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					Post-Conference Thank-You Letter to Management

We know that with budget restrictions through the industry, it may have been quite a feat for you
to gain the approval to attend the conference. Now that the conference is over, it is time to show
management that their investment in your education was sound. Feel free to use this letter to let
your supervisor know that you appreciate the opportunity to attend, and that you gained valuable
knowledge at this event.

To: < manager name >
From: < your name >
Date: < insert date >
Subject: 18 Annual SMRP Conference Summary and Follow-Up

Thank you for approving my request to attend The Society for Maintenance and Reliability
Professionals’ (SMRP) 18 Annual Conference on October 18-21, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
USA. I know that budget decisions are difficult in these times, and I appreciate your allowing me
this opportunity to learn and advance in my profession.

The Conference had over 50 sessions for me to choose from, and the choices were difficult to
make because of the high-caliber of every presentation. In the end I chose courses that I believe
will help me to improve process and implement solutions to problems found here in our facility.
The sessions I attended were titled <insert sessions attended>.

The main lessons I took from the sessions I attended were <insert any information you noted and
plan to implement or propose>.

In addition to the sessions, I was also able to network with colleagues and industry partners to
discuss common findings on a one-on-one level. I have found that getting another perspective on
the issues we are facing has generated new ideas for me. This year, there were over 800
participants from a multitude of countries in attendance from industry, government, and

SMRP’s 18 Annual Conference was the ideal opportunity for me to strengthen my skill set and
make valuable contacts with others in our industry. Attendance at this conference can be
considered part of our company’s investment in the reliability and safety of our production assets.

Now that I have returned, I would be happy to present my new-found knowledge to my colleagues
who were unable to attend. I suggest we set a time and date to allow me to brief everyone what
I’ve learned and to flesh out some of the ideas that I have for improving our facility.

Again, thank you for allowing me this opportunity

< your name >

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