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					 A continent below, a world apart

                                           South America

                                       Punta del Este Uruguay

 All flights arrive in Montevideo          Duration of Flight
          National Airport
LAX Airport, Los Angeles, California     Six hours, thirty minutes
John F. Kennedy Airport, New York        Ten hours, thirty minutes
Welcome to Punta del Este…

      You’ve already imagined it: a time to relax and unwind in a world
of white sand beaches, fine cuisine, lavish scenery, and the opportunity to
engage in a unique South American culture.
      Punta del Este is a small city in Uruguay located on the continent’s
southeaster coast between Brazil and Argentina, projecting toward the
south Atlantic. A peaceful and stable country, both politically and
economically, Uruguay has one of the highest literacy rates in the world
and its citizens are the most educated of South America.
      Rolling green hills and architecture dating back to colonial days is
one of the exclusive characteristics of this peninsula city. The low hills are
strewn with large granite blocks that can best be viewed at sunset against
the horizon. Punta del Este is surrounded by stretches of brilliant coasts,
warm tidal lakes, and striking slow-moving rivers. We invite the cold and
weary, adventure seeking, and curious traveler to luxuriate in the rhythm
of the Uruguayan culture, explore the best neighboring sites, bask in the
warm sun, experience the mouth-watering cuisine and enjoy the services
and entertainment at one of our seven brand new resort hotels, created
especially for you.
 A small city, but never a dull moment.

                           Historical Sightseeing

                           Roam the streets of Punta del Este and learn its history which dates back
                           to the 1680’s.


                                                                                  Outdoor Activities

                                                                              From scuba diving to watching  
                                                                            street performances, you will never         
                                                                            seize to find something to do.     

          Outstanding Nightlife
Spend your night being lucky 
at our top‐of‐the‐line casinos. Enjoy 
a stroll on the city strip watching the sunset, 
or a night of fine‐ dining. 
The Ultra All-Inclusive

    Our package deals not only include more of everything Uruguay has to offer, we also
    provide the very best quality-from the most luxurious accommodations and exclusive
    activities such as unlimited use of our four 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts and duty
    free shopping villas, to details that others leave out, such as airport transfers and
    booking and transportation for day and overnight excursions.

    Choose from three brand new five-star resort through our All-Inclusive vacation

                                Ultra All- Inclusive*

                              Features & Facilities

    *Certain packages also offer day trips and dinner vouchers at popular restaurants.
    Please see package deals on page 8.

       ♦   Round-trip airfare
       ♦   Breakfast
       ♦   Eight tennis clubs with day and night facilities
       ♦   Four 18-hole championship golf courses
       ♦   Two themed shopping villas
       ♦   Vegas-style casinos
       ♦   Horse racing track
       ♦   Four marinas with provided deep-sea fishing
       ♦   Off shore reefs
       ♦   Happy hour cocktails
       ♦   Transportation to day trip destination (scheduled
       ♦   2 tickets to dinner show at Hotel del Casa
   Three Five-Star Resorts to
   Choose From.

   Rock Resort-Casa del

Room/Hotel highlights
   ♦ Elegant, spacious guest rooms all at least 38 sq. meters, walk-in shower & separate tub
   ♦ Workspace, high-speed Internet, 2-line speakerphone, voice mail, mini-bar, in-room
                                                          Hyatt Grand Regency
   ♦ Hair dryer, bathrobe, iron/ironing board, cable/satellite TV, in-room safe, fireplace
   ♦ Electrical adapters, newspaper, housekeeping
   ♦ Vegas-style casino downstairs

   Hyatt Grand Regency                                   Room/Hotel Highlights
                                                         ♦ Spacious guest rooms with separate
                                                            Jacuzzi jet bath tub
                                                         ♦ Room service available 24 hrs/day
                                                         ♦ Hair dryer, bathrobe
                                                         ♦ Cable/satellite TV, in-room mini bar
                                                         ♦ Beginning scuba diving lessons in hotel
                                                         ♦ Beautiful ocean-view restaurant
   Room/Hotel Highlights

     ♦ Full spa services
     ♦ Down pillows, Non-allergenic pillows
     ♦ Duvets
     ♦ Hair dryer
     ♦ Iron and ironing board
     ♦ PlayStation
     ♦ Refrigerated private bar
     ♦ Thick terry bathrobes
     ♦ Twice-daily housekeeping service
     ♦ 100% cotton oversized bath towels

       The resort hotel area is caters toward its guests’ needs and desires by providing
       only the highest of quality services and facilities. Enjoy a full boy massage, go
       gambling, play a round of golf, or relax by the pool while sipping on a cocktail.
       All hotels are within walking distance of each other, so you don’t get to just
       enjoy one; you can enjoy the facilities at all three.

      Play an ocean-front round of               After a long day of exploration come
      golf while enjoying the sunset.            back and relax with a cocktail on
                                                 the patio of the Hyatt Grand Regency.

Come explore Punta del Este in
             Classic Elegance.
                                Vacation Packages

The Getaway               $1,350.00-$1, 650.00*
Four days & Four nights

                           If you are looking for a short trip, then this is the package for
                           you! Come into our world of luxury, fine cuisine, and unique
                           culture with the Getaway package.

                           Visit Punta del Este for four days and four nights- the perfect
                           amount of time to enjoy life’s best pleasures.

                           Choose from the top three, five-star hotels of the seven new
                           resort hotels-the Marriot, Hyatt Regency, or Rock Resort-Casa
                           del Sol.

*The Getaway package includes:
    ♦ Two free dinner vouchers at any restaurant within the seven resorts. 
    ♦ The choice of two tickets to a Vegas‐style dinner show at Casa del Sol or a forty 
      minute massage for two. 
    ♦ The choice of the Motor Coach Day Trip to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital or a 
      Hovercraft day trip to Buenos Aires (see page 10 for details). 
                                            Relax-a-Max               $1,800.00-$1,955.00*
                                                                 Seven days & Seven nights
Revel in seven days and seven nights with our most 
popular, the Relax‐a‐Max package. Discover the hidden spots 
of beauty that you cannot do in only four days. Be adventurous 
and discover what Uruguay’s neighboring countries of Brazil 
and Argentina has to offer. 
*The Relax‐a‐Max package includes: 
    ♦ Four dinner vouchers. 
    ♦ 2 tickets to Vegas‐style dinner show at Casa del Sol. 
    ♦ Helicopter day trip to Rio de Janeiro. 
    ♦ Thirty‐minute hot‐stone massage.  
       Relax and Unpack                     $1800.00-$1,950.00
       Ten days & Ten nights
                                                    This is the ultimate package to gain a 
                                                    true sense of South American culture. 
                                                    Kick off your shoes while we pamper 
                                                    you and provide everything needed to 
                                                    make this a memorable trip. Enjoy fine 
                                                    dining, cultural festivals, and 
                                                    breathtaking scenery of Uruguay and 
   Relax and unpack includes: 
     ♦ Seven dinner vouchers. 
     ♦ 2 tickets to a Vegas‐style dinner show at Casa Del Sol. 
     ♦ Two‐day passes to the golf course on the island of Gorriti. 
     ♦ Helicopter overnight excursion to Iguassu Falls. 
     ♦ Choice between Motor Coach Day trip to Montevideo or Hovercraft day trip to 
         Buenos Aires.  
       Note: These highlighted activities in the package deals are in addition to the features that 
       are included in all of the packages listed on page 5.   
       * Flights departing from JFK Airport in New York can expect a $150‐$200 
       reduction in package prices due to a shorter flight and cheaper airfare.  

A perfect vacation in a perfectly unspoiled paradise.
                     Day and Overnight Trips
The possibilities for travel are endless. Punta del Este is located between two 
beautiful, world‐renowned countries‐Argentina and Brazil. Explore further into 
Uruguay or venture out to watch famous Tango dancing in Argentina.  
We want our customers to get valuable experiences, which is why we have designed 
day trips to places we find amazing and we think you will too.  
Extend your stay an extra day or sign‐up for an excursion that’s not included in your 

       Destination                         Excursion               Price per
   Montevideo              Motor Coach Day Trip                  $43. 75 
   Buenos Aires            Hovercraft Day Trip                   $81.25 
   Rio de Janeiro          Helicopter Day Trip                   $250.00 
   Iguassu Falls           Helicopter Overnight                  $406.25 

   *Transportation to and from terminal is included in price.
     Montevideo Coach Day Trip               $43.75 per person 


                                                 Montevideo is a modern metropolitan 
                                                 area with a historical old town dating 
                                                 back to colonial times. The whole city 
                                                 is surrounded by an uninterrupted 
                                                 stretch of white sandy beach. Whether 
                                                 you enjoy learning about its historic 
                                                 pioneer background or prefer one of 
     its unique shops or restaurants, there is something for everyone to do. Highlights 
     include Ciudad Viega (Old Town) which has eighteenth century buildings, and 
     the bustling activity of Avenida 18 de Julio which has theaters, museums, and art 

     Buenos Aires Hovercraft Day Trip               $81.25 per person 
     Buenos Aires has a more 
     European feel than most South 
     American countries. Wander 
     cobbled streets, marveling over 
     the colorfully painted metal 
     houses. Embark into a journey in 
     the world of Tango dancing or 
     chit ‐chat in the atmospheric of 

                             old‐time cafes, a favorite pastime of many Argentineans. 
                             Buenos Aires boasts bustling streets, grand avenues, and 
                             stylish restaurants. Enjoy the transportation to Buenos 
                             Aires among a hovercraft which will take you over the 
                             beautiful blue ocean right into Buenos Aires Airport. 

Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Day Trip              $250.00 per person

                                                             One of the most beautiful and 
                                                             enriching cities in Brazil, is how 
                                                             many describe Rio de Janeiro. 
                                                             Travel amid a helicopter and 
                                                             oversee the clear white waters 
                                                             and the famous Jesus statue.  
                                                             Its ritzy feel and classy nightlife is 
                                                             a sure hit. You may be surprised 
                                                             to find out that the language here 
                                                             is Portuguese, not Spanish. Rio de 
                                                             Janeiro is sure to offer you a day 
                                                             to remember where the locals 
                                                             thrive on dance, drink, beach, 
                                                             sport and sun.  


                                       Iguassu Falls       $406.25 per person

     Strung out along the rim of a crescent‐shaped cliff about 2.5 
     miles long, approximately 275 individual cascades and 
     waterfalls plummet down 269 feet into the gorge below.  
     Iguassu Falls stretches between Brazil and Argentina and is 
     bigger and more stunning than Niagra Falls. Hover over the 
     falls and feel the mist upon your face as you 
     go over one of the world’s greatest natural 
     Spend the night in the comfort of a bed n’ 
     breakfast, where you will fall asleep to the 
     sound of the plundering falls.  
         Things to Know about Travel to Punta del Este

Entry Requirements                                            Official Language

     ♦    U.S. Passport, must be valid 6 months                    ♦   official language is Spanish
          beyond intended stay                                     ♦   English is Uruguay’s second 
     ♦    Tickets and Documents for return or                          language, especially in the 
          onward travel                                                business sector 
     ♦    No Visa Required for stay up to 3
          months; extendable locally for an
          additional 3 months
     ♦    Sufficient Funds for length of stay

Currency                                                         International dialing code:

 Uruguayan Peso (UrP) The peso is                                               598
 divided into 100 Centisimos. All
 hotels have money exchanges and
 accept credit cards. Most restaurants
 accept credit cards as well.

Tipping                                                          Shopping

  In restaurants, it's normal to tip                             Uruguay's best buys include
 about 10% of the bill. Taxi drivers                             suede jackets, amethyst jewelry,
 do not require tips, although you                               antiques and paintings.
 may round off the fare for

Security                                                         Business Hours

 Montevideo is the second most secure
                                                                   ♦   Business Hours are usually 
 capital city in the world after Tokyo.
                                                                       Monday through Friday, 9am‐
 The crime rate is very low in
 Uruguay, but one still needs to be                                    7pm. 
 alert and exercise reasonable caution                             ♦   Stores are open from 9am‐
                                                                       1pm on Saturdays and are 
                                                                       closed on Sundays. 

                  In order to receive more information on travel to Punta del Este
          and the All-Inclusive package deals, please get into contact with your local travel
                                    agency, or call 1-800-252-8888.
                 Punta del Este
               A continent below, a world apart…

For more information call your professional travel agent or Innovative Marketing
    In North America, call toll free: 1-800-252-8888, Fax: 1-800-252-6752.

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