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									     Central Asia
Village Water Supply

  International Service
Project for Rotary Clubs
     RI Mandate for Districts & Clubs
          RI Mandate for Districts & Clubs

• Undertake International Service Projects to provide clean
water to people in Rotary nations as humanitarian service
• Examples:
   • Nigerian Wells Project (
   • Central Asia Villages Project (
   • Caribbean Water Projects (
 Central Asia Region
Central Asia Region
    Why project in Central Asia?
   Why a a projectin Central Asia?

• Humanitarian Need… Tajikistan is the poorest nation
  outside of Africa. Its per capita income is less than $200.
• Newest Rotary Nation… show Tajiks & Kyrgyz people
  that business and community leaders in the USA are
  prepared to help.
• Public Diplomacy… Rotary is critical to the
  development and democratization of these nations.
  Embassy leaders are joining with these projects.
• First Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, then Kazakhstan.
  Perhaps later Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.
      Tajikistan per capita income is less than $200,
      a level smaller than every nation on the planet
      with the exception of half a dozen African nations.

  Tajikistan per capita income

However, literacy rates in Tajikistan are high (above 98%)
suggesting an excellent potential for economic development.

                          Water Project Area
                           around Tokmak
                      east of the capital city of Bishkek

Mountain Springs

Destination Village

            Rotary Club of Bishkek,
         Rotary Club of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
   Rotary Club of                          The Rotary Club
  Bishkek Officers                         of        Bishkek
Delivering Water Pipe                      formed at the end
                                           of 1998, with the
                                           support        of
                                           District 2430 of

                   Kenneth Arne
                          Project Chair
                   Askar Khadjimuratov                                 Rotary Club and
                   Yuri Gerasimchuck                                     Community
                                                                     Inspect Completed

                                          The         Kyrgyzstan
                                          Rotary           project
                                          collects surface water
                                          from mountain springs
                                          and pipes it to villages

              Project Regions
        Typical rural dwelling
Typical rural
                           Tajikistan Team
                          Tajikistan Team
                            The Newest Rotary

     Graeme Loten
 2005-2006 President
Rotary Club of Dushanbe
   U.K. Ambassador                                       Bill Kennedy, Rotarian
                                                         Water Committee Chair
                             Sabina Dzalaeva, Rotarian
                                                             USAID Attorney
                             Project Chair in Dushanbe

  Daler Domullojonov
   Senior Engineer
                                   Rustam Tajibaev       Michal Fidler, Rotarian
                                   Engineer Intern          Project Trainer
                Project Trainees in USA
              Project Traineesin USA
                      University Exchange Students Deliver
                         Presentations to Rotary Clubs,
                       Assemble Grant Applications and
                            Prepare Project Reports

  Cindy (England)                                            Vladimir (Uzbekistan)
Sep 2005 – Mar 2006                                             Jun – Sep 2005

                        Getnet (Ethiopia)     Paolo Italy)
                        Feb – May 2006      Feb – May 2006

Hiywot (Ethiopia)                                             Vasco (Germany)
 Sep – Dec 2005                                                Aug – Oct 2005
                         Donations (35 Clubs)                 Presentations and Donations

March 2005 (3 Tajik Villages)                  March 2006 (Kyrgyzstan)
 1.   LaBelle              $   1000
 2.   Clewiston            $    500         22.   Charlotte Harbor                 $100
 3.   Sheridan - IN        $   1000         23.   Fort Myers South                 $250
 4.   Noblesville - IN     $    500         24.   Wellington                       $250
                                            25.   Fort Myers Beach                 $400
Jan. 2006 (9 Tajik Villages)                26.   Pahokee                          $500
                                            27.   Maitland                         $500
5.    Lehigh Acres         $   1000
6.    Cape Coral           $   2000         28.   Villages at Lady Lake            $500
7.    Dade City            $   1000         29.   Doral                            $520
8.    Murdock              $   1000         30.   Greenfield -IN                   $572
9.    Gulf Beaches         $   1000         31.   Fort Pierce Sunrise              $1000
10.   Placida              $    600         32.   North Dade                       $1000
11.   Rockville – IN       $   2250
                                            33.   Muncie Sunrise - IN              $1000
13.   South Venice         $   1000
14.   Venice-Nokomis       $   1000         33.   Lakeland North                   $1000
15.   Immokalee            $   1500         34.   Anna Maria Island                $1000
16.   Bonita Springs       $   1000         35.   Portland                         $2000
17.   Sanibel-Captiva      $   1000
18.   Naples Bay           $   1000   Club funds are matched by districts, TRF
19.   Englewood            $   1000   and CARE to yield project funds of 4x or
20.   Peace River          $   1000   7x the club donations.
21.   Seminole             $   1000
           Outline & Schedule               Outline & Schedule

Constructed 3 Village Water Systems in Tajikistan
                       (Apr – Dec 2005)

9 New Village Projects in Tajikistan
                        (Jan 2006 – Mar 2007)

5 New Village Projects in Kyrgyzstan
                        (Mar 2006 – Mar 2007)

  Rotary International (Clubs, Districts, TRF)
     20 clubs in Florida
     6 clubs in Indiana, Montana, and Canada
     Dushanbe (Tajikistan) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
          Matching Formula
Rotary International
 Club donation                     $ 1000
 Typical district match            $ 1000
 TRF match                         $ 1500
Rotary Subtotal                    $ 3500
NGO Partners*                      $ 3500
(CARE, Soros, ADB)
TOTAL FUNDS                        $ 7000

* Rotary is also doing some projects without
 NGO co-sponsors.
       Water Users Associations (WUA’s)
 Water Users Associations (WUA’s)
In each village, a water users association (WUA) is created
to plan, construct and maintain the water system. A project
engineer provides training and guidance for the WUA.
       Water Users Associations (WUA’s)
        Water Users Associations
WUA’s become the local utility committees and empower
residents for governance of natural resources in their region
  Hanging Pipe Sections

             • The most challenging part
               of the project was the
               construction of a 400m
               hanging over a valley
               section of a pipeline
Hanging Pipe Sections
               RESERVOIR TANK
            RESERVOIR TANK
• Reservoir tank of 7,000 gallons storage capacity has been
  installed to stabilize the water supply to the village.

• The water is being stored during the low demand periods-
  night, and supplied during the high-demand periods during
  the morning and evening hours.
• From the reservoir tank the
  water is delivered to three
  tapstands inside the village
  and one delivery point in the
  village mosque

                                  • Each tapstand
                                    serves 20-25

                                  • Each household
                                    (extended family)
                                    includes 20-30
Water Supply
   BEFORE         Water
Rotary Project    supply
                            Water Supply
                 Before &
                   After    Rotary Project
 Recognition Boards to be

Permanent recognition boards will be installed.
   Project website:
Detailed information about project locations
Rotary clubs involvement
Detailed project information
Pictures of project villages
Application online. Get involved!
Questions & Discussion
Hush Omaded – Welcome to Dushanbe

       - capital of Tajikistan

       - youngest Rotary city
Aerial view
City center
Universities, monuments
Tajik houses
Soviet blocks of flats
Waste (un) management
Destroyed infrastructure

Destroyed infrastructure
     Water is plentiful, but rivers are
    contaminated by erosion & wastes

Water is plentiful, but rivers are contaminated by erosion & wastes
Primitive transportation

   Primitive transportation
Tajik culture
Traditional bazaar
Religion - Islam
Relicts of history
Family events
Proud to be a Tajik
Russian influence
Buz Kashi – national sport
Tajikistan Team
New Rotary club of Dushanbe
RI-Dushanbe club officers
Welcoming new member
Michal Fidler - Rotarian

Michal Fidler - Rotarian
CARE Tajikistan - Daler Domullojonov

   CARE Tajikistan - Daler
Village Project Process
Meeting with village authorities

Meeting with village authorities
 Agreements & plan preparation

Agreements & plan preparation
 Technical committee at work

Technical committee at work
          Natural spring &
      catchment basin – water

Natural spring & catchment basin – water source
         Terrain mapped

Terrain mapped
Luchob project budget - $10,000
Rotary club of LaBelle - $ 5,000
CARE International     - $ 5,000

               Project budget
            WUA creation

Creation of Water Users Association (WUA)
     Training of villagers

Training of villagers
     Women involvement

Women involvement
Digging of

  Digging of pipeline trenches
Pipelines installed

          Pipelines installed
  Hanging pipes - 400 meters length

Hanging pipes - 400 meters length
  Water reservoir tank – 7000 gallon

Water reservoir tank – 7000 gallon capacity
     4 water
   points in the

4 water delivery points in the village
   Water before and
    after project

Water before and after project
Other project villages in Tajikistan
       Kosataroshi-poyon, TAJ

Kosataroshi-poyon, TAJ
                   RI Sheridan & Noblesville, IN
Kosataroshi-poyon, TAJ
                Purzobod, TAJ

Purzobod, TAJ
         RI Sheridan & Noblesville, IN
              Buvak, TAJ

Buvak, TAJ
      RI Rockville, IN
Buvak, TAJ
Kosataroshi-bolo, TAJ
Kosataroshi-bolo, TAJ
Obizak, TAJ
Luchobi poyon, TAJ
               Alkhuch, TAJ

Alkhuch, TAJ
The End

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