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Top Tips For Finishing My Basement With Utah Builders

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 Top Tips For Finishing My Basement With Utah Builders
 By: Todd Cella | Posted: Sep 26, 2009

 When you hear someone say the words "basement renovation," it often evokes images of enjoying a game of
 pool or darts, the family watching the television together, or even regular gatherings of friends.

 That's because a renovated basement is almost always intended to be a place of leisure. Basement
 remodeling contractors can show you how to turn your cold and uninteresting basement into a warm
 gathering place.

 Renovating your basement into a livable space will mean you'll have to decide how to use the new area.
 Basement remodeling contractors can help you decide what choices may suit your needs best. Some design
 options for renovating your basement include:

 * Creating       a family room
 * Creating       multiple rooms such as a den and a bedroom
 * Creating       a room where the kids can freely play
 * Creating       a home office space
 * Creating       an entertainment area with built-in bar area
 * Creating       extra living space and adding a laundry room

 Speaking purely of finances, basements cost less per square foot than the upper levels of your house to
 finish. You can literally double the square footage of your house for much less when finishing a basement.

 Home equity loans or mortgages can be used to finance your basement remodeling project. Using either
 financing method, remodeling your basement is a smart investment in your home that will keep appreciating
 in value.

 Here's a story that a recent client related:

 "When my husband and I decided we needed more space in our 1400 square foot ranch, we did the math
 and decided it would be a lot simpler, and cheaper to finish a basement, than to add on an addition.

 Now we have a 2800 square foot house with two additional bedrooms, a bathroom, and a recreational room
 in the basement. Now it is quite a house! And we had it done for $14 dollars a square foot!, nearly half of
 what all the bids came in at!"

 Basement Remodeling Contractors
 Converting a basement into a room the family will use regularly requires some special knowledge. For
 example, basement ceiling heights are often a problem because they're lower than ceilings in the rest of the
 house. Also, basement walls are prone to moisture problems since the walls are underground. These kinds of                                                               Page 1 of 3
Top Tips For Finishing My Basement With Utah Builders (Print Ready)                                     5/25/11 1:25 PM

 issues are why hiring a professional, local basement remodeling contractor is always advised.

 Use basement remodeling contractors for your remodel and they'll offer you important information about
 making your renovated basement comfortable and maintenance free. Contractors know tricks of the trade
 such as what extra features to add.

 Often, basement floors are made out of concrete, and you might want to add a sub floor over the concrete
 before laying finishing materials. A contractor can also advise you on other amenities you may want to add
 to your basement, including a bathroom or kitchenette. Some of your decisions will be cost driven. The
 more features you add to the room, the more expensive the project.

 When you decide to remodel your basement, it's important to keep an open mind. You might have to take
 advantage of some unusual design tricks in order to hide the unsightly pipes and wiring normally found in
 the basement. This can include using innovative ceiling designs or special walls to hide building elements
 you don't want to see in a finished room.

 Lighting is one of the most important features of basement remodeling. Usually people think of basements
 as dark and scary places. You would be amazed how much extra lighting can do to rid of this ideology.

 One type of light that should never be used is fluorescent. Although natural lighting is the best, sometimes it
 isn't always possible to add more windows in a basement. If this is in your budget, more windows will
 create a much more homey feel. Ceiling and floor lighting should generously be used if this is not possible.

 Basement bathrooms not only add a lot of value to your family, but also monetary value to your home.
 However, installing a bathroom in a basement that hasn't already been stubbed for a bathroom can be very
 difficult and costly. It the cost is still worth it to you, be aware of the challenges that lie ahead. More than
 likely, the cement basement floor will need to be removed.

 Remodeling your can change it from the least visited part of the house to the most inviting. Since
 financially, basement remodeling is the cheapest way to expand a house, more people are turning to this
 than upper level home additions.

 Good Luck on your basement project and don't hesitate in contacting me with any questions.

 Did you find these tips helpful? You can learn more by visiting or contacting
 Todd Cella at

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Top Tips For Finishing My Basement With Utah Builders (Print Ready)                               5/25/11 1:25 PM

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 About the Author

 Todd Cella is a Professional Basement Finishing contractor in Utah, his company has developed a
 proprietary system for finishing basements with the best quality materials and master workmanship for $14
 a square foot....which is amazing when the market is charging over $25 per square foot for the same thing!
 You can contact Todd at or email him at

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