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									                                 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                                                  September 20, 2006

                                 Grant Writing and Administration Services

                           Conversion of the Old Armory Building to
              Baker County Community Building and Fair Board/OSU Office Facility

Requested by:
Baker County Fairboard
2610 Grove Street, Baker City, Oregon 97814
Tel. No. 541-523-7881; Fax No. 541-524-9567

INTRODUCTION           The Baker County Fairboard (“owner”) is requesting grant writing and
administration proposals from experienced grant writing professionals to work with the Fairboard to
secure funding to complete Phase II of the New Baker County Community Building and Fair
Board/OSU Office facility, (the Old Armory building) at 2600 East Street, Baker City, Oregon. Phase II
is estimated to be in the cost range of $390,000. In accordance with Baker County Resolution 2005-
1027-B, the Fairboard is inviting a minimum of three (3) qualified providers to participate in the Request
for Proposals (RFP) process.

BACKGROUND            The County Fairboard recently acquired the old armory from the Oregon National
Guard who had occupied the building for the past fifty years. The Fairboard employed Barber-Barrett-
Turner Architects to develop the “Plan” for the upgrade and remodel the building. The Plan includes
new entry systems, ADA accessibility, ADA restrooms, exhibit hall, classrooms, offices and
maintenance shop; new mechanical and electrical systems will be substantially replaced or overhauled.
Total capital improvements to improve the physical plant, exterior and interior areas are estimated at
$680,000. To date Phase I has been completed at $290,000, and a continuing program of grant writing
is needed to secure the balance of necessary funds.

• Grant writing professionals interested in submitting proposals are to submit completed proposals to
  The Baker County Commissioners Office, 1995 Third Street, Baker City, OR, by 10:00 am on
  October 9th, 2006. Proposals submitted after 10:00 am will not be accepted.
• Proposals shall be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Grant Writing and Administration
  Proposal – Phase II – Baker County Community Building” in the lower left corner; addressed to the
  Baker County Commissioners as noted above, and shall have the submitters name and return
  address in the upper left corner. Faxed responses are not acceptable.
• Correction or withdrawal of a proposal must be made prior to the bid closing time and must be
  clearly labeled “Proposal Modification” or “Proposal Withdrawal”.
• The Fairboard shall evaluate all proposals; selection and award will be based on relevant past grant
  writing success, ability to meet the schedule and proposed fee schedule.
• For the purpose of clarity, the overall Project was first advertised for “bids” on September 14, 2005.
• The proposal must indicate whether the bidder is a “resident bidder” as defined in ORS 279A.120.
• The Fairboard reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time and may reject any or all bids,
  quotations or proposals in accordance with ORS 279B.100.

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  1. The grant writer/administrator shall research appropriate capital improvement funding sources
     and complete grant applications in accordance with guidelines as specified by the funding
     source(s). All applications are to be reviewed prior to submission by the Baker County Fair
  2. The grant writer shall represent the Fairboard in negotiations with grant foundation personnel;
     shall continue administration of all successful grant funding; and shall work with the Fairboard to
     closely manage the capital improvement account for the Project through completion of the
     Phase II Project.
  3. The total amount of funding needed to complete Phase II of the project is estimated at
     $390,000. The Fair Board currently has $30,000 available for costs associated with Phase II of
     the project, with an additional $22,500 in match funds secured from OSU. Construction will be
     dependent upon secured funding, and time is of the essence. The Fair Board would like to
     relocate their existing offices to the new facility no later than December 2007.
  4. The grant writer/administrator shall enter into a personal services contract with the Baker
     County Fair Board. The contract shall specify fees, Scope of Services to be performed, and
     timeline for Services to be performed.
  5. The Scope of Services of the Proposal shall include:
     • Outline of past success with securing and administering capital improvement grants.
     • Evidence of project knowledge.
     • Estimated timeline to secure total funding for Phase II of the project and associated grant
         writing fees within the timeline.
     • Fees associated with grant administration.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EVALUATION                The grant writer/administrator shall submit one (1) copy of
their proposal and qualifications to the Baker County Commissioners office at the time and place cited
above, and shall:
    1. Demonstrate experience level and capability, including references of similar projects (project
        description, grant dollar values, Grant Recipient or Project Owner names and telephone
    2. Provide a thorough outline of the anticipated performance proposed by the bidder.
    3. Provide a fee schedule identifying:
          a.   The bidders fees for grant writing services.
          b.   The bidders fees for grant administration services.
    4. Provide a short explanation of the bidder’s approach and grant writing philosophy.

Evaluation for award will be based on the bidder’s relevant past performance, quality and efficiency of
the bidder’s proposed systems, the ability to meet the schedule and the price. The Fairboard shall
review and evaluate all Statements of Qualifications and will make a selection based on the point
system below.
    1. Experience, capability and technical competence to perform project grant writing. 60 points
    2. Knowledge of project                                                              50 points
    3. Staff and resource availability (current workload)                                40 points
    4. Cost Proposal and compensation information.                                       30 points
    5. Project approach and philosophy.                                                  20 points
The Fairboard anticipates making the selection and award to the highest-ranked grant
writer/administrator with the County Contract Review Board, on Wednesday, October 18, 2006. The
successful bidder and the Fairboard shall then mutually discuss and refine the scope of services for
the project and shall negotiate final conditions, compensation and performance schedule for a
subsequent personal services contract.

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