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					Connecticut Information
 Technology Institute

     Zeeshan Ahmad
   1.0 Business Summary
       1.1
       1.2 Zeeshan Ahmad
       1.3 Business Objectives (VoE)
             1.3.1 Revamp already exiting website, current
              website may be confusing at times.
             1.3.2 Customers can successfully navigate
              site and register for classes
             1.3.3 Be able to reach new customers
   1.4 Business Models
         1.4.1 Register for classes online
             Easy and complete credit card processing
             Outstanding customer service
             5 business day refund policy
             Search tool
         1.4.2 Business 2 Customer; Secure SSL
          Transaction Accepting VISA, MasterCard,
          Check, P.O., Wire Transfers

   2.0 Market Analysis
       2.1 Industry Analysis (VoI)
          2.1.1 Competition: MicroTek, New Horizons
          2.1.2 Comparative Analysis: Sites are very wordy,
           sometimes hard to navigate, don’t always cater to
           corporate needs, locations are not convenient
          2.1.3 Best practices: Easy to navigate, appealing
   2.2 Market Segmentation: Anyone in
    professional field
   2.3 Target Market Demographics: College
    undergrad, entry level graduate students,
    professionals with a need to learn programs
   2.4 Customer Need: Easy navigation,
    customer service, clear easy to use, simple
    registration process

   3.0 Marketing Strategy
       3.1 Value Proposition: Excellent, high-quality
        training in convenient downtown Stamford.
       3.2 Positioning Strategy: Excellent customer
       3.4 Market Entrance Strategy: CITI already
        exists and is well established, continue to
        create corporate relationships.
             CITI Milestones

   Continue to offer excellent service
   Gain new corporate clients through key
Connecticut Information
 Technology Institute

     Zeeshan Ahmad
      5.0 Site View
               5.1.1                             Home

                           Services                       About      About      Contact
     Courses                             Events
                                                           CITI      UConn        Us

Offerings        Course                                Fee for
                 Listing                               Service    Upcoming
                                          Facilities               Events

   5.1.2
       Page View(s) / User Interface Design
           The layout for CITI takes a highly interactive, yet
            at the same time simple approach
           Upon entering the site the user is immediately
            introduced to CITI and views our courses.
       Services and courses are easily accessible
       5.1.3
       Navigation Design
          Global Navigation Bar - On the top side of the website, there will be a global
           navigation bar. This bar will remain the same on all pages.
               Home link – This link brings the user back to the front page, no matter where else
                on the site the user may have gone
               Courses link – This link brings the user to the courses section where customers can
                view all the courses we offer.
               Services link – This link brings the user to the services section, where customers can
                view services we offer.
               Events link – This link will bring the user to the event page and show current events
                going on at CITI.
               About CITI – This link brings the user to the about CITI page where they can learn
                more about CITI..
               About UConn – Uconn links
               Contact US link
          Local Navigation Bar – Let’s the user navigate throughout the page the user is
           currently on
       5.1.4 Visual Design
         The final color scheme of the is consistent with the
          color scheme of UConn.
             Currently the logo we have is:
             So the visual design of the website has a blue/grey/whiteh
         The main colors used are blue / white.
         Links will be in white with a grey box over it when
          users hover over the link.
       5.1.5 Editorial Style
         Straight forward wording that directs user to
          desired location.
   5.2Technical Specifications
       5.2.1 User Platform Requirements
           DHTML / JavaScript / CSS2 enabled web browser
            such as Firefox, IE 7
       5.2.2 Developer Platform Requirements
       Dreamweaver 8.0
       Notepad
       Photoshop CS2
       FTP
   6
   6.1 Consumer Testing
       6.1.1 Design / Interface Testing
            Ensure that logic and sitemap is clear for the user
            Make sure that the learning curve for the site is minor
       6.1.2 Navigation Testing
            Ease of Navigation
            Upon entering the site, the user should be able to find what
             he/she is looking for
            Consistency of global and local link areas across the site
       6.1.3 Usability Testing
             Focus groups – Have a user navigate through the site
              without any prior knowledge to as how the site works
             Document comments
             Make changes if needed
   6.2
       6.2.1Content Checking
             Spell check
             Images are relevant to page.
             Description of course is accurate
             Make sure the course are all priced correctly when it goes to
              the checkout
   6.2.2 Functionality Testing
       Make sure users can add courses to shopping cart.
       Make sure users can register with CITI.
       Make sure users can remove items from shopping
       Make sure all items are successfully carried to the
        Checkout page
       Ensure that credit card purchases transact completely

   6.2.3 Browser / OS Compatibility Testing
       Test in all widely used web browsers
       Test in Mac and Windows.
Connecticut Information
 Technology Institute

    Marketing Plan
     Zeeshan Ahmad
   7.1 Types of Marketing Strategy
     Radio Spots

     Newspaper

     Press Release

     E-Blast – Showcase of Upcoming Classes

     Strategically placed “sell sheets” around
     Word of Mouth

   7.1.2 Positioning
       Excellent Quality and Service
       Get feedback using surveys after each class.
   7.1.3 Threats of Substitution
       Other Training Centers (Dolce Center, New

   7.2 Online Sales Strategy
       Create satisfied customers and have repeat
       Special Offers – Discounts on classes
       Identifying most popular classes/services
        and have most accessible links go to them
       “OnLine@CITI” – Show upcoming classes

   7.3 Channel Management
       “Admin Site" – Monitor classes that have
        been registered for
       Eliminate conflict using customer registration

   7.4 Brand Management
       Our goal is to set a high standard of quality
        and service in the IT/Project Management
        Training market.
       CITI – Connecticut Information Technology
       Affiliation with UConn helps to boost status.
       Easy name to remember.
   Customer Relationship Management
       Database with all customer’s information
       This database and can help us note trends
        to see what customers are looking for,
        interested in, what we should be prepared
        for the most.
       9 – 5 Phone/E-mail support
       FAQs
       Contact Us
       Customer Relationship Management
         Database with all customer’s information
         This database and can help us note trends to see
          what customers are looking for, interested in, what
          we should be prepared for the most.
         E-Blast – Keeps customers updated and remember
          our name
         9 – 5 Phone/E-mail support
         FAQs
         Contact Us

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