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                                      PROPERTY MANAGER
                                       POSITION PROFILE

                            PART I: ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION

Position Title:                              Property Manager

Position Title of Immediate Supervisor:      Asset Manager

Supervises:                                  Assistant Property Manager
                                             Leasing Consultants
                                             Resident Manager/Caretaker/Grounds Teams
                                             Maintenance Technician

Working Hours:                               Full time, must be available
                                             for some evening and
                                             weekend hours

Travel:                                      Local travel to SSM Management meetings,
                                             Seminars, neighboring apartment communities, court
                                             and misc. retail stores


  A.   Maintain Financial Stability and Maximize Revenue
         Cash receipt rent payments promptly and correctly
         Make bank deposits
         Reconcile account ledgers, send out late letters, file unlawful detainers promptly
         Monitor delinquencies
         Create, complete and process purchase orders weekly
         Monitor open purchase order list
         Enter time sheets weekly
         Answer phones and schedule apartment tours with prospects
         Update website advertising (rent rates, specials)
         Process applications correctly and promptly to RHR
         Complete resident move-out ledgers promptly and correctly
         Prepare and maintain resident, company and vendor files
         Send out lease renewals monthly, track lease renewals and vacancy notices
         Meet the resident retention goal set by SSM
         Maintain community book
         Bill and follow up on AUM (water) collections
         Assist asset manager with preparation of annual budget
         Assist, complete and submit other reports requested by the asset manager
         Assist residents with packages, rent/lease issues, repairs and maintenance issues, community issues
         Reconcile and submit petty cash reimbursements promptly
         Prepare and execute annual budget
         Monitor monthly financial statements not to exceed the approved budget
         Prepare and email monthly variance reports
         Communicate with vendors
         Comply with TIF/Bond reporting
         Work with county and city agencies (vouchers, rent payments, emergency assistance)

  B.   Industry Best Practices
         Knowledgeable in market rents (shop comps, market comp report monthly)
         Attend coalition meetings
         Attend industry seminars/classes
         Act in an ethical and professional manner when attending industry events
         Comply with all fair housing rules

  C.   Supervise On-Site Staff
         Follow SSM hiring and terminating procedures
         New hire paperwork completed correctly
         Completes time sheets/Stromberg by deadline
         Complete Exit Report and fax to corporate immediately
         Maintain low staff turnover
         Conduct monthly site meetings (open line of communication)
         Train, delegate and schedule
         Employee reviews completed fairly and on time
         Maintain and provide corporate contact with a current Employee Information Form
         Maintain and provide corporate contact with a current Property Information Form
         Resolve employee conflicts/problems
         Provides SSM safety wear to staff (goggles, gloves and booties)
         Demonstrate leadership

  D.   Maintain Physical Property
         Curb appeal
         Inspect property constantly
         Oversee property inspections and follow thru on repairs/recommendations
         Preventative maintenance in units/Lease renewal Inspections
         Preventative maintenance in the common areas of the property
         Contract knowledge (lawn, trash, snow)
         Comply with OSHA (Maintain book)
         Maintain property to avoid property loss
         Keep office and work areas clean, tidy and safe
         Schedule "turns" (schedule contractors, carpet, painters, cleaners and maintenance)
         Work with asset manager when requesting bids and specifications
         Work with maintenance technicians to maintain low inventory and competitive pricing

  E.   Maintain Resident Relations and Retention
         Handle resident issues efficiently and effectively while maintaining professionalism (police calls,
         Organize social events as required

  F.   Personal Inventory
         Quality of work; Attention to detail
         Quantity of work completed in a timely manner
         Attends monthly meetings
         Attends annual training
         Schedule of vacation
         Planning and organizing
         Accepts guidance and constructive criticism on how to improve
         Flexible to meet the needs of the job
         Team player
         Effectively communicate verbally and in written form in individual or group situation
         Anticipates needs and does not wait to be told
         Willingness to assist other properties
  G.     Other Tasks/Duties
           Depending on the staffing of the property, the Property Manager may be
           responsible for the Assistant Manager and Leasing Agent tasks/duties
            All other duties/tasks as assigned by the Asset Manager


               Leadership                                     Communication
        Professional Confidence                        Speak and understand English clearly
        Innovative                                     Hear with or without the use of a hearing aid
        Independence                                   Ask Questions
        Solution Seeker                                Business Writing
        Delegating                                     See with or without correction

               Relationships                                    Organization
        Partnering                                     Organizing Work
        Empower Others                                 Problem Solving
        Handle Conflict                                Professional Expertise
        Confidential                                   Quality
        Fair Housing Sensitivity                       Initiate Positive change
        Legal and Effective Interviewing               Plan and Coordinate Events


Education or Training:
3-5 Years Experience in the industry
Management experience preferred

Computer Skills to Operate Property Management Software, Spread Sheet Software, Word Processing Software, E-Mail
and Internet Access/Searches

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