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Letter to the Editor
Each group will be given a topic. Work together and write one letter to the editor about the topic assigned to you. Your group will turn in one letter with each group member’s name on it. Your letter should: 1- Be written in the proper business letter format. 2- Include an opening paragraph that informs the reader what topic you will be writing about and what you think about it. [at least 2 sentences] 3- Have a second paragraph that goes into more detail about why you think the way you do about that topic. Give some facts to support your argument. Try to persuade the reader that your opinion is the right one! [at least 4 sentences] 4- Have a closing paragraph that gives your opinion one last time and encourage people to support your side of the argument. [at least 2 sentences] 5- Include a closing and your signatures. 6- Be very neatly written with no smudges or words crossed out. 7- Have this sheet attached to your final copy.

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