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									Senior Developer JAVA

Andrey Urvantsev
Year of birth: 1981

Andrey is a specialist in Java programming and using of appropriate technologies (netbeans
platform, spring, hibernate, MyBatis, GWT, Vaadin). He is also good at developing on .NET
and FLEX.

Latest assignments
Mail Easy AB, Stockholm August 2010 —
Improvements in architecture, logic migration to
modern technologies, improvements in user
presentation layer.

Fastdev AB                                                  Tel +46 8 522 567 00
Saltmätargatan 8A                                 
Box 191 88, 104 32 Stockholm                      
Technical competence
       Java(about 7 years)
       ActionScript3
       PHP

Database Management Systems
       MSSQL
       PostgreSQL
       MySQL

Known OS
       MS Windows family
       Debian based distributions

       J2SE: Swing, Netbeans RCP, Java Web Start, JNI, Xuggle
       J2EE: ejb 2/3, jsp, servlets, portlets
       FLEX: Mate, BlazeDS
       ORM: Hibernate, MyBatis
       Spring, GWT, Vaadin
       Maven, Ant

Bug Tracking Systems
       Mantis
       Redmine

       Support and customization of Liferay-based portals
       ZABBIX monitoring system – maintenance and support
       Electronic library based on Dspace – maintenance and support
       Server virtualization: Ubuntu / KVM

Fastdev AB                                                 Tel +46 8 522 567 00
Saltmätargatan 8A                                
Box 191 88, 104 32 Stockholm                     
Work experience
2010-08 — Present → Fastdev AB (Russia, Izhevsk).
JAVA Developer
       Software development for mail subscriptions management system for Mail Easy
        International AB(Flex, BlazeDS, Hibernate, MyBatis, Spring, Spring security, JMS,

2004-08 — 2010-08 → Sberbank. Department of Informatics and bank services
      automation (Russia, Izhevsk)
       Introduction and maintenance of a corporate portal, expansion of the functional.
       Support and organization of video-conferencing based on Polycom equipment.
       Organization and maintenance of the corporate network monitoring
       Support of software and retail segment users.
       Development of intranet services, including integration with existing internal
        information resources (news mirror Prime-TASS, Active Directory, SMS alert service).
       Development of exchange systems and integrate data from the Federal Service of
        Court Bailiffs (Netbeans Platform / swing, hibernate, jni, "Bicrypt-KSB-C).
       Introduction of zabbix network monitoring system .
       The system of remote installation and registration of MS Windows security updates
        (Using WSUS was forbidden by internal regulations. C#, NHibernate, WMI).
       Virtualization technology introduction based on Ubuntu linux (KVM + QEMU).

2002-01 — 2004-08 → Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (Russia, Izhevsk)
Chief Specialist of automation
       Database Support DB/400.
       Various converters writing (Delphi, Apache + PHP).
       Software maintenance, users consulting and training.
       Web-interface development and implementation (JBoss AS, servlets, struts) to the
        system of business process management Enhydra Shark.

Fastdev AB                                                     Tel +46 8 522 567 00
Saltmätargatan 8A                                    
Box 191 88, 104 32 Stockholm                         
       Various systems of reports and samples on Apache, PHP + FPDF.
       Terminal mode of data handling (Citrix) implementation into an automated system on
        MS-DOS, which allowes to increase data processing speed and reduce downtime
        because of frequent base locks.
       Implementation of a domain into MS Active Directory.

2001-03 — 2001-11 → Izhmash, JSC (Russia, Izhevsk)
       Software support in a department of data handling.

2000-07 — 2000-10 → Fasad, Ltd. (Russia)
Specialist of computer equipment service
       Computer maintenance, upgrading and configuration.

1997 — 2002 → Izhevsk State Technical University (Faculty of Computer Science and
        Computer Engineering, Computer Science)

English: written – intermediate; oral – no practice.

Athletic training, literature.

Fastdev AB                                                     Tel +46 8 522 567 00
Saltmätargatan 8A                                    
Box 191 88, 104 32 Stockholm                         

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