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									WIC Coordinators Meeting
          Revised 11/8/05

                            Alethia Carr

    Where’s MIHP?
    System Upgrade
    Caseload Issues
    Funding News
    Infrastructure Grants

 7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION   2
Mission of WIC

 Mission——To improve health
    outcomes and quality of life for
    eligible women, infants and
    children by providing nutritious
    food, nutrition education,
    breastfeeding promotion and
    support and referrals to health
    and other services. —
 7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION       3
Vision of WIC

 . . . To have a major impact on
    improving health outcomes for
    participants, be recognized as a
    national leader, and achieve
    excellent satisfaction as
    viewed by the participants and
    the general public.
 7/19/2011    MDCH WIC DIVISION        4
Where’s MIHP ?

    Policy Change Issued
    Prelim Report from Pilots
    WIC Should . . .
        Visit website often

 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION   5
New Policy Bulletin

     Changes Name to MIHP
     Gives new Screening Form
     Revises the Assessment Form
     New Revised Care Plan
     Supports Integrated Efforts
     Future Plans
     Tell Us Your Concerns
  7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION   6
System Upgrade Project

    Thank you for your input
    Your work has just begun
    Expert will report details
    Planning is key to survival
    What bothers you about SUP?

 7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION   7
Caseload Issues

    Mi Participation Up 2K
    Reasonable Caseloads
    Waiting List Requirements
    Consider Community Partners

 7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION   8
Funding News

    Continuing Resolution
    Maintenance Proposed
    Food Funds may be short
    Caution continues

 7/19/2011    MDCH WIC DIVISION   9
Infrastructure Grants

   Guidance sent
   Key points to Remember
    Due 11/23
    Address a priority
    Explain budget
    Give details
 7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION   10

    Expect many changes
    Planning reduces surprises
    Thanks for your GREAT WORK

 7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION   11
WIC Vision

 . . . To have a major impact on
    improving health outcomes for
    participants, be recognized as a
    national leader, and achieve
    excellent satisfaction as
    viewed by the participants and
    the general public.
 7/19/2011    MDCH WIC DIVISION        12
Vendor Management &

      Rosendo C. Reyes
  Dates and responses for M-TRACX
 Coupon Echo Number problems
  Dates & Responses for
  M-TRACX Availability

 State Holidays, M-TRACX NOT
  Planned to be Available:
     November 11, 24, 25, 2005
     December 23, 26, 30 2005
     January 2, 16, 2006
     February 20, 2006
     May 26, 2006
     July 4, 2006
     September 4, 2006
 Reference: WCL #2005-22
 Note: Underlined dates were requested for Online availability.
7/19/2011                   MDCH WIC DIVISION                     14
ECHO Number Errors

1. ALWAYS check the COMPLETE Printer
   Coupon Number against the COMPLETE
   computer Coupon Verify Number before
   pressing Transmit!
2. FAILURE TO CHECK each time IS A
3. As soon as the Echo problems are
   discovered, FIX immediately.
4. Contact the Participant to return for new
 7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION             15
ECHO Number Error Impact

 1. The vendor does not initially get paid.
 2. WIC staff must manually review all rejected
    coupons to determine if valid.
 3. WIC staff have to key into M-TRACX every
    coupon determined to be valid.
 4. An additional check must be created for
    each vendor that redeemed one of these
 5. The rolling average price of these coupons
    for the peer groups are not accurate.
 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION               16
Local Agency Issues

      Michelle R. Moore – Local Agency
     Assignment Changes
     Equipment Replacement
     Clinic Moves
     Anti-Virus/Software Updates
  7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION       17
Assignment Changes

    Michelle Moore will be the liaison for all
    If you need training, have questions regarding
    clinic moves, closures, etc, contact her at
    Mary Ann Baker will be focusing on data
    reporting issues. Please remember, allow a
    minimum of 2 weeks for ad hoc reports. To
    request reports, contact your consultant.
 WCL 2005-31
 7/19/2011         MDCH WIC DIVISION            18
Equipment Replacement

    Currently, computers with with Windows 98
    and Windows 2000 are being replaced.
    Some machines with WIN ME may also be
    Agency provided machines will not be
    replaced by the state WIC office.
    Prior to machines being delivered to your
    clinics, DIT staff will contact you.
    If you have questions, contact Michelle.

 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION             19
Clinic Moves

      Clinics moving to new locations or relocating
      within the same building should provide a
      minimum of 60 days notice. (90 days is better.)
      To open a new automated clinic, 90 days is
      required. This is to ensure that DIT has time to
      contact with the phone company for circuit
      connections & disconnections. It also allows
      them to block off time to be available to assist
      local IT staff if necessary.
      Please provide at least 30 days notice for clinic
 7/19/2011             MDCH WIC DIVISION                  20
Anti-Virus/Software Updates

    Per TIPS message #5, it is imperative
    that any software updates sent from
    Microsoft, be installed on your PCs.
    Users are automatically notified of
    available XP updates.
    Also, it is necessary to have the most
    recent anti-virus software loaded on
    each computer.
    Contact your local IT staff if you have
    any questions about your virus

 7/19/2011          MDCH WIC DIVISION         21

VENA is changing WIC dietary assessment
from emphasis on Diet assessment to
Improved nutrition education with a Client-
centered approach
Emphasis on client conversations that help
increase participant sense of ownership and
involvement in their WIC experience
Will draw on motivational negotiation
  See FAQ attachment

 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION           22
VENA Training in 2006

 WIC Conference 2006:
 2010 – The Future of WIC Nutrition
   Current WIC Assessment Protocol
   Dietary assessment in light of the new
   Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment
   (VENA) guidance.

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION         23
USDA VENA Timeline

Final VENA guidance (Now delayed to 12/05)
Fiscal Year 2005 - FNS develops VENA Staff
Training Curriculum and other technical assistance
2006 - WIC State agencies review existing nutrition
assessment protocols and FNS conducts regional
Competencies Training
August 15, 2007 - WIC State agencies submit VENA
implementation plans to FNS Regional Offices
Fiscal Year 2008-2009 - WIC State agencies revise
nutrition assessment policy and procedures
October 1, 2009 - VENA implemented
  7/19/2011         MDCH WIC DIVISION                 24
Other WIC Training in 2006

    Provide 1 or 2 training opportunities
    in new FY to discuss 2006 change in
    risk codes preliminary to VENA
    New Dietary Guidance (US Dietary
    Guidelines) and Diet Assessment (My
    Pyramid) tools related to risk code

 7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION          25
Fit WIC for Overweight

    Fit WIC video intended to be used
    with facilitated discussion
    Posters for clinics mailed out – Set of
    4 posters, about 3 sets per clinic sent
    to coordinator

 7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION        26
Revisions to MI WIC Risk

          Effective October 1, 2005
         Policies were sent AFTER the
                 Effective date
       Please implement ASAP, but NO
       LATER THAN November 1, 2005
Policies Affected

 1.02 – Overview of WIC Program
 2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
 6.02 – Content of Nutrition Education
 6.03 – Required Services for High Risk
 6.05 – Documentation of Nutr Services

  7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION         28
Policy 1.02 – Overview of WIC

     Additional information about
     foods provided by WIC
     (―supplemental foods‖) –
     based on USDA definition
     Changes Michigan Department
     of Public Health (MDPH) to
     Michigan Department of
     Community Health (MDCH)

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION   29
Policy 2.04 – Medical & Nutritional

     Michigan accreditation document
         Minor changes provide clarification
         of written text
         Reference added

  7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION       30
Policy 2.04 – Medical & Nutritional
Risk -- Exhibit A
   Reflects changed USDA Risk Criteria
      Criterion #103, Underweight or At Risk
      of Becoming Underweight (Infants and
      Children) and Criterion # 104, High-risk
           Round down to whole number
           Removes VLBW note

   7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION        31
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit A
     Reflects changed USDA Risk Criteria
         The statement ―This risk code does not apply
         when measurements are plotted on the VLBW
         Growth Charts‖ No longer applies due to use of
         gestation adjusted age and was removed from
         Code #113, High Risk Overweight
         114, At Risk of Overweight
         121, Short Stature or At Risk of Short Stature
         135, Inadequate Growth
         152, Low Head Circumference

  7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION              32
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit C

     Reflects changed USDA Risk Criteria
         Addition of Exhibit 2.04C -- Guidelines
         for Growth Charts and Gestational Age
         Adjustment for Low Birth Weight and
         Very Low Birth Weight Infants
              Attachment on calculating gestation
              adjusted age

  7/19/2011              MDCH WIC DIVISION          33
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit C

     Guidelines related to Growth Charts
     are under review in Michigan and a
     memo will be sent out sometime in
     November 2005

  7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION         34
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit A
   Exhibit C is referenced in
      Criterion #121, Short Stature or At Risk of
      Short Stature (Infants and Children)
      Criterion #134, Failure to Thrive
      Criterion #141, Low Birth Weight and Very Low
      Birth Weight
      Criterion #151, Small for Gestational Age
      Criterion #152, Low Head Circumference
      Criterion #153, Large for Gestational Age (LGA)

  7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION                 35
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit A
  Reflects changed USDA Risk Criteria
     Criterion #142, , Prematurity (MTRACX
     change expands age range for code to 24
          References Exhibit C

  7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION       36
2.04 – Medical & Nutritional Risk
Exhibit A

     Reflect changed USDA Risk Criteria
         Criterion #337, History of Large for
         Gestational Age (LGA) Infant
              Code now applies to breastfeeding and non-
              lactating women

  7/19/2011              MDCH WIC DIVISION                 37
6.02 – Content of Nutrition

     Definition of ―nutrition
     education‖ from USDA
     Policy 6.02 and Exhibit B
     changed wording to reflect
     scheduling with the RD rather
     than referring participant to
     the RD

  7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION   38
 6.03 – Required Services for
 High Risk

Documenting high risk
Changes reflecting nutrition care plans
Changes wording on scheduling vs. referring
to the RD
Wording changes about ―no show‖ visits
Change reflecting information about how a
nutrition education contact can be counted

 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION           39
6.03 – Required Services for
High Risk

 Exhibit 603B Provides a template for
 High Risk Nutrition Care Plans

  7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION       40
6.05 – Documentation of Nutrition

     Exhibit 6.05B Gives internet module
     codes and changes module names

  7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION         41
7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION   42
7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION   43
901      Make Meals and          905     Help your Child make
      Snacks Simple                    Good Eating Choices
902      Secrets for Feeding     907      Happy, Healthy Active
      Picky Eaters                     Children
904     Create Good Eating       906      Support For
      Habits in Your Child             Breastfeeding Moms
903      Trust Your Child to     908      Be Healthy as Your
      Eat Enough                       Baby Grows

           Two New Modules are now Available !
                  (Temporary Module Codes)

(440) Starting To Feed Your Baby Solid Foods
(442) Your Baby’s First Cup
      7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION                    44
               Module Codes

901 – 908 are now available in
MTRACX for the first 8 modules.

  Use temporary codes for the two
  new modules:
  440 Starting to Feed Your Baby
  442 Your Baby’s First Cup
7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION     45
            October 5, 2004 – March 31, 2005

 3000                                                   Number of
 2000                                                   users
       M n o i s I n d h i o i s c a s h i n n t h er
       Illi           O W W M O
7/19/2011                      MDCH WIC DIVISION                46
                       October 2004 – June 2005

                              Computer Access
                                                          Parent's home
                    Library   Other                       Work
         WIC Clinic            4%
                      6%                                  Friend's home
Friend's home
                                            Home          WIC Clinic
                                            58%           Library
       Work                                               Other
     Parent's home

      7/19/2011                       MDCH WIC DIVISION               47
Most Popular Modules??

Happy, Healthy Active Children

   Make Meals and Snacks Simple

               Trust Your Child to Eat Enough

                  Secrets for Feeding Picky Eaters

   7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION            48
  Standard High Risk Care Plans

7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION   49
                                                  MICHIGAN WIC HIGH RISK NUTRITION CARE PLAN
                                                                                                                              RD determined care plan not
                                                                                                                              needed due to:
 Participant:______________________________________________________ Participant ID:__________________ Date:____/____/______
 Problems/Risks Identified:                            Identified problem(s) that RD/Participant agree to address here:

Subjective Notes:

 Date of Birth :____/____/________ Age :_______ Ht:___________ Wt:__________ Other objective data:



                                                                                         Interventions                            Evaluation Method(s)
Participant agrees to:

                                                                                                                                 Follow Up Strategies

                                                                                                                                  Referrals made:
                         Participant Initials:

Handouts provided: _____________________________________________________________________ For Care Plan Revision/Progress See Notes on Back ______
RD Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Care Plan Concluded on this date _______________due to ______________________________________________________________________                            8/05
RD Signature _________________________________________________________

                7/19/2011                                            MDCH WIC DIVISION                                                                    50
                                                              PREGNANT WOMAN                                                              RD determined care plan not
                                                  MICHIGAN WIC HIGH RISK NUTRITION CARE PLAN                                              needed due to:
 Participant:______________________________________________________ Participant ID:__________________ Date:____/____/______
 Problems/Risks Identified:                         Identified problem(s) that RD/Participant agree to address here:

Subjective Notes:

 Date of Birth :____/____/________ Age :_______ Ht:___________ Wt:__________ Pregravid Wt: ________ EDD: _____/_____/_____ Vits/Mins: _______________________
 Nausea ____ Vomiting ____Constipation ____ Diarrhea _____ Heartburn ______ Eating non -food items: ____________________Smoking amt: ________Alcohol amt: _________
 Medications/Drugs: __________________________________________________ Special Diet: _______________________ ______________________# infants expected: ________
 Medical Conditions:________________________________________________ Hct/Hgb/date: _________________Breastfeeding plans ________________________________

Assessment: Pre-pregnancy weight category: ________ Weight status: _______________________                       Recommended gain: A: 28 – 40#   B: 25 – 35#
Diet (inadequacies, excesses, inappropriate practices):________________________________________________________                    C: 15 – 25#   D: at least 15#
Stage of Change for specific problem(s) identified:________________________________________Barriers:________________________________________________________

 Goal:_Maintain/achieve appropriate weight g ain; Achieve optimal pregnancy outcome; Control symptoms of medical condition, if applies.

                         Objective(s)                                                        Interventions                                    Evaluation Method(s)
Participant agrees to:

                                                                                                                                             Follow Up Strategies

                                                                                                                                              Referrals made:
                         Participant Initials :                                                                                               _________________

Handouts provided: _____________________________________________________________________ For Care Plan Revision/Progress See Notes on Back ______
RD Signature: ________________________________ __________________ Date: _______________________

       7/19/2011                                          MDCH WIC DIVISION
Care Plan Concluded on this date _______________due to ______________________________________________________________________
RD Signature _________________________________________________________
 131+/132+                                          MICHIGAN WIC HIGH RISK NUTRITION CARE PLAN (P)
                                                                                                                                                RD determined care plan not
                                                                                                                                                needed due to:
 Participant:______________________________________________________ Participant ID:__________________ Date:____/____/______
 Problems/Risks Identified: 131+ Low Weight gain during pregnancy or 132+ Weight Loss during pregnancy

Subjective Notes:

Is MD concerned about weight status? Yes No        Does participant see weight status as an issue? Yes No
  Ht:______ Wt:_______ Pregravid Wt:________ Pregravid BMI: _________ EDD: ___/___/___ Nausea ____Vomiting ____Diarrhea_____ Heartburn____
  Date of Birth: __/___/___ Age:______ Vits/Mins: ____________________ Smoking amt: __________Alcohol amt: _____________Eating non-food items: _______________

Assessment: Low weight gain or weight loss of ____________________________________________                    Recommended gain: A: 28 – 40# B: 25 – 35#
Diet (inadequacies, excesses, inappropriate practices) ______________________________________________________                   C: 15 – 25# D: at least 15#
Contributing factors may be ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Barriers________________________________________ Family Dynamics ________________________________________________Stage of Change _______________
Other :

 Goal: Weight gain appropriate for pregravid BMI, to support a healthy birth outcome_

                          Objective(s)                                                         Interventions                                        Evaluation Method(s)
Participant agrees to:                                                                                                                              ___Check weight in ___months
                                                                ___Educate On:                                                                      ___Review Dietary Intake
___Consume ____ to ____servings of high protein food/day              ___Components of prenatal weight gain./weight gain goals                      ___Other: _______________
___Consume ____ to ____ servings ___% milk or equiv/day               ___Food guide pyramid/nutrients, incl. protein, calcium, folic acid                      _______________
___Consume ____ meals and ____ snacks/day                             ___High cal/nutrient-dense choices vs. high cal/low- nutrient choices
___Increase dietary fiber to _____grams or servings/day                                                                                            Follow Up Strategies
                                                                      ___Risks of smoking/alcohol/drugs during pregnancy
___Decrease high cal/low nutrient-dense foods to ____ serv/wk                                                                                      ___1 Month
                                                                ___Individualize a meal/snack pattern or frequent mini-meals
___Consume foods from all food groups daily                                                                                                        ___2 Months
                                                                ___Identify high cal/nutrient-dense foods and tips that participant is
___Consume an average of ______ calories daily                                                                                                     ___3 Months
                                                                     willing to include in diet
___Decrease smoking to ____cigarettes/day                                                                                                          ___Recertification
                                                                ___Review the role of dietary fiber and encourage consumption of whole
___Eliminate the use of alcohol/drugs                                                                                                              ___None Planned (reason:
                                                                    grains, fruits and vegetables                                                   Referrals made:
___Gain ____pounds by ____                                                                                                                             __________________)
                                                                ___Encourage the use of prenatal vitamin/mineral (as prescribed by MD)              ___MSS/ISS
___Take prenatal vitamin/mineral daily or as prescribed by MD   ___Address discomforts of pregnancy (nausea, vomiting, heartburn,                   ___MD
___Other: _____________________________                             constipation) and dietary adjustments to relieve those                          ___DHS/FS/FIP/FIA
                                                                ___Make appropriate referrals for conditions that may impact weight gain            ___Food pantry
                          Participant Initials:                      (homeless, inadequate food, domestic difficulties, eating disorder, etc)       ___ Breastfeeding
                                                                ___Other interventions:                                                             _____________________
Handouts provided: _____________________________________________ For Care Plan Revision/Progress See Notes on Back ______
RD Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Care Plan Concluded on this date _______________due to ______________________________________________________________________                                            8/05
RD Signature _________________________________________________________
           7/19/2011                                                    MDCH WIC DIVISION                                                                                          52

  October 27, 2005
WIC Coordinator Meeting
Changes for 2006-Why?

     Accreditation review by AQIP
     committee and Nursing Forum
     WIC initiatives and policy changes
     USDA policy changes

        2006 tool available for download on
           MPHI Accreditation website
 7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION               54
Changes for 2006-What?

     Format change
         MPR (Minimum Program Requirement)
         Indicator –defines program requirement
         Criterion-identifies how program requirement
         can be met
             Documentation required for review
             Evaluation Questions/actions that the reviewer will
     Trying to improve consistency among
     agencies and reviewers
 7/19/2011                MDCH WIC DIVISION                        55
Changes for 2006-What?

    Handout with summary of changes to
    indicators and criterion
    WIC Section name from ―T‖ to ―XII‖

 7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION         56
Quick overview of changes for
     Increased MPR from 11 to 12
         Includes immunization assessment
     Decreased Indicators to 33 from 37
     Decreased Criterion from 148 to 108

  7/19/2011         MDCH WIC DIVISION       57
Changes for 2006-When?

    New format will be used for all ME’s
    during 2005-2006
    Agencies will receive notice of need
    for ME early 2006
        schedule with consultant
    Accreditation agencies will refer to
    cycle 3 schedule and prepare for visit

 7/19/2011          MDCH WIC DIVISION      58
ACME schedule for 2006

              Berrien County                         Jackson County
             B-H-St. Joe (ac)                     Kalamazoo County (ac)
                   CAA                                     KFHC
             Central Michigan                       Lapeer County (ac)
        Chippewa County (ac)                             LMAS DHD
        Delta-Menominee (ac)                      Marquette County (ac)
               Detroit City                         Mid-Michigan DHD
        Detroit Urban League                      Muskegon County (ac)
                 DHD #10                              Oakland County
              Genesee County                          Saginaw County
            Grand Traverse (ac)                     Sanilac County (ac)
             Huron County (ac)                       St. Clair County
              InterCare CHN                        Tuscola County (ac)
                                   Children’s Hospital
7/19/2011                         MDCH WIC DIVISION                       59
Discussion - How to prepare for
ACME in your agency
      Designed to address ACME issues
          Special Formula
          WIC Conference
          Breastfeeding basics
  7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION   60
How to prepare for ACME…

        Certification process
        USE consistent checklist
        Give constructive feedback
        Chart review
        Coupon copies
 7/19/2011         MDCH WIC DIVISION   61

  April to October, 2005
 WIC Coordinator Meeting
Destruction of WIC Records
WCL # 2005-19
 Destroy all inactive/terminated paper
 records dated prior to October 1, 2001
   Unless outstanding audit or litigation
 Destroy so they are no longer reproducible
 (shredding, incineration, landfill)
 Records include: WIC participant charts,
 reports, logs, coupon registers
 See Policy 8.04 for destruction of yellow
 coupon copies
 See Policy 1.23 for destruction of voter
 registration declinationDIVISION
 7/19/2011         MDCH WIC                   63
Similac Lactose Free Advance
WCL #2005-20
     Now available as ―closet formula‖
     Order through WIC Helpline

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION      64
EBT Pilot M-TRACX Screen
Changes WCL#2005-21
    Must add Authorized Person Date of
        If known-record Authorized person’s
        date of birth
        If NOT known-record implausible value
             01-01-2001 so everyone will know it is
             made up                      Dob

 7/19/2011              MDCH WIC DIVISION             65
EBT Transfer process
    Client with WIC Bridge Card transfers
    from Jackson County
    M-TRACX automatically rolls back BVT
    date to allow coupon issuance
    Allows coupons to be generated using
    existing Coupon Start Date (prorates if
    Must issue new clinic IDVOC and educate
    on use of coupons

 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION           66
WCL #2005-29
WIC Food Card Changes
    Foods no longer available on WIC
    after December 1, 2005
    Northland Cranberry juices
    100% Hawaiian Brand Pineapple juices
    Whole grain total        Food
    Heinz infant cereal      2006

 7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION      67
Lead Testing Update

 MDCH Lab is now able to test for blood
 lead using filter paper method
 The filter paper method is in addition to
 the existing capillary and venous tests
    Medicaid will no longer pay when filter paper
    screens are processed by an out of state lab
 WIC is working with Lead Program to
 develop policies for filter paper screening
      Questions: Mary VandenBosch,
     WIC/Lead Liaison 517-335-9694
 7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION              68
WIC E-Notice #2005-33
    Feedback from users of this formulary
    database indicate that there has been
    difficulty in searching through the formulary,
    as it is time-consuming to click through every
    formula to find the one needed.
    Please contact Laurie Berant if you have any
    questions: or (517)

 7/19/2011          MDCH WIC DIVISION            69
WIC Formulary CD/ROM

Click on Michigan WIC Formulas.
With the cursor in the "Formula" field, click on the
Binoculars icon in the upper right corner.
In the "Find What" field, type the formula name you are
trying to locate.
In the "Look In" field, make sure the "Formula" option is
selected from the drop down box.
In the "Match" field, make sure "Any Part of Field" Type in
Click on the "Find Next" button
The database will go to the page for that formula or a
formula name that contains that word
 7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION                  70
WIC E-Notice #2005-36
Katrina Disaster Assistance

   View as homeless
         No proof for ID, residency, income
         Allow verbal declaration of income
         Provide appropriate food package for
         family with limited storage (powdered
         formula, ? Small containers of milk)
         Community referrals-YOU are the
 7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION          71
WIC E-notice #2005-43
Seat Belt Safety

We all know the importance of keeping
children buckled up correctly in the
back seat while riding in the car.
Flyers, posters are available
All of the materials are free
Order at
For more info

 7/19/2011    MDCH WIC DIVISION     72
Kids are safer in back

     Available in English and Spanish

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION     73
        MI WIC
Michigan WIC Association
MI WIC Goals

   To provide peer support and networking

   To act as a resource for organizations for
   maternal and child health and well-being

   To impact federal and state policies and
   funding of nutrition education and public
   health programs
 7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION             75
Organizational Meeting
 Date:        Monday, November 14, 2005
 Time:        1:00 – 4:00 pm
 Location:    Kent County Health Department
              700 Fuller Ave., NE
              Grand Rapids, MI 49503
 Contact:     Laurel Sproul 231-724-1264
              Beckey Ginbey 616-632-7206

  7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION        76
       2005 WIC FOOD CARD

               FALL 2005

7/19/2011     MDCH WIC DIVISION   77

    Local Agency Survey

            Provides suggestions for improving
            food list, food package guide and
            food card
            Received 89 surveys from 27 local

7/19/2011             MDCH WIC DIVISION          78

    Participant Food Survey

            Participant preference on specific
            foods for the purpose of adding and
            deleting foods
            16 local agencies are selected in
            accordance with the 3-year survey
            rotation cycle
            1495 surveys mailed; 68.7% return
7/19/2011             MDCH WIC DIVISION           79

    Price and Availability Survey
            147 stores surveyed
            Whole Milk
            Peanut Butter
              Store Brands
7/19/2011               MDCH WIC DIVISION   80
                      New Foods

    Store Brand Cornflakes
            America’s Choice
            Great Value
            Mornin’ Gems
            Our Family

7/19/2011                  MDCH WIC DIVISION   81
                     New Foods

    Store Brand Corn Squares/Biscuits/Bitz
    (like Corn Chex)
            America’s Choice
            Great Value
            Our Family
7/19/2011               MDCH WIC DIVISION    82
                        New Foods

    Store Brand Crisp/Crispy Rice
            Great Value
            Mornin’ Gems
            Our Family
    Store Brand Instant Oatmeal
7/19/2011                  MDCH WIC DIVISION   83
            Deleted Foods

    Northland Cranberry Juices
    100% Hawaiian Store Brand Pineapple
    General Mills Whole Grain Total
    Heinz Infant Cereal

7/19/2011      MDCH WIC DIVISION     84

            Guernsey Milk added to ―Not Allowed‖
            Fresh – add 1 Pound
            Can – add 14-20 oz.
            Add 6 oz.
            Cage Free Eggs added to ―Not Allowed‖
7/19/2011               MDCH WIC DIVISION           85

            Frosted Mini-Wheats
              Delete ―all varieties‖
              Revise wording ―except Vanilla Crème and
              Maple and Brown Sugar‖
            Banana Nut Crunch
              Add ―only‖
            Quaker Squares
              Add ―hint of brown sugar‖
7/19/2011                  MDCH WIC DIVISION             86

                        Cereals (cont)
                            Coco Wheats
                               Delete ―28 oz. box
                            Cream of Wheat
                               Add ―12 oz. to
                               individual packets ―
                              Update cereal
                              Revise infant cereal
                              wording ―dry infant
                              cereal without fruit
7/19/2011                     or
               MDCH WIC DIVISION formula‖          87

            Grapefruit Juice
              Add ―varieties allowed‖
            Update pictures
            100% Juice Header
              Add ―organic juice not allowed‖
            Frozen Concentrate Header
              Add ―12 oz.‖
            Revised wording ― Examples of Juice
              Picture plastic/concentrate combination
7/19/2011                MDCH WIC DIVISION              88

            Variety Wheels and Variety Packs added to
            ―Not Allowed‖
    Infant cereal
            Revise wording ―buy 8 oz. box only‖
    Infant Formula
            Powder and Concentrate Similac Lactose
            Free Advance with Iron will be pictured

7/19/2011               MDCH WIC DIVISION             89

    Add statement
            ―Help WIC serve you. Choose lower price foods
            when you shop.‖
    New cover and breastfeeding photos
    Food Card Colors
            Vendor and English version – Sea Green
            Spanish version – Coral
            Arabic version - Sand              English

    Effective Date:

            December 1, 2005

7/19/2011                 MDCH WIC DIVISION                  90
New Child Standard Package

     No Peanut Butter

     Children less than 3 years
     Consistent with nutrition
     recommendations related to choking
     Informational flyers for participants
     will be developed
 7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION       91
  Infant Formulas

        Package changes
   WIC Coordinator Meeting
            Fall 2005
Packages to be discontinued:

     Packages 304, 313, 316, and 317

     All contain 8 oz. ready to feed liquid
     Similac with Iron formula

     This can size has been discontinued.

  7/19/2011        MDCH WIC DIVISION          93
Request Proration for all tailored
Class IA formulas
     Currently, only Similac with Iron standard
     package automatically prorates when the
     participant comes in more than 10 days late
     for their appointment.
     The requested proration will
         Similac Lactose Free Advance

  7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION           94
Add Breastfeeding
Formula Packages:
              For all Infants:
                Powdered Pregestimil
                Similac Lactose Free Advance
              Infants 4 to 11 months
                Alimentum Advance with Iron
                Nutramigen Lipil Powder

  7/19/2011          MDCH WIC DIVISION         95
            Prorate Breastfeeding
            Packages for Infants:
   Prorate new breastfeeding infant formula
   packages for the participant who comes in
   more than 10 days after their BVT date.
   These packages would include:
       Pregestimil Powder
       Similac Lactose Free Advance Powder
       Alimentum Advance with Iron Powder
       Nutramigen Lipil Powder.

7/19/2011            MDCH WIC DIVISION         96
Revise Infant Formula Packages to
Reflect USDA Federal Maximum
   These new packages
     would include:             These changes were
     Similac                    required due to new
     Isomil                     formula can sizes.
     Lactofree Lipil
     Similac Low Iron
     Nutramigen Lipil
     Similac PM 60/40
     Pediatric EO28.
  7/19/2011         MDCH WIC DIVISION             97
Revise Coupon Message for
Certain Formula Packages:

     Coupons which currently state the
     previous can sizes, “12.9 – 14.1 oz”
     powdered Similac with Iron or Isomil
     with Iron, will be changed to state
     “12.9 oz.” powdered Similac with Iron
     or Isomil with Iron.

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION          98
Additional Changes Coming:

     MOMS Program will be updated to
     reflect the changes.

     WIC Food Package Guide will also be
     revised to reflect the changes.

     Policy Manual will also be updated.

  7/19/2011       MDCH WIC DIVISION        99
 System Upgrade Project
                Key Milestone:                                   Date:

                     RFP review and publishing December 2005 – March 2006

                 Vendor Bid Proposal Due Date March 2006 – April 2006

   Proposal Evaluation, Call References/Site Visit August 2006 – September 2006

Anticipated Contract Award Recommendation Date November 2006

                 Anticipated Contract Start Date November 2006 - December 2006

System Design, Development, and Implementation December 2006 – February 2008

                                         Training December 2007

                            Pilot Implementation February 2008

                                 Statewide Rollout June 2008
Features of Proposed
New WIC System
     Web based
     Interfaces with:
         Food stamp
         Dept of Agriculture

  7/19/2011             MDCH WIC DIVISION   101
Features of Proposed
New WIC System
                       Electronic signature
                       Integrated scheduler
                       Automated growth
                       Risk code suggestion
                       VENA dietary
                       Guided NE Plan

  7/19/2011   MDCH WIC DIVISION               102
Features of Proposed
New WIC System
 EBT food benefits
 Custom food package
   Special formulas
 Policy and program rules
 application for data
 consistency and quality

  7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION   103
Features of Proposed
New WIC System
  Participant Proxy               Geographic
  management                      Information System
  Breastpump                      for vendor
  inventory                       authorization
  Outreach tracking               Project FRESH
                                  Ad Hoc reporting
                                  tools for Local
                                  Agency staff

  7/19/2011           MDCH WIC DIVISION            104

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