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									                                                  Babson College
                                          Budget Office /Strategic Planning
                                              Funding Request Form


The attached form has been designed to create a standard format for funding requests. Page 1 of the
form is for detailing qualitative information associated with any type of funding request. Page 2 is
designed to help quantify the total sources, costs and net funding needs of the request. Each funding
request cost sheet must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Vice President or Dean.


Sections 1-4 Describe the funding request. Identify if it is "on-going" or "one-time" in nature, as well as if it's a "Predictable
Increase", "New Initiative", or "Capital" request.

Section 5 Describe the major assumptions underlying the request. Is there marketing or benchmarking data to support the
request? This is also the section where you should identify how this request aligns with the Strategic Plan.

Section 6 Please describe the specific assessment measures of the request. How will we know this proposal is successful? Is
there are determined evaluation period and what is the ease at which we can "pull back".

Section 7 Identify the specific impact of your proposal on other departments. Identify the departments and the time/costs
specifically. For example, Founder’s day has direct impacts on Development and College Marketing and indirect impacts on
Physical Plant, Public Safety, etc. This request will not be reviewed unless this section has been completed.

Section 8 Identify the individual who is responsible for the overall program.


Section 9 A If the program is funded by reallocations from existing budgets, either within your own division or from another
area, please note those allocations here.

Section 9 B If the proposal is to be funded by annual or endowed giving, use this section to record the anticipated gift
payment schedule that supports the program. In the case of endowed gifts, calculate 5% of the actual value of the gift as the

Section 9 C If the program is funded by other revenue, record and describe that revenue here.

Section 10 A Please record all direct and indirect operating expenditures associated with the Predictable Increase or New
Initiative Request. Some expense classifications have been listed for you but you may add other line items if helpful. Please
note fringe benefits are assumed at 31% of salary costs.

Section 10 B Please record and list all Capital Request items in this section

Section 11 Calculation of the total funds available (section 9) less the total cost (section 10), resulting in the net funding
needs of the proposal.
Budget Funding Request Form

1.   Title of Funding Request:

2.   Type of Program: (One-Time or On-Going)                              Fiscal Year it starts:   2010   (yyyy)

3.   Type of Request: (Predictable Increase, New Initiative or Capital)

4.   Description of Funding Request:

5.   Underlying Assumptions

6.   Assessment/Return on Investment

7.   Service Impacts on Other Departments or Programs:

8.   Responsible Program Manager:

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Budget Funding Request Form

9. Funds Available to Support Request
                                                  2009-010 2010-011   2011-12   2012-13   2013-14

   A. Reallocations from Existing Budget Lines:

   B. Fundraising:
   Endowment Goal
   Endowment Support (5% of Value)                      -         -         -         -         -
   Annual Gifts

   C. Other Revenue (Please Describe):

   Sub-Total Available Funds                            -         -         -         -         -

10. Funds Required

   A. Operating Costs:
   Permanent Salaries
   Fringe Benefits/Rate @                31.0%          -         -         -         -         -
   Temp Help, Consulting
   Supplies & Equipment
   Travel, Meals, Entertainment
   Contract Services
   Printing, Copying, Mail, Postage
   Dues, Conference Fees, Training

   Sub-Total Operating Costs                            -         -         -         -         -

   B. Capital Costs (list items):

   Sub Total Capital                                    -         -         -         -         -

   Sub-Total Funds Required                             -         -         -         -         -

11. NET TOTAL FUNDS (NEEDED)                            -         -         -         -         -

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