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                       Community Spay/Neuter Services

Use this checklist to capture information about spay/neuter services offered in the community today

Neuter before Adoption
Do adopters receive sterilized animals from each humane group?

At what age/weight are animals sterilized?

If adopters do not receive sterilized animals, are they given some form of
assistance like vouchers or discounts?

Access to Affordable Spay/Neuter Services
Are there spay/neuter clinics or reduced rate services available to the public?

Are any price-subsidized?

Are the clinics running at capacity?

Are there spay/neuter assistance programs for low-income pet caretakers? (i.e.
with a co-payment of no more than $10.00-20.00 including all non-surgical
costs, such as pre-surgical immunizations and exam fees)

Are these programs accessible to the neighborhoods where low-income people

If the programs are not accessible, is transportation provided to participating
veterinary clinics?

Are these programs fully funded so that everyone who is eligible can

Are feral-cat caretakers eligible for spay/neuter assistance?

Veterinarian Participation
Are veterinarians partnering with humane organizations to promote spay/neuter
to the community?

Do they offer any surgeries at a subsidized cost? If so, who qualifies?

How many veterinarians in town will accept feral cats for surgery?

How many veterinarians will do pediatric spay/neuter? At what age/weight?

What is the average cost per surgery in your community?

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