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									                                                            4 Griffin Street
                                                            East Brunswick, NJ 08816

                                      VIA E-MAIL

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the vacation rental in Orlando Florida. Enclosed is some information
regarding the 2 bedroom unit at Lakewood, and a map of the area. Also enclosed is a contract that you need
to sign and return to the above address with a $200 security deposit to reserve your selected week(s). Note:
If you use a credit card, the security deposit is waived. In addition, you must complete and return the Free
One Day Passes Form for your FREE one day passes to Universal Studios or Sea World. Rentals are on a
first come first serve basis, so please call the telephone number below or send an e-mail to to confirm your selected week(s) before mailing the security deposit. The rental fee
will be based on the following schedule:

                      2006-2007                        2 Bedroom Unit
                      Peak Times:                      $100 per day
                      11/11/2006 - 04/20/2007          $600 per week
                                                       $70 per additional day

                      Non Peak Times:                  $85 per day
                      04/21/2007 - 11/9/2007           $500 per week
                                                       $60 per additional day
                      Monthly Rate:                    $1,700 per month

* $200 security deposit will be refunded in accordance with the lease agreement.
    (1 week = 7 nights)

The rental fee includes sales tax, cleaning fees, access to the swimming pool and 2 one day Theme Park

Thank you again for your inquiry. If you have any questions, please call me at 1-800-766-0584 or 1-732-238-


                                                            Ignatius Giacalone

                                                            Ignatius Giacalone
 2 bedroom / 2 full bath
  ( sleeps 4-6 people ).
 Fully equipped kitchen with
  Refrigerator,        Dishwasher,
  Coffee Maker, Toaster, Washer
  & Dryer, Microwave oven &
  Range, Steam irom & Ironing
 Dinner Set (serve 4-6 people).
 Central AC and Heat.
 Cable TV.
 Telephone (free local calls).
 Towels and Linens.
 Baby Crib and High Chair.
 Comminity Swimming Pool.
  (across from the house).

 8 miles from the Orlando
  International Airport.
 15-30 minutes to all major
  Disney World/Epoct/MGM/
  Animal Kingdom, Wet’nWild,
  Universal Studio, Sea World,
  International Drive, Church
  Street Station, Civic Center.
 15 minutes to Tupperware
  World Headquarters.
 1 hr 15 min to Cape Canaveral
  Space Center & Cocoa Beach.
 1 hr 30 min to Daytona Beach
  and Brusch Gardens (Tampa).
 15 minutes to major Medical
  Centers and Hospitals.

Other Ammemities:
 5 minutes to Shopping Centers:
  Drug Stores, Supermarkets,
  Dry Cleaners, Specialty Shops,
  and Blockbuster Movie Rental.
 5-30 minutes to all Famous
  Restaurants and Fast Food
 2 FREE one day theme
  park passes.

For information and
reservations call: (732) 238-
3198 or 1-800-766-0584 (outside
of New Jersey)
                                   LEASE AGREEMENT 
I offer and agree to rent from    Ignatius Giacalone , the condominium owner, the premises located at
13828 Timberbrooke Drive, Unit 102, Orlando, Florida 32824 for the period commencing at 4:00 PM on
the     day of        ,       and ending on the   day of       ________,     at 11:00 AM, under the
terms and conditions below:
 1. I agree to pay rental of $               for this period. My security deposit of $200.00 will insure my
    desired dates. If you use a credit card, the security deposit is waived. The rental fee is payable no
    later than fourteen (14) days in advance of the rental period (in Money Order, Cashier's Check or
    Credit Card only). At this time the owner will submit the keys to the renter. In the event that I am
    unable to keep my reservation, I will notify the owner as early as possible. If the owner is able to re-
    rent my accommodation, my payment will be refunded for the period that is re-rented.
 2. No Pets are allowed on the Property.
 3. This agreement will not be assigned, nor the premise sublet without the written consent of the owner or
    his agents.
 4. I will maintain this property in as good a state as found, and agree to replace or pay for any incurred
    expenses, loss, breakage or damage with part, all, or additional security deposit to the entire satisfaction
    of the owner or his agents.
 5. I agree to vacate the said premises upon the termination of this agreement at the hour and date shown
    above and will return the keys to the owner immediately. The security deposit will be returned in
    compliance with condition #4, above.
 6. The owner shall furnish all linens and pay all utilities including local telephone calls. Any long
    distance telephone calls are by CREDIT CARD ONLY.
    This entire agreement is made with the knowledge that the property is primarily used for resort purposes
and that is of the essence. It is understood and agreed that this agreement is to terminate in the event of
destruction of the premises by fire or other casualty and any unearned rental is to be prorated and refunded to
the tenant. Singular pronouns of the first person shall read as plural when this agreement is signed by two or
more persons.
When signed by the tenant and accepted by the owner or his agents, this shall constitute a rental contract.
     By                                                         Date

     At                                                         Telephone


     By                                                         Date

     At     4 Griffin Street, E. Brunswick, NJ 08816            Telephone     (800) 766-0584

   Master Card            Visa              Discover              American Express
  Credit Card Number ________________________________________       Expiration Date ____________
  Name on Card (Please Print) _________________________________     3 Digit Security Code
  Signature _________________________________________________       From Back of Card _________
                               2 FREE ONE DAY PASSES FORM 
Note: To be eligible for the free passes, a minimum stay of six (6) nights is required.

       YES, I am interested in receiving 2 FREE one days passes
       NO, I am not interested in receiving 2 FREE one day passes

  Note: Checking “NO” will not reduce the rental rate as indicated on the lease agreement.

If you checked the “YES” box above, what type of passes would you like?

       2 FREE Adult one days passes
       2 FREE Child one days passes
       1 FREE Adult and 1 FREE Child one days passes

To which theme park would you like? (Choose Only One)

       Universal Studios
       Sea World


GUEST’S NAME: ____________________________________________

UNIT ADDRESS: ____________________________________________

UNIT PHONE NUMBER: _____________________________________

ARRIVAL DATE: ____________________________________________


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