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					                         Minutes from PTA meeting

Members present: Rosemary Merricks, Ken Williams, Lade Adanijo, Wendy Dimler, Amanda
Bean, Dawn Firman, Peter Hall, Marlon Miller, Ellen Dutton, Ele Taylor

Members absent: Jade Tinkler

Meeting called to order at 6.40pm by chair Rosemary Merricks.

Discussion points:
1. Minutes Approval: After welcoming everyone to the meeting, the minutes from the
    inaugural PTA were approved.
2. Logo: Ken Williams showed a few sample logos. The final selection will be made at the
    next PTA.
3. Bank Account: Dawn Firman explained that she is in the process of setting up a bank
    account with HSBC, which will have three signatories on it (Rosemary Merricks, Dawn
    Firman and Peter Hall). Each cheque will then require two signatures.
4. Charity Registration: Rosemary explained that the PTA needs to register with the Charity
    Commission and HMRC to qualify for gift aid.
5. Page on the website: Peter Hall said he would introduce a PTA page on the EGA website.
6. CRB checks: Rosemary agreed to find which PTA members need what type of CRB check
    with Jade Tinkler. She will also ask if the academy will pay for the checks to be carried
7. Loan/Donation from EGA: Peter Hall said he would ask Mr Walker and Louise Duthart
    for either a loan or a donation for the PTA to help kick-start fundraising.
8. Free printing: Peter Hall will also ask Mr Walker and Louise Duthart if the PTA will be
    allowed to print the occasional PTA newsletter for free at the academy.
9. Wish list: The PTA agreed to allocate a proportion of the money it raises to the following
    - Residential Trips
    - School equipment
    - Afternoon snacks
    - Guest speakers (where appropriate)
10. Fundraising ideas:
    - Friday afternoon lolly sale: Rosemary will conduct a risk assessment at EGA and
       submit a detailed plan to Mr Walker.
    - PTA refreshments stall at the end of year celebrations.
    - PTA party?
    - Christmas cards: Dawn Firman said she would contact Allison Prince (art teacher) for
11. Any other business: Next PTA meeting to be held on Monday July 11 at 6.30pm

Meeting adjourned at 20.15pm
Minutes submitted by Peter Hall

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