Tips on Finding the Best Hotel Deals by mrsmarts


									                     Tips on Finding the Best Hotel Deals

When it comes to choosing a hotel for your vacation, it often becomes an
issue of low cost and convenient location. More often than not, particularly
when traveling to major tourist areas with popular attractions, the closer the
lodging is to the destination or attraction, the more expensive it will be. That
is why the best way to save money on lodging is to stay in an outlying area.

Unfortunately, this might mean that you will spend more time driving to your
destinations, which inevitably means more money spent on gasoline. It is
important to asses all of the factors in order to make sure that staying in
more distant hotel will really cost you less money.

There are several ways to save money on lodging without compromising the
quality of your accommodations. For example, paying for a membership in
AAA or a similar auto club also provides you with discounts on hotel rooms,
as does being a member of the military or being a senior citizen. When
booking a hotel room, make sure you ask about discounts that may be

Another tip for finding lower cost lodging is to try shopping early for your
hotel room.    Often, hotels will reserve a block of lower-priced rooms,
available on a first come, first serve basis. Getting the best lodging deal is
often based on timing and planning ahead.

Saving money on a hotel room means next to nothing if the place is a pigsty,
or unsafe. Shopping for a budget hotel does not mean you have to settle for
a hotel that is dirty, poorly run or in a dangerous area.

Fortunately, the Internet makes it so easy to find great deals on quality
budget hotels. The Internet cuts the time it takes to research lodging down
to a fraction of what it used to take. Most hotels, even budget properties,
have websites and feature photos of the property, rooms, and the
surrounding area. It has never been easier to research the lodging that you
are considering, especially if you have never stayed there before.

Don’t forget to research the area in which the hotel is located also. Be sure
to check out things like restaurants and attractions within walking distance of
the hotel. Amenities, especially on vacation, are important.

On the Internet there are a number of review sites available where those
who have stayed in various hotels can share their experiences and their
opinions of the hotels.      These review sites are invaluable for travelers,
especially if you are going to a place for the first time.

In addition, the Internet hosts a number of travel web sites where travelers
and tourists can locate and compare lodging based on their particular need,
such as for their individual dates of stay and destinations. These web sites
provide several ways to search, including distance from an attraction, price,
and star level. The only thing that you need to bear in mind when using such
a web site is that comparison web sites only showcase properties that pay a
fee, so using a particular site does not necessarily ensure the best price for

our trip. For locating the best deals online, it is best to refer to several web
sites in order to get a real idea of the lowest prices available.


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