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					                                     Abstract of Research

Title: “Process Drama: its effect on the self-esteem and inclusion of primary
fifth class boys and girls”

This research attempts to provide a clear insight into how exposure to Process drama affects
the self-esteem and sense of inclusion of 11 year old, fifth-class boys and girls in mainstream
Irish urban schools designated by government as disadvantaged.

Data collected relates to the student’s perceptions of changes in self-esteem; their perception

of the influence that process drama had on that change; also teacher perceptions of changes

toward inclusion among the group members;

A correlation between Process drama and enhanced self-esteem was the purpose of the
experiment. The theories of self-esteem and Drama in Education and were used in the
research experiment design and execution.

Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to describe and interpret the results.
Statistical analysis was used to describe change in pupil behaviour. Qualitative methods and
resources were used to interpret the results. This enabled the researcher to examine the causes
and the effects of the change in self-esteem and inclusion using Process drama. This resulted
in a deeper understanding of the reasons why self-esteem and inclusion were enhanced.

Data was collected by administration of a normed, structured questionnaire on self-esteem, an
evaluative pupil survey of the effectiveness of Process Drama in the enhancement of
friendliness; the use of a questionnaire on inclusion, completed by the class teacher, provided
objective information about changes in inclusive behaviour.

Male and female pupils aged 10/11 in two fifth-class, segregated, primary National schools in
a designated disadvantaged primary school in an Dublin city formed the sample.

The data shows that a six-week intervention of Process Drama had a positive effect on the
self-esteem, sense of inclusion and inclusive behaviour of the pupils in general. Quantitative
results show that pupils’ improved self-esteem was statistically significant, whilst qualitative
results their sense of inclusion was greatly enhanced. Pupils most receptive to this type of
intervention were boys & girls in the low and mid-range of self-esteem. Pupils resistant to
this type of intervention were girls in the high self-esteem range.