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Prospecting to Buy Out a Business


Prospecting to Buy Out a Business document sample

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									              Monday                   Tuesday                  Wednesday
6.30         Up & Ready               Up & Ready                Up & Ready
7.00            Gym                       Jog                      Gym

8.00         Kids Ready               Kids Ready                Kids Ready
             School Run               School Run                School Run
9.00            Work




1.00      Think & Grow Rich      Full contact marketing      Think & Grow Rich





6.00          Kids Ready               Kids Ready               Kids Ready
          Dinner, Housework        Dinner, Housework        Dinner, Housework
7.00            Video 1                  Google                   Video 2

8.00           Article 1                Google            Million Dollar Game Plan
               Facebook                                           Facebook
9.00    Prospecting-Connecting   Prospecting-Connecting   Prospecting-Connecting             Google  
10.00     Marketing Training       Marketing Training       Marketing Training
                Articles                Banners                     Video
             TO MASTER


          Better Networker

          Banner Advertising
      Thursday                  Friday                 Saturday          Sunday
     Up & Ready               Up & Ready              Up & Ready
         Jog                     Gym                Kids Swimming       Gardening

     Kids Ready               Kids Ready            Kids Swimming       Gardening
     School Run               School Run
                                                     Joey Football       Church

                                                     Joey Football       Church

                                                      Prospecting         Lunch
                                                      Connecting        Bill & Sue
                                                        Google            Lunch
                                                                        Bill & Sue
Full contact marketing     Think & Grow Rich            Google           Fishing

                                                  Banner Advertising     Fishing

                                                  Banner Advertising

                                                  Review & Planning
                                                   Business Analysis

     Kids Ready                Kids Ready            Kids Movies
 Dinner, Housework         Dinner, Housework
       Google                    Video 3             Kids Movies

       Google                    Article 2        Take Wife To Dinner
Urban Cowgirl Training   Prospecting-Connecting   Take Wife To Dinner
  Marketing Training       Marketing Training
 Facebook / Myspace        Bib + App Follow Up
Article / Video Topic
The Top 10 Keys To Succeed in A Home Business
The Best Free Traffic Generation Methods
What I Learned From Mike Dillard In Magnetic Sponsoring
Making Money Online From Videos
Why You Need To Attract Leaders For Your network Marketing Business
Places To Post
Better Networker
MLM Forums
Article Submission Service
Videos - Traffic Geyser
Date     Property   Subsection
  10-Dec Google     MLM
         Google     Franchise
         Google     Real Estate
         Yahoo      MLM
         Yahoo      Franchise
  12-Dec Google     MLM
         Google     Franchise
         Google     Real Estate
         Yahoo      MLM
         Yahoo      Franchise
  14-Dec Google
built 10 ad groups with generic terms
built 10 ad groups with generic terms
built 20 ad groups with generic terms
built 10 ad groups with generic terms
built 10 ad groups with generic terms
Increased cpc from 0.50 to 0.75 per click to raise position
Increased cpc from 0.75 to 1.00 per click to raise position
Increased cpc from 0.75 to 1.00 per click to raise position
                           Magnetic Sponsoring /       MarketingSurvivalSkills -
Checklist                  Black Belt Recruiting       Video Marketing Tutorials

traffic geyser             (BBR) DOHV / DOLV           Back Office Overview
                           You must become the         Youtube - Video content
share with contacts        leader others are looking   formula
                           Abundant Sponsoring -
web2 trafficguild          Have more leads & signups   Video keywords and tags
                           AGV - Always Give Value.
email to team              STOP Pitching               Myspace
                           Attraction Marketing -
video response             Why SO many people are      Facebook

facebook                                               Google Keywords
                                                       Google - Effective Ad
myspace blog                                           Descriptions

AttractionMarketing List                               ViralURL

Google Alerts

Social Marker Top 10

Bookmark Generation

TubeIncreaser 5000 Views
CCP Biggest Challenges For
Entreprenuers                   Other Affiliate Products

Desire - Whatever it takes           Traffic Geyser

Persistence with your program          Viral URL

Energy Management

Self Limiting Beliefs
Looking For instant
gratification - Patience

Ego & Respect
Organised Planning - Your

Mastermind Group

Time Management

Your WHY - Your Goals
Marketing Method                 Details                      Budget           Leads
Google                           Cost per Click                         1000           200
Yahoo                            Cost per Click                          400           100
Banner On                                                50            20
Banner 2                                                                  50            30
Banner 3                                                                  25            15
Articles                         Monthly Submission Service               20            20
Videos                           Traffic Geyser                           95            30
Social Networking                                                          0            20
CCPro Subscription                                                       150
Internet / Telephone                                                      50
Personal development                                                      50

Spend                                                                   1890           435
Total Profit (spend - profits)                                $        5,589
Applications      BiBs      M1        M2 / Platinum   Totals

               17.4       5.8        2             1
$              609 $     870 $   2,000 $       4,000 $         7,479
Failing to plan is planning to fail
Use a Stopwatch / Timer to focus your time in 60 minute blocks - See Link ===>>>
90% of your time MUSt be on MMA (Money Making Activities)
Multitasking is NOT efficient and lowers your IQ
Avoid distractions at all costs - Never answer the phone
Create routines for EVERYTHING you do
Take 10 minute breaks each hour - Use the 50/10 method
Time Management is a "Misnomer" - You must manage yourself in time
Exercise is Vital - If You Don’t do it, you will have NO energy and get sick. Do it daily for maximum productivity.
When you feel good you do good. All Top producers are in TOP SHAPE
Drink water and get fresh air every hour on the hour (It's the elixir of energy) Use your timer
Eliminate energy robbers - Don’t eat junk food - It SLOWS YOUR BRAIN DOWN!
Get up and go to bed at the same times each day - This is one of the #1 rituals for success
Email Rule 1 - Emails don’t make you money (It's a NMA) - Do them last and ONCE PER DAY ONLY - Checking
Emails all the time is the biggest killer of productivity for any entreprenuer
Email Rule 2 - You should never spend more than 30 minutes on emails. Top producers who make $50k a month
never spend more than 30 minutes daily on emails
You will get ONE email from CCPro with the training schedule for the following day
Plan your learning (training) and productivity as 2 seperate activities
Call Rule 1 - Call Applications within 5 minutes of receiving a TEXT from the CCP system. Make the call 2 minutes
maximum then GET BACK ON TASK

Call Rule 2 - Block out 30-60 minutes for callbacks, prospecting, call-me leads etc. Do it the same time each day
Always Schedule time for your family, your kids, your spouse and yourself - having a balanced life is VITAL to
avoid burnout
Take your partner to dinner or on a date every week - reward him/her for the sacrifices they are making to
support you building your business
Get your entire family to buy into your vision for the future

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