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					                                        Inspire… Uplift… Recognize

                      PROVINCIAL & NATIONAL FINALS 2010
To whom it may concern: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE !
The model that is presenting this proposal to you needs your help to reach his/ger goals with Model Cup.


Our Mission:
To recognize all the talent through Modelling as a Sport. To uplift, motivate, improve and educate our young
people, by giving them back hope and self-worth in themselves, without any discrimination, in a safe family

Our Vision:
To take Model Cup all over the world and have teams from every country competing against each other in
Modelling as a Sport on a yearly basis with the World Cup Event in South Africa.

The wonderful world of Modelling as a Sport was launched in 2005, and since then we have grown in leaps and
bounds, setting the standard for Modelling as a Sport across South Africa.
Model Cup ( ) keeps children off the street, out of gangs and drugs, gives them focus,
direction, confidence, experience, hope and the most important – recognition. It changes their lives for the
better, and we see today’s talent developing into tomorrow’s leaders. We have received overwhelming
feedback over the years from parents testifying to the improvement and difference that Model Cup has made in
their children’s lives.

Model Cup encompasses the hosting of different pre-selected and separately owned competitions at various
venues throughout South Africa, in which interested individual competitors will compete against each other for
different levels of recognition.

Model Cup provides recognition to individuals in two very different ways:
   1. The Model Cup National Ranking (compete to share in up to R50 000 cash)
   2. The Model Cup Provincial & National Colours for Modeling as a Sport

The Model Cup National Ranking
All the competitions are rated into one to five star competitions - the higher the star the more points you get for
your overall position/ranking you ended on that day.
By accumulating points from the various competitions in Model Cup, registered competitors can start climbing
the ranks in his/her age category. These points shall be reflected in a national ranking system. You don’t have
to win any competition, but you can still end up as the overall winner.
Models compete in 8 different age groups: up to 7, 8 to 11, 12 to 15 and 16 and older in male and female
At the end of the Model Cup Year the Top Performers of each age category will share in up to R50,000 Cash

The Model Cup Provincial & National Colours for Modeling as a Sport
At each competition models compete in different divisions, that mirror all the aspects of the real industry. There
are 6 divisions in total:

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                                         Inspire… Uplift… Recognize

    1.   Ramp – Ramp Technique, like FTV – high fashion style
    2.   Pageant – Mr & Miss Competitions, here it is all about your personality & presentation
    3.   Photographic – Face, Beauty, confidence and poses
    4.   Body – Body Shape, Tone and Presentation
    5.   Beat – Walking/dancing on the music, presenting the clothes differently
    6.   Freeze – getting creative with poses freezing like a mannequin in a window

There are 17 Provincial Regions in which models compete against each other.
Provincial Rankings are determined by the highest score a contestant acquired at any of our competitions for a
specific division. It is also important to note that for the provincial & national colours models do not compete in
age groups against each other, but rater in their own age group only. For example a Female turning 16 this year
will only compete against other Females turning 16 this year, in the age group Under 16 Females. The module
has been developed in such a way to give maximum recognition and exposure.
This means there is 6 divisions x 3 positions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) = 18 positions, to be filled for each age group, for
Male & Females separately, plus 3 reserves will also be awarded with Colours.

Provincials are held in October 2010 all over South Africa where Provincial Colours will be awarded, and at
the end of the Year in December, the Model Cup National Finals will bring all the regions together and the
National Colours/Team will be awarded to the top performers in each age.

For the first time ever models competing in Model Cup shall have a barometer to measure their achievements
and successes by, and get the well deserved recognition for their talent. A structured competitive environment
with a uniform code of rules to which all associated competitions must conform, as seen in most professional
sporting codes, is busy changing the face of the fashion industry. A first for South Africa and also the world!

It is imperative to note that no discrimination against any contestant’s background will be made, eg. If a woman
that’s married and have kids enter our pageant (Miss) competitions and wins she will not be disqualified: it is
only a “title” that she wins, in the sport that she is doing. We only focus on the talent not their background, as in
any other sport.

Success shall depend on those who have the discipline and vigour in accepting the challenge for consistency.
In a nutshell, it is fair to say that the more competitions a registered member enters and does well in, the better
his/her chances are of winning
their age category & earning both Provincial & National Colours at the end of the year. Needless to say the
more a member features in the national rankings the bigger his/her scope of exposure shall be.


The model that have brought you this letter, would like to compete during this year’s Model Cup Provincial &
National Finals. This individual does believe that he/she has what it takes to make a success of modeling as a

Financial support is however crucial to their successes. The status afforded to a Model Cup member via their
membership/affiliation puts them in a position where they can use the structures of the Model Cup to approach
potential sponsors with viable sponsorship opportunities.
We have registered Model Aid, a Section 21 Company that is a Non-Profit Organization that can give
Companies an Article 18A Certificate, so that you can claim back from your taxable profit. We can also give
exposure for your Company by various means.

                                    Tel: 082 233 1333 Fax: 086 657 9530
                                      Inspire… Uplift… Recognize

The costs included to take part in the Provincials & Nationals are:
   1. Once-off Model Cup Membership/Affiliation Fee: R500
   2. Provincial Final Event, Model Entry Fee: R500
   3. Provincial Kit (colours, badges, sash etc): from R200 to R1200
   4. National Final Event, Model Entry Fee: R700
   5. National Kit (colours, badges, sash etc): from R200 to R1200 (provided member qualifies)
   6. Some models would like to order their photographs and DVD video, which would cost R500 – R1000
   7. Spectator Fees are R100 per person per day.


When considering this proposal, we at Model Cup humbly request you to consider the impact of the following
reasons why supporting a model in the Model Cup campaign is a must:

       the value of the coverage and exposure to your business/brand compared to the investment makes
       good business sense to get involved;
       the opportunity in raising your brand equity within your community is huge;
       offers amazing possibilities in focusing on a strong niche market namely the youth.
       You shall also directly be assisting in creating a forum of opportunity for the up and coming stars of the
       Claim back from tax through an Article 18A Certificate from Model Aid 2005/038837/08


We believe that the above-mentioned options together with their benefits are reasonable and affordable. It
offers a win-win scenario for all concerned. Your support can make all the difference.
Your willingness in considering this proposal is appreciated.

For any questions or for bigger sponsorships, eg a whole year, whole competition or two, or prizes, or bigger
branding opportunities and TV exposure, do not hesitate to contact Model Cup.
Please go to our web site and see what it is all about:
Be sure to watch our 2min infomercial on the site.


Kind Regards,
Dominique Rensleigh
CEO Model Cup

                                 Tel: 082 233 1333 Fax: 086 657 9530

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