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									                     NEZ PERCE TRIBE WEBISTE DEVELOPMENT

                                REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The Project
The Nez Perce Tribe currently has a web presence that is outdated in appearance, structure and in
the presentation of content. An opportunity exists to re-engineer the site to better reflect the Nez
Perce Tribe and incorporate the latest web technology. The Tribe is requesting proposals to
design and develop an enhanced web site.

The purpose of this RFP is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide the
candidates with the evaluation criteria against which they will be judged. The site is maintained
with in-house resources.

Responses are due on March 30, 2011
Proposal submittal package should be labeled “Nez Perce Tribe Website Development”

Please submit five (5) copies to the following address:

               Danae Wilson
               Information Systems
               Nez Perce Tribe
               PO Box 365
               Lapwai, Idaho 83540

Or delivered to 120 Beaver Grade Road, Veteran’s Building, Lapwai, Idaho.

Project Deliverables

   A. Complete compilation analysis of the existing website; Summary of website targeted
      audience input; and a Presentation of a new design template

   B. Presentation of the proposed template including navigational layers and with
      relevant/updated content and linkages

   C. Final product delivery: A new functional website for the Nez Perce Tribe:

Development Guidelines

The consulting firm will work with a local Advisory Team made up from Tribal staff. The
Project Advisory Team will assist in project facilitation and provide input/guidance related to
Tribal policies.
        •   Compatibility - Site must be compatible with various web browsers
        •   Easily Updated - Create a content management system that will permit non-technical
            Nez Perce Tribe department, program or affiliate staff to instantly update web site
            content on specific pages.
        •   Convert substantial amounts of existing content to new web site.
        •   Visually Appealing – The site must have an attractive mix of text, streaming media
            and graphics.
        •   Common Theme – Each section of the site should have a common look and feel. The
            Nez Perce Tribe’s logo should be prominently displayed on every page as a common
        •   Consistent Design –The site should have a common look and feel. The use of
            photographs, fonts and layouts should be consistent throughout the site.
        •   Tracking - Utilize software to enable user defined log reports for tracking and
            monitoring activity of the website
        •   Easy to Navigate – The site should be easy to navigate. Information should be
            grouped and presented in a logical manner and require no more than three levels of
            “drill down” for the user to find the desired information.
        •   Development of web pages to accommodate the proposed navigation scheme.
        •   Provide necessary software and licenses to maintain site internally or externally, as
            decided by the Nez Perce Tribe.
        •   Automated job posting feature.
        •   ListServ capabilities.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

I.      Identification of firm qualifications and experience providing web development services
        of relevant scope (for Native American Tribes, non-profit organizations and/or
        government entities)

II.     Demonstrated ability to perform all aspects of the detailed Development Guidelines

III.    The proposed web site architecture, ease of use and navigation

IV.     Clearly Identified web site performance and security specifications (Browser
        compatibility, Plug in management, loading rate)

V.      Identified software that will enable management defined tracking & log reports
        (including: Web traffic analysis; Path analysis; Visitor trends; Page views; Entry & Exit
        pages; Top pages; Page – length of stay; and Technical analysis: browsers and platforms)

VI.     Proposed initial installation schedule and approach to ongoing technical support

VII.    Identified and available technology solution(s) that enabling Tribe staff to manage,
        maintain and update the web site

VIII.   Proposed fee schedule for deliverables
VIV.   Firm Information must include:
      Firm Name
      Name of Principal(s)
      Business Address
      Telephone/Fax Numbers
      E-mail address and/or website address
      Professional Affiliations
      References; provide at least five (5) project entities of similar scope and scale, including
       contact information

 Contact Danae Wilson, or Melissa King 208-
843-7307 with questions

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