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Part of an LB Croydon Pilot

DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                              INTRODUCTION
         This District Community Audit (DCA) is one of three pilot DCA that seeks to investigate a new way for local
         communities to inform local public service delivery and investment priorities.

         The purpose of the DCA is three-fold:
         To identify whether and how the priority issues identified in the Croydon Community Strategy map on to the
         district scale.
         To identify a set of key issues for consideration by the LSP and also through the subsequent master-
         planning/regeneration process.
         To pilot the development of a constructive framework that Neighbourhood Partnerships might use as a tangible
         outcome into which they can feed-back key local issues to Croydon Council and the Croydon LSP; to create the
         means for effective engagement and on-going dialogue between local service providers and local communities.

         The intention of Croydon Council in commissioning the pilot DCAs is that they – or something similar – may be
         used to inform the frequent Community Strategy refresh process, as well as planning and investment decisions
         related to district-level regeneration.

         The DCA follows the structure of the Borough-wide Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) to create – wherever
         possible – a clear link between local community priorities and Croydon-wide public service priorities. The
         document covers five of the six SCS themes; the SCS theme „Delivering High Quality Public Services and
         Improving Value-for-Money‟ is not included as a separate theme, but, because the DCA priorities are community-
         led, should instead be considered as a cross-cutting theme for all others.

         Some of the SCS themes are further broken-down to represent the value placed on some topics at the community
         level. For each theme or sub-theme, the following information is included: some baseline information about the
         area; the set of issues raised through community consultation; tables setting out key issues, service provider
         response, issues that may be tackled through mainstream provision („issues for the LSP‟), issues to be considered
         in the up-coming District Regeneration Strategies; some of the most relevant policies and initiatives that are
         currently in place.
         The DCA document represent a wide variety of views. We wish to thank the following for their participation:
         South Norwood and Woodside ward councillors; Neighbourhood Partnership members from both wards; the
         Business Partnership; the Safer Neighbourhood team; residents who responded to the local survey and/or
         attended workshops.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                   METHODOLOGY

        Identification and discussion of the key issues presented in the DCA were gathered in the
        following process:

            Baseline Analysis of Area

                Workshop with                Review of previous             Vision and Values
               Ward Councillors             consultations/minutes         Survey (91 responded)

                     Community Thematic Workshops (13 people over 3 workshops)

                     Supplementary Consultation                              Refine and Group
                       - Neighbourhood Partnership (15-20)                key issues by SCS theme

                Seven thematic Working Groups convened to consider issues
                                -What is being done and what else could be done
                              (over 75 officers and partner representatives invited)

             Integrate information from
                Working Groups with              Community Drop-in: Feed back officer/partner
                     key issues                input to community and „where do we go from here‟ (10)

                                                                                       Draft DCA
          Theme 1:
  Safer, Stronger and More
  Sustainable Communities

• Crime and Community Safety
• Community
        Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Feeling Safer by
        Reducing Crime Improving Quality of Life

        What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
          • Make neighbourhoods safer and tackling priority crime (because priority crime and community safety
            issues vary by place);
          • Create a safer Town Centre (because this area has the highest volume of crime, given the number of
            people who travel through and visit here);
          • Combat hate crime, domestic violence, rape and other sexual offences (because across the UK this is a
            widely under-reported form of crime and because it is one of the most feared);
          • Improve communication and community involvement (because fear of crime is rising despite the fact
            that the actual incidence of crime is falling);
          • Managing prolific and priority offenders by improving the criminal justice system (because a small
            number of people are often responsible for a large majority of crime);
          • Addressing drug misuse and crime (because there is a strong link between drug misuse and crimes
            such as shoplifting, burglary, theft).

         What do we know about crime and community safety in New
         Addington & Fieldway?

         Metropolitan Police data for 2005/06 and 2006/07 show a number of trends in New Addington
         and Fieldway:

         • A significant increase in criminal damage offences in both Fieldway and New Addington
         • Burglary and robbery offences significantly lower than the Croydon average
         • Both wards are consistently above the Croydon average for offences involving violence
         against the person.
         • A significant increase in drug offences within Fieldway

         The index of deprivation in the crime domain for 2004, gives a somewhat more complex
         picture. The crime domain looks measures the rate of recorded crime for four major crime
         themes - burglary, theft, criminal damage, and violence – at the sub-ward level. Here we can
         see a divide within New Addington and Fieldway, whereby the west of this district experiences
         the highest levels of crime, although both wards (especially Fieldway) experience a significant
         level of crime in the southern parts of the wards.

        • Milne Park ASB and vandalism – from school letting-out time
        • Teenagers drinking in public spaces and general teenage nuisance ASB as a spectator sport
        • Cudham Drive – ASB/vandalism/fly-tipping watching brief
        • ASB, vandalism and fly-tipping in Vulcan Way
        • Young people drink at and fight over football pitches
        • Joy-riders in the area - including motorbikes on thoroughfares and in open spaces

        Community Safety
        • Speeding cars

        Fear of Crime
        • Low police presence compounded by the loss of New Addington Police Station as a key concern
        • Fear of crime in open spaces
        • A „sometimes intimidating environment‟ on Central Parade
        • Youths hanging around
        • Street drinking – need a „no drinking‟ area to be designated and continued vigilance and orders needed‟
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                    CRIME & COMMUNITY SAFETY

ISSUE                        Has this issue been address or is being                         Issues for LSP               Issues for the Masterplan/
                                           addressed?                                                                       Regeneration Strategy

Vandalism              Vandalism though to occur because the facility is         Find use for the facility over an
- Milne Park           disused. Plans are in place to refurbish the old           18-hour period per day.                Yes – plan for the
                       changing rooms into a pavilion for community use.                                                 children‟s play area in the
                       Funding bids have been submitted.                                                                 evenings.
Fly Tipping            The Council continues to collect dumped waste from        Working with the owners to look at
- Vulcan Way           this privately owned industrial estate, which only         a sustainable option to the issue
                       increases its reputation as a fly-tipping area.            e.g. restricting access to the area,
                                                                                  or via options such as mobile
- Fly-tipping behind   Croydon Enterprise and Central Parade businesses to
Central Parade shops   fund security gates on Access Road, Central Parade,
                       and security doors on Central Parade stairwells.
Anti-Social            Cudham Drive – 5 injunctions raised and problem           Develop joint operations, co-
Behaviour              families moved on in 2007.                                 ordinating service provider
- Cudham Drive                                                                    resources (HOME Housing
                                                                                  Association, SNT, Safer Croydon)
                                                                                  to address any future issues.
- Milne Park           Dispersal order has been in effect since 2007. SNT        Youth shelter option needs to be      Greater community use of
                       will continue to work to address the issue at Milne Park   developed in conjunction with the      the Park via improved
                       - mobile and seasonal issue.                               young people (based on best            facilities.
                                                                                  practice models).                      DRS could look to options
                                                                                                                         to site Youth Shelters.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                   CRIME & COMMUNITY SAFETY

ISSUE                                Has this issue been address or is being                      Issues for LSP               Issues for the
                                                   addressed?                                                                   Masterplan/
                                                                                                                            Regeneration Strategy

- ASB as a spectator sport,      PCSO can issue a warning when mini-mopeds are        Effective enforcement has proven
including mini-mopeds.           stopped, but only registered vehicles can be given    successful, and should continue in
                                 formal section 59 warnings and power to seize         the future.
                                 vehicles. 1 Seizure of a mini-moped makes an
- Joy Riding / Speeding cars     CE Community Capital Fund – will install vehicle                                          DRS to consider
                                 activated speed indicator warning sign at Montacute                                        traffic calming
                                 Road.                                                                                      measures.
Drinking in Public Spaces        A „No Drinking Zone‟ has been implemented.
- Teenagers drinking in public
- Street Drinkers                Dispersal Order in place, effective when enforced.

Police Presence                  Fieldway Sergeant now in post, so both SNTs have
                                 full complement of staff, who co-ordinate their
                                 shifts/rotas to provide the
                                 maximum possible visibility.
                                 A New Addington Neighbourhood Enforcement
                                 Officer has been approved, and is being recruited.
Environment                      Police/SNT patrols during evening hours on Central    Environmental improvements to the    DRS to look at ways
- Fear of crime in open spaces   Parade.                                               area to “design out” fear of crime   of designing out
- sometimes „intimidating                                                              issues e.g. effective lighting,      crime and fear of
environment‟ on Central                                                                communal areas etc.                  crime in Central
Parade                                                                                                                      Parade
- Youth‟s hanging around
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                     CRIME & COMMUNITY SAFETY

         Crime Reduction Strategy 2007-2010
         The Safer Croydon Partnership is the statutory body responsible for co-ordinating the development and
         implementation of Croydon‟s Crime Reduction Strategy. The Partnership consists of public sector agencies,
         business, community and voluntary sector organisations. The main aim of the crime reduction strategy is to
         provide a framework for delivering national and local crime reduction priorities

         Safer Neighbourhood Team
         A Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) operates in both New Addington and Fieldway wards, the purpose of
         which is to provide policing that addresses the particular issues in local places, by targeting certain issues
         and/or changing their shift patterns to offer the most efficient policing of key local issues.

         Both the New Addington SNT and the Fieldway SNT are based at the Addington Police Station. The SNT
         have a dedicated phone line that is open to the community to call to discuss any local priorities.

         In terms of consultation, informally, the SNT consult the community when opportunities arise, as appropriate.
         Formally, the SNT also run neighbourhood panel to consult with local people about key issues and how these
         can be best addressed.

         Current Ward Priorities (for both New Addington and Fieldway)
         1 - Youth Disorder / Anti-Social Behaviour
         2 - Graffiti
         3 - Untaxed Abandoned Vehicles

         Safer Neighbourhood Team Ward Panel
         The opportunity to join the safer neighbourhood panel for the New Addington and Fieldway area is open to all
         ward Residents, and more information is available from the SNTs on 020 8649 1492. Currently wards
         panels meet monthly, and will move to bi-monthly in 2008.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                     CRIME & COMMUNITY SAFETY


        There are two warden schemes operating in Croydon – a neighbourhood enforcement team (set up in
        October 2007) and a neighbourhood warden scheme. The neighbourhood enforcement officers work with
        police across Croydon (and locally within 4 specific wards) to patrol crime hotspots and have the power to
        enforce on-the-spot fines for littering etc., whilst neighbourhood wardens work in particular neighbourhoods.

        Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer
        Reporting to the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel and employed through the Council‟s Safer Croydon
        department, the NEO will provide a high-visibility presence and response to anti-social behaviour, including:
        The post holder will effectively respond to problems of anti social behaviour (ASB) litter, graffiti, abandoned
        vehicles, illegal street trading, dog waste, utilising powers under the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, Anti Social
        Behaviour Act 2003 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 and other relevant anti social and
        enforcement legislation including issue of fixed penalty notices (FPN).
        NEOs will be rolled out across all Croydon wards over a three-year period
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                     COMMUNITY

         Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Creating Inclusive
         What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
            • Combat poverty by increasing the awareness and access to the wide range of benefits and services
              available (because lack of access to existing services and benefits can create spiraling problems);
            • Ensure that all agencies are working together to improve access to information and public services for
              all residents (because public services must reflect the needs of the people who use them);
            • To develop and implement strategies and action plans which will lead to a more inclusive and cohesive
              society (because equality and inclusion are vital for prosperous, cohesive, integrated and healthy
            • Improve the involvement of people in the life of their communities through formal and information
              structures and in decision making processes that affect their quality of life (because healthy
              communities have a high degree of involvement from local members).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                            COMMUNITY

         What do we know about the community in New Addington &

         Unlike London, or even Croydon, as a whole, a relatively high percentage of the New
         Addington and Fieldway populations are white. The non-white population lives predominantly
         in Fieldway.

         Community & Culture
         The planning framework identifies district and local centre's as the desired location for
         community services and cultural facilities The Fieldway and New Addington Neighbourhood
         Renewal Plan 2004 identified that a key priority is provision of local community facilities and
         services. Currently, community facilities include:
         • Fieldway Community Centre
         • Addington Community Centre, Central Parade
         • New Addington pop-in
         • The Octagon Cyber Café – providing ICT access;
         • British Legion (Dunsfield way
         • Community groups also meet in both youth centre's – Timebridge and Goldcrest.
         • Scout Huts – Fisher’s Farm.

         When Addington High School becomes a specialist school, it will have a mandate to provide
         opportunities for community activities and use, thus creating a new facility.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                       COMMUNITY

          Known places of worship in the ward, include:
          •  New Addington Baptist Church;
          •  NA Seventh Day Adventist;
          •  New Addington Community Church
          •  Good Shepherd – Dunley Drive
          •  St Edwards Church of England
          •  Many other churches meet in local Community Centres.

          Neighbourhood Renewal Funding supported a Community Development Officer and Small
          Grants fund to build capacity among community-based organisations in New Addington and
          Fieldway. This funding supported the following organisations to constitute themselves and
          apply for funding.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                  COMMUNITY

          • Affordability of community facilities and activities, especially leisure centre.
          • Need for a place the whole family can spend time.
          • Community „fun‟ events to promote community pride
          • It is felt that community facilities won‟t be successful without a full/time manager/caretaker to
          • Better use of community newsletter and Croydon magazine to advertise what is going on and to boost local
            community participation
          • Need to recruit more volunteers to provide opportunities for local young people – sports teams, etc
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                                            COMMUNITY
 Issue                      Has this issue been address or is                             Issues for LSP                              Issues for the Masterplan/
                                    being addressed?                                                                                    Regeneration Strategy

 Community spaces can       The new Tesco development will re-     Create a directory of community spaces and prices,                Explore potential for Building
 be expensive to rent       provide the Addington Community        including public, private and community spaces.                   Schools for the Future (BSF)
 and it’s not always easy   Association premises.                  Explore potential of the Extended Schools programme to            to provide flexible and
 to find the right space                                           make use of school buildings to provide access to affordable      affordable community
 for some activities.                                              spaces the community can use.                                     spaces.

 There aren’t enough        The Council supports community and     The need for whole family activities should be identified as a
 places or activities       voluntary organisations that provide   specific need and priority funding given to community and
 where the whole family     whole family activities.               voluntary groups that meet that need.
 can spend time             The new CALAT centre will provide
 together.                  positive activities for adults and
                            families in the area.

 The leisure centre is                                             Fusion Leisure Services have recently taken on the contract       Explore the potential for a
 valued as a place the                                             to run Croydon‟s leisure centres. Fusion will be reviewing        Building Schools for the
 whole family can spend                                            their fee structure to develop a larger range of options.         Future project at AHS to
 time, but some people                                             The Council can promote and support community and                 provide additional sports and
 are concerned about                                               voluntary organisations to specifically provide sports and        leisure services accessible
 the cost for the whole                                            physical activities.                                              to community, voluntary and
 family to go there.                                               Explore opportunities offered through the Extended Schools        club organisations.
                                                                   programme to provide supervised sports activities in schools
                                                                   grounds and use of school playing fields.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                                           COMMUNITY

 Issue                              Has this issue been address or                           Issues for LSP                         Issues for the Masterplan/
                                         is being addressed?                                                                          Regeneration Strategy

 The area needs more                The Timebank provides a way for       The Youth Service, Sports Development Team, and
 volunteers and community           people to volunteer their skills.     others, could work in partnership with local community
 groups to provide positive         There is a Croydon-wide Volunteer     and voluntary groups to provide activities.
 activities and opportunities for   Centre to promote volunteering        Promote volunteering locally by identifying gaps that
 local young people (for            and that advises people on getting    need to be filled and promoting a structure to support
 example, sports teams for          involved.                             volunteers working together.
 boys and girls).

 The local community needs          Neighbourhood Renewal Funding         NRF funding is due to end in two years time.
 activities that bring people       supports community days (in
 together from across the           2008, it will fund a People‟s Day).
 whole New Addington and
 Fieldway area and promote
 community pride.

 There needs to be a single,        Your Croydon magazine provides        Potential to develop an on-line version of the           Identify locations for
 reliable source of information     information about Croydon-wide        community newsletter that can be updated by              community notice-boards to
 for everything going on and all    activities and some local             community organisations.                                 address key events.
 the opportunities to get           information.
 involved in the area.              There is a Community Newsletter
                                    circulated in the area.
                                   SAFER, STRONGER, COHESIVE

Croydon Council Action Plan

Croydon Council will take the following actions to address the issues raised:
        Theme 2:
Achieving Better Outcomes
  for Children and Young

         Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Achieving Better
         Outcomes for Children and Young People

         What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
           • To ensure children have a healthy start in life (because health outcomes for children vary across
             Croydon and those in areas of deprivation are more likely to suffer ill-health);
           • Ensure that children have a safe and secure home and are protected from harm (because abuse,
             neglect and instability hampers all areas of a children‟s development);
           • Secure high levels of educational achievement by providing access to a wide range of high quality
             learning opportunities for young people aged 19 and under (because educational success provides a
             firm foundation for economic and social success);
           • To enable children and young people to develop social and emotional skills that allow them to contribute
             positively to life of their communities (because these will allow children to participate fully in life and
           • To ensure that young people grow up free from poverty and develop skills and qualifications that will
             enable them to become economically independent (because young people who are not in education,
             employment or training (NEET) are less likely to achieve economic success).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                      CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

         What do we know about children & young people in New Addington
         & Fieldway?

         Increasing number of children forecast
         New Addington has a higher younger population than both the Croydon average and national
         average. It has 40% aged under 25 years old and 20% aged 8-19, 2001 Census. Population
         projection figures for New Addington and Fieldway
         predict large increases in the 0-4 age
         group by 2016 (22% and 25% respectively),
         which could put significant pressure on services
         in the area.

         Educational Attainment
         The „Map - Education Attainment by Pupil
         Place of Resident illustrates that the majority of
         Fieldway has a 1-44% percent rate of pupils
         achieving 5+ A-C. A pocket in the south of the
         ward has a 45%-65% rate of achieving 5+ A-C.
         New Addington ward is split between 1-44%
         percent rate of pupils achieving in periphery
         areas of the ward compared to a 45%-65%
         rate of achieving in the centre of the ward.

         Free School Meals
         On average, 37% of primary schools pupils
         in the area are eligible for „Free School Meals‟
         compared to the Croydon average of 21%.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                     CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE
         A significant number of young people aged 16-18 are not in education, employment or training (NEET). 16.9% of
         the total NEET for the borough are found in New Addington and Fieldway. Addressing the needs of NEET young
         people in Croydon is a key priority in the SCS, which aims to ensure that all “young people grow up free from
         poverty and develop skills and qualification that will enable them to become economically independent.”

         Teenage Pregnancy
         New Addington and Fieldway has high a Teenage Pregnancy Rate of 82.2 (per 1000 births) compared to the
         Croydon average of 54.4 (per 1000 births). This is reflected as a key priority in SCS which aims to ensure that
         all children have a healthy start to life.

         Schools and Facilities
         New Addington and Fieldway are both well served with seven primary schools between the two areas. New
         Addington has a secondary school (Addington High School) and there are also five play facilities, four pre-
         schools, a sports facility and two youth clubs.

         Croydon Youth Services provide regularly scheduled youth activities from the two Youth
         Centres in the area.

         The Youth Service works primarily with 13-19 years olds. However, the Community Consultation for Fairchildes
         Primary School and Extended School programme reported that it was willing to support partnerships which could
         benefit primary school children and children making the transition into secondary school.

         There are three Multi-Use Games Areas in the New Addington and Fieldway area.

         CABS (Croydon Auto and Bike Scheme) provides diversionary activities to at-risk young people from its centre at
         Wayside. The original focus of CABS was young people from New Addington, but now includes all of Croydon.
         All participants also participate on a New Directions course providing personal and social development.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                     CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

         •   Concern about the quality/quantity of youth provision and support for under-13s.
         •   Concern about a North/South unevenness in the youth service offer, which is thought to be especially
             problematic due to territoriality of young people (lack of provision in South of the area – top of New
         •   It is felt that there is a need to coordinate the communication of the whole range of youth provision –
             public, private, charity.
         •   Promote local opportunities more comprehensively, as take-up is currently low.
         •   Detached youth workers – sufficient presence in the area?

         •   Lack of „safe/overlooked‟ open spaces – especially in Fieldway.
         •   Need better opportunities for structured outdoor play – for example, more football pitches at Milne
         •   Local playgrounds: equipment and cleanliness.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                     CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE
              ISSUE                 Has this issue been address or is being addressed?                      Issues for LSP                 Issues for the Masterplan/
Limited Youth Provision for   The Council recognises that the needs of 8-13 year olds         Investigate / map the Third Sector          Influence planning
 Under-13‟s, as a result of   need to be addressed in a more co-ordinated way.                (community/voluntary organisations) and     guidance to
the Council not being         Despite not being funded, there is some provision to this       Extended Schools‟ activities against        consider needs of
required or funded by         age group.                                                      demand, to co-ordinate and promote          children and young
government to provide         Other Council services e.g. the Library and other               provision (links to Youth Tube website).    people in new
services for this group.      community organisations also provide activities for under-                                                  Planning
                              13s.                                                            Encourage uptake of volunteers to deliver   developments and
                              The Council is seeking to develop more school based             youth activities in particular, sports      proposals.
                              interventions through Targeted Youth Support plans and          coaching through volunteering e.g. Time
                              local schools.                                                  Bank in New Addington and Fieldway.
                              Croydon Council Housing Department has submitted a bid
                              to Big Lottery Fund to run a series of supervised activities    Communicating the gap in service
                              for young people in Fieldway.                                   provision to empower local people to meet
                              A second Croydon Community Bus has been funded                  the gap in for under-13s, e.g. through
                              through Big Lottery Funding for young people aged aged 8        volunteering.
                              yrs old to access play opportunities and activities in their
                              local area.
                              Big Lottery funding is supporting the Mobile Toy Library
                              Project. This is an outreach project for pre-school children
                              aiming to reach community groups that may not otherwise
                              access any services available to them.

A wide range of youth/        Croydon Youth Tube website currently being constructed          Local directory for youth provision to be
positive activities are       to give information for YP and carers on                        accessible to parents and young people,
provided, which are not       private/public/community youth provision in Croydon.            promoting awareness of the variety of
always taken up to full                                                                       activities on offer.
capacity.                     To improve take up of activities, young people can access
                              the Youth Opportunity Fund and Youth Community Fund
                              to design their own activities and programmes, e.g. a
                              „music hub‟ has been suggested by young people for the
                              Pavilion in Milne Park

                              Youth Strategy Group in New Addington & Fieldway is
                              planning and promoting activities locally.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                  CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE
             ISSUE                Has this issue been address or is being addressed?                          Issues for LSP                         Issues for the
Concern that there is not   Goldcrest Youth Centre in New Addington and Timebridge        Encourage uptake of volunteers to deliver youth        DRS to examine
enough youth provision in   Youth Centre in Fieldway provide a range of activities for    activities in particular sport couching through        distribution of
New Addington.              13-18yrs old, Monday to Friday.                               volunteering e.g. Time Bank in New Addington and       activities across the
                            A Multi games court is available at Queen Elizabeth‟s         Fieldway                                               area.
                            New CALAT Centre on Central Parade will provide youth
                            A detached outreach youth service works across the area
                            and in local parks running stalls and activities.
                            The Councils Play Strategy seeks to improve play facilities   The Government Children‟s Community Plan 2007,
                            across the borough for children and young people.             commits funding to create more and safer places
                            Croydon Sports Development Team fund activities for           to play, which the Council will have the opportunity
                            young people in parks.                                        to access.
                            A new play area is planned on Walton Green.                   Housing department could mark out additional
Lack of opportunities for
                            The councils has submitted a funding bid tofor an             football pitches in Milne Park.
structured outdoor play
                            adventure playground at Rowdown Fields.
                                                                                          Fusion Leisure Services have recently taken on
                                                                                          the contract to run leisure centres, including a
                                                                                          programme of youth activities. Fusion to
                                                                                          investigate using park spaces to deliver activities
                                                                                          for young people.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                       CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

        Children and Young People’s Plan for Croydon 2006-09
        Croydon‟s Children and Young People plan 2006-09 provides an overview of priorities and sets out how
        agencies can best work together to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people in Croydon.

        The Croydon Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Action Plan 2007-08
        The strategy is made up of a number of strategic objectives that are facilitated by a series of local actions.
        These are subject to performance indicators and milestones to measure their progression. The Croydon
        Teenage Pregnancy Strategic Partnership Board (TPSPB) is responsible for guiding the development of the
        strategy, overseeing implementation and monitoring and evaluating it.

        Play Strategy 2006-2009
        The Play Strategy aims to address the play needs of children and young people and acts as a clear outline
        of how play provision will develop. The strategy was developed in partnership stakeholders such as the
        Council, Croydon Primary Care Trust and the voluntary sector.

        Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership.
        A large and widely representative multi agency body. The Children and Young People‟s Partnership Board
        (CYPPB) is a smaller multi- agency high level group chaired by the lead member for children and young

        Local Delivery Partnerships
        The partnerships are comprised of a wide range of senior representatives and operate at a local level. The
        partnerships are grouped into five networks that cover the whole borough.

        The Partnership aims to identify and put into effect projects and opportunities that will raise the attainment of
        children in LDP area and to ensure that activities and services contribute to the Every Child Matters agenda
        and the
        development of services for children and young people in Croydon.
                                      CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

Croydon Council Action Plan

Croydon Council will take the following actions to address the issues raised:
          Theme 3:
  Regenerating the Borough
   and Promoting Prosperity

• Local economy
• Prosperity
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                           ECONOMY

         Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Regenerating the

         What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
           • To develop the Town Centre as the leading metropolitan centre in the South of England (because this
             will create business investment and work opportunities – as well as shopping and leisure);
           • To develop the district centres to be the heart of their communities (because the quality of life of
             residents depends on them being attractive and adapting to changing needs);
           • To communicate the positive aspects of Croydon and create a positive image (because often, the
             negative aspects of Croydon are portrayed in the media, but not all of the positive ones);
           • To promote culture and creative activities and industries (because culture adds vale and meaning to
             people‟s lives and brings enjoyment to those who take part – improving well-being and quality of life);
           • Ensuing residents have the skills to meet employer demand (because skills in the local labour market
             drive both business investment and prosperity).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                           ECONOMY
         What do we know about the local economy in New Addington &
         Two key employment sites
         2, 096 people work within the New Addington ward boundary and 706 within the Fieldway ward boundary
         (source: ABI, 2005). This means that in New Addington there is 0.5 of a job for every resident of working
         age (Source Census 2001); and 0.2 of a job for every resident of working age in Fieldway This compares to
         a figure of 0.6 for Croydon (without including the Fairfield ward) as a whole. Fieldway ward is almost entirely
         residential, with only the local schools providing any significant source of employment.

         Economic activity over the whole area is concentrated in New Addington, where there is a cluster of
         manufacturing activity on Vulcan Way and a large retail and service centre at Central Parade, which is also the
         District Centre. There are a few other small retail parades, providing convenience services, in both wards.

         Regeneration proposal: Central Parade
         A regeneration scheme for Central Parade was put forward to respond to a number of local issues: Council
         buildings were too spread out around Central Parade to allow for joined up service provision; many people had
         to leave the area to do their shopping; and council buildings were nearing the end of their useful life. These
         findings outlined the need for investment. Regeneration on the West side of Central Parade will provide new
         community facilities and a large Tesco supermarket, providing up to 300 new, local jobs. A large supermarket
         will almost certainly increase visits to Central Parade, but might also affect the market share of other Central
         Parade businesses.

         In addition to new housing, the scheme that is currently being considered, includes:
         •New library, community centre, leisure centre;
         •Joint Service Centre (One Stop Shop and back offices);
         •Health Centre (to replace the Parkway Health Centre);
         •Large Tesco food store;
         •Small number of kiosks;
         •A Business Opportunities Centre (with 20+ start-up units).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                       ECONOMY
         What do we know about the local economy in New Addington & Fieldway?

         Central Parade: Centre of the Community
         Central Parade acts as a distinctive centre for the local community – although it is widely believed
         that it is more heavily used by New Addington, rather than Fieldway, residents. In addition to
         District Centre services and amenities, Central Parade also provides:
         •A weekly street market;
         •New Addington Leisure Centre;
         •Addington Community Centre;
         •New Addington Library.

         Central Parade: Vibrant service centre
         Croydon Council regularly survey shopping areas around the
         Borough to establish use, vacancies and space. The chart (right)
         examines the results from the most recent (2006) survey. The                   Square Metres as Occupied by Shop Type
         survey shows that Central Parade provides a healthy mix of
         district centre uses, especially when examined in contrast to
                                                                                                        4% 1%
         other Croydon centres. New Addington has the largest share                                                           29%
         of floor space given over to convenience (food shops, chemist,               29%
         newsagent, hardware, etc) and durable (consumer) goods,
         whichis in part likely to be a reflection of its relative isolation
         and therefore limited retail competition. A very high proportion
         (35 of 50) of units on Central Parade are retail shops, which
         create active shopfronts in contrast to other uses like offices.                                       37%
         The distance to the Town Centre and the high levels of
         unemployment likely boost local shopping, as people are less
                                                                                          Service Convenience Durable Office Vacant
         likely to come into regular contact with retail alternatives – this
         particularly, may drive the resiliency of the durables market on Central Parade.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                ECONOMY
        The Local Consumer Market
        „Mosaic‟ data from the consumer credit company Experian, segments households by consumer
        behaviour/lifestyle type (see chart below). The data for New Addington and Fieldway shows that the local
        consumer market is limited with regard to disposable income, but that there is a good market for high-value
        consumer goods targeted at consumers with mainstream tastes.

         % Households

         Fiel    New
          d-     Add-         Mosaic group                           Consumer/lifestyle characteristics
         way    ington
         17%     46%     Mainly young couples who         Money in the H46 group is likely to be tight, but there is a high
                         have exercised their right to    priority placed on consumption
                         buy, encouraged by high          Group spends on mid-range consumer products, especially DIY;
                         house process and booming        gardening; personal entertainment; and family-based leisure
         30%     11%     Families, including many         With high levels of income deprivation, this group provides a very
                         single parents in social         poor market for almost all consumer products.
                         housing on the edge of           This group struggles to get credit; shop mostly in discount stores;
                         regional centres.                search out the lowest prices
         32%      9%     Social housing, typically in     Use local shops for convenience goods and travel to access retail
                         new towns where there are        chains.
                         good job opportunities for       The group values status goods and modern consumer products, but
                         those with few qualifications.   look for discounted, not branded products.
                                                          Bingo, gambling, cinema/videos and the pub are popular as are
                                                          convenience foods and discount shopping.
         1%       9%     Middle income families with      This group tends to spend wisely and take on little debt outside
                         children living in estates of    car/house loans.
                         modern private homes             Mainstream consumer tastes; small budget for entertain./leisure.
                                                          Rate value-for-money ahead of lifestyle.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                          ECONOMY

        • Central Parade – run-down/outdated shop fronts
        • Central Parade – undefended/unsupervised stairwells are magnet for litter, fly-tipping and ASB
        • Fieldway parade – upgrading required

        • Types of shops – permissions for changes of use
        • Fewer betting shops and take-aways
        • More banks, supermarkets
        • Identify ways to promote owner-managed shops

        • Central Parade needs a green gathering point in the centre car park that can also be used for activities
          such as a fun fair etc – also to encourage people across the street
        • Support existing variety of shops to remain competitive post-Tesco

        • Finding the right use for the Cunningham PH gateway location
        • Maintain and enhance Central Parade as a public place that is a community focal point
        • Need to maintain parking parity between CP and Tesco – three free hours
        • Designation of a no-street drinking zone in CP
        • Concern about a „sometimes intimidating environment‟ – if ASB continues, will people leave Tesco facility?
        • Fieldway parade – additional amenities needed

        Infrastructure and General Improvements
        • Central Parade: Post market and general rubbish
        • Central Parade: Parking area – dark, as is rest of Central Parade area – creates night-time no-go area
        • Upgrading of the Vulcan Way industrial estate
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                                                      ECONOMY

 ISSUE                                   Has this issue been address or is being                              Issues for LSP                      Issues for the
                                                       addressed?                                                                                  Masterplan/
                                                                                                                                               Regeneration Strategy

 Central Parade                         Building stock on Central Parade is essentially in good                                               Spatial master-planning
 Some shop fronts are run-              condition. The buildings are all privately owned by a                                                 to investigate potential
 down/outdated.                         large number of different owners.                                                                     design improvements, as
                                        LEGI funding for premises improvements – „District
                                                                                                                                              part of urban realm
                                        Premises Improvement Scheme‟

 Too many take-aways and betting        Planning policy prevents concentrations of take-          Our survey suggests that local people do    Masterplanners to
 shops on CP; not enough amenities      away shops.                                               use CP take-aways.                          investigate how to limit
 (e.g., banks, supermarkets).                                                                                                                 visual impact of take-
                                                                                                                                              aways/betting shops.

 Not all shop managers are equally      The Business Partnership provides an opportunity          Establishing a Business Improvement
 committed to and involved in the       for all businesses to get involved.                       District would ensure that all businesses
 long-term performance of Central                                                                 support positive change that supports all
                                                                                                  Central Parade businesses.

 Concern that existing shops won‟t be   Central Parade has its own District Manager to            If the Business Partnership took over       Urban realm
 able to compete for business with      coordinate area-wide improvements through a               management of the Central Parade            improvements to
 the new Tesco supermarket.             new Business Partnership and Croydon Business             parking area and some part of the           encourage safe and
 Tesco will provide free parking,       provides individual business advisors.                    parking receipts to fund local              attractive way for people
 which might encourage fewer            The Business Premises Improvement Scheme will             improvements to the trading environment     to cross from the Tesco
 people to Central Parade shops,        provide funding for cosmetic improvements to              in the short term, the Partnership would    complex to Central
 especially as Tesco will provide       make Central Parade more attractive.                      have the power to suspend paid parking      Parade shops.
 similar goods and services.                                                                      in the future if that was necessary to
                                                                                                  compete with Tesco.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                                                      ECONOMY

 ISSUE                                    Has this issue been address or is being                              Issues for LSP                      Issues for the
                                                        addressed?                                                                                  Masterplan/

 Maintain and enhance Central Parade      The Council created a public realm strategy for                                                      Masterplanners to
 as a public place that is a community    Central Parade last year.                                                                            review public realm
 focal point                              The Council‟s Chief Executive has pledged                                                            strategy in light of
                                          £200,000 from the Community Capital Project for                                                      overall strategy for the
                                          improvements on Central Parade.                                                                      area.

 Central Parade parking area is dark at   The Council has agreed a PFI (public finance           Central Parade parking lot is on private      This should be
 night, which creates fear of crime       initiative) with a private company to re-provide all   land and will need its own street lighting    considered as part of
                                          the street lighting across Croydon from 2008.          scheme.                                       the urban realm
                                                                                                 A lighting strategy could be included as      improvements for CP.
                                                                                                 part of the Community Capital Fund
                                                                                                 £200k pledge for Central Parade

 •Other areas                             This site is currently owned by Lidl; Lidl was                                                       Urban design to
 The Cunningham PH site needs to be       recently denied planning permission for a new                                                        enhance gateway
 used in a way that is suitable to its    shop at this location.                                                                               features of the site
 gateway location and doesn‟t detract
                                                                                                                                               Masterplanners to
 from CP.
                                                                                                                                               investigate options for
                                                                                                                                               suitable use of this

 Fieldway Parade on Wayside is run        The Housing Department is undertaking safety           Consider options for increasing the           Identify ways to
 down and has limited amenity value to    and cosmetic improvements including fitting            amenity value of the parade.                  increase amenity
 local residents.                         security entrance doors, painting, fixing guttering                                                  value through land-
                                          and walkways.                                                                                        use designations.

 Vulcan Way Industrial Estate has a       Vulcan Way is privately-owned by a large               Need for a future use strategy and
 growing vacancy rate; the number of      number of different owners.                            improvements that will help to market the
 people the site employs is shrinking.    Inward investment at Vulcan Way will be a              site to attract appropriate, sustainable
                                          priority activity for Croydon Business next year.      uses.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                     PROSPERITY
        What do we know about prosperity in New Addington & Fieldway?

        Few signs of economic prosperity.
        Employment, income and qualifications are all among the lowest in Croydon and benefits claimant rates are among
        the highest. The legacy of physical isolation in the area has led to an on-going social isolation, as multiple
        generations have been outside of the labour force. While the arrival of the long-awaited tram has physically
        reconnected these two wards to the labour market in the Town Centre, social linkages to the labour market will
        require more concerted effort to re-build.

        Lowest employment rates in Croydon
        In 2001 employment rates in New Addington and Fieldway were the lowest in Croydon, 62.61% and 58.45%
        respectively. There is also a significant gap between these wards and the next lowest in Croydon - 67.70% in West

        New Addington has a higher rate in terms of self employment of the resident working age population, 11.06%,
        compared to Fieldway‟s 8.68. While New Addington‟s rate puts it in the middle third of all Croydon wards, Fieldway
        is again bottom.

        Weak qualifications profile in both New Addington & Fieldway
        The populations of New Addington and Fieldway are also severely under qualified compared to other areas. Over
        40% of residents within both wards have no qualifications, while the Croydon and London averages are fewer than
        25%. Also, both wards significantly trail the wider area in terms of graduate level qualifications; under 10% while the
        Croydon average is almost 25%.

        Benefit claimants
        Low employment and income figures are reflected in proportionately high numbers of people claiming benefits. An
        extremely large proportion - 46% - of the working population claim benefits in Fieldway (compared to 10% in
        Coulsdon West). Again, New Addington is ahead of Fieldway with only 34% claiming benefits, but this is again well
        above other wards levels.

        Over the period 2001-2006 the number of JSA and LP claimants has fallen, but there has been a parallel growth in
        Incapacity Benefit claimants.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                       ECONOMY

          No prosperity issues were raised through the consultation process.
         Existing Policies and Initiatives to Address Issues
         Croydon Cultural Strategy
         The Croydon Cultural Strategy has the following objectives for District Centres: increasing sports facilities; use
         cultural activities to diversify the night-time economy; improve the diversity of venues for cultural activities;
         improve the number of facilities for community use; increase exhibition space for community cultural activities.

         Croydon Urban Regeneration Vehicle
         Croydon Council has developed an Urban Regeneration Vehicle, through which the Council can transfer assets
         for specific developments that meet Croydon‟s regeneration goals. The URV will undertake activities including
         land assembly, master planning, marketing and some physical development. Objectives for the URV, include:
         •Enhance the quality and appropriateness of design in Croydon;
         •Revitalise town and district centres while retaining Croydon‟s character, sense of community and environment;
         •Providing affordable housing and increasing residential accommodation units in the centre of Croydon;
         •Ensuring a whole life approach in determining the best use of assets and achieving sustainability and
         environmental objectives.

         Local Economic Growth Initiative (LEGI)
         The London Borough of Croydon was Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) funding to targeted areas of
         deprivation, including New Addington and Fieldway. LEGI funding is intended to kick-start regeneration through
         enterprise by supporting three key goals:
         •Increase the entrepreneurial potential of key target groups young people including NEET and teenage
         •Support the creation of new businesses, the sustainable growth of existing business and reduce business
         •Attracting appropriate inward investment and franchising into the priority areas and making use of local labour.

         Joint Ownership of Central Parade Communal Space
         Led by the Business Partnership and DCM, Central Parade businesses are in the process of arranging
         communal ownership of the common areas on Central Parade. This arrangement will create the opportunity to
         address key issues such as gating the alleyway running behind Central Parade.
        Existing Policies and Initiatives to Address Issues
        Croydon Economic Development Strategy
        Croydon Council is in the process of developing a Borough-wide Economic Development Strategy. The Draft
        Economic Strategy stresses the need to provide local (district-level) access points for employment, education
        and training opportunities.

        Tesco scheme at Central Parade
        In addition to housing, the Tesco scheme will provide the following at Central Parade:
        •New library, community centre, leisure centre;
        •Joint Service Centre (One Stop Shop and back offices) and a small number of kiosks;
        •Health Centre (to replace the Parkway Health Centre);
        •Large Tesco food store;
        •A Business Opportunities Centre (with 20+ start-up units);

        CALAT centre: education, training and employment support
        In 2008, the Wayside CETS Centre will be replaced by a new, purpose built facility on Central Parade in New
        Addington. Activities will include information, advice and guidance (IAG); a drop in e-learning centre with
        interactive technology; classrooms and specialist teaching facilities; a range of flexible and accessible training
        opportunities; childcare and offices for CALAT support services and its Headquarters function.

        The Fieldway Jobcentre Plus office was also recently closed and will re-open as part of the new CALAT facility
        on Central Parade. There will be an active partnership between JCP and CALAT to provide joined-up access to
        learning for those adults who maybe referred by the Job Centre to acquire additional skills to improve their work
        readiness and therefore, job opportunities.

        Construction Training Centre
        JCP has supported a new Construction Training Centre in New Addington and is involved in the development of
        LEGI proposals to support disadvantaged individuals.
                                   REGENERATION & PROSPERITY

Croydon Council Action Plan

Croydon Council will take the following actions to address the issues raised:
     Theme 4:
Improving Health and
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                             HEALTH & WELL-BEING

         Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Improving Health

         What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
           • Helping people to make healthy lifestyle choices that allow them to live longer, healthier lives (because
             informed health and life-style choices can help to maximise people‟s good health);
           • Address health inequalities (because there remain significant inequalities in the prevalence of disease
             in different parts of the Borough).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                               HEALTH & WELL-BEING
        What do we know about the state of health and well-being in New
        Addington & Fieldway?
        New Addington and Fieldway Baseline: Health and Social Care
        The New Addington and Fieldway population generally self-report as healthy, but there are a few
        significant pockets of ill-health that prejudice figures such as average life expectancy, which is the second
        lowest in Croydon.

        Health Status
        Census data show that on the whole, people in New Addington and Fieldway are more likely to perceive
        themselves as suffering from poor health or from a limiting long-term illness, than the Croydon average.
        Health figures show that New Addington residents suffer significantly worse limiting long-term illness and
        life expectancy rates than Fieldway. In 2001, the life expectancy of New Addington residents was 77.2
        years, and for Fieldway residents 77.3 years against the Corydon average of 78.8 years.

        Health Provision
        There are three GP surgeries and the Parkway Health Centre (which accommodates 3 separate
        practices) in the New Addington and Fieldway wards.

        Population Change
        In New Addington and Fieldway the 90+ age group is predicted to rise by 71% and 239% respectively by 2016,
        although this may well be from a small base it is a large increase in a group likely to need plentiful health care,
        which health services within the area will need to address.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                            HEALTH & WELL-BEING

          Help people to make healthy lifestyle choices
          •   Teenage pregnancy;
          •   More support groups for smoking cessation and alcohol abuse;
          •   Leisure centre – unreliable commitment to popular activities/classes – lack of continuity for popular
          •   Clearing house for health-related activities and opportunities to improve communications;
          •   Improved access to and provision of healthy living interventions;
          •   Improved access to different types of affordable sports and health activities.

          Supporting adults needing care
          •   Enhanced support for carers;
          •   Respite care for carers of children with behavioural difficulties;
          •   Carers with multiple needs, for example: people with multiple care responsibilities, co-dependent carers;
          •   Support for carers addressing multiple care needs – for example, health, social care and school needs;
          •   Improved inclusion of those living in sheltered accommodation into the community – especially social
          •   activities.

          •   Uneven quality/quantity of GP services;
          •   Retention and improvement of the NHS-owned Crescent Day Centre;
          •   Improved use of school grounds for organised sports and leisure activities;
          •   Improved Health/Medical Centre provision needed;
          •   Better coordination between GPs and minor injuries unit;
          •   No x-ray equipment at local minor injuries unit.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                            HEALTH & WELL-BEING
 ISSUE                                           Has this issue been address or is being                        Issues for LSP               Issues for the
                                                               addressed?                                                                     Masterplan/
                                                                                                                                          Regeneration Strategy

 Leisure Activities                           Extended schools programme in place and is being         Extended Schools –              DRS can look at access
 -Use of school facilities for adults         developed. Issues around out-of-hours supervision.        opportunity                      to fields without access
                                                                                                        BSF – facilities for greater    to the school.
                                                                                                        community use

 Healthy Living Interventions                 Think Tank Projects include Welfare Benefits             Improved communications of
 - Access & Provision                         Programme, Healthy Schools, Preparation for               existing initiatives.
                                              Parenting (inc Addington High School)                     Consider the development of a
                                                                                                        Healthy Living Centre (via
                                                                                                        external funding)

 - Smoking Cessation                          Croydon PCT Smoke Free Programme

 - Alcohol Abuse Support

 Teenage Pregnancy                            •Council has a Teenage Pregnancy Strategy and
                                              Action Plan, which identifies service needs and
                                              outlines interventions

 Supporting Adults Needing Care               Addington Heights in New Addington is currently                                           Through DRS
 - Enhanced support for carers, including     being refurbished, and will be a 50-place resource                                         consultation, identify
 people with multiple care responsibilities   centre for the care of physically frail older people,                                      opportunities to address
 - Respite care for carers                    incorporating a 36-place day activity centre. Addington                                    to carer‟s issues.
 - Improved inclusion for those living in     Heights is scheduled for completion in 2010
 sheltered accommodation                      Carer‟s Strategy currently being refreshed.
 Infrastructure                                                                                                                          DRS can look to explore
 - Improvement of NHS-owned Crescent                                                                                                     opportunities for this site
 Day Centre
DISTRICT COMMUNITY STRATEGY                                                HEALTH & WELL-BEING

          Healthy Croydon
          •    The council, through its own actions and through working with partners, aims to ensure that people in Croydon
               are able to make informed choices to maximise their health and well-being.
          •    The council works closely with its partners in health, the community and voluntary sector and business through
               its partnership arrangements to provide high quality services which are responsive to people‟s needs and work
               to reduce inequalities in health within the borough.
          •    Healthy Croydon Partnership is one of the theme partnerships within the Croydon Strategic Partnership with a
               small team based in LB Croydon Adult Social Services that ensures the smooth running of the Partnership. It
               also takes forward a number of health related projects, with a focus on improving health and tackling health
          •    Healthy Croydon oversees the work of fourteen partnership groups covering care groups, health topics and a
               small number of cross cutting themes
          •    Cancer; Carers; Children & young people; Community involvement; Coronary heart disease; Diabetes;
               Domestic violence; Drugs & alcohol; Learning disability; Mental health; Older people; Physical disability &
               sensory impairment; Sexual health & HIV; Social inclusion.

          Local Involvement Network (LINk)
          A LINk is a network of local people, organisations and groups that work to make care services better, and will be
          rolled out across all Local Authorities that have a social services responsibility from April 2008. A LINk will give the
          chance for local people to say what they think and to suggest ideas to help improve services, and are expected to
          represent everyone in the local community.
                                               HEALTH & WELL-BEING

Croydon Council Action Plan

Croydon Council will take the following actions to address the issues raised:
        Theme 5:
Improving the Environment
• Housing and Transport
• Environment
DISTRICT COMMUNITY STRATEGY                                     HOUSING (incl. TRANSPORT)
        Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Improving the
        Environment (with regard to housing and the built residential

        What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
             •   To develop a range of decent and affordable housing options, in order to meet housing needs in the
                 borough and build sustainable communities (because there is increasing demand for affordable
                 housing as a result of significant rises in property prices and a small stock of social-rented homes;
                 also because the condition of housing impacts health and well-being).
        •     To improve the quality of life and independence of adults needing care and to be responsive to
        individual needs and to support carers (because Croydon has a large and growing elderly population who are
        the most intensive users of social services).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                        HOUSING (inc TRANSPORT)

          What is the housing situation in New Addington & Fieldway?
          Housing character
          New Addington consists predominantly of semi-detached houses and few flats; Fieldway consists of mostly
          terraced housing and flats. The original settlement at New Addington was the Boots Estate, which was built in
          the 1930s as a garden village. The original Boots Estate settlement remains the most desirable property
          in the area, is mostly in private ownership and does not exhibit the same level of deprivation as other areas of
          the two wards. The newest housing was built in phases in Fieldway. The quantity and quality of social
          infrastructure is not thought to have kept pace with the expansion of the area.

          Household composition & tenure
          Unlike the London norm, both New Addington and Fieldway have a relatively small proportion of working-age,
          one-person households. Other notable features of the household composition in these wards are:
          • A very high proportion of single pensioner households in New Addington;
          • An extremely high proportion of lone parent households with dependent children in Fieldway;
          • A lower than average proportion of married or cohabitating couples without children.

          Ownership rates remain low
          A large proportion of New Addington and Fieldway housing stock is still Council-owned and maintained. More
          homes in New Addington – with its much higher quality and semi-detached homes – are now owner-occupied,
          than is the case in Fieldway. The rate of change of property values suggest that the area‟s wider appeal is still
          limited; however, the still relatively low property prices, suburban location, large homes (especially in New
          Addington) and tram link to the Croydon Town Centre, all suggest that a sustained London housing market boom
          will bring sharply increased prices to the area sooner rather than later. Housing affordability is therefore a
          concern for the medium-term.

          Low car ownership
          Car ownership in both wards is relatively low – although higher in the relatively more affluent and more suburban,
          New Addington.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                         HOUSING (inc TRANSPORT)

          What is the housing situation in New Addington & Fieldway?
          Population projections
          A significant rise in total population between now and 2021 (New Addington 5%; Fieldway
          12%). The anticipated growth is in the youngest (0-4 years) cohort and among the working
          age population (19-65 years).

          Stable Population with Low Churn
          Both wards experienced relatively small net migration flows compared to the rest of the
          borough. In fact, New Addington had the second lowest rate of in-migration at 5.38% for the
          year 2000-2001 (people moving there from outside the area) of any Croydon ward. Fieldway
          was very close at 6.38%.

          Social Services Provision
          Social services facilities in the community are mostly linked to housing options and day centres for older
               people. There are several residential homes for older people in the New Addington and Fieldway area:
          Addington Heights in New Addington is currently being refurbished, and will be a 50-place resource centre for
               the care of physically frail older people, incorporating a 36-place day activity centre. Addington Heights is
               scheduled for completion in 2010

          There are also three sheltered housing sites and the Addington Pop-In Centre (a day centre) is also located in
          New Addington and Fieldway. There is also a day centre for those with mental health difficulties provided by
              the Maudsley Trust at the Crescent Day Centre.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                       HOUSING (inc TRANSPORT)


          • Loss of „garden village‟ housing area character as a result of „unsympathetic‟ new housing developments.
          • Appearance of area suffering because some housing tenancy agreements not being enforced – gardens
            and general maintenance.

          Housing - Additional Issues from Baseline
          • The mix of right-to-buy and the tight housing market in London will likely lead to increasing affordability
            pressures and greater population churn in the area.
          • Relatively high projected increase in Fieldway population up to 2016 and 2021 – especially very young (0-
            4) and old.

          • Reduction in frequency of tram service – thought to be preventing modal switch/regular usage.
          • Central Parade parking area and surrounding is dark at night and promotes fear of crime
          • Road traffic congestion especially along Lodge Lane.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                  HOUSING (inc TRANSPORT)

 ISSUE                         Has this issue been address or is being                             Issues for LSP                 Issues for the Masterplan/
                                             addressed?                                                                             Regeneration Strategy

 Loss of ‘garden village’                                                              Ensure that housing character areas       The Regeneration Strategy
 housing area character.                                                               are promoted in planning decisions.       to identify key character
                                                                                                                                 areas and ways to ensure
                                                                                                                                 that any new development is

 Some gardens not           A garden competition has been launched by the              This problem often due to age/illness
 being maintained,          Housing Department to encourage people to take an          that prevents garden maintenance.
 blighting some             interest in maintaining their outdoor spaces.              Explore potential to work with Timebank
 neighbourhoods.            Tenants who don‟t require homes with gardens or do         or other community/ environmental
                            not wish to maintain them are offered housing swaps.       groups to support those unable to keep
                            Tenancy agreements do require people to keep their         up their outside space.
                            gardens tidy. There is a legal enforcement option for
                            the worst offenders. Please notify the Housing Office if
                            you have concerns.

 Housing affordability      Two key Croydon Council initiatives will create new        Croydon Council Planning Department       Identify potential new sites
 and shrinking number       affordable and social housing in the area:                 is in the process of developing the new   for housing development –
 of Council homes due       The proposed Tesco development will provide 251           spatial plan (LDF) which will identify    both Council and affordable
 to right-to-buy scheme.    housing units;                                             areas for new housing development.        private.
                            Croydon Council is one of the only local authorities in                                             Identify the types and sizes
                            the UK that is undertaking building council housing –                                                of housing that will be
                            three of four sites in Phase one are in New                                                          needed in the future.
                            Addington/Fieldway, a total of 19 new units.

 Road traffic congestion                                                                                                         DRS to include transport
 (e.g., along Lodge                                                                                                              study – circulation.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                       HOUSING (inc TRANSPORT)

          Croydon’s Housing Strategy
          The Housing Strategy sets out how to achieve housing objectives outlined in the Sustainable Community
          Strategy; objectives include:
          •Maximise housing supply to meet need: especially affordable and larger units; units for vulnerable people;
          •Move people into settled housing and reduce the number of empty, private homes
          •Enable vulnerable people to lead independent lives through supported housing
          •Improve housing conditions – by ensuring decent homes for all.
          •Develop sustainable communities (mixed tenure, etc.) and promote neighbourhood renewal.
          •Promote better and fairer access to housing services.

          Croydon Council – New Build Council Housing
          Croydon Council has committed to a programme of new build Council housing. Four locations for new build
          were identified in Phase One:
          •5 units on Mickleham Way, Fieldway;
          •8 units on Dunley Drive, New Addington;
          •6 units on Frencham Drive, New Addington;
          •13 units on Sumner Green, Broad Green.

          A second phase is planned with 12 sites currently being considered. While the first two phases of
          development will make use of developable space on existing Council estates, the development of a Special
          Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by summer, 2008 will provide new opportunities to finance Council housing.

          Tesco Scheme on Central Parade            :
          In addition to new services and amenities, the new development will provide the following new housing:
          •53 Affordable social rented flats;
          •22 Affordable shared ownership flats;
          •176 Market rate flats.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                            ENVIRONMENT

         Croydon’s Sustainable Community Strategy for Improving the
            Environment (with regard to the street, parks and natural

         What are the goals of the SCS and why are these priorities?
         •   To ensure that Croydon is a clean and attractive place to live and work in with managed streets
             and green spaces (because litter, fly-tipping, dirty streets, abandoned vehicles and graffiti are
             key issues identified by residents and because a more sustainable Croydon will be healthier
             and more attractive);
         •   Improve the local environment and make it easier to adopt greener lifestyles and working
             practices (because concern and climate change and waste disposal are growing public
         •   Provide high quality open spaces promote physical activity and improve general health an well-
             being (because this improves quality of life, local amenity value and the health and well-being of
         •   Improve transport choices and reduce congestion and the environmental impacts of travel
             (because of the damaging effects of traffic congestion and related noise and air pollution).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                    ENVIRONMENT

          What do we know about the state of the environment in New
          Addington & Fieldway?

          Access to green open spaces
          New Addington, in particular, has excellent access to open spaces; while Fieldway has few unrestricted open
          green spaces within its boundary, most residents are within 400 m of such spaces (source: Croydon‟s Open
          Space Strategy, 2004).

          The following open spaces and parks are located in and around the area:
          • Addington Hill
          • Addington Vale
          • Milne Park
          • Rowdown Fields
          • Addington Park
          • North Down Recreation Ground
          • Comport Green, New Addington
          • Birchwood and Castle Hill Ruffs
          • Lower Ruffs Field
          • Rowdown Woods

          High air quality (with qualification)
          Both wards score well on the Borough‟s air quality index; reflecting their suburban position at the edge of the
          North Downs and surrounded by open green spaces. Ground-level ozone, however, is likely to be higher in
          places like New Addington and Fieldway where high quality air meet low quality air.

          Street environment – reported as good
          The three times eyarly Encams survey in Croydon came to the following conclusions in the most recent
          (October 2007) survey: reporting a reduction in noticeable litter and detritus on streets and public areas in
          New Addington and Fieldway and a reduction in graffiti and fly-posting on streets and public areas.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                  ENVIRONMENT


          Green/Open Spaces
          •   Need a second football pitch at Milne Park – rationing of current one leading to fighting and therefore no-
              go area.
          •   Not enough open green space within the built-up area of Fieldway
          •   Local playgrounds: equipment upkeep; cleanliness
          •   Better Sports Facilities – more organised activities
          •   Children‟s playground next to MUGA site has not been replaced as expected
          •   More prompt response to damage at Milne Park
          •   Request for adventure playgrounds
          •   Reassuring presence in local parks to encourage use.

          •   Rubbish removal is an on-going problem for Central Parade – particularly:
                •    Post-market rubbish – worst Tues/Fri
                •    Overflowing bins
                •    Stairwells on Central Parade
                •    Fragmented responsibility for cleaning means don‟t know who to call to complain to

          •   Street lighting
          •   Defensive street furniture (to guard against vandalism).
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                                                                  ENVIRONMENT
ISSUE                                                           Has this issue been address                                    Issues for LSP                    Issues for the
                                                                  or is being addressed?                                                                          Masterplan/

Green and Open Spaces                   Housing department considering plans for play facilities for south end of                                           Spatial Planning Team
Lack of green spaces, including         Walton Green.                                                                                                              to consider
overlooked play spaces, within the                                                                                                                           opportunities to create
built-up area of Fieldway.              The Housing department has an annual budget, determined with resident                                                new green spaces.
                                        input, for environmental improvements.

Local Green Spaces and Playgrounds:     Council Housing Department is due to refurbish the following playgrounds:    Working with Safer Neighbourhood       DRS to look at how to
Equipment upkeep, cleanliness.          -Rowdown Fields and Milne Park.                                               Teams, Wardens, NEOs and Park          generate greater use of
                                        A bid has been submitted to Big Lottery Funding to open the Milne Park       Rangers to address vandalism                parks, and via
                                        Pavilion.                                                                     issues.                                 increased footfall will
                                        £4,000 has been allocated from the Chief Executives „Community Grant                                                   result in informal
                                        Fund‟ to provide new benches around Pavilion in Milne Park.                                                                surveillance.

Reassuring presence in local parks to   Park Rangers visit parks in the area and complete walk-abouts and empty      Encouraging greater use of the          Look at potential to
encourage use                           bins. However, there is no base in the area for the Rangers to be             parks will result in informal           increase use of local
                                        permanently located.                                                          surveillance.                                  parks.

More prompt response to damage at       Park Rangers visit parks in New Addington & Fieldway regularly and           Greater partnership working           DRS to look to
Milne Park.                             complete a walk about and report on any damage.                               between service providers e.g. Park    preventative design to
                                                                                                                      Rangers, PCSOs and Wardens.            minimise vandalism.

Cleanliness/Waste                       Croydon Street Scene will be installing more bins with greater capacity on   Preventing littering in particular
Post-market day rubbish – overflowing   Central Parade, Wayside and Milne Park Parade.                                gum and cigarette litter, through
bins whilst they await collection, on                                                                                 enforcement and „on the spot‟ fines.

Poor street lighting                    PFI funded street lighting programme to be rolled out from this year.                                               DRS to look at how
                                                                                                                                                             private spaces such as
                                                                                                                                                             Central Parade Car
                                                                                                                                                             Park can benefit from
                                                                                                                                                             street lighting.
DISTRICT COMMUNITY AUDIT                                                                    ENVIRONMENT
        Open Space Strategy (2004)
        An Open Space Strategy identifies Addiscombe as the only ward in Croydon at that time with no
        unrestricted open spaces: “It is deficient in local, district and metropolitan open space and is beyond
        walking distance to district open space, and has very limited opportunity for creating new open spaces”.
        However those that do exist have very real potential that should be explored. In the short term, it advises
        make better use of any existing open spaces. This includes sites less than 0.25ha such as Dartnel Road
        Park or play areas at Canal Walk and Towpath way.

        The Environment Partnership
        The partnership is responsible for three specific areas of priority within the Sustainable Community Strategy:
        •cleaner streets and open spaces,
        •environmental sustainability
        •sustainable transport.

        The partnership is responsible for ensuring that the Sustainable Community Strategy overallis in
        accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The Partnership comprises 20 representatives
        from a wide range of public, private and community sector organisations. It is chaired by the Council
        Cabinet Member for Planning and meets once a year.

Croydon Council Action Plan

Croydon Council will take the following actions to address the issues raised:

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