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                      The what,

                      BT YOUNG SCIENTIST
                      & TECHNOLOGY Exhibition
                          Driven by Innovation, delivered by
     Hello and welcome to the start of what could be one of the most thrilling
     and fun experiences of your life.

     This is the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition’s 46th year and over
     the past four and a half decades it has created a wealth of incredible research,
     debate and innovation in science and technology. That’s why BT is proud, not
     just to sponsor the event, but also to be entrusted with the organising and
     running of it too. Ours is a company founded on an inventive, pioneering spirit,
     we are passionate about technology and feel a real affinity with all the entrants.
     And as this is the 10th anniversary of our involvement, we’re going to make sure
     it’s the best one yet.

     The information enclosed in this booklet is just a taster for what is to follow.
     You’ll receive further information on your return to school in September.
     In the meantime, get your thinking cap on and have a really great summer break.

     Best wishes,


The What...                                  BT
In its 46th year the BT Young Scientist      BT have been the proud sponsor
& Technology Exhibition is much more         and organiser of the BT Young Scientist
than a competition; it is an unforgettable   & Technology Exhibition for 10 years
experience of a lifetime for the students    now. The essence of the exhibition is
who take part. The exhibition itself is      the spirit and ingenuity demonstrated
the final stage in the competition which     by the students who participate.
is open to all second level students from    As a leader in innovation and technology
Ireland, both North and South. As well       BT is thrilled to help cultivate and nurture
as the 500 student projects on display,      the talent of our future scientists
there are a further four exhibition halls    and engineers.
filled with science and technology based
exhibits and entertainment, making it a
thrilling event for those who enter and      The BT Young Scientist & Technology
for general visitors too.                    Exhibition 2010 is supported by:

The History
In 1963 two physics’ researchers from the
University College Dublin, Rev. Dr. Tom
Burke and Dr. Tony Scott, came across
the concept of 'Science Fairs’ while
conducting research in New Mexico,
America. The pair decided that this type
of hands-on science was something
that students in Ireland could benefit
from, by taking science outside the four
walls of the classroom and showing that it
is all around them. And so the Young
Scientist Exhibition was born.

   The Why...
    You’re reading this, so you must have         and a brilliant way to showcase your
    some interest in the BT Young Scientist       school’s scientific pedigree. It also helps
    & Technology Exhibition 2010. That’s          to put the fun back into subjects which
    a good start. But if you’re wondering         are viewed by some as a bit ‘dry’.
    why you should get involved, here are
    just some of the benefits:                    But don’t just take our word for it

                                                  Teachers and pupils leave the BT Young
       It’s a brilliant bit of extra-curricular   Scientist & Technology Exhibition
       activity to put on your CV or              enthused and invigorated. Here are a
       application form for University.           few quotes from some people who were
       It shows a real passion for science        involved in last year’s event.
       and an ability to think for yourself.
                                                  “This was the first time we had entered
       Getting the chance to represent            the competition and the level of support
       your school / town at the exhibition       provided by the organisers was outstanding.
       is a real buzz and an experience you       The event days ran flawlessly and provided
       will never forget.                         a rare opportunity for students to share
                                                  their passion for science and engineering
       And although a love for science and        with their peers and professionals. The
       technology lies at the heart of all        whole event had a concert-like feel to it,
       the entries, we’re sure everyone also      which contrasted with the stereotype
       has an eye on the prizes! With over        view of scientists as ‘nerds’.”
       100 prizes to be won, including the        Dr Paul Wilson (Teacher)
       prestigious BT Young Scientist of          Ballyclare High School
       the Year Award and the chance to
       represent Ireland at the European          “It’s big, it’s very big and it’s busy and it’s
       Union Contest for Young Scientists.        loud and it’s just so much fun. It’s basically
                                                  a hall full of students there for the 4 days,
                                                  showing their projects, having fun, making
    And the rewards aren’t just confined to
                                                  friends. You meet so many people it’s just
    entrants. Teachers will see real, long-term
                                                  brilliant. An experience you'll never forget!”
    benefits by getting involved. It’s a great
                                                  Aisling Judge, Kinsale Community College
    way to get pupils fired up about the vital
                                                  (Winner of BT Young Scientist of the
    subjects of science and technology
                                                  Year 2006)

The How...
   Who can enter?                                      When?
   The competition is open to second level             The BT Young Scientist & Technology
   students from Ireland, North and South,             Exhibition takes place from the 12th to the
   aged between 12 and 18 years on the                 16th January 2010, at the RDS in Dublin.
   31st October 2009.
                                                       How to Enter
   You can enter your project as an individual         Entries may be submitted in either English
   or share the work as a group. A group is            or Irish. You can enter by post or online at
   made up of no more than three people      
   from the same school and the same
   age group.                                          A detailed ‘One Page Proposal’ outlining
                                                       your project idea, together with completed
   To give everybody an equal chance of                entry forms and fees, must be submitted
   winning, there are three age groups in              by Monday 5th October 2009.
   which to enter.
                                                       Your application must include:
Age Groups     Rep of Ireland       Northern Ireland   1.   Entry Form for Projects
                                                       2.   Project Details Form
Junior         1st & 2nd Year       Year 8, 9 & 10
                                                       3.   One Page Proposal
Intermediate   3rd & 4th Year        Year 11 & 12
               (junior & transition)                   4.   Entry Fee (€20/£18)
                                                       5.   Teacher Assessment Form
Senior         5th & 6th Year       Year 13 & 14

                                                       The entry forms and our postal address
   The category choice                                 can be found online at
   Students can enter projects in one of     
   four categories:
                                                       The Accommodation Grant Scheme
    Biology and Ecological Sciences                    BT created a grant scheme under which
                                                       schools can apply for assistance towards
    Chemical, Physical and Mathematical
                                                       accommodation costs incurred if they
                                                       have to stay overnight in Dublin. This
    Social and Behavioural Sciences                    grant scheme underlines BT’s commitment
    Technology                                         to making the exhibition accessible to
                                                       schools from all parts of Ireland. Please
   For more information on the categories
                                                       see our website for more information.
   please check out our website
   Where to start?
    To help you decide on your topic, try          Organise
    to get an idea of what you want to study.      Organise everything you have learned
    Ideas might come from hobbies or perhaps       about your topic. At this point you should
    problems you see that need solutions.          narrow your hypothesis by focusing on a
                                                   particular idea.
    Where to get your idea
    Ideas come from all around us and the          Make a timetable
    best ones are often the simplest;              Choose a topic that not only interests you,
    innovate an existing issue by thinking         but also can be finished in the amount of
    laterally about it. Is there something that    time you have. And remember to leave
    really annoys you about everyday life?         time to write your report and put
    Perhaps you’ve heard about an issue that       together an exhibit.
    has touched you in some way. You don’t
    have to set out to change the world, but       Prepare a One Page Proposal
    ideas that have a wide-reaching impact         When you have decided on a project and
    tend to do well in the competition. Your       carried out some research and trial
    idea could come from a hobby or skill          experiments, it is time to write your
    you already have or from your family.          One Page Proposal. This helps you not
    Use any contacts you might have to             only to organise your thoughts but also
    discuss some possibilities – like your         to prepare the case for your project. The
    family Doctor, Vet or Dentist. The most        proposal should be word processed, in
    important thing to do though, is to discuss    the region of 500 words and limited to
    your idea with your teacher and parents.       an A4 sheet. Remember to mention
                                                   any institutes or people you have
    Initial research                               contacted for information. This concise
    Visit your local library or use the Internet   description of your thoughts about the
    to learn everything you can about your         project and of the work that you intend
    chosen topic. Write to or email companies      to carry out is essential to the screening
    for specific information. Talk to              process. A decision on whether or not
    professionals in the field and consult your    a project qualifies for the exhibition in
    teacher and parents. The trick is to           the R.D.S. in January, will be made on
    research and research over and over            the basis of your initial application, so the
    again until you are an expert on the topic.    One Page Proposal is very important.

                                                   More information is available online at
What happens next?
   The selection process                        Remember...
   Your One Page Proposal is considered by a
   panel of screening judges who carefully      1. Your project can make a huge
   consider every project. Following their         difference to you, your school and
   decisions, you will be informed if your         even the world of science!
   project has either qualified or not
   qualified in November of 2009.               2. Applications must be received by the
                                                   5th October 2009

        The Selection Process                   3. Our website address is
Not Qualified                Queried    

                Qualified                       4. Our helpline numbers are:
                                                   ROI - 1800 924 362
                                                   NI - 0800 917 1297
   N.B., The submission of a project does
   not automatically mean that the project      5. We’ll be sending you more detailed
   will qualify for the exhibition in the RDS      information in September.
   in January 2010.

                                                We have covered a lot of information in
                                                this booklet and you should now have
                                                everything you need to get started on
                                                your potential project. So get your
                                                thinking cap on. We’re looking forward to
   Need some help with your project?            seeing innovation and creativity from this
   Just ASK US. Check out the website           year’s projects. Good luck and enjoy your
   for more information.                        summer!

                                                                          t.                 com

BT, Grand Canal Plaza, Upper Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.
Tel: 1800 924 362 Email:

BT, Riverside Tower, 5 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3BT, Northern Ireland.
Tel: 0800 917 1297 Email:

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