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					                    2010 WECA Conference Workshop Proposal Form
     Please complete, save and email to or print and mail to the address below.
         If you have any questions, contact Nancy Webb at 608-729-1027 or email
                  The conference is scheduled for November 11-13, 2010 at Marriott Madison West
Primary Presenter and contact person                                                 Title

Organization                                                                         Email-required

Address                                                                              Daytime Phone

City/State /ZIP                                                                      Registry trainer #

                                         *Registry approved trainer level (check one):
               Registered       Basic       Intermediate       Master         Specialist             Unknown         N/A
*If you are not a Registry approved trainer, please list your professional qualifications and area of expertise.

Please include name, phone number and email address of a reference who has seen you present.

Presenter #2                                                                 Title

Organization                                                                 Email-required*

Address                                                                      Daytime Phone

City/State /ZIP                                                              Registry trainer #

                                               PDAS Trainer Level (check one):
               Registered      Basic         Intermediate     Master       Specialist               Unknown          N/A

Additional Presenters
Name                                              Title & Organization

Name                                              Title & Organization

Workshop Title (Concise and attention getting!):

This training would qualify as (check one):
    Registered               Tier 1 (1-2 hours)              Tier 2 (2-5 hours)              Tier 3 (over 5 hours)         Unsure

Learning objectives: As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to…



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                   2010 WECA Conference Workshop Proposal Form
Promotional Summary (Max 75 words). Please indicate your target audience

Please attach an outline of your session.

For an explanation of the Registry Core Knowledge Areas, please see the presenter instructions available at

Core Knowledge Area for The Registry Continuing Education Hours         Choose up to two only
       Adult Education                                               Personnel Management
       Child Development                                             Professionalism
       Guidance                                                      Regulatory Policy & Standards
       Cultural & Individual Diversity                               Special Needs
       Developmentally Appropriate Practice                          Observation & Assessment
       Family Relationships                                          Safe & Healthy Environment
       Organizational Mgmt/Finance/Legal/Marketing                   Marketing
       Finance                                                       Legal

Age group focus Choose all that apply
   Infants/Toddlers      Preschool       4K      Kindergarten        First-third grade      All children      Adults

Audience level
  Beginning/Introductory                 Intermediate             Experienced/Advanced

Scheduling Preference (check all that apply)
I can present             Thursday           Friday               Saturday
I can repeat this session Friday             Saturday             No

Session length      1.25 hrs             2.75 hrs (Double session)
  Half-day (4 hours, Thurs only)         Full day (6 hours, Thursday only)

Room Setup Preference please choose ONE of the following:
   Session attendees will need tables for hands-on project work during my session (limited number).
   Session attendees will need space for movement activities during my session (limited number).
   No particular room set-up is necessary.

NEW THIS YEAR: Presenters must provide their own audio-visual equipment. Each workshop room will have
a flip chart, AV cart and screen when needed.. If you do not have your own equipment, AV equipment can be rented directly
from the hotel. Contact Andrea Murray at 608-729-1053 for more information about AV equipment rental.
    Yes, I understand I must provide my own A/V equipment.

I will be using the following audio-visual equipment:
    LCD projector and laptop computer
    Laptop speakers

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                    2010 WECA Conference Workshop Proposal Form
     Overhead projector
     Portable CD player
     Amplified sound system

Additional information about your session that will help us with room assignments and scheduling:

Absolutely no sales are allowed in workshop rooms. Presenters wishing to sell items at the conference must use
the presenter’s booth in the exhibit hall, which is available to presenters at no charge.
    No, I will not sell items.
    I will be selling items at the conference.

Presenter Compensation Choose one:
     $50 Honorarium made payable to                     SSN/FEIN
     Conference registration for up to 2 presenters.

Deadline to Ensure Consideration is March 26, 2010

Please complete, save and email as an attachment to
or mail to:   WECA Conference Manager
                   744 Williamson St. Suite 200
                   Madison, WI 53703

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Webb at 608-729-1027 or email
Keep a copy of your proposal for your records. Accepted workshop proposals will be confirmed via email by April 30, 2010.

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