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									                                 DELHI JAL BOARD
                        ROOM NO. 208, VARUNALAYA PHASE: I
                   JHANDEWALAN, KAROL BAGH, NEW DELHI-110005.

 Providing Consultancy Services For JICA Aided Yamuna Action Plan project (III), for
         assisting in Project Monitoring and Implementation of Works in Delhi.
1.      The National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD), Ministry of Environment and
  Forests, (MoEF) Government of India, has applied for an ODA Loan from Japan
  International Cooperation Agency (here in after referred to as “JICA”) towards the cost of
  Yamuna Action Plan Project (III). The Government of India intends to appoint Delhi Jal
  Board (DJB) as executing agency for implementation of the project. The DJB under the
  Govt. of NCT of Delhi was established for construction, operation and maintenance of the
  water supply and wastewater infrastructure facilities within the NCT of Delhi and intends to
  use the said fund as allocated by NRCD for physical implementation of various packages
  for upgrading the sewerage infrastructure so as to minimize untreated wastewater flow to
  river Yamuna. As such, DJB intends to employ a consultant for Project Monitoring and
  Implementation of works in Delhi. The cost of Consulting Service will be financed out of the
  proceeds of the ODA loan extended for the project by JICA and the consultants to be
  employed will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines for the Employment of
  Consultants under JICA ODA Loans.

2. The objective of the Project is to improve the water quality in River Yamuna by
  augmenting sewage treatment capacity with renovation, rehabilitation and replacement of
  the existing sewerage system and by implementing public outreach activities in National
  Capital Territory of Delhi, thereby contributing to improvement of public health conditions
  for inhabitants by taking up the physical implementation of the following works packages:

S.No     Package             Package Name

1        K1          Kondli: Rehabilitation of sewer lines: Trunk Sewer No. 4, Narwana
                     Road, Anand Vihar, Hargovind Enclave and Vikas Marg
2        K2          Kondli: Rehabilitation of sewer lines: Trunk Sewer No. 5, and
                     Jhilmil colony sewer
3        K3          Kondli: Renovation of WWTP-Phase-I, Phase-II & Phase-III and
                     Construction of Tertiary Treatment Plant.

4        K4          Kondli: Rehabilitation of rising mains
5        O1          Okhla: Demolition and new Construction of new Phase I WWTP
6        O2          Okhla: Renovation of WWTP Phase-II, Phase-III & Phase –IV and
                     Construction of Tertiary treatment plants.
7        R1          Rithala: Rehabilitation of sewer lines: Ashok Vihar and
                     Jahangirpuri and Rehabilitation of Rising Main
8        R2          Rithala: Renovation of Phase-I WWTP and Construction of Tertiary
                     Treatment Plant.
9        PO          Public Outreach
      The estimated cost of the projects is around Rs.1700 crores. The approximate duration
      of the project implementation shall up to the year 2018.

 3.   Scope of work
      The scope of consultancy for the projects work shall include assisting DJB in various
      aspects with respect to successful implementation of above packages and in Public
      Outreach component. The scope of services will include but not limited to the followings:
 •    Study / Analysis / updating of DPRs for above mentioned packages and carry out
      topographic survey & geo-technical investigation,

 •     Overall management of the project,
 •     Preparation of specifications of works, engineer’s estimate and carry out
       detailed engineering,
 •     Preparation of tender documents including drawings, and reasonability of rates
 •     Invitation of Bids,
 •     Evaluation of Bids and preparation of evaluation reports,
 •     Supervision and monitoring of works, including checking of structural and other
       designs and drawings to be submitted by the Contractors,
 •     Contract management
 •     Disbursement management and monitoring
 •     Inspection during trial run & commissioning,
 •     Preparation of final Inspection report,
 •     Preparation of O & M Documents.
 •     Activities pertaining to Public Outreach component

4.       The total period for the consultancy assignment including construction supervision is
       a minimum of 47 man months for International Consultants and 1,183 man months for
       local consultants. DJB in order to obtain the desired quality services invites eligible
       Consultants globally to indicate their interest in providing the above consultancy
       services. This invitation is open to all countries. International Consultants can get into
       joint venture with local consultants, if required, having adequate experience and
       resources to deliver the required responsibilities.

 5.      Following eligibility / qualification criteria will be used to shortlist the consultants:

      a. The applicants may be an independent single firm or in joint venture or in consortium
          with other firms.
      b. In the EOI it must be clearly indicated / stated who the “Lead Partner” is if it is a joint
          venture/ consortium. The Lead partner must possess similar experience in the
          Project Management Consultancy of their experience and technical expertise in
          areas relating to this project and institutional and strengthening/capacity building etc.
     c. The intending firm or in case of joint venture / consortium, the Lead Partner should
        have experience in projects of comparable size, complexity, and technical specialty
        in India/ developing countries.

     d. Experience in project management of projects

     e. Experience of donor funded projects and working for reputable regional/international
         organizations (multilateral & bilateral);

6.      Firms interested to be considered for short listing may intimate EE(C)DR.XI, DJB in
        writing about their technical capabilities by providing the following, which will be used
        to shortlist the consultants:

            a. List of similar assignments completed successfully, with brief project description,
                relevancy, information of cost of the services, cost of project, employer and
                funding agency
            b. List of similar assignments in progress with brief project description, relevancy,
                information of cost of the services, cost of project, employer and funding
            c. Company profile and a list of relevant skills with the staff and indicative
                Curriculum Vitae
            d. Project delivery capability in India and experience of donor funded projects;
            e. Company registration certificate/s and document/s
            f. Latest Annual Report and audited accounts
            g. Document/s clearly showing last three (3) year annual turn over figures
            h. Eligibility statement.

     All above documents / certificates for the firm / and joint venture / consortium partners
     must be submitted in the EOI.

     Only eligible firms having the required qualifications shall be considered for short listing.
     Only the shortlisted firms or associations shall be invited to submit their detailed proposals
     for the consulting services. The evaluation of the detailed proposals shall be carried out by
     the QCBS method.

     Consulting firms barred from participating in any project funded by the Government of India
     or any other international donor (i.e. JICA, World Bank, ADB, DFID) on the date of
     submission of their EOIs, will not be eligible to participate in this project. A declaration to
     that effect shall be furnished by applicants.

7. Firms with following experience shall have added advantage in the short-listing:

       a. Construction of new deep sewer through open cut as well as through trenchless
          technology using different pipe material, methodology/technology.

       b. Re-habilitation, cleaning/desiltation of Trunk sewers/Rising mains using different
          material and technology.

       c. Construction of STPs with digesters, specially with gas mixing technology in
          digesters and knowledge of different and latest technologies in the field of sewage
          treatment and pumping stations.
        d. Rehabilitation of STPs and digesters with gas mixing technology and pumping

        e. Up gradation of sewage treatment plants with advanced treatment technologies to
           bring down current treatment standards of BOD, TSS (20, 30 mg/L) to BOD, TSS
           (< 10, <10 mg/L).

 8.    The complete proposal indicating the firm’s interest in taking up the assignment with all
      relevant information as above with copies of relevant documents for verification and full
      contact address shall be submitted in four hard copies and one soft copy at the address
      mentioned below on or before 16.3.2011 by 15.00 hrs.

9.    No application shall be received after the deadline.

10.    The Expression of Interest shall be submitted in a sealed cover, indicating therein
      “Expression of Interest for Delhi Jal Board, Govt. Of NCT of Delhi, under YAP (III).”

11.   DJB shall examine the proposal and evaluate them as per information and documents
      submitted by the consultants/firms to finalize the list of short listed consultants.
      However, DJB reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the EOIs without
      assigning any reason whatsoever.

  12. DJB shall not accept any explanation for any delay in transit or any reasons in receiving
      any EOI beyond the last date and time as mentioned in this invitation notice.

  13. The Expression of Interest with all documents shall be sent to :

                             EXECUTIVE ENGINEER [C] DR. XI
                                     DELHI JAL BOARD
                           ROOM NO. 208, VARUNALAYA PHASE: I
                              Karol Bagh, NEW DELHI-110005.

                                                                                 (Arun Gupta)

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