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					Instructional Planning
Weaving Nutrition Education into
Teacher’s Instructional Planning

Presented by: Valerie Parsons, M.A., M.Ed. And Lizett Olivares, R.D.
Monrovia Unified School District
The changes in today’s classroom
             Single Subject
• Teachers work in a bubble – in charge of their
  own planning, teaching, and evaluation.

• Interdisciplinary or thematic instruction is
  possible. However, it tends to be infrequent
  and considered “extra” to the regular

• Tested subjects are the focus October – May
  and “other” subjects (Art, Music, Nutrition,
  etc.) are the focus in June and September.
Single Subject Lesson Examples
 • Dairy Council Lessons
 • The Children’s Power Play Campaign
 • Harvest of the Month (HOTM)
 • Monrovia’s Cooking-in-the Classroom
 • The Daily Nibble
 • And many others…
              Ideal vs. Reality
• Reality-- Just as health standards came out, budget cuts
  started to happen.

• The ideal is to teach nutrition as a single subject.

• In today’s circumstances, integration seems to be the
  most effective way to ensure nutrition education is taught.

• Integration teaches nutrition through core subjects.

• Single-Subject Nutrition Education is fairly easy for
  teachers if they can find the time.

• Integration is challenging and is where the focus of
  Professional Development can developed.
      Continuum of Integration

Messaging                                    Interdisciplinary                                      Integrated

              Single Subject Nutrition Education?

 Adapted from Brazee & Capelluti (1995), Dissolving Boundaries: Toward an Integrative Curriculum.
          Nutrition Messaging
                           Level 1

• Nutrition messages are consistently incorporated into core

• These messages are not skills-based.

• These messages may or may not meet Health Standard 1:
  Essential Concepts.

• The goal is to send consistent nutrition messages
  throughout the school year

• Begins to build a healthy culture.
Share this book
  Improving the School Culture
• Begins with collective conversations that create
  shared understandings.

• This dialogue is a reflective learning process in
  which group members seek to understand each
  other’s viewpoints and deeply held assumptions.

• Dialogue leads to collective meaning and these
  shared understandings become the basis of shared
  missions, visions, values, and goals.

              »   Garmston & Wellman, The Adaptive School
   How can you make this
      lesson Level 1?
• Core Standards Integrated
  – Math: Problem solving and algebra
    (mean, median, mode)

  – Science: Experimentation/process skills
    of observing, measuring, hypothesis,
    predicting, etc.

  – Writing: Introductory paragraphs

  – Technology skills
Life Savers Excel Spreadsheet Project

• Which flavor of Life Savers candy will last the

• The entire 4th grade at John F. Pattie Elementary
  School ate Life Savers for 2 months to find out!

• The experiment involved eating Life Savers while
  being timed, graphing the data in Microsoft Excel,
  and then publishing their results.
   Sean & Kellyn’s Lifesaver Graphs
Hi , I'm Sean and this is Kellyn. I like Legos, K'nex, video games,
and soccer. Kellyn likes soccer, to collect dolls, basketball and
writing. We are doing a lifesaver test to see how long a lifesaver
takes to melt in our mouths. After it melted in our mouths we
recorded it and put it in graphs on the computer. Red lasted the
longest in our mouths. We hope you liked our graphs.
Reflection on Messaging
• Do you think using Life
  Saver candy made
  students want to eat them

• How could you make this
  lesson have a healthy
  nutrition message?

• Do you think your
  teachers are consistently
  incorporating nutrition
  messages into the school
      Continuum of Integration

Messaging                                     Interdisciplinary                                     Integrated

 Adapted from Brazee & Capelluti (1995), Dissolving Boundaries: Toward an Integrative Curriculum.
                                  Level 2
• Most common approach to integration.

• It includes one health standard (2-8) integrated with one core

• Often, integration occurs through a major event or unit.
    – A grade level might create a Math Night with a nutrition component.
    – A nutrition theme-based unit with nutrition integrating one subject area.
    – Multiple subjects may contribute but through a parallel approach.

• At first, it may still seem to be an add-on, but eventually is seen
  as a way to make core curriculum more meaningful.
Interdisciplinary: Level 2

             Describe one or
                 two ways
               integration is
               different than
Data Snacks Lesson
• Read over the Data
  Snacks lesson.
• As a group, rate it’s
  effectiveness as a
  nutrition education
  lesson on a scale of
  1 to 5.
Interdisciplinary Integration
1. As a group, choose
   one Health Standard
   to focus on in this
   lesson and then
   develop a nutrition
   education activity.
2. A few tables will
   share their ideas.
      Continuum of Integration

Messaging                                     Interdisciplinary                                     Integrated

 Adapted from Brazee & Capelluti (1995), Dissolving Boundaries: Toward an Integrative Curriculum.
Working Towards Full Integration
 • Level 3 is a process and can always be improved
   by integrating more core subjects.

 • Cooperative planning between teachers

 • Requires effective instruction to be successful.

 • Use effective teachers to model for others.
             Full Integration
                          Level 3

• Take a step beyond the previous level by incorporating a
  Health Standard, Nutrition Competency, HOTM and a
  Nutrition Message into more than one content area.

• All Health Standards are addressed at some point during
  the year.

• Cooperative planning between teachers is a must to
  make this approach to curriculum powerful and practical.

• No artificial division of knowledge into the subject areas.

• Here, integration is not an “add-on” to the regular
  curriculum instead nutrition education is the vehicle in
  which to teach core subjects.
• Think: What level of
  nutrition education do you
  think a majority of your
  teachers are at?

• Pair: Share the level of
  your teachers.

• Share: Wait for the signal
  and by a show of hands,
  indicate what level your
  teachers are at.
Keeping the message consistent…
 How do we remind teachers to incorporate
nutrition messages throughout the entire year?

        Pacing Guides!
Components of Lesson Design

 Curriculum                Instruction




What is Curriculum Alignment?

alignment refers to
the process of
standards, then
developing learning
objectives that are
directly targeted to
the standards.
   What are Pacing Guides?
A planning tool that
helps teachers
chart the timing of
their instruction so
that all tested
topics are taught
prior to the
administration of
the state test.
Diving Deeper into Pacing Guides
• There is no single format for a
  pacing guide.

• Usually involves multiple levels
  of collaboration.

• Textbooks often have pacing

• Other names
   HOTM Rotation for 2010-2011 School Year
Used for development of HOTM Support Materials
        Compiled by Southern California

 September             Apples
 October               Winter Squash/Pumpkins
 November              Persimmons
 December              Pears
 January               Mandarins
 February              Sweet Potatoes
 March                 Cabbage
 April                 Asparagus
 May                   Avocado
 June                  Zucchini
 July                  Melons
 August                Grapes
                   CA Health                       Activity
Mont                                Lesson                                       Taste       Literature      Cafeteria
       Produce     Education                          NEA      Tasting Trio                                                   NAC         Nutrient
 h                                   Ideas                                      Testing      Book for         Menu
                   Standards                       cooking

                    Scan and insert HOTM Overview
                                  Nutrient vs.    Pear Party   Party Pear
                                                                                            Eating Pairs:
                                                                                              Fruits &
Dec      Pears     Valid Health                                                Poached                       Orange        Newsletter       Fiber
                                  Low Nutrient      Salsa       Frisbees                     Vegetables
                   Information                                                  Pears                         Pears
                                     Food                                                    by Schutte

                   Interpersona                                                             An Orange
                                                                 Sunny        Chicken and                    Mandarin        Physical
                          l       Teacher for      Sunrise                                  in January
Jan    Mandarins                                                 Breeze        Mandarin                      Orange          Activity     Vitamin C
                   Communicat       a Day           Pizza                                    by Aston
                                                                 Salad         Roll-ups                       Salad           Event
                        ion                                                                    (AR)

                                  Your Own                                                  Vegetables(
                                  Adventure                     Paradise                     Good For       Spicy Baked      Nutrient
        Sweet       Decision                       Sweet                        Glazed
Feb                                  or                          Sweet                        Me) by           Sweet         Density      Potassium
       Potatoes     Making                        Potato Pie                    Sweet
                                   Decision                     Potatoes                      Hewitt        Potato Fries
                                   Making                                                      (AR)

                                                                                            The Have a
                                    Physical        Stir Fry     Cool          Braised       Good Day
                                                                Cabbage                                                     White Milk
Mar    Cabbage     Goal Setting   Activity Goal    Cabbage                     Cabbage        Café’ by      Asian Slaw                    Vitamin K
                                                                Confetti                                                    Challenge
                                     Target         Wraps                     with Apples      Park

                                  Healthy vs.                  Awesome                      Groundhog’
                    Health                        Asparagus                    Sesame                       Parmesan       Healthy Kids
Apr    Asparagus                  Unhealthy                    Asparagus                     s Garden                                      Folate
                   Enhancing                        Pasta                     Asparagus                     Asparagus         Day
                                    Fats                       Appetizer                     Grew by
                                                                                            Cherry (AR)

                                                                                             The Fruit
                                                                                  Avo-      Bowl/Vegeta      Avocado
                     Health                                     California
May    Avocado                     Pen Pals       Fiesta Dip                   Pineapple    ble Soup by      Spinach          MEO          MUFA
                    Promotion                                   Crackers
                                                                               Smoothie      Warren &         Salad

                                                                                            Delicious: A     Roasted
                    Essential     Think Your       Zucchini-   Lady Bugs       Zucchini      Pumpkin         Lemon
June   Zucchini                                                                                                             Field Trip     Water
                    Concepts        Drink         Parm Saute   on a Leaf       Marinara     Soup Story       Pepper
 A Pacing Guide           Curriculum Mapping

  is an outline of the      is an outline of the

Intended curriculum      Implemented curriculum
Physical Activity
            Nutrition Integration Flow Map

                      Familiarize yourself
Choose a California        with the          Find a Content
 Health Education      competencies for       Standard to
    Standard.            that Health           Integrate.

   Look at your       Establish Learning      Create a lesson
 District Nutrition   Objectives for your       activity that
Education Topic for        lesson.               integrates
the corresponding                            standards and the
      month.                                   monthly topic.

    Assess your           Check for
  lesson—does it      Understanding and
     include all       Assess Students
   components?            Learning
1.   Each table will be assigned 1 of the 8 Health Standards

2.   Become familiar with the Nutrition Competencies in 4th grade
     for your assigned Health Standard.

3.   As a group, design a lesson that integrates: (20 minutes)
     •   HOTM
     •   Assigned CHECS
     •   Correlating Nutrition Competency
     •   One Core Standard (Focus on March, April and May)

4.   Using chart paper to highlight the integrated components, each
     group will have 1 minute to present their lesson idea.

5.   During the presentations, take notes! By the end, you will have
     all 8 Health Standards integrated into the 4th grade Core
Action Steps to Implementation
• Determine what level your district is at now.

• What level will you strive towards next?

• Use your completed 4th grade Pacing Guide as an
  example for teachers, curriculum coordinators and
  other partners

• Nutrition Educators can use it to remind teachers of
  how to integrate specific health standards on a
  monthly basis.
How do we get teachers to incorporate nutrition
      education into their pacing guides?

          It’s all about the

        Integrating Nutrition into
             Pacing Guides

•   Getting Started
•   Year One
•   Year Two
•   Year Three
              In Closing….
• Questions

• Comments

• Review
At a Glance

Summer Institute is a four
day workshop that provides
resources, training, and
technical assistance to
teachers in order to
enhance the quality of
nutrition education they
provide in their classrooms
and beyond…
Planning Teacher Trainings
• Consider year long approach

• Assess your teachers

• Be selective about the timing of your

• Less is more…

• Determine follow-up plan and timeline
Planning Summer Institute
• Considered revising the MUSD Pacing
  Guides with CHECS

• Decided to narrow our focus to 2-3
  CHECS and model them effectively

• Allowed teachers time to reflect, plan,
  and deliver

• Group teacher presentations
Day One

                        Guest Speaker:
                        Dipa Shaw Patel
Monrovia USD Teachers
    Prek -8 grade
Day One cont...
Day Two

 Healthy Halloween
Day Two cont…

        A Closer Look at CHECS
Effective Modeling
• Few teachers have the opportunity to
  observe other teachers in action.

• It is crucial to demonstrate nutrition
  education activities in order for teachers
  to deliver lessons effectively.

• Avoid handing curriculum, resources,
  etc. to teachers without coaching them
  with what you envision.
HOTM Resources
Pumpkin HOTM Lesson
• Refer to your MUSD Nutrition education
  flow map on Pumpkins.

• HOTM Tasting Trio DEMO.
  –   15-20 minutes max
  –   Concise
  –   Integrated
  –   realistic resources
  –   FUN!!
Day Three Highlights
• Rethink Your Drink
  – Teachers view modeling of the four
    lesson tool kit provided by LA Collab.
  – Math concepts will be integrated with all
    lessons for lower and upper grades

• Pacing Guide Revisions
  – Teachers will work in grade-level groups
    to revise pacing guides to incorporate
    CHECS and nutrition focused-activities
Pacing Guides-all grade levels
•   Each table will represent a different grade level.

•   Using your Flow Map, start with choosing one
    Health Standard and follow the steps until you
    have completed all the steps in the map.

•   Repeat the process until you have integrated all
    8 health standards into the pacing guide or until
    time runs out. (10 min.)

•   Using chart paper, describe one activity you
    created. You will have 1 minute to present your
    activity and what Health Standard, Content
    Standard and Monthly Nutrition Education Topic
    it integrates with.
Day Four Highlights
• Teacher reflections
  – Teachers will reflect on what they learn
  – Develop a grade-level plan on how they
    will integrate nutrition in the classroom

• Teacher Presentations
  – 10 minute presentations for each grade

• Wrap-up
Day Four Presentations
In Summary
• You can control the size and time allotted
  for your teacher trainings
  – Find key teachers using administrative
  – Assess where your teachers are and set a
  – Start by grade level, school, subject
  – Use Network allowable curriculum as
    resources to guide your teachers when
    planning integration
Now it’s your turn!
• Divide the back of a paper in half.
• Left side: 2-3 CHECS you feel
  comfortable with & understand
• Right side: Nutrition ed. topics related to
• Choose one idea to share with a shoulder
• Together, troubleshoot:
  – Date, place, resources needed, and
    amount of time allotted for training.

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