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Your first name Four words that describe you Brother or sister of… Who enjoys… (3 items) Who feels… (3 feelings and when you feel them) Who needs… (3 items) Who fears… (3 items) Who would like to see… (3 people or events) Resident of (your city); (your street name) Last Name

Example: Tom Honest, cheerful, athletic, easy-going Brother of Annabelle, Bill and Lauren, Who enjoys playing football, camping, and skateboarding, Who feels afraid on roller coasters, happy when he hangs out with friends, and proud when his team wins a game, Who needs help with fractions, time by himself, and a job this summer, Who fears his friend Luke’s driving, failing math, and being teased, Who would like to see a cure for cancer, Green Day live in concert, and his girlfriend every day, Resident of Findlay; Pine Harbors Road, Ripley

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