
                                                to three services. Effective July 9, 2000 we had three services –
                                                We already had a 9:00 and an 11:00 so we added a 7:00am. Our
                                                9:00 am was totally full, Our 11:00 am did not seem to be growing
                                                as rapidly as we would like. Once we added the 7:00am all three
                                                services were full. Look how God multiplies when you listen to His

                                                The Bible talks about dancing before the Lord. God blessed us to
                                                birth our dance ministry. We named it “Leap Of Faith Worship
                                                Through Dance Ministry.” It was started February 3, 2000. We
                                                opened it up to females age 6-17. Sister Loraine Kennedy was our
                                                first Dance Instructor.
            Leap of Faith at “Teen’s Retreat
                                                In February, 2000 we realized we needed additional help with the
                                                church and property maintenance. We contracted the services of
     Joseph Bannis to assist in this area.

     God spoke to the Pastors and said – “It’s Time to Move.” Pastor Skepple spoke and said, we will have a Jubilee
     Sunday where we will collect 50,000 to move (To Crossover to the other side). June 2000 – Jubilee Sunday we
     collected $63,500. We would prepare to move.

     In June 2000, we held our First Summer Camp at #81 Castle Coakley. Elder Bertrand/Gloria Small were hired
     during that Summer to supervise the project.

     July 5, 2000 Pastor was led to start “Moms of the Ministry” This was a ministry geared towards encouraging
     new converts. To help new converts mature in the faith. The Moms were a group of mature mothers who were
     trained to call and go out to help new converts to stay focused.

     On July 16, 2000, one of our Covenant Brothers was invited to speak – “Pastor Johnny/ and Lilliette Magee”
     from Frankfurt, Germany.

                                                                  Leap of Faith Celebrating the First Year

                       Celebrating our Second Year Anniversary at Gertrude’s Restaurant

We realized we were counseling with couples on a continuous basis. The Lord led us to start teaching
Marriage Seminars. Pastors Dexter and Terry Skepple did the first marriage seminar on August 30, 2000. It
was a tremendous success and it was evident that it was just what God had ordered.

God spoke to Pastor Skepple about helping our children who were struggling in school. In October 2000
we started “Bridge The Gap” After school Program. We hired Teachers to come after school and help the
students in Reading, Writing and Math. It was held from 3:00-5:30.

We celebrated our second year Anniversary, October 6-8, 2000. Our Theme for the second year Anniversary
was “No Limits.” Our Guest Speaker was “Bishop Dwight and Bernadette Elijah” from Flint, Michigan. Fri-
day night we had a Banquet at “Gertrude's Restaurant” – There was over 300 people in attendance. Bishop
Elijah spoke at all three of our Sunday Morning Services.

       He taught at the 7:00 am – “Because You are Righteous”
       He taught at the 9:00am – “Created To Do The Impossible, Part I”
       He taught at the 11:00am – “Created To Do The Impossible, Part II”

In October, 2000, Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple attended the Covenant “Holy Convocation” in Copperas
Cove, Texas at The Christian House of Prayer – Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb. While they were away, they in-
vited Kenneth/Regina Scott to speak. Kenneth Scott is our Covenant brother, he wrote the book Weapons
Of Our Warfare.

What a great year we had.


                                                                We now had three services – 7:00am, 9:00am and
                                                                11:00am. We realized we were full to capacity and knew
                                                                God had spoke and said “Its Time To Crossover!” Pastor
                                                                would ask how many will be crossing over with us. There
                                                                was such an excitement about getting into another build-
                                                                ing. Pastor spoke once again and said we will have an-
                                                                other Jubilee service and we will collect $50,000 in one
                                                                Sunday morning service. This money would be used to
                                                                help us move to our next location. The people were ex-
                                                                cited. He stepped out even more and declared that if it
                                                                was God it would be exceeding and abundantly more than
           Can You Believe This? Just An Empty Shell            we could ask or think.

     Our Jubilee Sunday, was held in June 2000 – God tremendously blessed us and as Pastor Skepple had already spo-
     ken it was God and he had done exceeding, abundantly above all we could ask or think. We collected $63,500 in
     one Sunday. We now had our finances to begin moving.

     We searched and searched and searched for a new location. God spoke to Pastor Skepple and told him to give the
     task to our Head Elder – Elder Pam Tirk to find a location. Within weeks Elder Pam had found several buildings to
     include this one that we now occupy. When the Pastors saw this empty warehouse (Just an empty shell) knowing it
     would need major renovations, they still envisioned where the Sanctuary would go, where the foyer would be
     located, where the Restrooms would be located, the Bookstore Children’s Church, Nursery and Offices.

                                                       Still Renovating

                                                   The Finished Product


Pastor declared that the crossover date would be March 18, 2001 and
with that in mind Pastor Skepple decided to divide the renovations into
two phases. Phase one would be the Sanctuary, the Foyer, and the
Restrooms. He gave Brother Todd Donohoo the task of finding the
workmen and overseeing the project. Pastor Skepple also gave them a
deadline – they would have until March 17, 2001 to complete phase
one. While this project was going on, Pastor Skepple was going back
and forth to Puerto Rico to purchase building materials. The renova-
tions began January 12, 2001; it was a lot of work but in exactly 53
days the phase I project was completed.

The Pastors decided the Sanctuary would be royal colors (purple and          Praising God For Our New Sanctuary
gold). They purchased purple carpet and purple chairs with gold trim.
Since Leo Carty had visited our church on occasion and since they liked his
work, the Pastors decided to put his prints up in the foyer. Mr. Carty donated the prints and we framed them.
With the help of Janice Jackson (who has been at Speak the Word since day one), we secured some furniture for the
Foyer. Books were also ordered for the Bookstore; Wenda Stephenson was the first person to run our Bookstore.
Sister Stephenson still runs our Bookstore efficiently and with excellence.

When it was all finished we stood back and said, “This is the Lord’s doing and It’s marvelous in our eyes.” Many of
our members came the Saturday before crossover to clean and set up the chairs in the Sanctuary.

Once Phase I was completed we were ready for our building dedication. Our building dedication was held June
2001. Our Bishop – Bishop Nathaniel and Valerie Holcomb, flew in from Copperas Cove, Texas and dedicated our
new building. The Bishop was elated about what God was doing in St. Croix.

                        WE HAVE CROSSED OVER — HALLELUJAH


     The Pastors had thought about a Dance Ministry since the
     genesis stage of the ministry. It was something they knew
     God would do in due season. After watching some of the
     dance teams in other ministries on Television, God spoke
     to us about starting our own dance ministry.

     We tried to find a name that was appropriate for the dance
     ministry. After researching, Pastor Terry came up with the
     name “Leap of Faith Worship Thru Dance Ministry.” It
     certainly was appropriate for us, being we were a “Faith
     based ministry” that not only wanted dancers but true
                                                                          Leap Of Faith In The New Sanctuary
     God had blessed us with an awesome ministry and we soon
     realized that we had a lot of young ladies who had danced
     before or who wanted to learn to dance. We started our Dance Ministry with females ages 6-17, February 3,
     2000. We advertised and even had young ladies who did not attend our church coming to learn to dance. Our
     First Dance Instructor was Elder Loraine Kennedy. Elder Loraine Kennedy was the Dance Instructor from
     February 2000-January 2003.

     When we started we divided the dance ministry into semesters. The young ladies could come and learn to
     dance one semester at a time. We have had as many as 40 young ladies at a time to dance.

     The dance ministry has really grown and there are still many who want to dance. As a matter of fact, because
     there were so many adults who really had a heart and a desire to worship through dance we decided to change
     the age range. The ages are now - Ages 6 to Adult. This allowed mothers and daughters to be in the ministry

     Our present Dance Instructor is Sister Susan Joseph.

            Leap Of Faith In Old Sanctuary


                                           God spoke to Pastor Skepple to License some people
                                           in the ministry. In order for someone to be licensed
                                           they must prove themselves as a minister and must
                                           live according to the Word of God, listen to a series of
                                           tapes and take a written exam. They must pass with
                                           at least 70%.

                                           December 29, 2000 -The Pastors Licensed Joshua
                                           Kennedy as a Minister at Speak The Word Ministries

                                           September 6, 2002 -The Pastors licensed George John
                                           as a Minister at Speak The Word Ministries

         Licensing Minister Gloria Small   December 20, 2002 -The Pastors licensed Gloria Small
                                           as a Minister at Speak The Word Ministries

   Minister George John’s First Message

Minister Joshua Kennedy After Licensing



                                                                 We were excited about the move of God. Soon we
                                                                 would be crossing over to the other side. We had
                                                                 collected $63,500 on Jubilee Sunday (June 2000) and
                                                                 were ready to find a new location. We were counting
                                                                 down the days to crossing over. The Pastor said our
                                                                 moving date would be March 18, 2001. Renovations

                                                            February 2001, we started our Men’s Basketball League.
                                                            This was a great way to bring brothers into the kingdom
                                                            of God. One of the requirements for being a part of the
                  Our Children After The Crossover          Basketball League was that they would have to come to
                                                            church. The games were held at the Educational
     Complex Gym. They were held every other Sunday at 4:00pm. Brother Kareem Dennis was given the responsibility
     or coordinating the teams.

     Now we were about 300 people strong. March 18, 2001 we crossed over to our new sanctuary - #7 Peter’s Rest.
     The first service in our new Sanctuary Pastor Skepple spoke on “When The Glory Fills The House.” Our building was
     larger so we went back to one service at 9:00am. The first Sunday in our new building was too good for words.
     The sanctuary was full, people came from the North, the South, the East and the West.

     June 2001 we held our second Summer Camp. Pastor Skepple was led to change the Summer Camp to an
     “Academic Summer Camp.” The purpose was to help students get a headstart on the next school year. We hired
     teachers for the Summer along with teenagers to assist the teachers. We had 110 Students. It was held at Speak
     The Word Ministries new building (#7 Peter’s Rest). Even though Phase II was not yet complete, we used the back
     space and the Sanctuary for the Camp.

     June 2001 - Marilyn Hickey’s Ministry sent a Teenage group to our church for one week. The Teen’s helped out
     with the Summer Camp, visited Queen Louise Home for Children, helped with the Dance Ministry.

     Pastor Skepple realized that the people who were giving their lives to Christ were not coming all the time to be fed.
     God spoke to him to start Outer Court Counseling. Outer Court Counseling was to find the new converts and keep
     them encouraged. Our First volunteer Outer Court Counselor was Paula Matos. The Small’s were now being hired
     full-time to be Outer Court Counselors. The Outer Court Counselors would now replace the Mom’s Of The Ministry.

     June 13, 2001, Elders Bertrand/Gloria Small were hired Full-Time as Outer Court Counselors/Children’s Church
     Ministers. The Smalls were placed over the Summer Camp.

     June 24, 2001 – Our Building Dedication. Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb spoke. He and Pastor Valerie traveled from
     Copperas Cove, Texas. Bishop Holcomb’s message was “What’s Your Story.”

     July 2001 God directed the Pastor to start a Teen’s Choir. The purpose of the Teen’s Choir was for them to record
     at the end of the year. Orion and Jeanice Williams were the Directors of the Choir.

     The Pastors realized the workload again was becoming too much. October 1, 2001 God led them to hire their
     fourth Full-Time employee, Pearl Parrilla. Pearl is the Financial Director.

     In October, 2001 we started a new ministry called Bridge the Gap. It was our After school Program, designed to
     help children who were weak in Reading, Writing and Math. The First person placed over our After School Program

was Paulina Ramos.

October 3, 2001, We started recording our Praise and
Worship and our messages on CD. We were so ex-
cited about the people being able to listen to the
Word and Worship on CD throughout the week.

For our Third Year Anniversary we had a big cake and
punch that we served after service October 7, 2001.

November 2001 we had a Women’s Conference. Our
Guest Speaker was Pastor Diane Powell, “Strait Gate
Church, New York.

November 23, 2001, we had a joint Thanksgiving Service with Pastor Ayala. We had an awesome time. Pastor
Ayala’s Praise and Worship Team sang and his band played and Pastor Ayala preached.

In December, 2001, Phase II of our building was completed. This included, the Children’s Church, The Nursery,
and The Offices.

December 2001, Teen’s Choir live Recording.

                                   Julia & Nora Abell of Denver, Colorado

                                                                 The Year Our Basketball League Began
             Baby Dedication

                                                               After seeing an increase in our babies, we opened
                                                               a Nursery on August 1, 1999. The Pastors ap-
                                                               pointed Sis. Madona Abraham to run the Nursery
                                                               at that time. The Nursery was downstairs in the
                                                               Health Conscious Building and was decorated
                                                               with baby banners and pictures on the wall. We
                                                               bought the necessary equipment i.e. Baby Swing,
                                                               Blankets, toys, etc.

                                                               At first the Nursery was only opened on Sunday
                                                               Mornings and then we increased so much, there
                                                               was a need for the Nursery to be opened Sundays
                                                               and Friday nights.
                                                               The First baby at Speak The Word was Hannah
                                                               Goodson, she was 6 months old, we had no nurs-
                                                               ery when they first attended.

                                                               As you can see our Nursery has increased tremen-
                                                               dously since its start in 1999. Sister Madonna ac-
                                                               tually supervised the Nursery for 4 years. Pres-
                                                               ently Sister Pearl Parrilla is the Nursery Supervi-

                                                               The Nursery is for ages 6-weeks to 3 years. The
                                                               Nursery is now bigger - It is open every service.

     As previously stated in our first year history, our children’s church ministry began October 23, 1998 – our third
     service. It began with two children and was taught by Pastor Terry. We then hired someone part-time to teach
     the children.

     The ministry grew so much we knew we needed a full-time Children’s Church Minister. God spoke to Pastor
     Skepple about calling Minister Joshua and Loraine Kennedy. Minister Kennedy had lived on St. Croix but had mar-
     ried and moved back home to Seattle, Washington. When God spoke to Pastor about this couple, he found their
     number and called them. He offered them a full-time job at Speak The Word Ministries as the Children’s Church


The Kennedy’s said God had been speaking to them
about coming back to St. Croix – they didn’t know how
God was going to do it but when Pastor called it
confirmed what God had already spoken to them.

July 1, 1999 the Kennedy’s started as the Children’s
Church Ministers.      Minister Kennedy served as
Children’s Church Minister from July, 1999 – July, 2001

July 13, 2001 Elders Bertrand and Gloria Small became
full-time Children’s Church Ministers. The Children’s                      Puerto Rico Honor Roll Trip
church is for children 4-12 years of age. When we
opened the new sanctuary the children’s church was not completed (it was a part of Phase II) so the
children had to join in with the adults for service. Then when phase II was completed December 2001, we
opened the children’s church in our new building.

The children are growing spiritually. The Pastors are really interested in the children excelling in school, so
they started a Bridge The Gap program (After School Program).

We encourage our students who do well – we had an honor roll recognition banquet.

August 2003 we took part of our honor roll students to Puerto Rico. They stayed overnight and visited the
Zoo and the Water Park. In November we will be taking the other half of the honor roll students on the
same trip.

In June 2000 we started our Academic Summer Camp at Speak The Word Ministries, located at #81 Castle
Coakley. Elders Bertrand and Gloria Small were over the Summer Camp.

In June 2001 we had our 2nd Academic Summer Camp – It was held in our new building at #7 Peter’s Rest.
Even though all the renovations for phase II had not been completed. 113 students attended. We hired
teachers to teach Monday – Thursday 9:00-12:00. The camp went all day from 9:00am – 5:30 pm. In June
2002 we had our 3rd Academic Summer Camp – It was held at Lew Meuckle School. 120 students attended.

In October 2002 we had a Children’s Workshop and we have celebrated October 31 as Hallelujah Night.
The children come dressed as bible characters.

We realized we have so many children attending the Academic Summer Camps we have no place to put
them so In June 2003 we had our 4th Academic Summer Camp – It was held at Speak The Word Ministries
on a smaller scale – Just for 12 students who really needed help.

                                                Children’s Ministry


                                                     God was blessing us with many teenagers. Effective February 13, 2000,
                                                     we officially began our “Teen’s Ministry.” Minister Joshua Kennedy was
                                                     the first Teen’s Minister. We started with our Teen’s Church on Friday

                                                    God had really laid it on Pastor Skepple’s heart to have a Teen’s Retreat at
                                                    Hotel on the Cay. Our first Teen’s Retreat was held August 8-11, 2000 –
                                                    we had 15 teens to attend. Our Second Teen’s Retreat was held August 7-
                                                    10, 2001 – We had 60 Teens to attend. Our Third Teen’s Retreat was held
               2nd Annual Teen’s Retreat            August 6-9 2002, we had teens from Colorado (Marilyn Hickey’s Ministry)
                                                    attend along with our teens. We had 100 teens to attend. All The Teen’s
     Retreats were held at Hotel on the Cay. God did great and wonderful things during these retreats. The Pastors along with
     other speakers from the church spoke to the teens.

     It was very important to the Pastors that the teens stay focused for God. In May 2000 we had a Teen’s Island tour. We
     took the teens to various places i.e. the Aquarium, the far eastern end of the island, etc. just to see our island and learn
     about what it has to offer. Then again in May 2001, we took the Teen’s on another Island Tour.

     God led us to start a “Teen’s Choir” in 2001 with the goal of them recording at the end of the year. We started with 30
     teens in the Choir.

     As you can see we have spent time pouring into our teenagers:

     In order to fellowship with the teens in October 2001 we had a Basketball game between the Teens and the Staff.

     Our first Teen’s Banquet was held February 11, 2001 at Gertrude’s Restaurant.

     November 2001 we had a Teen’s Banquet at Gertrudes, we also had another teen’s banquet in February 2002.

     March 20, 2002, we had a Teen’s Block Party – Held at “Youth With A Mission”

     August 2002 The Vessels of Honor (Group of teens who showed they excelled in school, who helped out in activities at the
     church, who passed the Vessels of Honor classes) took a trip to Orlando, Florida for the “Clint Brown” recording

     January 2003 we had a Softball game between the Teens and the Speak The Word Ministries Softball Team. Needless to
     say – The STWM Softball Team won!!

     In Janary 2003 we had a Teen’s Barbecue

     In March 2003 we had a Teen’s Talent Night –We had a great time!!!

                                                     Teen’s Talent Night


                                           The Pastors have a heart for the Teenagers and want the teens to know they
                                           matter in the body of Christ. We had originally started having Teen’s Retreats
                                           every year at Hotel on the Cay. The Lord impressed upon the Pastors to
                                           change the way they minister to the Teens. The Pastors decided to start a
                                           teen’s ministry for the young men called “Boys To Men.” We knew there was
                                           someone who had a heart for teenagers and that was Jermaine Dennis, so we
                                           placed him over this ministry.

                                       Our First Boys to Men Conference was held at the University of the Virgin
                                       Islands, May 23-26, 2003. Ninety-one young men between the ages of 13-17
               Boys To Men             attended. The Classes they attended were: Workplace Etiquette, Culinary
                                       Skills, Career Management, Respecting Authority, Handling Peer Pressure,
 Salvation, Household Management, Sex Education, Money Management

 The Boys To Men Conference ended on Memorial Day, May 26, 2003 at St. Croix Educational Complex. It was a church
 “Fun Day” The young men walked from The University to the Complex. When they reached the complex gymnasium
 they were greeted from the congregation with standing ovation. The congregation proceeded to sing to them as they
 were lined in the center of the gym – Speak The Word’s Welcome Song “I Need You To Survive.”

 August 23, 2003 – Boys To Men II was held at Gertrude's Restaurant. Thirty young men attended. Topics included: How
 to Get a Job, How To Fill out an Application for a Job, How To Write a Resume.

                                            Birthed out of a desire to change the way the Pastors ministered to the Teen,
                                            was Sister 2 Sister. Sister 2 Sister is a organization that teaches teenage girls
                                            how to prepare for life. Sister 2 Sister is for teenage girls ages 13-17. This
                                            organization teaches them moral responsibility, and how to interact with their
                                            peers. Sister 2 Sister builds self-esteem and self worth. Renews the thinking
                                            of teenage girls concerning the value of their education. God has been doing
                                            awesome things with Sister 2 Sister. Pastor Terry is over this ministry.

                                              Sister 2 Sister started August 5, 2003 with the first Conference being held at
                                              Hotel on the Cay, August 5-8. Eighty-Four young ladies stayed for four days
                                              and three nights. On Wednesday Night August 6, we had a special ceremony
                                              for the young ladies. We had a “Sisters Keepers” service. At this ceremony
                                              each girl lit her sister’s candle. We had two speakers that evening: Our own,
                                              Miss Saint Croix; Alexandrya Evans did a tremendous job of being transparent
                                              and talking to the girls about her successes and failures. Also speaking was
                                              our own Head Elder: Elder Pamela Tirk who talked to the girls about being
responsible for their sisters. At the Sister 2 Sister Conference 30 teenage girls gave their lives to God.

At the end of the Conference we had a Rap Concert on Friday Night, August 8, 2003, with Sean Slaughter and Ziklag held
at Speak The Word.

September 20, 2003 we held a Sister-2-Sister Ball at Speak The Word Ministries. We took out all the regular chairs and
decorated the Sanctuary with our official Sister 2 Sister colors (teal and gold). Over 100 young ladies attended. Along
with the teens we invited “moms.” The purpose of the moms coming was so they could be a part of the pledging
ceremony with their daughters. The teens pledged before God, The Pastors and their moms to live pure before marriage,
to finish High School and further their education, to respect their parents, to love God.

December 13, 2003, Sister 2 Sister will be going on a shopping spree to Puerto Rico. We will be taking a chartered 727 jet
to Plazas Las Americas.                                                                                                    33

                                                             Speak The Word Ministries is well rounded. Not only does it
                                                             provide families with spirituality, but also practicality. The
                                                             Bible says “He that winneth souls is wise.” God is a God that
                                                             will give you creative ways to bring people into the

                                                             God showed Pastor Skepple a creative way to bring men into
                                                             the Kingdom of God. That was to start a Men’s Basketball
                                                             League at Speak The Word. So in March 2000 Pastor
                                                             Skepple started the League. He placed Jermaine Dennis over
                                                             the League. One of the requirements for playing was that
                                                             you had to attend Speak The Word Ministries. This was a
                                                             definite avenue for getting men to come to church. Many
     came as a result of the league and many stayed. The League had 10 teams. It would be played three on three. There
     were real “officials” and the games were timed and scored. The stats were kept on all players. The League started in
     February and did not end until June.

     After the Basketball League was complete we decided to have a Women’s Volleyball League. The response from the
     ladies was overwhelming. There were many who wanted to play. The Volleyball League started in August 2001 and
     ended in October 2001. There were 54 women who played and 6 teams.

     Upon completion of the Volleyball League we decided to have family time at the Bowling Alley. Every other Sunday
     we would all meet at the Bowling Alley. We would have the whole Bowling Alley to ourselves. In this particular sport
     you could pick your own team. The Bowling began October 20, 2002 and ended in November.

                                   For those who did not like Basketball, Volleyball or Bowling we decided we would
     put a Softball Team together and        allow them to play in the regular Softball League. The Softball League
                                             began October 2002 and ended January 2003. The team consisted of 20
                                             players from the church. Again the requirement for being on the team was
                                             that you had to attend church in order to play. The team had great uni-
                                             form. The Team won six games. This was great for their first time in the

                                               February 3, 2003 we started a female Aerobic class. The ladies were ex-
                                               cited about coming to church and exercising. We realized we had a per-
                                               son who was a Certified Aerobics Instructor in our church, Anchanet Pe-
                                               ters and we decided to hire her to lead the classes. The classes would be

held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. When the classes began our
official Aerobics Instructor was ill so we hired a temporary Aerobics
Instructor. Our first Temporary Aerobics Instructor was “Elaine Dono-
hoo.” When Anchanet was well she took over the classes. She began
teaching Mondays and Tuesdays 5:30 & 6::45) . Thursday nights were
taught by another Instructor (Tay Stevenson) 5:30 & 6:45 . We now
have four Aerobic Instructors.

After realizing we needed space for new life classes on Tuesday
nights, we changed our schedule to Mondays, Wednesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays.

Our present schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays 9:00-10:00a.m.

Volleyball began again in August 2003 and lasted until September 28, 2003.

Men’s Softball League started October 6, 2003 and will end in January 2004.

                                                 Our Softball Team



                                                       God spoke to Pastor Skepple and told him to open a Prayer
                                                       Center. In preparation for the Prayer Center – April 2 we
                                                       started the Prayer School. The Prayer School was designed
                                                       to teach members how to pray. The school lasted for six
                                                       weeks. It was held on Tuesday Nights from 7:00-8:00.
                                                       Once members graduated from the Prayer School they were
                                                       then interviewed by Pastor Terry and Elder Pam Tirk to de-
                                                       termine their readiness to go into the Prayer Center.

                                                       We found there were so many hurting women and children
                                                       that God led us to open us a second Potter’s House – April
                 4th Annual Teen’s Retreat
                                                       5, 2002.

     April 15-20, 2002 – Holy Week – Thursday was a day of prayer and Praise and Worship Service, Friday – Judy
     Turnbull in concert, Saturday – Water Baptism and Sunday: Sunrise Service 6:00 and regular service at 8 and

     June 15, 2002 – Men’s Fellowship – Pastor Skepple “What Is A Man of God.” This was a session for men only in
     which Pastor Skepple had an opportunity to pour into them and talk to them about spiritual and practical ways
     of being real men.

     July 15-27, 2002 – Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple went on an European Tour. While they were away, Kenneth
     and Regina Scott came.

     July 19-21, 2002 – Kenneth/Regina Scott – Weapons Of Our Warfare Conference.

     July 30-August 2, 2002 – Teen’s Retreat 2002 – held at Hotel on the Cay. Teenagers from Marilyn Hickey’s
     Ministry joined us at Hotel on the Cay. We had 100 Teenagers who attended.

     August 22-24, 2002, Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple spoke in Tortola for a Couples Retreat. The Retreat was
     held at New Life Baptist Church. The Pastors did twelve hours of teaching during this retreat.

     August 25, 2002 – Prayer Center Dedication – Fellowship luncheon at the Armory. The Pastors just wanted to
     fellowship with the members and so we all came together as a church and enjoyed one another.

             Bible Study and Barbecue                Kenneth & Regina Scott


                                     Pastor Kenneth Scott                        Teen’s Retreat

God was prospering us so much, we realized we had outgrown our first service. On September 1, 2002, we
started two services – 8:00 and 10:00.

September 8, 2002 – Pastor Skepple took us to Faith School. He taught for thirteen straight weeks about

September 27-29, 2002 – Investment Seminar – Dr. Cherie Burks

October 6, 2002 – Church 4th year Anniversary – Cake and punch in the Foyer.

October 20, 2002 – We started Fellowshipping together at the Bowling Alley.    It was held every other

October 27, 2002 – The Pastors wanted to honor those volunteers who had worked so hard and had been so
faithful and they announced a Volunteer Banquet – It was Held at the Educational Complex. We had dinner
together and music. It was just the Pastors way of saying “thank you.”

November 24, 2002 – Reverend Bernice King – “Dr. Martin Luther King’s Daughter” spoke. Both services were
full, Reverend King autographed books and pictured after service. Reverend King at the end of her visit also
invited the Pastors to Atlanta for Dr. Martin King celebration in January.

November 2002 – Thanksgiving Friendship Service – Pastor Taylor Cruz, Pastor Joseph Walker. Pastor Taylor
Cruz’s Teenagers played and Pastor Cruz preached.

December 14, 2002 – Shopping Spree – Plaza Las Americas.

December 31, 2002 – New Year’s Eve Service held at Educational Complex. “Rodney Posey and More Than
Conquerors.” Rodney Posey ministered at 9:00 and More Than Conquerors ministered after midnight.

               S.T.W. and Colorado Teens Dance                      Rev. Bernice King

     We are such a unique church in that God gives us innovative ideas. We decided to take all the ladies who wanted to
     go on a Shopping Spree to Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico The trip was Saturday, December 14, 2002.
     We called the trip “Shop Til You Drop.”

     We chartered a 727 Jet and flew them there – When we reached Puerto Rico a bus picked us up and took us to Plaza
     Las Americas. We stayed from 7:00am – 5:00pm.

     When we finished shopping a bus picked us up at the Mall and drove us back to the Airport where we again boarded
     our chartered 727 Jet.

                                                    What an awesome trip – The ladies really enjoyed themselves. The
                                                    only problem was they claimed that they came home too early.


Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple got an invitation to
attend “Full Assurance of Faith” in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Pastors of Full Assurance of Faith are Pastors Johnny
and Lilliette Magee. The Pastors were invited to Pastor
Magee’s Anniversary.

The trip was July 15-27, 2002. The Pastors had an awe-
some time. There was a six hour time difference.
Germany is six hours ahead of us, which meant when
the people in Germany were sleeping our bodies felt
wide awake and when the people in Germany were
wide awake, our bodies felt tired and sleepy.

Realizing we could not purchase anything with the American Dollar, we had to first convert our money
over to Euro Dollars. The exchange rate was not good. We had an opportunity to visit London, England
while they were in Europe.

The services were great and the site seeing was educational. They had an opportunity to see an old
church which was built inside a rock. They also tasted Weinersnitzel for the first time. They had an
opportunity to visit the Army Base. In England they visited the Museum and used the Train Transit
System. They were able to go to Oxford Street – S H O P P I N G !!!!! There were shops everywhere,
there was no way we could see them all in one day.


                                                      MARRIAGE SEMINARS
                                                      God blessed us to start doing marriage seminars. Our first marriage
                                                      seminar was held at #81 Castle Coakley. It was held August 30,

                                                      SINGLE SEMINARS
                                                      A Single female seminar was held to encourage women to enjoy
                                                      their single life. The key to a true relationship with another person
                                                      is a true relationship with God first. Our first single seminar was
                                                      held January 23, 2002.
                   Marriage Seminar

     The Pastors taught together our first Family Seminar - May 28 - 30, 1999. We spoke about the Laws That Govern The
     Christian Family, How To Resolve Conflict and Changing the Family Atmosphere.

     The First Health and Wellness Seminar was taught by Janice Jackson on June 7, 2002. On January 26 to February 17,
     2003 she continued with instruction on the Hallelujah Diet. She spoke about the live foods and the dead foods.
     Janice Jackson is our Health Minister.

     The Second Health and Wellness Seminar was taught by Dr. Wilbert Williams – Friday June 14, 2002 and June 21,

     Our School of Entrepreneurs were held Saturday, June 28, 2003 at Speak The Word. Topics included: How to write a
     business Plan, Integrity, The Right Location.

     We not only deal with the spiritual but we also deal with practical everyday living here at Speak The Word.

     In January 2002 We had our first Financial Seminar – held by Dr. Cherie Burks of our home church, The Christian
     House of Prayer in Copperas Cove, Texas.

     Dr. Burks Topics: How To Save Your Money, How To Budget, How To Pay Off Your Mortgage, Credit Card Debt.

     The Conference was held on Friday and Saturday. We had a good turn out and everyone seemed to be blessed by
                                             the conference. Especially the mortgage section, where she gave helpful
                                             hints on how to lower your mortgage and pay it off early.

                                                The first conference was well attended and a wealth of information was
                                                gained, we decided to invite Dr. Burks back.

                                                September 7, 2002, Dr. Cherie Burks did an Investment Seminar – She
                                                talked about : How To Invest, Where to Invest, The Stock Market, How To
                                                Read The Stock Market Reports;

            Brother 2 Brother Seminar           Dr. Cherie Burks also spoke on Sunday September 29, 2002 at our 8:00
                                                and 10:00am services.

•   Bishop Nathaniel/Valerie Holcomb - October 8-10, 1999 “First Year Anniversary” and June 2001 “Building

•   Pastor Johnny/Lilliette Magee, Frankfurt, Germany – July 16, 2000    - Message: “Barrier Breakers” spoke at
    both services

•   Lloyd Coaker, Chicago – Guest Speaker for our “Building Dedication” when we went Downstairs in the Health
    Conscious Building – April 25, 1999.

•   Minister Tyrone Holcomb (Bishop Holcomb’s son) – Copperas Cove, TX - September 21, 2001. His message:
    “Learning How To Pray: Just ask of Me”

•   Pastor Dianne Powell, New York – “Women’s Conference” November, 2001

•   Pastor Kenneth/Regina Scott, Alabama – Wrote the book Weapons of Our Warfare – Pastor Scott visited us
    twice – October 2000 and July 19-21, 2002

•   Rev. Bernice King, Atlanta, Georga – “Dr. Martin Luther King’s Daughter” – November 24, 2002.

•   Pastor Quamina – Trinidad – December 6, 2002

•   Mike Murdock – Dallas, Texas - “The Wisdom Man” – March 16, 2003

•   Dr. Cherie Burks – Copperas Cove, TX - January 2002, September 27, 2002

•   Pastor Broussard – Atlanta, GA – July 13, 2003 – Message: “Issues”

                                                                                            Pastor Broussard


                                God spoke to Pastor Skepple about doing a “Renewing Your Vows
                                ceremony”. It was held Sunday, August 26, 2001. The wedding
                                ceremony was video taped, pictures were taken, they receive
                                wedding cake, the bride walked down the isle. It gave couples an
                                opportunity to start a fresh and anew.

                                Four couples renewed their vows.

                                RULES FOR RENEWING YOUR VOWS

                                •   Must be Legally Married Already
                                •   Must be a member of Speak The Word Ministries
                                •   Must Stay in A Hotel (Mini Honeymoon) - After Renewing Vows
                                •    $125.00 Fee - Fee will cover: Framed “Ten Commandments of
     Frenchie & Claudia Laine       Marriage”, Video Tape, Set of Pictures, Sparkling Cider,
                                    Marriage Renewal Certificate
                                •   Must be Formally Dressed
                                •   No Children are allowed to go on the mini-honeymoon
                                •   If you are renewing your vows you need to be ready to march
                                    down the aisle at 9:45 am: NOTE: If you are late you will not
                                    get another opportunity - No questions asked!


We have been blessed with an increase in infants at Speak The Word Ministries. We have dedicated
so many babies too numerous to count. We are well on our way to our confession of 500 children.

Our first baby dedication took place during our second year.


                                                  WOMEN’S CONFERNCE
      Speak the Word Ministries International
                                                  November 2001, Speakers: Pastor Terry Skepple,
       Women’s Conference                         Elder Pam Tirk and Guest Speaker: Pastor Dianne
                                                  Powell, “Strait Gate Church – New York”
     “Staying in His Presence”                    The conference was held at Speak The Word
                                                  Ministries. The women filled the temple.

                                                  Friday night : Speaker: Pastor Dianne Powell
                                                  Saturday Morning: Speaker: Elder Pam Tirk
         November 9-11, 2001                      Sunday Morning: Speaker: Pastor Terry

                                                  The conference Theme was —
                                                                 Staying in His Presence.

                                                  SINGLE WOMEN’S CONFERENCE

                                                  The single women’s conference was held
                                                  Saturday, February 22, 2003. Pastor Terry was
                                                  the speaker. She spoke to the single women
                                                  about their destiny.

                                                  We had a question and answer session at the end
                                                  of the conference. It was held 10:00-12:00.

        Speak the Word Ministries International
            #7 Peter’s Rest · PO Box 8304
                Christiansted, St. Croix
               U.S. Virgin Islands 00823
                    (340) 778-1575


         •   Shenneth Canegata, Speak The Word Ministries
                Date: April 19, 2002

         •   Judy Turnbull – St. Thomas
                 Date: April 18, 2003

         •   Rodney Posey
                Date: December 31, 2002

Ziklag   •   More Than Conquerors
                Date: December 31, 2002

         •   Rap Concert—Sean Slaughter, Virginia Beach
         •   Ziglag, Atlanta, Georgia
                 Date: August 8, 2003


     We have people from around the world who have join in to covenant with us. Once every six weeks a
     Covenant Partners package is sent out. We started our Covenant Partners because we had so many people
     who would come, then move but still wanted to be connected to us.

     We started our Covenant Partners Ministry in September 1999. Minister Joshua Kennedy was the first person
     to be a part of this ministry, followed by Vincente and Brenda Cotto. Now Elder Bertrand Small is over our
     Covenant Partners

     We have partners from around the world.

      St. Croix, USVI                     St. Vincent, W.I.                  Dominica, W.I.
      St. Thomas, USVI                    Georgia                            Los Angeles
      St. John, USVI                      North Carolina                     Ohio
      Hawaii                              Connecticut                        Wyoming
      Florida                             Maryland                           Missouri
      New York                            New Mexico                         Germany
      California                          South Carolina
      Texas                               Illinois
      Virginia                            New Jersey
      Florida                             Antigua, W.I.


When it began:         New Life Class began June 10, 2003

Purpose:               Its purpose is to equip each new believer with the basic knowledge they need in order live
                       a successful Christian life. It is also for any Christian who feels they have not as yet built a
                       solid foundation that Christ can build upon.

What our New Life Classes:

                       New Life School is five different subjects with a total of sixteen different classes. New life
                       School is every Tuesday night from 7-8pm. The church has four different classes taking
                       place at the same time in four different locations within the church building. Each student
                       must complete all sixteen classes and then have an oral exam with Minister Kennedy (who
                       is the coordinator of the New Life Classes) to make sure they grasp each subject before they
                       can graduate. There are graduation ceremonies four times a year to honor and recognize
                       graduates. The graduations take place in front of the congregation. The first ceremony
                       took place September 28, 2003, fifteen people graduated. Completion of New Life Class is
                       the prerequisite for becoming a member of Speak The Word Ministries and for volunteering
                       in any auxiliary.

                        Subject                         Class                             Teacher

                        SALVATION 101                   What Did I Just Do                Minister Kennedy
                        SALVATION 102                   Forgiven & Forgiving              Claudia Walker
                        SALVATION 103                   What Do I Do Next                 Minister Kennedy
                        SALVATION 104                   Who Have I Become                 Minister Kennedy

                        PRAYER 201                      How To Pray                       Minister John
                        PRAYER 202                      How To Approach God               Minister John
                        PRAYER 203                      Praying For Others                Minister John
                        PRAYER 204                      How To Receive From God           Minister John

                        FAITH 301                       What My Faith Needs               Elder Dallas & Pam Tirk
                        FAITH 302                       Faith That Speaks                 Elder Dallas & Pam Tirk
                        FAITH 303                       Walking By Faith                  Elder Dallas & Pam Tirk
                        FAITH 304                       Faith That Waits                  Elder Dallas & Pam Tirk

                        HOLY SPIRIT 401                 Praying in Tongues                Minister Gloria Small
                        HOLY SPIRIT 402                 Laying On Of Hands                Neil Evans
                        HOLY SPIRIT 403                 Discovering My Gift               Elder Loraine Kennedy

                        GIVING 501                      Tithes/Offering                   Elder Mel Morris

                        There are approximately 110 people who attend our New Life Classes each Tuesday Night.
                        We are excited at people learning and understanding the Word of God.


     God spoke to Pastor Skepple and told him that he needed to blanket the island with banners and signs. Effective
     October 9, 1998 he began to advertise the ministry. Large Banners were placed across roads all over the island.
     There was a banner in Sunny Isle – A banner in downtown Christiansted, a banner in Frederiksted and even across
     the wall as you are going to the Airport. Signs were place all over the islands, the same as the banners but more
     signs were put up. Everywhere you would go you would see a sign that would say “Speak The Word Ministries”
     the service times, location and phone number.

     After we had our Large Banners and signs we began to design small signs to be placed in members’ yards that
     would advertise the church. Many small signs were made and placed not only in yards but along roadsides.

     Many people have come to this church as a result of the signs and banners and by word of mouth.

     In 1999, we decided we would not be left behind. We officially got an E-Mail address—speak the word @

     Being we are always on the cutting edge, In the Summer of 2000, we put up or web page
     “www.speakthewordministries.org” – we started getting calls from people around the world who were seeing our

     We have done many Radio Announcements to advertise services going on at Speak The Word. We have also
     advertise our church and service times.

     March 3, 2003, we began to do Newspaper Inserts. We placed our advertisements in The Daily News and the

     April 5, 2003 we started Bulk Mailing through the Post Office. They were done to advertise our Prayer Line, Our
     College Library and our weekly review of the Bible on Friday nights.


                                                Pastor Skepple wanted to make sure the people of God
                                                would get the Word all the time. Pastor Skepple wanted
                                                quality Pastors to come on the air everyday. God laid it
                                                on Pastor Skepple’s heart to go on TV 2. March 3, 2003
                                                we officially were on TV 2 at 6:30 in the morning, Mon-
                                                day – Friday. We purchased a two hour block of time
                                                from TV2. We asked the following people to come on:

                                                5:30 am – Pastor Ray Barnard
                                                          Philadelphia, PA
                                                6:00am – Our Bishop, Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb
                                                          Killeen, Texas
                                                6:30 am – Pastor Dexter Skepple
                                                           Speak The Word Ministries

                                                After three month we changed the line up:

                                                5:30 am – Monday-Friday – Mike Murdock
                                                          Dallas, Texas
                                                6:00am – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
                                                          Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
                                                6:00 am – Thursday, Friday, Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb
                                                6:30 am – Pastor Dexter Skepple
                                                         Speak The Word Ministries
                                                7:00 am – Pastor Ray Barnard
                                                          Philadelphia, PA

                                               TV2 had agreed to move their 7:00 News in order to
                                           compensate us – Look What The Lord Has Done!!

Pastor Skepple says “I Will Get The Word To You Anyway I Can.”

Word TV has been a blessing. We have received numerous letters and calls of how the broadcast has
helped people on St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Lives are being changed as a result of the broadcast.


     In order to volunteer in the Prayer Center the first thing
     the Pastors established was the Prayer School. The
     purpose of the Prayer School was to teach individuals
     how to pray. The Prayer School started on Tuesday,
     April 2, 2002. The class was held from 7:00-8:00pm.
     The classes were held every Tuesday night and lasted for
     six weeks. Appproximately 120 people attended the
     Prayer School classes. Thirty-six people actually gradu-
     ated from the Prayer School, meaning they attended
     every class, passed all the tests, and passed the inter-

     The classes consisted of and were taught by the

             How To Pray
             Pastor Dexter Skepple

             Minister Joshua Kennedy

             The Prayer of Agreement
             Elder Mel Morris

             Approaching God in Prayer
             Bro. Campbell Fahie

             Prayer of Faith
             Elder Gene Tirk

             Praying in Tongues
             Pastor Dexter Skepple

     Once the classes were finished each person who com-
     pleted the classes then had to go through an interview
     process with Pastor Terry and Elder Pam Tirk. Those
     who passed the interview and showed they were able to
     pray were then placed in the Prayer Center.


God is such an awesome God. He spoke to the Pastors about start-
ing a Prayer Center, a place where people can call for prayer. When
God spoke it the Pastors began to ask themselves who should run
the Prayer Center. Knowing God, they knew that if God spoke it He
already had somebody that would run the Center.

In order to get the Prayer Center up and running, we needed
$10,000 – We asked the Congregation to give in June 2000. We
established a phone number for the Prayer Center (778-PRAY). The
Prayer Center would be built in the Nursery area. We hired
Minister George John as the Prayer Center Coordinator.

In order for a person to work in the Prayer Center they must first
go through the Prayer School. Those who passed the Prayer School
would be able to volunteer in the Prayer Center. Sixteen people
met all the requirements of the Prayer Center and started as volun-
teers in the Prayer Center. We started off by opening the Center
12:00-9:00 seven days a week. On Fridays it would close during
church. Eventually, we started taking calls 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.

Qualifications for the Prayer Center:

                                                                           1. Be assured of your salvation.
                                                                           2. Be a member of Speak The Word
                                                                           3. Attend six weeks of training in the Prayer
                                                                           4. After the class, pass a test.
                                                                           5. Honor your time in the Prayer Center as
                                                                              an appointment with God
                                                                           6. Have a righteous lifestyle and desire to be
                      Prayer Center Construction
                                                                              used by God.


Since the Prayer Center began 10 people have given their lives to God!!!
Total number of calls from August 2002 to August 2003 – 534

Prayer Center Praise Reports:

•   A sister’s parents received healing of Alzheimer's Disease From God .
•   A Female was out of work and within a week after calling the Prayer Center, God opened a door of employment
    for her.
•   A female was sick in the hospital and God healed her body.
•   A female was contemplating suicide, but God brought deliverance
•   A sister was wrongfully charged; God fought her case and she received a bountiful settlement
•   A young lady was diagnosed with cancer and God healed her.

                                              At the start of this year Pastor Skepple started a “Travel Through the Bible”
                                              Bible Study on Friday Nights. We will go through the entire bible chapter by
                                              chapter, book by book.

                                              The College Library was officially opened January 1, 2003. We hired Jermaine
                                              Dennis as the Coordinator of the College Library.

                                              January 7, 2003 – New Converts Classes started.

                                              We realized we needed people to work the altar on Sunday morning so on
                                              January 9, 2003 – Altar Call Workers started their training January 12, 2003

                                              March 3, 2003—Word TV was launched. We are on TV 2 Monday--Friday

                                              March 16, 2003 – World Renowned Evangelist Mike Murdock

     Tuesday, April 22, 2003 – Marriage Seminar “How To Show You Really Care.”

     Pastors Dexter & Terry Skepple have a heart for the teenagers. God spoke to Pastor Skepple about helping the teen-
     age boys, ages 13-17. The Boys to Men Conference was held May 23-26, 2003. It was held at the University of the
     Virgin Islands. 91 boys attended.

     May 26, 2003 – Day of Fellowship – 11:00-5:00 at the Educational Complex

     Saturday, June 28, 2003 – School for Entrepreneurs. Held for people who were interested in business. It was held
     from 9:00-3:00.

     June 10, 2003 – New Life Classes begin

     Saturday June 14, 2003 – Pastors Dexter & Terry
     Skepple ministered to the teens – Teen’s Seminar –
     Ten Things That Could Have Destroyed Our Lives As

     Sunday, June 20, 2003, we began to record on DVD
     and VHS!! Now you can get the word on Cassette, CD,
     DVD and VHS.

     Saturday June 21, 2003 – Pastors Dexter & Terry
     Skepple ministered to the teens – Teen’s Seminar-
     Ten Things That Changed Our Lives As Teenagers.

                                                                                      Sister 2 Sister Ball


                                            Sister 2 Sister Ball held at STW

July 4, 2003 – Barbecue and Bible Study – held at Vialco. The Bible study started at 11:00 and immediately follow-
ing was a day of food and fun.

August 5-8, 2003 – Sister 2 Sister Conference – Hotel on the Cay – ages 13-17, topics included: Skin Care, Culinary
Skills, Integrity, Rite of Passage, Etiquette, Finances, Responsibility, Aerobics and more.

August 8, 2003 – Teen’s Concert – Sean Slaughter and Ziglag

September 20, 2003 – Sister 2 Sister Ball – Held at Speak The Word Ministries

October 10, 2003 – 5th Year Anniversary – Pastor Ray Barnard will be our Guest Speaker

October 26-30 – Pastors and staff will travel to Killeen, Texas for the Convocation at The Christian House of Prayer

December 31, 2003 – New Year’s Eve Service – Island Center

            STW Steppers                            Pastors & Ziklag


                                                      The College Library is designed to ensure that all high
                                                      school students understand the importance of going to
                                                      college and provide them with necessary tools to aid
                                                      them in their college pursuit.

                                                      Since the start of the ministry, God had said “The College
                                                      Library” would be a part of the vision. We did not know
                                                      when. Who would have thought almost five years later it
                                                      would manifest itself. January 1, 2003 the College Library
                                                      officially opened. We hired Jermaine Dennis to be the

     As Pastors we believe that helping young people make the right college decisions is imperative. The
     College Library is geared towards helping students identify colleges that match their interests and needs.
     We started by helping the Seniors and Juniors.

     Since we started we have helped students find their careers, we have guided and assisted them through
     the admissions process, we have provided information on admission requirements, and provided informa-
     tion on sources for financial aid.

     We have also offered “SAT Prep Classes. These classes have been taught by certified teachers. They are
     designed to help students pass the SAT.

     The College Library is also available for adults who want to enter college or a trade school


                                         SALVA TIONS
                                    (From 5/2000 to 10/2003)

                                        REDEDICA TIONS
                                    (From 5/2000 to 10/2003)

                                    (From 1/2001 to 10/2003)

                                   AMOUNT IN A TTENDANCE
                                      October 8, 1998 - 8
                                      October 2003 - 800

Pastors visited Pastor Broussard’s church in Atlanta, Georgia. It was there they first heard a song that would
become the theme song for our visitors.
                                            I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE
                                               By Hezekiah Walker

                                                     I need you
                                                    You need me
                                           We’re all a part of God’s body
                                          Stand with me, Agree with me
                                           We’re all a part of God’s body
                                    It is His will that every need be supplied
                                             You are important to me
                                               I need you to survive

                                                  I pray for you me
                                                   You pray for me
                                          I love you, I need you to survive
                                 I won’t harm you with words from my mouth
                                         I love you, I need you to survive.
                                    It is His will that every need be supplied
                                              You are important to me
                                                I need you to survive


     We declared in 1999 – There are “No Fears, No Limits, and No Borders”

                              We declared in 2000 – “Stay Focused”

                              We declared in 2001 - “Don’t Panic, Pray”

                              We declared in 2002 – “One Favor From God is all you need!”

                              We declared 2003 - “The BREAKOUT YEAR”

     This has been a ministry of “Favor, Promotion and Increase.” Miracles, signs and wonders have taken place in
     our five years of ministry. During our five years of ministry we have seen the following:

     •      Souls have been saved
     •      Blind eyes have been opened
     •      Sick bodies have been healed
     •      People have received jobs - better jobs
     •      People have received bonuses
     •      People have received raises
     •      People have received unexpected income
     •      People have received checks in the mail
     •      People have received new homes
     •      People have received new cars
     •      People have received favor from God
     •      People have been vindicated and pronounced innocent in court cases
     •      Husbands have been saved
     •      Wives have been saved
     •      Children have been saved
     •      Wombs have been opened
     •      Families have been restored
     •      Deliverance from drugs and alcohol
     •      Monies for college have been provided
     •      Doors have been opened
     •      Lawsuits have been won
     •      Needs have been met


“First I would like to thank God for Pastors Dexter and Terry Skepple. I came to Speak The Word at a time in my life
when all hell had broken loose. I was just divorced and left with four children. Under the care of my Pastors I began to
apply the Word of God to my life. God gave me favor with my boss so I received a promotion and became the Assistant
Branch Manager of the Bank. God blessed my daughter with a scholarship to college. In less than two years I received
another offer which almost doubled my salary. God has opened so many doors in my life. Just recently, again I was of-
fered another raise and promotion. If asked what I have done, my answer would be, I have lived a lifestyle of worship and
praise and I have confessed the Word of God.” — Judianna Williams

“Isaiah 38:10-20, pretty much described a season of my life. As I look back I spent time struggling with guilt, shame and
remorse that came from chemical dependency and other issues. But with the help of Pastors Dexter and Terry Skepple I
came to know a loving , forgiving Father (Abba) that I never had. Not just my addictive demons but the real issues that
laid below them…Jesus says in all things give thanks and I have so much to be thankful about. “God has a plan and I
thank Him for that!” — Sharon Jackson

“I would like to say first give all honor to God. He has spared my life so many times I cannot count. I was going through
a time in my life that the enemy was trying to take my life. I decided one day to come to church. That was the day that I
gave my life to God and I became a member of this church. This is the best decision that I have ever made. Pastors Dex-
ter & Terry Skepple are blessed and anointed of God. Just hearing the teaching of the Word of God and the instructions of
how to live in faith and do God’s will has blessed my life. I have found out that there is nothing impossible with God.
Thanks to this Ministry and my Pastors I have the weapon to fight the forces of evil. I know that God is with me and his
Word gives me everything I need to live a good life. As a woman of God I thank God for Pastor Terry for her instructions
to the women in this church. I know now that I am blessed and highly favored and that no weapon that is formed against
me is able to prosper as long as I am under the shadow of the Almighty. All I have to do is just speak the Word, believe,
and wait on God for my blessing.!: — Donna Pickard

The year 2000 we became members of Speak The Word Ministries. On that same day a Guest Speaker was bringing the Word.
God told us to make a vow to Speak The Word for $5,000 because it was good soil. You must understand that at that time our
expenses exceeded our income. We had no savings account, but we made sure our tithes and offering were given in full. My
husband Lorenzo had a full time permanent job and I was temporarily employed at the time. We did not know which avenue the
finances would come from, but our trust was in God and we obeyed him. In the year 2001 God gave me favor and I received a
full time job with all the benefits plus commission. Our #1 priority at that time was to become debt free and be able to give into
the Kingdom of God. Our second priority was to own our home on a hill (a big house with a view). Our third priority was to
admit our son into a Private School and the fourth was to open Bank Accounts. God gave us special instructions on how to get
out of debt.       1. Plant my first paycheck and commission check., 2.        He told us to plant $1,000, 3. God told us which
bills to liquidate monthly
By 2002 we were completely debt free, then we opened a checking account and two savings accounts. One of the savings was
for the down payment on our future home.
We have been trying to have a baby for seven years. October 2002 I went to see the Doctor. She did a series of tests, she said
my tubes were blocked, meaning that I was unable to conceive naturally. I was told that artificial insemination was the only way
I would be able to get pregnant. God instructed us to take our savings for the house and plant it. He gave us the day, amount
and the way to present it to Him. We never questioned the Lord about His request or instructions, we just did what He told us to
do. Three months later, I got pregnant. My husband Lorenzo received his free company stocks for $7,000 “net” We were able
to replace the money we planted to the penny. The company finally released Lorenzo’s savings for approximately $38,000 “net”
Plus another check for three months pay after retiring. In addition to all of that I still got my Christmas Bonus Check. (To God
Be The Glory)
As for me my commission has already climbed in the thousand dollar bracket on a monthly basis. I was chosen Employee of the
year, and went on a trip to Mexico.
One important seed we always plant is when we get an increase, we take it to “the priest” in this case our Pastors. Our son was
readmitted into Private School and we purchased our new home, August 5, 2003. We are now expecting a healthy, bouncing
baby boy very soon.” — Jennifer and Lorenzo Walcott


                         T Speak The Word
                             Ministries International,

     I can truly say that I have been at Speak The Word since
     the beginning (October 8, 1998). I am a believer in what
     God is doing in this ministry. I was one of those Christians
     who was praying sincerely for a change in worshipping.
     God answered my prayer and sent a man who was
     called by God to teach us true worship.

     I am so happy, blessed and prosperous. Thank God for
     answering my prayer.

     Mom Skepple




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