; Commodity price hikes threaten livelihoods
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Commodity price hikes threaten livelihoods

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									                        Work for Justice

     ISSN-1680-8169                                 ‘If you want peace, work for justice’                                                                                     ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                                                                              AUGUST 2008

 The Taxi industry has since been dogged
 by a range of problems. Taxi owners
 have taken to streets to protest against
 felt oppression from government . p6

                                                  Petrol prices have increased. Resort to alternative uses for cooking and lighting homes
                                                  is stress as gas has also increased

                                                  Commodity price
                                                  hikes threaten
                                                  Surging commodity prices harden living conditions
                                                  . food                    . petrol
 The media has undergone a rough patch            . paraffin                . Electricity
 during the period after February 2007            By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                              the Statistics Report released in June 2007.      food.

 elections. Professional ethics have been                  ince December 2007, Basotho have              Another       survey conducted by the             “The right to basic goods and services
 put under pressure p7                                     been grappling with harsh conditions of   Consumer Protection Association (CPA) on          which guarantees survival includes adequate
                                                           abject poverty which are prompted by      the tax free price control on basic commodities   food, clothing, shelter, health, education and
                                                           skyrocketing prices of commodities.       reveals that livelihoods have become difficult    sanitation.
                                                      Independent economists say the situation       as a result of skyrocketing commodity prices.         “Review of civil servants’ salaries, old age
                                                  is triggered by unpredictable global economic          CPA has submitted its findings to the         pensions, agricultural subsidies to farmers,
                                                  recession that has led to fluctuating commodity    ministry of finance and development planning      employment of poverty reduction strategy
                                                  prices on the world market.                        to answer questions on the ongoing onslaught      will help in the long-term,” says the CPA.
                                                      Prices change so often that without            that has beset Basotho.                               Poor harvest has affected prices of mealie-
                                                  rough budget estimates when one goes to                The consumer association states in its        meal that have almost doubled since 2006.
                                                  a supermarket to buy family groceries, one         letter written to the Finance Ministry that           A Southern African Humanitarian Update
                                                  would be disappointed at the cash till.            the food price hike needs special attention       undertaken by the regional Inter-agency
                                                      For those who use credit cards to purchase     by all parties - government, traders and          committee’s field reports indicate that a price
                                                  groceries in bulk, they are often overwhelmed      consumers.                                        of 12.5 kg maize-meal bag has shot from
                                                  when they sign huge bills for a handful of             It expresses its grave concern that           M23.99 (US$3.50) in March 2006 to M36.99
                                                  groceries in trolleys.                             consumers are caught up at daggers’ point         (US$5.40) the same month in 2007.
                                                      M300 hardly purchases a quarter of an          as they can hardly afford to purchase basic           It is now around M55.00 to M60.00,
                                                  average nuclear family’s monthly groceries and     commodities such as maize-meal, wheat,            harrowing price hikes that threaten families’
  Street vendors have been evicted from           adjustments have to be made to the monthly         bread, cooking oil, paraffin and liquefied        survival.
  their stalls by MCC, criticising them for       budget to fill the gap towards month-end.          petroleum gas.                                        “More than half of the country’s population
  selling their wares in un-designated areas.         This is confirmed by a survey undertaken           “Lesotho Government has taxes that            lives on less than US$2 a day,” reports the
  p3                                              on May 10, 2008 by the Commission for              can be evaded for the benefit of consumers        Regional Inter- agency committee.
                                                  Justice and Peace of the Lesotho Catholic          because the cost of some commodities will be          The United Nations Development Index
                                                  Bishops Conference.                                less by certain percentages.                      suggests that Lesotho has sunk to position
                                                      According to the survey, an apple on the           “Tax evasion, on agricultural products like   149, moving 22 steps from its original 127
                                                  streets costs between M1.00 to M1.50, a            maize-meal, wheat meal, bread, vegetables,        position five years ago.
                                                  banana costs M1.00, M1.20 and M1.50.               potatoes, pumpkins, onions and sorghum                According to the report, 56 percent of the
                                                      As the winter draws to a close, the most       will curb the problem in the short -term,” the    population lives below the poverty datum line
                                                  difficult and expensive season - vegetable         CPA states.                                       with M149.91 (US$22) per month, about M5
                                                  prices have reached prices never seen before.          The association also urges government         per day (US$0.74) and less than a dollar per
                                                      Families survived rigours during the winter    to institute price controls on essential          day.
                                                  season as they had it tough to access food, fuel   commodities so that consumers can have                Subsistence farming used to be the second
                                                  and other consumable products to keep them         access to the liquefied petroleum gas and         largest economic activity and a source of
                                                  going.                                             paraffin that is currently controlled down to     income for many households.
                                                      During last year’s winter, a bag of cabbage    the wholesalers’ level.                               But it has since declined, giving way to
                                                  cost M57.00 to M60.00 while one head of                The intention according to the association    the textile and garment industry which has
                                                  cabbage cost M12.                                  is that controlling the rise of paraffin price    also declined following the expiry of the
                                                      This year, it costs M75. A bottle of cooking   and the mentioned commodities to the level        Multi-Fibre Arrangement of the World Trade
                                                  oil (750ml) costs M16.00 to M20.00.                of the retailer will protect the consumers.       Organization (WTO) in December 2004.
Local Government Minister - Pontso Sekatle.           All these come at a time when the country is       “Application of these two solutions can           The significant drop in cereal harvests
Local Government has been criticised for its      crippled by a low employment rate which has        ease the situation temporarily, hence off-        such as maize and sorghum, Lesotho’s staple
failure to trickle down to the beneficiaries p5   constantly stood at 37.7 percent, according to     loading the burden of paying high prices of                                       (cont. on page 2)
                                                                                                    Democracy & Human rights
                                                                                                                                                                     (from page 1)

                                              JUSTICE & PEACE BASIC NEEDS BOWL                                                                                       food, has been slashed by over 40
                                                                                                                                                                     percent, from 126, 200 metric tones
                                              Seroto sa Litlhoko tsa Mantlha Bophelong ba Motho May 2008                                                             of cereals in 2006 to 72, 000 metric
                                              Cost of Basic Needs for a Family of five                                                                               tones this year.
                                                                                                                                                                         According to the Food and
                                              (Survey conducted on May 10, 2008 by commission for Justice and Peace of the
 Transformation                               Lesotho Catholic bishops conference)
                                                                                                                                                                     Agriculture Organization (FAO),
                                                                                                                                                                     Lesotho needs 328, 000 metric tones
 Resource Centre                               COMMODITY
                                               Phoofo ea Papa Maize Meal
                                                                                              12.5 kg
                                                                                                                         PRICE IN MALOTI
                                                                                                                                                   TOTAL             of cereals to feed the nation.
                                                                                                                                                                         Over 410, 000, close to a third
                                               Cabbage                                        4 heads                    M32.00
    “If you want Peace, you work for           Cooking Oil                                    2 litres                   M44.00                                      of Lesotho’s 1.8 million people are
                 Justice”                      Salt                                           1kg                        M3.80                                       starving and in urgent need of food
 Transformation Resource Centre, an            Spices                                         100g                       M5.98                                       aid.
 ecumenical resource centre for justice,       Sugar                                          2kg                        M13.49                                          The condition has prompted
 peace and participatory development           Tea                                            100g                       M9.99                                       government to declare a state of
 was established in 1979 by James and          Tomato                                         2kg                        M17.98                                      emergency and appeal for food
 Joan Stewart. It started as a haven for       Onion                                          2kg                        M13.98
                                               Meat (Braai packs)                             4kg                        M58.00                                      assistance.
 South African refugees in Lesotho.
 After 1994, its mandate changed and           Milk                                           2kg                        M20.00                                          The country has experienced the
 focused on promotion of democracy             Bread                                          1lof per dayx20            M106.00
                                                                                                                                                                     most severe drought in 30 years and
 in Lesotho, creating opportunities for                                                                                                                              a resulting poor harvest, exacerbated
 public awareness raising and opinion                                                                                                                                by harsh climatic conditions.
 forming on political, cultural and                                                                                                                M365.22               Since independence in 1966,
 socio-economic and development                COST OF ESSENTIAL NON-FOOD ITEMS
                                                                                                                                                                     Lesotho has been grappling with
 issues.                                       Paraffin/gas                                   20 litres/9kg gas          M166.00
                                               Bath soap                                      3                          M16.50                                      poverty and has been counted among
                                               Washing soap                                   2kg                        M29.99                                      the poorest countries of the world.
 Democracy and Human Rights
                                               Vaseline Petroleum jelly                       500kg                      M24.00                                          Though endowed with abundant
 The focus of the programme is to
 strengthen public understanding,                                                                                                                                    water resources, authorities fail
                                               Candles                                        1pkt                       M7.50
 appreciation and participation in                                                                                                                                   to make royalties of the giant
                                               Body lotion                                    400ml                      M12.99                                      Lesotho Highlands Water Project
 democracy. Through this programme,
 TRC has reached thousands of                  Matches                                        1ptk                       M3.40                                       (LHWP) trickle down to the poor
 Basotho in the rural areas through            Tooth paste                                    100g                       M5.99                                       communities.
 civic education. Issues covered include       Polish-brown/black                             100ml                      M10.50                                          Lesotho’s      Prime       Minister
 good governance, democracy and                Toilet Paper                                   4 rolls                    M5.50                                       Pakalitha Mosisili has noted that food
 human rights.                                 Pads                                           1pkt of 10 pads            M5.90                                       assessments conducted by local and
                                               Rent two room                                  Two rooms                  M250.00
                                               Transport 20 days/month 1 member               M3.50x20days               M140.00                   M678.27           international institutions including
 Information & Communication
                                               SOME OTHER ADDITIONAL COSTS                                                                                           the Disaster Management Authority
 The programme communicates TRC’s
 activities to the world. It also serves as                                                                                                                          (DMA), World food Programme
                                               Funeral Schemes                                      1 Policy                  M60.00               M310.00
 a hub of information exchange between                                                                                                                               (WFP) and FAO confirmed that
 TRC and the rest of the world. Through        Baby seater/house maid                              1 Employee               M250.00                                  the country has declared a state of
 a quarterly published newsletter, TRC         Wages according to LegalNotice NO.179, 2007 of Labour Code wages (Amendment) Order, 2007 gov, Gazette No.27           emergency.
                                               General Minimum wage Shopkeeper Textile            Hotels   Transport Sector  Security Guard
 carries analyses and commentaries                                                                                                                                       Ten years ago under the Migrant
                                               M755.00                 M900.00       M686.00     M924.00      M1, 000          M824.00
 on important national issues, sets                                                                                                                                  Labour System, Basotho household
 the agenda and provide information                                                                                                                                  heads worked in South African gold
 where necessary. The programme
                                                                                                                                                                     mines where they earned income

                                               Street vendors’ plight
 also hosts quarterly public forums to
 provide platform for public debate                                                                                                                                  that sustained their families.
 on important national, regional and                                                                                                                                     This has been the largest source
 international development, political,                                                                                                                               of income for a greater proportion of

 economic, cultural, educational and                                                                                                                                 the population.
 social issues.                                                                                                                                                          It has however dramatically
                                                                                                                                                                     changed since 1994 when Lesotho’s
 Library/Resource Centre                                                                                                                                             neighbour attained independence
 The programme is the core of                                                                                                                                        with most black South Africans
 TRC’s business. It is a repository of
                                                                                                                                                                     securing jobs through the Affirmative
 knowledge accessed and used by TRC
 team, students and policy makers to                                                                                                                                 Action Labour Laws.
 broaden their perspectives on different                                                                                                                                 The Law opened up more jobs
 issues. The Library has books, journals,                                                                                                                            for black South Africans that were
 reports and videos, all which contain                                                                                                                               previously held by foreigners.
 important development material. The                                                                                                                                     They returned sick and could not
 Library has proved itself as the key                                                                                                                                use the little gratuities and some
 source of important information on                                                                                                                                  died from the highly prevalent HIV/
 social, political, economic and cultural                                                                                                                            AIDS pandemic which they carried
 issues in Lesotho.
                                                                                                                                                                     from South Africa.
 Water for Justice                                                                                                                                                       Their wives also died, leaving
 The primary focus of the programme                                                                                                                                  behind orphans who depended on
                                                                                                     The plight of street vendors has continued unabated.            grannies’ meager M200 (US$29.85)
 is to advocate for justice on water
                                              By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                                  This is the Maseru Market at the centre of town.

 and environment issues that affect                                                                                                                                  elderly pension.
 communities in Lesotho. While TRC                         eans of making a living for less          of them have been mentally affected by the status quo.              Central Bank of Lesotho quarterly
 believes that economic activities are                     fortunate Basotho who used to sell            One of the formidable challenges facing street vendors      Economic survey posits that this
 crucial to realising development, it                      their wares along Kingsway have           has been to survive constant removal while they withstood       worsened conditions in families.
 is against any form of development                        been brought to a halt as they have       the MCC mobile police unit that frequently chases them.             In March last year, the prime
 whose focus is not the interests and         been evicted by Maseru City Council (MCC) from             Day-in-day out, Thatha, who sells newspaper in front        minister declared a state of emergency
 welfare of the public. Through this
                                              Maseru streets since November 2007.                    of Standard Lesotho Bank buildings, Bank Tower area,            and sought food assistance.
 programme, TRC has been fighting
 tirelessly for the economic rights and
                                                 They are now entering the tenth month since         has come to grips with his awful life of running to the             Many organizations responded
 compensation for individuals and             they were evicted from streets, a move that has        direction of the bank’s offices or its backyard hiding away     by sending consignments of maize
 communities affected by the Lesotho          shuttered their hopes of gaining a living.             from MCC police unit.                                           meal to the poor communities.
 Highlands Water Project.                        A few who defied the rule that bound them to            “This is the kind of life we live, what can we do,” he          “There was no way out, we had no
                                              go to a designated palace that they refer to as a      says as he keeps his head high looking out for MCC.             alternative, but to avert the problem.
Appreciation to our Donors and Partners
                                              market risk, MCC chases everyday.                          Sellers of airtime named ‘mocha-o-chele or buddie           We were faced with a situation where
   Evangelistic Entwicklungsdienst
                 OSISA                           According to Khathang Tema Baitsukuli, a            for the two telecommunications companies; Vodacom               we would bury dead people because
       Global Green grants Fund               union representing street vendors’ interests, some     Lesotho and Ezicel-Econet Lesotho have fallen prey to           of hunger,” he responded.
     International Rivers Network                                                                    this irksome life that has seized every below-the-line              In September, 2007 the world
                 IDASA                                                                               survivor by storm.                                              food Programme had donated huge
    Mennonite Central Committee                                                                          A prudent question has been: “Is this not a form of         metric tones of maize to the starving
            Canadian Fund                                                                            social exclusion that has been imposed on the berated           nation. Malawi also donated huge
        United States Embassy                                                                        poor who make a living from less competitive products?          tones of maize meal.
                                                                                                         How do sellers of airtime make Kingsway filthy? How             Lesotho has an attractive Poverty
                Irish Aid
                                                                                                     do newspaper sellers make Kingsway filthy?                      Reduction Strategies (PRSs) that has
            Australian Aid
       United Church of Canada                                                                           Prudent as they may appear, they do not seem to stir        been approved by the World Bank.
                                                                                                     any interest in MCC that wants all vendors to cluster in            It is hailed as the most
 For more information, please contact
                                                                                                     designated areas.                                               participatory as it involved poor
 Mzimkhulu Sithetho
 Information and Communications
                                                                                                         While several explanations have been given by the           communities when it was crafted.
 Officer                                                                                             MCC Secretariat for the chasing of street vendors from              Meanwhile, government has put
 Tel: +266 22314463                                                                                  their stalls, it has remained a thorn to them as their          aside M220 million (US$3.3 million)
 Cell: +266 58848828                                                                                 means of livelihoods have been cut short.                       for poverty eradication schemes in
 Email: wfj@trc.org.ls                                                                                   Understood from the perspective of the MCC, removal         communities.
        mzimkhulu60@yahoo.com                 This is a market place in Bloemfontein, SA                                                     (continued on page 7)
3                                                                                         Work For Justice                                                                              ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                             International Trade

                                                                                                      What is Lesotho’s position:
                                                                                                      As Economic Partnership Agreements
                                                                                                      debate hots up
                                                                                                      trade with EU.                                       FTAs are designed to liberalise trade
                                                                                                          Lesotho does not have the economic           between economies as countries seek to open
                                                                                                      muscle to produce the primary products           up opportunities for productive commercial
                                                                                                      that would be used to produce exportable         partnerships and other forms of cooperation.
                                                                                                      products.                                            The smart one seeks to remove tariffs on
                                                                                                          It has to import raw materials to produce    all goods, liberalization of services trade and
                                                                                                      its semi-final and final products                provisions to encourage investment.
                                                                                                                                                           FTAs also seek to remove other trade
                                                                                                      Anti-dumping and safeguards                      barriers such as restrictions on government
                                                                                                      Lesotho lives in the shadow of South Africa’s    procurement – and provisions relating to
                                                                                                      proclivity to initiate trade remedies.           competition policy.
                                                                                                         Safeguards and anti-duping are therefore          However, many of the FTAs fall short
                                                                                                      of no practical importance to Lesotho as a       of a comprehensive approach to trade
                                                                                                      sovereign state, as what affects South Africa    liberalization despite the wink-wink/nod-nod
                                                                                                      automatically affects Lesotho.                   obligation to do so under the WTO rules.
                                                                                                         So measures taken in South Africa have            This is what happened in Lisbon – Portugal
                                                                                                      to be adopted in the country, as a matter of     in December 2007 when difference of opinion
The surviving textile industry is the one that Lesotho prides itslef about in international trade
                                                                                                      fact and compulsion due the two countries’       played itself down to the varied contexts that
By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                              through the SACU common tariff borders of          physical and economic proximities.               the EPAs impact on individual countries.

           s trade negotiations take centre        largely South Africa within which it is totally                                                         This observation rings true for the
           stage, critical questions abound.       surrounded.                                        Investment                                       proposed FTA that South African and its
           One is: What incentives does a              This is only a partially-positive measure      A Free Trade Area (FTA) has been identified by   SACU members, Lesotho included is being
           Least Development Country (LDCs)        for Lesotho given its unique geographic            the World trade Organization as the second-      highly canvassed to come to operation this
like Lesotho derive from negotiating an            conditions as an enclave within South Africa.      best option to global trade liberalization.      year.
Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with              There is no access to the port except
the European Union (EU)?                           through the economic monster, South Africa.
    Another eminent question is what role              It all goes back to the same problem where
will be played by South Africa within an EPA       its neighbour has negotiated a TDCA with the
regime that involves its Southern African          European Union without the consent of other
Customs Union (SACU) partners?                     SACU members.
    Answers to these questions can only be
answered by Lesotho and it cannot be treated       Agriculture
on an equal footing at an international            An undertaking was arrived at in August 2004
business platform like other developing            that LDCs like Lesotho would not be required
countries.                                         to undertake reduction commitments on
    This is due to her economic conditions,        agricultural and non-agricultural products as
that have rendered her to stand at a de            far as market access to EU is concerned.
factor position in the SACU regime and for             But for non-agricultural products, they
the reason that contexts of the partnership        are expected to engage in commitments so
agreements differ from country to country.         that they contribute substantially.
    Lesotho stands at a vulnerable position            Although Lesotho may not want to
as a least developed country and also the one      make any reduction commitments in either
that is wholly enclosed within a powerful          agricultural or non-agricultural products, it
economy, South Africa.                             might fall into that trap as a result of its de
    Moreso, the country’s vulnerability            factor status in the SACU regime.
is further exacerbated by the fact that it
depends largely on the revenue generated           Trade in services
from SACU.                                         Lesotho’s service sector is entirely dominated
    The country stands to lose 60 percent of its   by foreign supply, of course, predominantly
revenue if Southern Africa finally implements      from South Africa.
the Trade Development and Cooperation                  It therefore poses a threat if Lesotho could
Agreement (TDCA) with the European Union
    On a positive note, Lesotho also benefits
                                                   compete competitively in the global market
                                                   as it largely depends on South Africa.
                                                       Services such as communications, fleet
                                                                                                      Preferential treatment in apparel production
by virtue of it being an LDC because it enjoys     supply to government, banking and many                 Bi-lateral trade between the United
preferential treatment that gives it leeway        others are all dominated by South African          States and Lesotho is characterised by
over other countries that may be grappling         companies.                                         the latter country’s rapid expansion of its
with stringent trade rules.                            So, even if Lesotho stood a better chance      exports to the US.
                                                   in other areas as an LDC, it falls short of its        In 2001, Lesotho recorded a $ 215
Trade in goods                                     guns when it comes to many areas of service        million trade surplus with the U.S., double
This is one area in which Lesotho benefits as      provision.                                         that of two years previously.
an LDC as it enjoys duty-free access into EU           Therefore any EPA with wither EU or USA            By the end of 2002, this had risen
markets under the unilateral Everything But        would be meaningless.                              further to $ 319 million.
Arms initiative.                                                                                          Lesotho imports only a very small
    Everything But Arms (EBA) is an initiative     Rules of origin                                    amount of goods from the U.S.
of the European Union under which all              Rules of origin (ROOs) form a critical                 The U.S. has traditionally provided
imports to the EU from the LDCs are duty           component of any trade agreement or                a ready market for Lesotho’s exports of
free and quota free, with the exception of         preferential trade area, and an important role     apparel, which have been strongly bolstered
armaments. EBA entered into force on 5             in the implementation of any country’s trade       by the advent of the AGOA.
March 2001                                         policy.                                                In 2001 and 2002, 99% of Lesotho’s
    There are transitional arrangements for            ROOs are used as a tool for determining        exports fell into the ‘textiles and apparel’
bananas, sugar and rice until January 2006,        the ‘economic nationality’ of a product, rather                                                     There is no meat exported to the U.S.A
                                                                                                      category, of which 98% were AGOA-eligible,
July 2009 and September 2009 respectively.         than merely deeming the last geographic            a feat achieved by no other AGOA-eligible           The country currently has limited textile
    A prudent question to ponder on is how         location from which a product is shipped as        country.                                         production capacity (its production and
Lesotho, with all these preferential treatment     its nationality.                                       Due to the highly concentrated nature        exports consisting almost exclusively of
initiatives at its disposal by virtue of its LDC       As a result, the terms and conditions          of Lesotho’s exports, the country has the        ready-made garments), which means that in
status negotiate from a one-sided option of        contained in Rules of Origin are some of           distinction of having virtually 100% of its
                                                   the most important determinants of market                                                           the absence of a major expansion of textile
duty-free access of European goods into her                                                           exports falling under AGOA.
                                                   access.                                                                                             production capacity prior to September
economy?                                                                                              However, Lesotho’s classified status as a
                                                       EU proposed a radical change to its origin                                                      2004, it will have to rely on sourcing its
    This question is prompted by the fact that                                                        ‘Lesser Developed Country’ provides the
there is no concept of entry of these goods        rules in 2005 and suggested that the reform                                                         textiles from its regional trade partners,
                                                                                                      country with a window of opportunity (until      such as South Africa.
other than through SACU.                           would simplify processes and make the rules        September 30, 2004) to utilise third
    It is common cause that all goods exported     more development friendly.                                                                             This in all likelihood will provide a major
                                                                                                      country textile inputs for its AGOA-eligible     boost to the South African textile industry.
by Lesotho to EU countries have to enter               These are the ones that limit Lesotho’s        exports.
4                                                                                       Work For Justice                                                                                    ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                            Trade and Economy

Basotho do not utilise grand business
opportunities available to them
Instead, they complain that Chinese take their businesses
                                                                                                          The agreement had, for a ten-year period       into available and grand markets such as
                                                                                                      since 1994 laid down stringent rules on quotas     sandstone and agro-products.
                                                                                                      to China and other giants, so that they could          Sandstone is abundant in the country,
                                                                                                      not exhaust the markets.                           with huge cliffs and plateaus, clad in attractive
                                                                                                          The danger to which the Kingdom of             sandstones that add to the country’s mountain
                                                                                                      Lesotho was exposed was to fiercely compete        beautiful scenery.
                                                                                                      with giant textile producers such as China,            There could be sandstone mines opened
                                                                                                      Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and India,           to cut sandstone into building blocks that the
                                                                                                      when the world market was opened to these          Lesotho could export to other countries that
                                                                                                      countries.                                         have seen sandstone as a new innovation in
                                                                                                          For ten years since 1994, the markets had      building.
                                                                                                      been closed to these countries to enter USA,           The prime minister’s office programme
ABOVE (left): Sandstone is one natural en-                                                            European and Canadian textile and garment          of poverty reduction (Prep) has launched a
dowment that Lesotho is proud of. If utilized                                                         markets.                                           nationwide campaign to lure Basotho into
properly, it could create many business op-                                                               Then China, a major dealer in textile made     small-scale jobs in sandstone cutting.
portunities for Basotho.                                                                              inroads to the newly-opened markets and left           Sadly, this initiative is facing fierce
                                                                                                      minors like Lesotho licking their wounds.          competition from a Chinese company at
ABOVE (right): Crop production is one poor                                                                A hardship that has since faced Lesotho is     Lekokoaneng, (Sandstone enterprises (PTY)
industry that could give Lesotho leeway into                                                          lead-time – the ability to export to the USA       Ltd.) that has been given leeway to cut
USA and EU markets. But the country is not                                                            markets efficiently, at least within stipulated    sandstone.
innovative enough to defeat harsh climatic                                                            14 days.                                               As if to put salt on open wounds,
conditions                                                                                                Lesotho’s disadvantage of being landlocked     government erected a sandstone company
                                                                                                      has worsened its condition as it has to send       adjacent to a Mosotho’s in the same area
By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                                  It was a grand waiver that could have          huge cargoes by road, process paper work           just on the top of Lekokoaneng, also in

          esotho authorities have constantly       given the country a better chance to identity      until the last stage when it has to travel long    direct competition with struggling Bssotho’s
          used the mantra, ‘diversification of     other markets outside the textile and garment      distances to Durban or Port Elizabeth, the         establishments.
          the local market’ when referring to      regime so that it maximized its export             nearest ports before shipping to the USA.              This has also put to a tight corner,
          Lesotho’s chances of success if she      revenues while the market was still opened.            The distance from Maseru to Durban             local market dealers such as Sandstone
used untapped opportunities to grow her                Since 2001 when Lesotho qualified for          is 600 kilometers (km) and 738 km to Port          Manufacturers right at the top of the
fragile economy.                                   Agoa, it has garnered the market of giant          Elizabeth. It is 583 km to east London.            Lekokoaneng village.
    This phrase has been a least common            buyers of apparel such as GAP, Levis and               From Maseru to Cape Town, another port             Agriculture has a potential of producing
denominator in all budget speeches delivered       Wal-Mart in the USA.                               that could be used, it is 1, 165 km and this       surplus for Basotho and that could be sold to
since 200 when a new government came into              It has therefore secured orders of more        is worsened by the slow pace of huge trucks        international markets.
force following 200 general elections.             than 6, 000 tones of clothing and textile          carrying heavy cargo.                                  Current trends have shown that agriculture
    This followed the year that Lesotho            that included t-shirts, jeans and tracksuits           It is a tedious and cumbersome process         could not be trusted as a reliable economic
accessed United States of American markets         that have since been shipped to the said           that has a devastating effect on efficiency.       activity that would add value to growth.
under an initiative called the African Growth      purchasers.                                            It takes about 28 days to ship a consignment       It contributes less that 10 percent to the
Opportunity Act (Agoa), but there is little that       The painful irony has been that when           from Maseru to the Durban port and then to         Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while about
is being done.                                     these garments reached USA markets, they           the USA.                                           82 percent of the population depended on it.
    Lesotho is crying foul about an                were sold at higher prices that quadrupled             China is the giant dealer, with or without         Another opportunity that Lesotho has not
underdeveloped economy when it has many            the price here at home.                            quotas or tariffs.                                 utilized is the tourism sector that remains
windows of opportunity that it can use at its          While an employee in the CGM Group of              China’s penetration of the world market        untapped.
disposal to prop up her fledgling economy.         Firms at Ha-Thetsane is expected to meet a         with textile has threatened trade in the               Lesotho has many but underdeveloped
    Lesotho accessed an initiative of the United   target of 200 jeans a day, each jean sells for     international trade arena.                         tourism attraction areas that attract many
States of America to afford opportunity to poor    US$50 or more in USA markets, close to                 Its huge production scale at low cost and      tourists into the country.
African state to USA markets by exporting          between M300 and M400 which is half the            peculiarly by using cheap labour of prisoners          These need aggressive marketing for people
garment, textile and apparel produce quota         salary of that worker. A minimum wage has          threatens the demand for respect for human         outside the country to know. But the Finance
and tariff free.                                   stood at M680 to M700.                             rights.                                            Minister, Dr Timothy Thahane has lambasted
    But the waiver was not only limited to             This translated to indicate that an                But the regime has no regard for human         the tourism ministry for performing below
textile and apparel production.                    employee got paid his or her monthly wage          rights abuses, except to maximize its profits.     par, with low revenue returns.
    This was a grand opportunity, but Lesotho      with two jeans that he or she produced within          Lesotho ran amok in the face of these              Government established two skills
became narrow in thinking by focusing only on      less than an hour.                                 drastic changes in the world markets early         development centres at Maputsoe and
garment and textile industry to the exclusion          A negative multiplier effect is that textile   January 2005 and tried to secure confidence        Maseru to address competitiveness needs and
of a wide range of grand opportunities that        workers and other employees’ wages have            with the USA markets.                              to deepen local skills in textile and garment
could have been used.                              become stagnant for long time, in spite of             A high-powered delegation led by former        industries.
    Agoa allowed Lesotho to export its textile     the worsening economic conditions that have        Trade Minister, Mpho Malie left for the USA            These may be partially is ascribed to the
and clothing produce to the USA markets with       since bedeviled Lesotho.                           to convince buyers that Lesotho could still        lack of transfer of skills from foreign investors
a preferential treatment of quota and tariff           When a dark cloud hovered on Lesotho’s         produce and to win and retain their custom.        who come to the country.
free.This meant the country could send any         textile industry at the close of 2004 at the           They were assured continued custom with            Lesotho government has planned to
consignment of clothing to the USA without         wake of expiry of the Multi-Fibre Agreement        GAP, Levis and Wal-Mart.                           approach the Lesotho Exporters association
restrictions to quantity and that it did not       (MFA) of the World Trade Centre, Lesotho               There could have not been any panic            to seek ways of diversifying the markets and
have to pay any export taxes.                      panicked like a leaf.                              if the Kingdom had set plans to diversify          to develop new products.

Selling wares in streets has become the most convenient way of entrepreneurship
5                                                                                           Work For Justice                                                                                 ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                        Politics & Democracy

Whither local
Differences between chiefs and local councillors deepen
By Mzimkhulu Sithetho

            he    fragile   Local      governance    powers.
            concept in the country is blurred            In Mafeteng and Quthing according to the
            by a row between chiefs and elected      judgment, DAs had instructed magistrates to
            councillors.                             attend public gatherings (pitsos) and official
     This emanates from unclear local                meetings called by DAs.
governance policies, laws and complete lack              Law Society of Lesotho took the ministry
of undertaking of the concept in general.            of public service to task for the malady felt
     The new phenomenon of devolution of             to unduly subject judicial officers to civil
power from the central government to the             service.
grassroots was received with mixed feelings.             The Law Society claimed that lawyers and
     Chiefs, whom governance at local level          magistrate were not civil servants, but judicial
has chiefly been in their domain have felt they      officers.
                                                                                                        Local governance still far-fetched: Local Government Minister, Dr ‘Matumelo Sekatle
were being usurped of their powers by local              This prompted a notion that there were
government structures at grassroots level.           simple services that could first be transferred    services    provision   or    administration     gazetted chiefs would be represented in the
     One of the perceived failures of local          without qualms while others were sensitive         functions, deregulation or full privatization.   council structures provoked anger among
government has been that in both concept,            and had to take time before their final            Decentralisation demand and supply               chiefs.
process and throughput, it has not injected a        determination.                                     function.                                           There is common goal that Lesotho
sense of inclusivity of traditional leadership.          A criterion was hammered out by                   Those on the receiving end must demand        must head for a local government process
     Since time in memorial, people have been        government about the format that would             service delivery while government must be        that will result in people at the grass roots
at the receiving end of services rendered by         be followed in devolving political and             the supplier.                                    getting services at their nearest stations, but
chiefs at the very grassroots level.                 administrative powers and on which services           Another threat that local government          government does not share a common ground
     Politicians have remained denialist about       and functions had to go down. But the              posed was the position of chiefs in the new      with these people.
their trust in chiefs, such that they promised       problem was that it was not communicated           structures.                                         They continue demanding service delivery
would serve their voters well. At times they         enough to the recipients of services.                 Chiefs felt their power by virtue of          when the ministry is not open and frank about
have ran amok and ridiculed chiefs for their             Each ministry had to state and justify the     birthright was being challenged with the         the magnitude of the process.
ascendancy to national leadership through a          functions that it wanted transferred to the        advent of local government.                         It has prompted notions of failure and
birthright.                                          local government.                                     Proposition that a maximum of two             sluggishness or lack of understanding.
     This has sometimes been used by politicians         Felt needs such as passport acquisition,
as a weapon to try to weaken chieftaincy by          primary health care, and others were to go
asserting they were not the bona fide elected        straight to the local authorities.
representatives of the people.                           Still questions arose on the model on
     So, when local government came people           employment criterion as civil servants are
held their fingers crossed to get the promised       still employed under the public service
services. But they are still not sure when it        commission. What would happen to them? A
will happen, whether it has already started or       former senior official in the local government
it is still coming.                                  ministry argues that there are three types of
     The crux of the argument centres on             decentralization.
the understanding of the concept of local                One is political decentralization which
government by those who are supposed to              involves transfer of political power and
implement it and those on the receiving end.         authority to sub national levels such as elected
     The other critical point is the understanding   village councils and state level bodies.
that local government is a process not just a            Where such a transfer is made to a local
once-off occurrence that ends when people            level for public authority that is autonomous
cast their vote to elect local government            and fully independent form the devolving
authorities.                                         authority, devolution takes place.                 Study underscores stand off between councillors and
     A critical point of departure was to define         According to the official whose name is
                                                                                                        Mzimkhulu Sithetho                               the grassroots must benefit from their
a right model for devolution of political, fiscal    withheld, fiscal decentralization means some
                                                                                                        A long-drawn stand off between chiefs and        government.
and administrative powers from the central           level of resource reallocation is made to
                                                                                                        councilors in local government has surfaced          IDASA uses the Local Government
government to the grassroots.                        allow local government to function properly,
                                                                                                        in the recent seminar where the Institute        Barometer to measure the efficacy of local
     Government had to determine if it wanted        with arrangements for resource allocation
                                                                                                        of Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) and         governance in five countries of the South
central government to remain only as policy          using negotiated between local and central
                                                                                                        Transformation Resource Centre (TRC)             African region, Lesotho, South Africa,
overseer while a greater portion of services         authorities.
                                                                                                        presented a report on the local governance       Malawi, Namibia and Botswana.
was transferred to the grassroots.                       He     explains     that     administrative
                                                                                                        barometer, a tool that was used to monitor           The tool uses criteria such as effectiveness
     It involved many decisions to be                decentralization involves the transfer of
                                                                                                        efficacy of the concept in Lesotho,              of the system, rule of law, accountability,
taken by the central government before               decision making authority, resources and
                                                                                                            Chiefs expressed their concern by being      participation, and equity.
devolving powers: defining functions for             responsibilities for the delivery of selected
                                                                                                        left out and warned that sidelining them was         In its findings, IDASA established that for
local government authorities that involved           public services from the central government
                                                                                                        ill-conceived as the whole exercise needed       local governance to be effective there must
transfer of certain services from ministries to      to other lower levels of government and
                                                                                                        that elected representatives worked in           be mediation of different interests in within
the grassroots.                                      agencies.
                                                                                                        tandem with traditional leadership.              society to reach a broad consensus and
     It involved determining both financial              Administrative      decentralization     can
                                                                                                            The chiefs also complained that when the     participation on what is in the best interest
and human resources to be transferred to the         be split into two - deconcentration and
                                                                                                        study was done, they did not feature among       of communities can be achieved.
grassroots.                                          delegation.
                                                                                                        respondents, noting that their responses on          IDASA also discovered that there must be
     Questions abound: did it mean physical              Deconcentration means that authority
                                                                                                        the effectiveness or lack thereof would have     a long-term perspective on what is needed
transfer of people from their positions at           and responsibilities are transferred from
                                                                                                        shaped the report.                               for sustainable human development and how
central government ministries to the districts,      one level of central government to another
                                                                                                            Critical of this was the chief James         to achieve goals of such a development.
secondment of these people or employment of          with the local unit accountable to the central
                                                                                                        Theko of Thaba-Bosiu who decried the local           It therefore recommends that there was
new candidates to fill positions in the offices      government ministry or agency which has
                                                                                                        government exercise as not being effective.      need to develop a council development
at local government level?                           been decentralized.
                                                                                                            The chief apportioned blame on civil         plan as a policy tool to ensure that social
     Which ever route, it had to be determined           Delegation on the other hand means that
                                                                                                        society that he said was docile as it adopted    sustainable development is achieved at local
also by the magnitude and scope of the               authority and responsibilities are redistributed
                                                                                                        a wait-and-see approach by not participating     level becomes imperative.
process.                                             to local units of government or agencies that
                                                                                                        in decision-making, but expecting councilors         This view according to IDASA came from
     When it started, local government faced a       are not always necessarily in branches local
                                                                                                        to spoon feed them with every decision.          councilors who indicated that the level of
problem with a practical example of a court          offices of the delegating authorities with the
                                                                                                            Chief Theko said local government was        clarity and consensus on strategic priorities
case that the then Minister of Public Service,       balk of accountability still vertical and to he
                                                                                                        not effective because civil society expected     among stakeholders is fairly clear and
Pakalitha Mosisili and his Principal Secretary,      delegating central unit.
                                                                                                        councilors to lead them in every way, but lost   satisfactory.
Semano Sekatle lost in the high court.                   Market decentralization means the
                                                                                                        an opportunity in giving direction to what           According to councilors, there are many
     There was an attempt to subject                 transfer of public functions from government
                                                                                                        has to happen for betterment of their lives.     projects that have been initiated, but which
magistrates in districts to report to District       to voluntary, private or non-governmental
                                                                                                            However, the tool also revealed some         have not yet been implemented, which are
Administrators, as a way of devolving political      institutions through contracting out partial
                                                                                                        improvements that need bolstering if             said to be in the pipeline all the time.
6                                                                                            Work For Justice                                                                                 ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                                      Economic Justice

    Taxi industry in limbo
                                                                                                                                                            Untold stories about the
                                                                                                                                                            passenger transport sector
                                                                                                                                                            The taxi industry is now engulfed in a spat
                                                                                                                                                            that seems to victimise poor commuters as the
                                                                                                                                                            battle between taxi owners and government

                                                                                                                                                            Government’s side of the coin Politics
                                                                                                                                                            The whole taxi saga has been suspected of
                                                                                                                                                            being severely dipped in partisan politics.
                                                                                                                                                                Suspicion has been that taxi owners have
                                                                                                                                                            since supported opposition parties as they
                                                                                                                                                            have heeded calls to pack their vehicles when
                                                                                                                                                            opposition called two stay aways last year.
                                                                                                                                                            Government’s argument has been that people
                                                                                                                                                            who had wanted to report to work had been
                                                                                                                                                            disadvantaged by absence of transport and
                                                                                                                                                            that made stay aways appear successful.
                                                                                                                                                                Government believed that if taxi owners had
                                                                                                                                                            not heeded the calls to down tool, opposition’s
                                                                                                                                                            protests would not have succeeded.             So
                                                                                                                                                            government associated them with opposition.
                                                                                                                                                                It stood at a feeble position, seeing
                                                                                                                                                            opposition winning the confidence of other
                                                                                                                                                            powerful sections of society such as the taxi
                                                                                                                                                                Then there came in political contestation
Taxi operators took to streets in protest against a state-sponsored bus fleet that they feared would drive them out of business                             on the issue of transport between state (ruling
By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                                                                                                                                       party) and opposition, mainly All Basotho

            overnment has clamped down              at the advice of public service head, Tlohang        meant to punish taxi operators for supporting      Convention (ABC) which has posed great
                                                    Sekhamane. A similar incidence happened              opposition.                                        challenge to ruling LCD.
            on the taxi industry in the last
                                                    in December but with a less powerful effect              But the suspicion that they danced to the          A formidable question would be; is it
            few months at the aftermarth of
                                                                                                                                                            rational that government punishes taxi owners
            a number of stay-ways staged by         compared to that of March.                           politicians tune could not be squashed as
                                                                                                                                                            for supporting opposition during stay aways
opposition parties.                                     The second stay away had been called by          during the last strike they called, they had
                                                                                                                                                            and go to the extent of expending public funds
    Government has come out clearly that the        opposition parties at the height of suspended        approached opposition to support them.
                                                                                                                                                            to fight political battles.
introduction of the bus fleet was a deliberate      services at the MKM Burial Society and its               Opposition responded positively by showing
                                                                                                                                                                A humble answer to the question would
attempt to counter independent taxi owners          sister companies as well as eviction of street       their unfaltering support which they stamped
                                                                                                                                                            be that in politics, it is either you win or lose;
because they had supported two stay-aways           vendors who fended for their families by selling     in a press conference at Lakeside. But this was
                                                                                                                                                            therefore politicians use every possible weapon
staged by opposition parties.                       wares along Kingsway.                                received with mixed feelings as some of the
                                                                                                                                                            that can best bring them victory.
                                                        Then government had come to conclusion           Maseru Taxi Operators Association Committee
    Opposition parties called for down-tooling
                                                    that taxi operators had pledged unwavering           had shown reluctance to the politicians’           Privatising at taxpayers’ cost                 to
on 18, 19, and 20 March 2007 after February
                                                    support for politicians.                             indulging in their affairs.
general elections.      They had called upon                                                                                                                compete with private sector
                                                        Early 2008, government spokesperson,                 The other dimension of the politicization
people to neglect work by staying at home                                                                                                                   Government has often declared its unwavering
                                                    Mothetjoa Metsing told a press conference that       of the taxi industry is the fact that when the
and for taxi owners not to ferry passengers to                                                                                                              support for the growth of the private sector and
                                                    state was harbouring plans to purchase a fleet       buses, dubbed ‘camels’, entered the Maseru
work to make the stay away successful.                                                                                                                      has initiated the private sector development
                                                    of buses that would join the taxi industry that      border gate, they were boarded by Basotho
    This move angered government which                                                                                                                      programme.
                                                    has been in the hands of private operators for       who cheered their entry, clad in the Lesotho
felt that taxi operators’ decision not to                                                                                                                       Since 2005, the finance ministry has
                                                    a long time.                                         Congress for Democracy (LCD) party attire.         repeated the mantra that the private sector is
ferry people to work was a clear support of             Since then, taxi operators have sought talks         They were wearing LCD scuffs and other
opposition politicians.                                                                                                                                     an engine of economic growth.
                                                    with government with fears that the fleet would      attire that was even laced on the buses windows        Among steps that Government took
    They were then labeled confidants of the        kick them out of business.                           for everyone to see.                               has been the hammering of an attractive
opposition parties, contrary to their reasons           State did not drift back from their conviction       This also sent a clear message to taxi         procurement manual that will offer private
that they only feared for the security and          that taxi operators were dancing to the              operators that government had come down            businesses access an opportunity to bid for
safety of their vehicles. They cited 1998           politicians tune and had as a result, to face the    to play their game and the challenge was who       government business.
political upheavals where their vehicles were       wrath of wrath of government. Though state           would win it. Till now when preparations               A formidable question would be why
burnt down but state refused to compensate          hid behind the assertion that it was common          for negotiations yet to resume under an            government decided to come down to the level
them and that they were not covered by              in any other country that state run a public         independent mediator, government is still          of competing with the private sector, against
insurances.                                         transport to help the nation, introduction of        convinced that taxi operators are playing to the   its promise to support initiatives meant to
    Maseru Region Taxi Operators chairperson        the bus fleet has come as no surprise that it was    tune of opposition with their business.            develop the sector.
of operations, Sekhonyana ‘Sticks’ Mosenene                                                                                                                     More importantly, government has
told a conference prior to the strike that most                                                                                                             admitted it was not good in business and this
of them had their vehicles burnt in 1998 but                                                                                                                has been proven by the collapse of many state
were not compensated by state.                                                                                                                              businesses, the Lesotho Airways, Lesotho Plant
    The long-standing suspicion that the taxi                                                                                                               Pool Vehicle Service, Lesotho Bank and many
industry is dipped in partisan politics has                                                                                                                 others.
surfaced with state admitting they bought the                                                                                                                   State’s undertaking to curb this anomaly
bus fleet to counter the independent operators                                                                                                              has been through privatization these formerly
to salvage the nation from uncalled for political                                                                                                           state-run businesses by selling them to private
protests.                                                                                                                                                   dealers, most of them foreigner.
    Government admitted in one of a series of                                                                                                                   But by coming back to be involved in
meetings with mediating Non-governmental                                                                                                                    business to compete directly with private
organizations that the decision to purchase                                                                                                                 dealers brings to mind many questions about
the fleet was influenced by the taxi operators’                                                                                                             government’s honesty.
unwavering support for opposition parties’
protests by packing their taxis at the expense                                    Public Works Principal Secre-                                             Maundering behind the bus fleet
of poor commuters.                                                                        tary Lebohang Phooko                                              There seems to be some inconsistencies with
    The state, the newspaper understands                                                                                                                    the manner state is organizing its affairs. The
                                                    Commuters foot it to and fro work during stay-aways staged by taxi operators
came out clearly that it was taxi operators who                                                                                                             transport board that must be a state body
vilified the industry with partisan politics by                                                                                                             under the auspices of the transport ministry is
supporting two down-tooling initiatives by                                                                                                                  also dubbed the board for the Lesotho Freight
opposition.                                                                                                                                                 Bus Services Corporation (LFBSC).
    The first was in March 2007 when the main                                                                                                                   The question is why state is playing this
opposition dubbed ‘big five’ called for a three-                                                                                                            maundering at the taxpayers’ expense?
day stay away protest in the face of the then                                                                                                                   There is also rumour that some key people
beleaguered National Independence Party                                                                                                                     in government and cabinet are behind-the-
(NIP) leader Anthony Manyeli who had been                                                                                                                   scene players in the bus fleet, having business
left out of Parliament.                                                                                                                                     interests.
    The Southern African Development                                                                                                                        Administration of the transport service
Community (SADC) had promised to intervene                                                                                                                  The transport industry in its entirety has
and the stay-away was suspended in its second                                                                                                               remained loose for a long time.
day.                                                                                                                                                           Belief was that state wanted to leave the
    For the first time in many years, streets of                                                                                                            industry in the hands of private operators so
Maseru had been turned into a dreary Sunday                                                                                                                 that it added value to the economic growth of
with scores of commuters footing while                                                                                                                      the country.
hundreds had decided to stay at home.                                                                                                                          It is the only industry among the remaining
    Public servants who had heeded the call to                                                                                                              ones that was really in the hands of private
stay at home got punished by their superiors                                                                                                                businesses.
                                                    Government-sponsored buses dubbed ‘camels’ are at centre of controversy
7                                                                                           Work For Justice                                                                                        ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                                 Media & Democracy

(from page 2)
of street vendors is one of the control
measures that the city council is employing
to ensure lawful designation of
people selling along streets, guarding against
thwarting of free passenger movement and
safeguarding cleanliness of the streets.
    Town Clerk, Lebamang Tlali told
members of the press in November last year
that MCC was not removing street vendors
but imposters who had unlawfully designated
themselves in places not earmarked for
selling wares.
    A certain place, nicknamed by street
vendors as ‘hokong’ meaning a pig sty, or
‘sakeng’ meaning a kraal and many others
has been ridiculed by street vendors and
                                                                                                        Governemnt is poised to clampdown on voices
sympathizers as not fit for people to sell
                                                                                                        critical of state through draconian laws
their wares.                                       Mzimkhulu Sithetho

    Sympathisers with street vendors have felt             esotho government seems to have                                            Misa Regional boss,
MCC was unfairly treating poor people who                  waged war against the media in a bid to                                    Thabo Thakalekoala
sold their wares to earn a living in a country             shut all voices that appear to be vocal
hit by high levels of unemployment.                        and critical about what government is        struggle to survive in conditions of high printing
    Meanwhile, the Market Regulations              doing.                                               costs and little revenue generated from sales.
Order of 1971 provide that every person                Many questions have erupted at the advent        The high defamation damages demanded by
desiring to hire a stall, plot, table or floor     of the undertaking to ride roughshod on media        applicants who file cases against media close
space at a market shall make an application        by state with legislation that seeks to ‘keep it     media as they fail to pay the fines.
either personality or in writing to the Market     under control’ when it (government) jumps                An example is Mirror newspaper which
Master .                                           the fence. A series of events show a deliberate      closed shop because it faced defamation costs
    The Market Master is bestowed with             effort taken by government under the Lesotho         amounting to more than M250, 000. The
                                                   Congress for Democracy under the guise of            newspaper is facing yet another defamation case
powers to grant an application at his
                                                   ‘stabilizing the media industry’. Some call it       against Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili. This
personal discretion to an applicant.
                                                   an attempt to silence the media and remain           case comes when the newspaper is no longer in
    It states: “A permit issued under these
                                                   with state controlled mouth-pieces whose news        circulation.
regulations should specify full names                                                                       The media policy if formulated, avers for
                                                   content is shoved down their throat without any
and address of an applicant, the nature                                                                 establishment of media or press ombudsmen in
                                                   choice to revert against their masters.
of produce to be sold or occupation to be              In the ten years of LCD rule, several            individual newspapers who would respond to              public security.
carried on, period of validity of the permit       campaigns have been run by media institutes          any queries of content submitted to individual              This comes against the background that the
and the fees for the hire of the stall, table or   such as Media Institute of Southern Africa           newspapers. The press ombudsmen would also              national blueprint that Lesotho prides about,
floor space.”                                      (MISA) – Lesotho Chapter in a bid to influence       comment on content of a newspaper to be on its          Vision 2020 that provides that in 2020 years,
    During the time MCC worked hard to             government to level the field for media to           knees to observe principles and guidelines set          Lesotho government shall ensure that media
remove unwanted street vendors, the saga           operate well, but with little success.               out in the code of ethics and conduct.                  shall be developed, pluralistic and enjoys
was vilified by political connotations with            The main objective of massaging government           Individual media organisations would be             freedom. It states: “Freedom and pluralism of
accusations leveled against ruling Lesotho         to pass legal instruments was to ensure that the     bound to formulate their internal codes of ethics       the media are some of the measures of stability
Congress for Democracy (LCD’s) intent              media remained accountable to its consumers          and practice that coincide with the national            and democracy.
to clampdown on poor people in a bid to            with content that is free of bias, contempt,         ethical code. It has stalled for ten years since            “The     challenges    here    include    the
tighten screws on opposition followers.            prejudice and that conforms to the ethics of the     the first draft that was hammered out in 1997,          consolidation of the currently scattered pieces
    Feeling was that street vendors                journalism profession. The envisaged media           a few months after LCD was born and became              of legislation regulating the media, improving
constituted a greater chunk of the detestable      policy would among others contain a code of          government.                                             media independence and professionalism as
opposition following and that they had been        ethics and practice that would set the roadmap           This was during the tenure of office of Minister    well as extending media coverage to the rural
                                                   for journalists and media owners in their daily      Monyane Moleleki who was then on the helm of            areas of the country.”
trotting on the footsteps of the All Basotho
                                                   operations. The code of ethics is a binding peace    the communications ministry.           The current          But in ten years since 1997, two years before
Convention (ABC).
                                                   of legislation that compels journalists to report    Communications Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing              halfway to the envisaged destination of the
    On the other hand, main opposition
                                                   accurately, objectively, shun invasion of privacy,   believes that the draft media policy mooted             vision, government is playing chess with the
ABC and its cronies nicknamed Big Five’                                                                 under Mr Moleleki was more comprehensive
                                                   reduce harm to national security, observe rights                                                             media instead of leveling the field.
seized a golden opportunity of bolstering                                                               than the one that was mooted under Thomas
                                                   of children and victims of law-breaking as                                                                       Minister Metsing assured the media amid a
their political standing within the general        well as safeguarding a professional practice of      Motsoahae in 2006.            The media fraternity      loud applause in Mafeteng when the country was
political arena.                                   journalism.                                          has made incessant calls for this to be passed          marking press day celebrations that before close
    The parties of ABC/Lesotho Workers                 Lesotho is the only country in the SADC          through Parliament corridors, but without               of this year, a media policy would be in place.
Party, Basotho National Party (BNP),               Region without a media policy and without            success. Instead of ensuring that the media             On the other hand, the mooted amendment
Basutoland       African     Congress       and    a daily newspaper. The media policy would            policy is passed, the ministry jumps the fence to       to the LTA Act seeks to bestow the minister
Marematlou Freedom Party canvassed the             provide for establishment of a media council         amend the Lesotho Communications Authority              with powers to deny access to media operators
plight that had bedeviled street vendors to        that would act as an adjudicating body where         (LCA), a broadcasting regulator that has come           and practitioners if he feels it is against pubic
their followers in a deliberate intent to drum     consumers of media content would lodge their         under spotlight perpetuating threats over radios        interest.
up political support.                              complaints about their satisfaction with use         stations that are critical of government.                   A critical question that has come from
    However, they came under server                of language, defamation and other shoddy                 The new amendment mooted to the LTA ACT             journalists and media operators is ‘who
scrutiny from LCD leader and Prime                 presentation.                                        seeks to vest powers on the Communications              determines public interest when there is no
Minister, Pakalitha Mosisili who critiqued             This would reduce the number of defamation       minister to revoke a license for any radio station      media policy?’
them for bringing a plight of people to the        cases that media houses face, demanding              at any time without a hearing. It also vests                The media policy would set limits for
political fold.                                    exorbitant damages. This is killing the feeble       him/her with powers to close any publication            freedom of the media and also boundaries in as
                                                   media fraternity, especially newspaper that          or radio station that in his opinion threatens          far as seeking information is concerned.
    A series of meetings between the ‘Big Five’
and Cabinet chaired by the prime minister
were held since October 04 when opposition
was poised for a nationwide protest where
                                                   Harvest FM’s suspension shutters media fraternity
                                                                                                        books are crystal clear on the persons who have         2007 was inaccurate, malicious and defamatory.
they had cajoled workers to down-tool in                                                                a right to lodge complaints on any broadcasting             The same complaint had been echoed by
protest against street vendors’ eviction and                                                            content to the regulator. He is fully convinced that    other senior government officials, charging that
partial closure of MKM Burial Society.                                                                  the regulator’s premise on the complaints of the        the programme harassed other people.
    Meanwhile, the impasse still remains                                                                police commissioner and the Communications PS               The station’s lawyer, Advocate Phoofolo had
unsolved with some of them having to the                                                                does not hold water.                                    written an apology to the LTA board seeking
rule and go to the designated areas, while                                                                  In the first instance Communications PS,            mercy on the suspension before it was handed
others having defied the odds and sell their                                                            Tseliso ‘Mokela had complained that the station’s       down. Advocate Phoofolo had admitted in
                                                                                                        popular phone-in talk show, Rise and Shine was          the letter of apology that the radio presenters’
wares rebelliously.
                                                                                                        provocative and that people used vulgar language        words could have been unnecessarily strong and
                                                                                                        and harassed the people.                                expressed regret over the incident.
                                                                                                            The complaint had been triggered by a live              However, he had argued in the letter that
                                                                                                        interview that Harvest FM had with Tseliso              there had been no malicious intent in the
                                                    Harvest’s News Reader, Zanele Hlongwane             Manyeli, son to former National Independence            undertaking to report on the police having killed

                                                             he media fraternity has been hit below     Party (NIP) leader, Anthony Manyeli who had             a suspect saying that the police spokesperson
                                                             the belt with closure of Harvest FM by     been hosted as a quest in the Rise and Shine.           had indicated that the police had actually killed
                                                             the Lesotho Communications Authority           Manyeli had cast aspersions on the appeal           the suspect.
                                                             (LCA).                                     court’s judge, Mathealira Ramodibeli’s verdict              “My instructions are that the deceased
                                                       The suspension became effective on Tuesday       that had reserved the high court’s decision that        referred to in your letter is one Ranthimo.
                                                    22nd July 2008 at 12:01 a.m and will end on 21st    had been in favour of his father.                           “It is to be noted that despite police
                                                    July 2009 at the same time midnight.                    Another complaint that landed Harvest where         explanation, it is the police spokesperson that
Police in a raid arrest vendors selling their          The station’s lawyer, Advocate Haae Phoofolo     it is the one lodged by Police Commissioner             indicated that the deceased was in fact killed in
wares on their stalls and directing them to         questions the qualification of the mentioned        ’Malejaka Letooane who had complaint that the           the process of combined police-military operation
this place which they (street vendors) jeer as      complainants to lodge cases with the regulator.     stations’ reports that alleged that police had killed   which was directed at a particular deceased, ” he
a pig sty                                              According to Advocate Phoofolo, LCA statute      a suspect who was in their custody in November          says.
                                                                                                                             If you wan to express your views on political,social, economic and hu-
                                                                                                                             man rights issues, write to editor:
                                                                                                                                    Transformation Resource Centre

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Transformation Resource Centre
                                                                          In the eye of the beholder                                                                        Notable Quotes
P. O. Box 1388 Maseru 100, Lesotho Tel: +266 22314463                                            With Mzimkhulu Sithetho
Fax: +266 22322791 Email: trc@trc.org.ls
                                                                            Solution to the problem is in their hands                                                                          “Don’t rule out anything.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Why don’t you think
Seven years of plenty are                                                                                                                                                                      Tsvangirai can become
drawing to a close                                      The solution to taxi owners’ predicament is neither       Public Relations                                                             president? It’s possible,
                                                        here or there, but it is in their hands.                  Office for the Mas-                                                          you will be surprised,” a
                                                             The onus lies on them, individually or severally     eru Regional Taxi
Where do third word countries stand in                                                                                                                                                         negotiator said.
                                                        to find a lasting solution to their endemic feud          Operators’ associa-
this quark mire?                                        with government.                                          tion, Thabang Moea.
The current economic recession that has hit the              Admittedly, the taxi industry is fraught with        Their destiny is in
world is reminiscent of seven years of hunger           a flurry of problems, most of which date as back
                                                                                                                  their hands as far as
that had been predicted by Chief Farrow’s               as when the industry came to be in the hands of                                                                                        “What is happening in
                                                                                                                  the taxi industry is
dream-interpreter Joseph. At least this is so in        private owners.                                                                                                                        Zimbabwe is a matter of
the developed countries of the world which had               Over the years, taxi operators have reigned in                                                                                    serious embarrassment
                                                                                                                  passengers by not ferrying them to their desired
plenty for some years and gave their surplus to         the industry unguarded by state, which by default                                                                                      to all of us,” said the
                                                                                                                  destinations, not respecting them with language and
the third world countries of African in the form        failed to exercise oversight and leadership in how
                                                                                                                  also by failing to be good service providers.                                Zambian President
of food aid.                                            it should operate.
                                                             The taxi industry is not the only promising
                                                                                                                      Long queues in routes such as Khubetsoana,                               Patrick Mwanawasa
    But Africa has not swum in affluence and                                                                      Naleli and Tsosane when these routes have many
a prudent question to ask is the state in which         industry that state has plunged into oblivion
                                                                                                                  taxis more than any other routes, did not augur
the continent will be during the other years            through lack of political leadership.
                                                                                                                  well with people on the receiving end of transport
(number not known) of huger and famine.                      State had left the passenger transport sector
                                                                                                                  service.                                                                     “We must act now ... as
    Will rich countries have surplus that they          totally in private hands, with little regulatory
                                                                                                                      Even at this juncture, state was tight-lipped                            Zimbabweans, think as
will give to the third world in the face of the         might, little oversight and with little if not no
                                                                                                                  to intervene, as traffic officers were aware of the
international economic meltdown?                        control at all.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Zimbabweans and act as
    But of serious concern is the undertaking                This saw the influx of taxis owned by private                                                                                     Zimbabweans,” Zim-
                                                                                                                      When they solicited solidarity support during
to resort to biofuels as a means of curbing             dealers.                                                                                                                               babwean President
                                                                                                                  their strikes, the approach and method was in itself
short supplies of petrol and diesel on the world             There is nothing sinister with this as it is a
                                                                                                                  an affliction on innocent passengers.                                        Robert Mugabe upon
market, when the whole world is reeling from            good indicator of economic development., weityh
                                                        resultant job creation that it has up to now recorded
                                                                                                                      They were made to walk long distances to and fro                         after signing the deed
low food production in the face of harsh climatic                                                                 work. It is no secret that textile firms’ owners could                       of agreement with
conditions. Whether this undertaking might              10, 000 employment creation to Basotho.
                                                                                                                  not be convinced that absenteeism of an employee                             Morgan Tsvangirai.
appear imprudent in the eyes of the beholder,                The industry pulled scores of young men who
                                                                                                                  during a stay-away was excusable on grounds of
surging oil prices have shifted the world’s             would have otherwise been roaming around streets
                                                                                                                  absence of transport as a result of stay-away.
attention towards biofuel development. In a             and ending up being criminals.
                                                                                                                      There is no doubt that a person whose relative
few countries, aggressive promotion of biofuels              On a positive note, this was a development if
                                                                                                                  was sick during the stay-away and severely suffered
has begun to pay dividends. In Brazil, the              state does not exercise control over businesses,                                                                                       “We are with you the
                                                                                                                  due to lack of transport to take the patient to the
world’s leading producer of ethanol, production         leaving it in the hands of private entrepreneurs.                                                                                      people of Zambia in
                                                                                                                  clinic was agonized by the undertaking.
of biofuel continues to expand rapidly. It is                But state cannot on the other hand claim that                                                                                     praying for the full
                                                                                                                      There is no doubt that a person whose relative
therefore envisaged that by 2012, government of         the passenger transport industry’s fall into private                                                                                   recovery of President
                                                                                                                  died during the stay-away and suffered due to lack
that country will have exported 12 billion litres       hands has been by design. It was by default.
                                                             Taxi operators have to accept the reality that
                                                                                                                  of transport to take the corpse to a mortuary felt                           Mwanawasa,” Prime
a year, including exports to the U.S. The US is                                                                   agonised towards taxi owners.                                                Minister Pakalitha
                                                        they are to blame for the shortfalls that have
the largest oil importing country, and the recent                                                                     No matter how smart they would appear when                               Mosisili wishing
                                                        plunged them into the abyss that they fail to face
rise in oil prices at global level has driven the                                                                 they buttress the need to have gone the route they
                                                        today.                                                                                                                                 Zambian President a
country to look seriously for development of the                                                                  took, it does not suffice to appease a victim of
biofuel industry. Apart from oil security, the
                                                             First of all, they failed to manage their business                                                                                speedy recovery from
                                                                                                                  absence of transport during trying times such as
                                                        while it was wholly in their hands.                                                                                                    his illness.
government’s strong stand for enhancing the                                                                       those mentioned.
                                                             They did not realize the pain that their
use of renewable energy has been a motivating                                                                         It was until government became aware that
                                                        drivers and their assistants inflicted on innocent
factor in the country. US was ranked as the                                                                       there was partisan politicking that had bedeviled the
                                                        passengers who had little voice to raise.
largest producer of ethanol (Biofuel) in 2006,                                                                    passenger transport industry that it took stringent
                                                             While the influx of new taxis infested Maseru
capturing a market share of around 36% in                                                                         measures to put things under normalcy.                                       “Go back and look for
                                                        routes, government buried the hatchet and did not
the global production. Nonetheless, this                                                                              No matter how it did it, it was spell-bond to act.                       those coins, we never
                                                        intervene to enforce law.
development comes against the backdrop of                                                                         No amount of evidence could suffice to convince                              demonetised them,”
                                                             It was clear even to a simpleton that something
rising food shortages and this comes in sharp                                                                     government that the whole issue was embroiled
                                                        fishy was happening behind scenes with                                                                                                 said Dr Gono, who
contrast to the practice of using food to produce                                                                 in partisan politics. And it would not accede to fall
                                                        registration of new taxis.                                                                                                             also announced the
oil while poor countries are starving.                                                                            below partisan politics. It had to act as it was now a
                                                             Suspicion abound. That there was illicit                                                                                          introduction of a
    It is envisaged that by 2030 the world                                                                        do-or-die situation for LCD-led government.
                                                        business deals going on between some big shots                                                                                         $500 note, which
population will have increased to such an extent                                                                      But this was a reactionary measure and it became
                                                        in government and taxi owners who came to own
that a 50 per cent increase in food production                                                                    harsh on the side of taxi operators.                                         would be the highest
                                                        taxis through illegal means.
will be needed. The rush towards biofuels                    To a lesser extent, the introduction of Interpol
                                                                                                                      State’s introduction of a bus fleet has been                             denomination.
is theatening world food production and the                                                                       reduced but to nothing with jocular sentiments of
                                                        as a control measure tried to stop smuggling of
lives of billions of people. Back home, Prime                                                                     branding Lesotho Freight Bus Services Corporation
                                                        taxis into the country, but without success.
Minister Pakalitha Mosisili has come out knives                                                                   (LFBSC) ‘likamele’, meaning camels.
                                                             Most taxi owners evaded the requirement to                                                                                        “What I would hope is
blazing, castigating the practice of using food to                                                                    The name became popular after Libyan leader,
                                                        undergo the process of clearance by hiding their                                                                                       that it will allow him
produce oil in the face of high levels of hunger                                                                  Murmur Gaddaffi gave Lesotho a gift of camels.
                                                        vehicles away.                                                                                                                         (Mugabe) a process of
and starvation facing underdeveloped countries.                                                                       The gift became a laughing stock as it was given
                                                             Even at this point when state was aware of the                                                                                    an honourable exit,”
    He criticised the use of bio-fuels which he                                                                   negative connotations of inefficacy of government.
                                                        illicit business in the passenger transport, it failed
said though they brought bright prospects for                                                                         The bus fleet became a thorn to the taxi operators                       say Zimbabwean
                                                        to intervene.
the future must not be embarked upon without                 It was with surprise when Basotho heard on
                                                                                                                  who have felt state was now engaged in direct                                Opposition leader,
                                                                                                                  competition with them.                                                       Morgan Tsvangirai
assessing their risks.The prime minister told           Lesotho Television, the government Spokesperson,
                                                                                                                      They claimed they had been driven out of
the High Level Conference on the World Food             Minister Mothetjoa Metsing tell the national
                                                                                                                  business by the presence of the buses.
                                                        that when South African Dire orate on Special
Security: “The Challenges of Climate Change                                                                           They also claimed they were forced by
                                                        Operations (Scorpions) carried             out search
and Bio-energy held in Rome Italy that it                                                                         circumstances to retrench the 10, 000 employees
                                                        operations in the country, no taxi would be seen.
has thus become difficult and impossible to                                                                       absorbed by the taxi industry.
                                                             The third shortfall that brought taxi owners
convince the youth that agriculture is a viable                                                                       If you choose to play a political game, they say,
                                                        to where they are is their failure to nurture good
option.                                                                                                           you should be able to face up to its music and dance
                                                        custom with passengers.
                                                                                                                  if you can. Period.
    “We must therefore restore the virtue,                   Taxi drivers and their assistants ill-treated

                                                        TRC Forum
profitability and respectability of farming
particularly by the women who in Africa carry                                                                     understood as networks of loose, non-hierarchical        bringing about a more just world.
a disproportionate burden of food production,”                                                                    structures that unite like-minded groups, while              In his SG-Column of E-CIVICUS 322 Kumi
he said.                                                                                                          allowing room for a great variety of tactics             Naidoo argued that: “…this entails finding a
   The G8 countries met Japan a few weeks               Do NGos matter?                                           approaches and goals.                                    greater common ground for dialogue and action.
                                                         By Mzimkhulu Sithetho                                         These characteristics are simultaneously                Additionally, it is important for civil society
ago to discuss high prices for food and other
                                                         The rise of trans-national movements has                 the greatest strengths and greatest weakness of          to focus on the considerable number of areas
commodities such as petrol, diesel and
                                                         clearly emerged since the early 1990s as part of         the trans-national civil society phenomenon;             where there is agreement and common ground
paraffin as well as other fossil fuels.                  a broad- based effort to democratise political
   It is therefore imprudent for rich                                                                             while trans-national movements are powerful              for involvement and to agree to respectfully
                                                         space and to overcome the democratic deficit             because of their diversity, flexibility and dynamic      disagree on the smaller number of areas of
countries to channel their food produce to               exacerbated by the processes of globalisation.           creativity, they can also be accused of incoherence,     difference.
production of fuel when other countries                      This is particularly true in the case of broad       fragmentation and intellectual confusion.                    The danger is that diversity can sometimes
are on the verge of extinction as a result of            movements for global justice (often referred                  Civil society has challenges of legitimacy          be used as an excuse for parochialism, a lack
hunger and famine.                                       to as the anti-globalisation movement), which            and accountability stemming increasingly from            of willingness to explore collaborative ways
                                                         are amorphous in shape, encompass a great                its enhanced status and involvement in global            of working and sometimes individualistic
                       Mzimkhulu Sithetho
                                                         diversity of actors and are not always guided by         matters. For civil society to become effective           approaches to social change for the greater
         is Media & Advocacy Officer at the
                                                         a clear leader or leaders.                               there is absolute need to show its effectiveness in      public good”.
         Transformation Resource Centre                      Movements such as these are best
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                          Litaba tsa Lesotho
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                                      lipenchene tsa maqheku le ho ntlafatsa temo           bothateng ba tlala le lithlokahalo ea lijo,.   makholo a mabeli (M 200) feela ka khoeli.
                                                                                                                                               Tlaleho ea banka e kholo ea Lesotho
Footnotes/Citations: These
                                                                                                                                           (Central bank of Lesotho) e bontsa hore
should be avoided unless                                                                                                                   sena se ile sa mpefatsa mathata le ho feta.
they are absolutely necessary.                                                                                                             Mekhatlo e mengata ho kenyeletsa le naha ea
Acknowledgement of source is                                                                                                               Malawi e ile ea thusa ka ho fana ka lijo haholo
however essential.                                                                                                                         phoofo ea poone ho mafutsana e le ho qoba
                                                                                                                                           mafu a ka bakoang ke tlala.
                                                                                                                                               Lesotho lena le lenaneo la boikhollo
Copyright: Once the
                                                                                                                                           bofumeng le ananetsoeng ke banka ea lefatse.
contributions are received by                                                                                                              Lenaneo lena le lumella sechaba sohle
us, they become the property of                                                                                                            sa bastho le mafutsana ho kenya letsoho
WFJ. Articles and pictures may                                                                                                             meralong ea boikhollo bofumeng. ‘Muso
be produced, provided the source                                                                                                           oa Lesotho bolokile limilione tse makholo a
is acknowl                                                                                                                                 mabeli a metso e mashome a mabeli a maluti
                                                                                                                                           ho thusa Basotho ho ikholla bofumeng.
                                      Liteko tsa ho ikholla bofumeng ka ho lema meroho li nyotobetsoa ke maemo a mabe a leholimo
10                                                                                        Work For Justice                                                                              ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                                 Economic Justice

Phalaliso ea baitsukuli literateng e ba beile tsietsing
Leha ‘masepala a re baitsukuli ba tsoehlisa toropo, ha a fane ka tharollo ea hore na ‘maraka oa maemo a amohelehang o tla o aha neng

          se e kaba likhoeli tse leshome
          ho tloha Pulungoana ngoahola
          baitsukuli bohle ba rekisetsang
          literateng tsa Maseru ba tlositsoe ke
Masepala oa motse-moholo Maseru (Maseru
City Council).
    Sena se beile ka mosing boiteko ba bona
ba ho iphelisa.
    Ba bang ba ileng ba hana taelo ena ka ho
hlokomela tahlehelo e ba lebileng ba lelekisoa
le ho phalisoa kamehla ke ena ‘Masepala.
    Ho latela mokhatlo oa Khathang Tema
Baitsukuli ba bang ba baitsukuli bana ba
amehile haholo ke teleko ena.
    Ba bang ba baitsukuli bana ba lula ba
baleha letsatsi le chabang le le likelang ha ba
bona koloi le balebeli ba ‘Masepala. Thatha
ke emong oa sehlopha sena.
    Kamehla Thata ea rekisetsang likoranta
kapele ho Banka e kholo ea Lesotho, o ipata
pela liofisi kapa kamorao ho moaho ona
    Ho latela Thata bona ke bophelo boo ba
bophelang kamehla. Barekisi ba moea oa
mehala ea thekeng (mocha-o-chele le buddy)        Baitsukuli ba neng ba rekisa mapatlelong a ‘mila o moholo oa Kingsway e bile liphofu tsa ho manakisoa ke mapolosa a ‘masepala
le bona ba fumana bothata bo tsoanang.            ka tsebelisano ‘moho le sepolesa sa naha
    Potso e salang ke hore “ na sena ha se ho
khetholla baits’ukuli ba lekang ho iphelisa           Mongoli eoa toropo ea Maseru Monghali             Mookamali oa ‘maraka, ke ena ea ka                 Moetapele oa LCD ha a araba ka ho bontsa
joaloka Basotho bohle?                            Lebamang Tlali o boleletse batlalehi ba litaba    hanang kappa ho lumela kopa e joalo.                hore mekha ena e bapala le ho nka monyetla
    Na batho ba rekisang likoranta le moea oa     ka khoeli ea phulungoana hore hase bohle              Tumello ena e lokela ho bontsa mabitso a        ka matha a Basotho.
mohala oa thekeng ba silafatsa toropo?            ba tlosoang literateng empa barekisi ba sa        morekisi ka botlalo, sebaka seo a phelang ho           Lipuisano li iletsa tsoela pele lipakeng tsa
    Leha hole joalo, ‘Masepala o ntse a           sebetseng ntle le tumello.                        sona, mofuta oa thepa eo a tlang ho e rekisa,       ‘muso le mekha ena ea bohanyetsi ho tloha
lomahantse meno a susumetsa baitsukuli                 Sebaka seo baitsukuli ba se bitsang          horena tumello ke ea nako e kae le hore na          ngoahola ka khoeli ea Mphalane, ha mekha
ho sebeletsa sebakeng seo a ba khethetseng        sakeng moo ba lokelelng ho sbeletsa teng,         morekisi o lebelletsoe ho lefa chelete e kae ho     ea bohanyetsi a ne e khothalletsa sechaba
sona.                                             se bontsitsoe e le sebaka se seng maemong a       rekisa.                                             ho ngala mesebetsi e le pontso ea nyatso
    Leha ‘masepala a bontsitse mabaka a           ‘maraka oa machaba.                                   Teleko ena ea baitsukuli e ile ea thunthetsoa   khahlanong le ho lelekoa hoa baitsukuli la ho
‘malloa ao a le lelekang baitsukuli ka ona,           Karolo e ‘ngoe ea sechaba e bona              ke lipolotika ha batho batho ba bang ba ne ba       koalaoa hoa MKM Burial Society.
baitsukuli bana ba ntse ba sa utloisise le hona   ‘Masepal;a a hlokela baitsukuli toka le mohau     lumela hore ho tlosoa hoa baitsukuli ke tsela          Leha hole joalo mathata a baitsukuli ha
ho lumela hobane ba sitoa ho iphelisa.            ka ho ba ba hanela ho iphelisa.                   eo mokha o busang oa LCD o hanyapetsa le            a so fele, ba bang ba lumetse ho rekisetsa
    Ho latela tlhaloso ea ‘masepala, baitsukuli       Molao oa limmaraka oa 1971 o bontsa           ho hlorisa batho bohle ba latelang mokha oa         sebakeng seo ba se khethetsoeng ha ba bang
ba tlosoa mebileng e le hore bohle ba             hore motho e mong le emong ea batlang ho          bohanyetsi Kobo-Tata ea Basotho (ABC)               ba rekisa literateng tsa Maseru kathoko ho
latele melao ea thekiso, sephethephethe se        rekisa ka ‘marakeng o lokela ho ikisa kapa e          Mekha ea bohanyetsi ea ABC/LWP, BNP,            molao.
fokotsehe mebileng e meholo le hore hloekisa      etse kopo e joalo ka lengolo ho mookameli oa      BCP le MFP ea nka monyetla ho tsoaea ‘muso
toropo ea Maseru.                                 li’maraka.                                        phoso le ho ikhapela bolateli.

Bophatlalatsi bo eme le monn’a mateneng
               uso oa Lesotho o boanhala
               o tsoile letsolo ho koala
               maselinyane le lialemoea tsohle
               tse khahlanong le ona. Sena se
bonahetse ha muso etsa melao e menyata e
koa lang batlalehi ba litaba melomo ha ona
‘muso o etsa ka moo orating ka teng.
    Lintho tse ngata entsoe ke muso ka mokha
oa LCD “ho kenya bophatlalatsi taolong”.
    Ba bang ba nahana hore sena se etsoa ka
boomo ke ‘mu ho qobellla sechaba ho mamella
seeale-moea sa ‘muso se bolelang feela litlaho
tsa ‘muso.
    Ka lilemo tse leshome (10) tseo LCD e
bileng ‘muso naheng ea Lesotho, mekhatlo
ea baphatlalatsi e kang Media Instute of
Southern Africa (MISA) e lekele ka makhetlo
ho leka ho khothaletsa ‘muso hobatalatsa
mabala e le horebapahtlalatsi ba tsebe ho
sebetsa ka bolokolohi empa ea hloloa.
    Mekhatlo ena e ne e leka hoetsa bonnete
ba hore bophatlalatsi bo ruta sechaba litaba
tsa nnete tse senang leeme ‘me ba bile ba
itsetlehile ka melao e ba tsamaisang.
    Melao ena e tlama baphatlalatsi ho fana
ka mahlakore ohle a litaba, ba baballa le ho
khothalletsa tsireletseho ea sechaba ,ha ba
hoboes batho, ba baballa lithokelotsa bohle le
hona ho mamela melao e ba tsamaisang.             Baphatlalatsi ba litaba ba loanela tokelo ea bona ea bolokoloi ba bophatlalatsi e hatikeloang ke ba litulong
    Naha ea Lesotho ke oena feela hara linaha
tsa SADC e senang melao e tsamaisang              koaloe. Bophatlalatsi bo koaloa le ho sitisoa     le monamoli ea tla araba liqoso le ho mamaela       hlotsoe. Sebakeng sa ho kenya molao o
baphatllatsi le koranta e tsaong letsatsi le      ho sebatsa ka lebaka la ho sitoa ho itefella.     litletletlebo tsohle. Bapahatlalatsi bahle ba tla   laolang baphatlalatsi tsebetsong, ‘muso o
leng le leng.                                         Pampiri ea Mirror e ile ea koaloa ke ho       sebetsa holatela molao.                             ile oa ntlafatsa le ho matlafatsa lekhotla
    Naha ea Lesotho e boetse e hloka lekhtlana    sitoa ho patala likete tse mashome a mabeli           Taba ena e sale e tsohloa ho tloha ka           la liphatlalatso la Lesotho- Lesotho
la tsamaiso ea bophatlalatsi leo sechaba se ka    a metso e mehlano tsa maluti (M250 000)           selemo sa 1997 likhoeli kamorao hore LCD e          Communication Authority (LTA). Lekhotla
isang litltlebo ho lona ka tsebeliso ea mantsoe   le ha joale pampiri eo e ntse e emetsoe ke        kene pusong. Ka nako eo Monghali Monyane            lena le tsebahala ka ho tsosa lialemoea tsohle
le ho se khotsofale ka kakaretso.                 qoso khahlanong le tonakholo Phakalitha           Moleleki e ne e le letona la liphatlalatso.         tse khahlanong le ‘muso.
    Sena se ka etsa hore bophaltlatsi bo          Mosisili.                                             Bophatlatsi bo lekile la nako e telele ho           Molao oa LTA e lumella letonala
qobe liqoso tse ba tobileng tse etsang hore           Ha melao ea bophatlalatsi e ka kengoa         etsa matsapa le ho kopa hore parament               liphatlalatso ho koala seale-moea sefe ka sefe
likoranta tse ngata tse ntseng li itsokola li     tsebetsong, matlo ohle a bophatlalatsi a tla ba   e e kenye meloa ena tsebetsong empa e               ha a batla.
11                                                                                        Work For Justice                                                                               ISSUE 81
                                                                                                                                 Economic Justice

                                                                                                     Khoebo ea bo ramakoloi
                                                                                                     e mathuleng a noka
                                                                                                     Ba loana ea khumamela le ‘muso ka libese tse kentsoeng tsebetsong

                                                                                                                amorao ho matsolo a ho ngala           letsolo le leng khahlanole le ho koaloa hoa
                                                                                                                mosebetsi a etelletsoeng pele ke       MKM Burial Society le mekhatle e meng ea
                                                                                                                mekhatlo ea bohanyetsi, ‘muso          bo eona.
                                                                                                                oa Lesotho o ile oa buisana le ho          Ke ka nako ena eo ‘muso o ileng oa kholiseha
                                                                                                     khalema bahoebi ba makoloi a baeti.               hore ehlile bahoebi ba makoloi a baeti bahlile
                                                                                                         Muso o bile oa bontsa hore o rekile li bese   ba tsehetsa mekha ea bohanyetsi.
                                                                                                     ho thusa sechaba ha bahoebi ba makoloi a              Maqalong a selemo sena, sebui sa ‘muso
                                                                                                     baeti ba thusa ho atlehisa matsolo a mekha        monghal;I Mothejoa Metsing o ile a tlalehela
                                                                                                     ea bohanyetsi.                                    baphatlalatsi ba litaba hore ‘muso o moralong
                                                                                                         Matsolo ana a ho ngala mosebetsi a bile       oa ho reka libese tse tlang ho kena tsebetsong
                                                                                                     la 18, 19 le 20 Hlakubele 2007. Sechaba           ha’moho le makoloi a mang a baeti.
                                                                                                     le bahoebi ba ne ba khothalletsoa ho se               Ho tloha nakong eo lipuiso li ile tsa
Marena le litho tsa Makhotla a Puso ea Libaka ha ba shebele lintho ka ho tsoana                      iponahatse mesebetsing                            thakhoha e le ha bahoeba ba ipelaetsa hore
                                                                                                         Sena se ile sa halefisa ‘muso haholo          libese litla ba hlolisa ho iphelisa.

Litholoana tsa Puso ea Libaka
                                                                                                     oa bontsa hore ho lumellana le mekha ea                Leha hole joalo ‘muso ha o oa ka oa fetola
                                                                                                     bohanyetsi hoa bahoebi ba makoloi a baeti         maikutloa a ona a ho reka libese.
                                                                                                     ke pontso ea hore ba batsehetsa. Bahoebi ba           Le ha ‘muso o bontsa hore mabuso e

ha li so hlabosehe
                                                                                                     makoli a baeti ba ile ba ikarabella ho bontsa     menyata e na le libese,ha se patuoe hre libesa
                                                                                                     hore ba lula mahe ka lebaka la ho tsaba           tsa ‘muso oa Lesotho tsona li reketsoe ho
                                                                                                     hore thepa ea bona e tla senyeha. Ba boela        bakisa bahoebi ba likoloi tsa baeti ka lebaka

                                                                                                     ba bontsa hore ba bang ba bona ha ba e-so         la hore ba tsehetsa mekah ea bohanyetsi.
           se ekaba lilemo tse hlano joale        Liphuputso li ribolla tse kholo                    fumane matseliso ka litahleho tsa bona ka             Sena e kanna ea e ba ke nnete hobane
           naha ea Lesotho e kentse puso          likamanong tsa marena le                           lebaka la meferefere ea selemo sa 1998.           boipiletsong ba bona khahlanong le libese,
           ea libaka tsebetsong, le ha hole       makanselara                                            Ramabotho oa mokhatlo oa bahoebi ba           ban a ba kopile hore mekhatlo ea bohanyetsi
           joalo mathata a tsebetso a ntse a                                                         makoli tsa baeti monghali Sekonyela “Sticks”      e ba tsehetse.
bonahala lipakeng tsa marena le litho tsa         Mathata le ho se utloane ha marena le litho        Mosenene o ile a bolella baphatlatsi ba litaba        Bohanyetsi bo ile ba ba thusa ba ba
puso ea libaka. Sena se etsoa ke melao le         tsa makhotla a puso ea libaka a boetse a           ;mokeng o bile teng pele ho letsolo la ho ngala   babitsa ‘mooka oa bo-ralitaba ho tla tlalehela
malaoana e sa hlakang ea tsamaiso.                hlahile hape phuthehong eo Institute of            mesebetsi hore a mang a makoloi a bona a ile      Basotho.
    Ho theoleloa hona hoa matla sechabeng         Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA) le            a chesoa ka 1998 le hore ho fihlela ha joale ha       Ntho ena eile ea jala hose utloane hobane
ho amohetsoe ka litsela tse fapakaneng ke         Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) li            ba e-so fumane matseliso.                         ba bang ba bahoebi ba makoloi a baeti ba ne
sechaba sa Basotho.                               neng li fana ka tlaleho ea tsona malebana le           ‘Muso o lumetse likopanong tsa ona le         basa batle ha boitseko ba bona bo amahangoa
    Marena a utloa a tsekisoa matla a pele a      ho kengoa tsebetsong hoa puso ea libaka.           mekhatlo e ikemetseng hore o hlile o rekile       le lipolotiki.
neng a kolla ho bona.                                 Marena a ile a bontsa hore ho ba khetholla     libese ho thusetsa nakong eo bahoebi bana ba          Nakong eo libese tsena tsa’muso lifihlang
    Ba bona puso ea libaka e sitoa ho             le ho se ba kenyelletse eralong ke phoso           tsehetsang mekha ea bohanyetsi.                   kahare ho naha ea Lesotho, li ile tsa amoheloa
kenyelletsa meetlo le boetapele ba Basotho        hobane ke bona baeta-pele ba meetlo.                   Letsolo la pele e ne e le le tsehetsang       ka litlatse la menyakoe ka ba bang ba balateli
tse tsejoang le ho tloaeloa ke Basotho ho             Ba tsoetse pele ho bontsa hore bona ha ba      moetapele oa National Independent Party           ba mokha o busang, sena seile sa tiisa taba ea
tloha khale.                                      ea batluoa maikutlo nakong ea lipatlisiso.         (NIP) hore a kenyeletsoe lenaneng la              hore ntoa ena ea khoebo ea likoli tsa baeti ena
    Ba-ralipolotiki bona ba bontsa ba ne              Morena James Theko o ile a bontsa hore         maparamente.                                      le letsuka la lipolotiki.
                                                  puso ea libaka ha ena molemo oa letho.                 Lekhetlo la pele kamor’a nako e telele ,          Balateli bana ban e ba apereliaparo tsa
ba na le tsepo ea hore marena a ka busa
                                                      A qosa mekhatlo ea sechaba ka ho se            methoalela ea batho e ile ea bonahala kahare      mokah oa baona oa LCD.
sechaba ka toka, empa ha joale, ba bang ba
                                                  iketsetse liphuphutso empa e emela hore            ho toropo ea Maseru ha sechaba se ikhethela           taba ena e ile ea bontsa beng ba makoli a
lahlile tsepo eo hobane marena ha khethoe
                                                  litho sa lekhotla la puso ea libaka a ba joetse    ho itulela mahae.                                 baeti hore joale ba loantsana le ‘muso me ho
ho latela makhabane a ona, empa ba tsoalloa
                                                  likatleho tsa puso ea libaka.                          Balsebeletsi ba sechaba be ileng ba utloa     salalng ke hore na ea tlang hohlola ke mang.
borena.                                                                                              mohoo ona ba ile ka ahloloa holatela keletso          Ho fihlela ha joale, le ha lipuisano li
                                                      E bontsa hore sena se nkile karolo e kholo
    Ba itsetleha ka taba ena ho netefatsa                                                            ea mongoli e moholo oa ;muso monghali             ntse litsoela pele, ;muso o ntse o lumela
                                                  hore ebe puso ea libaka e sitoa ho atleha.
hore marena a hloleha ho etsa mosebetsi                                                              Tlohang Sekhamane.                                hore bahoebi bana ba tsehatsa mekha ea
                                                      Le ha hole joalo tlaleho e ile ea boela ea
onepahetseng hobane haba khethoe ke                                                                      Mekha ea bohanytsi e ile ea boela bitsa       bohanyetsi.
                                                  bontsa lintho tse ka lokisoang ho netefatsa
                                                  hore puso ea libaka e ea atleha.
    Sechaba se ile sa tsepa hore puso ea libaka       IDASA e lekola katleho ea puso ea libaka
e tla tlisa ntlafatso le ho ba fa litsebeletso.   linaheng tsa Africa e ka boroa tse kenyeletsang
Empa ho fihlela ha joale ha ba e-so fumane        Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia le
seo baneng ba se lebeletse.                       Botswana.
    Bothata bo boholo ke ho utloisisa                 Mokhatlo ona o lekola lintho tse kang
tsamaiso le boikarabello ba macoucilara,          melao, tsebetso ka kakaretso, ho kenya
marena le sechaba ka kakaretso. Le hore           letsoho hoa bohle le boikakabello.
puso ea libaka ke ntho ea nako e telele e             Hore puso ea libaka e atlehe, IDASA e
qalang ha sechaba se khetha baemeli ba            fumane hore bohle ba nang le koba ea boahali
sona.                                             ba lokela ho sebetsa ‘moho, le sechaba se
    Moelelo e ne e le ho fumana mokhoa oo         lokela ho kenya letsoho.
sechaba se metseng se tla abeloa mesebetsi            Mokhatlo ona o boetse oa fumana hore
le lichelete ho intlfatsa.                        meralo ea ntlafatso e lokela ho batalatsoa e le
    Qalong puso ea libaka e bile le liqholotso    hore ntlafatso e tsebe ho fihleloa.
tse ‘maloa tse kenyeletsang liqoso tse                Meralo ea ntlafatso ka kakaretso e lokela
etselitsoeng basebeletsi ba’muso. Ho hiroa        ho batelatsoa e le ho fa macoucilara monyetla
le ho fuoa mesebetsi hoe basebeletsi ba           oa ho fihlela litabatabelo tsa sechaba.
sechaba ba nag le litsebo tse fapakaneng ho           Ho latela litho tsa makhotla a puso ea
ile hoa lokeloa ke ho hlahlojoa.                  libaka, meralo ea ntlafatso e mengata e entsoe     Ba palami ba makoloi a baeti ba ile ba sotleha ha makoloi ne a pakiloe boitsekong
    Makala a ile a lokela ho bontsa le ho         empa e sitoa ho phethahatsoa.                      khahlanong le ho kengoa tsebetsong ha libese tsa ‘muso
netefatsa hore na hobaneng a hloka hore a             Tlhokahalo ea lisebelisuoa ke le leng la
                                                  mabaka e etsang hore ba sitoe ho phetha
kenyeletsoe tsebetsong ea puso ea libaka.
                                                  mesebetsi ea bona.
    Mesebetsi e kang ho fana ka tumello
                                                      Ho latela macouncilara, ho tloha joale ba
ea ho nka libukana tsa ho eta, ho fana ka
                                                  lokela ho etsa meralo e hlakileng me ba etse
litsebeletso tsa kalafo e ntlafatseng le
                                                  lintho ka tlhahlamano ea bohlkoa ba tsona, e
mesebetsi e meng e ile ea oela matsohong a        le hore ba tsebe ho sebelisa lisebelisoa tseo ba
basebe letsi ba puso ea libaka.                   nang le tsona ka tsela tse nepahetseng.
    Ho kengoa hoa puso ea libaka tsebetsong           Mekhatlo e ikemetseng eona e ile ea bontsa
ho ile hoa tsoenya marena haholo, ba ile ba       hore ba nang le kobo ea bohali litabeng tsa
lumela hore ba tsekisoa matla a bona a fuoa       puso ea libaka ha ba utloane, hobane sechaba
macouncilara. Taba ea hore ba emeloe ka           ha se kenye letsoho meralong.
hare ho puso ea libaka le eona e ile ea ba            Le hore ha hona mocha o nepahetseng oa
halefisa haholo.                                  lipuisano lipakeng tsa macouncilara, marena,
    Basotho ba bangata ba lumela hore             sechaba le ‘muso.
sechaba se hloka hore litsebeletso li isoe
moo ba pheleng teng.                                                                                 Beng ba makoloi ba ‘nile ba kena mehoantong e le boitseko khahlanong le ‘muso
12                                                                      Work For Justice                                                            ISSUE 81
                                                                                                        Economic Justice

Litaba ka litsoantso

Top Left) TRC e ‘nile ea epa lipitso ho hlalosetsa sechaba se etshalnagn pusong, (right) Bolebelli ba liboka tsa mekha ea lipollitiki e bile tsebetyso ea TRC

(Top left) TRC e entse hore metsi a mangata-ngata ana a Lesotho basoth oba une molemo ho ona, (right) TRC e lebelletse lihetho tse fapakaneng

(Top left) Bolisa ba tsebetso ea prtamente ka hore e ee sechabeng ke mosebetsi oa TRC, (right) Bo-ramakoloi ba ‘nile ba tla TRC ho kopa bokenalipakeng

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