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                        Office: 150 Yarra St., Geelong 3220    Ph: 5222 1977 Fax: 5229 0587
                                  Christ the King Church, 79 Wilsons Rd, Newcomb
                                 St Margaret’s Church, 46 Lomond Tce, East Geelong
                                      St. Robert’s Chapel, Mervyn St., Newtown.
 Parish Priest:
 Fr. Kevin Dillon   Mobile: 0421 777 360 5229 4660(h) Pager No: 13 22 22 (ask for No. 11237)
 Fr Vincent Burke 5222 4695 Mob. 0408 389 522              Fr. Maurice Barry oCarm
 Fr. Richard Rafter P.E; O.A.M.                            (currently residing at Rice Village)
 Pastoral Associate:          Sr. Anne Lourey              E-mail:   EMERGENCY
 Business Manager             Mr Mark Bennett              E-mail:    ATTENDANCE
                    THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT (YEAR 1977 - 12th DECEMBER, 2010
 Pastoral Worker – St Margarets – Mrs Anna Demetriou 5222
                                                          A)         OF A PRIEST
Melbourne Prayer:
 Wing and a commuters are                                              5221 Keilar                    0437 Melbourne’s CBD
                                          Three years ago, lawyer Brendan4451 was shot dead at 8am in 221 935
                                           Ms Kerrie Ryan
                                          after he went to the aid of a woman being attacked by Christopher Hudson. A back-
cowards. ON these pages
                                          packer from Holland, Paul De Waard, suffered serious wounds, which fortunately
yesterday a young woman told
                                          did not prove fatal, from the same attacker.
about her horror commute on a
suburban train in the morning             The incident shocked Victoria and sparked a wide debate on being a ―Good
peak hour. Alexia Boland was on           Samaritan‖ - that is, going to the aid of a stranger and, in the terms of that public
the Lilydale line, heading for            discussion, doing so at the risk of personal safety.
Flinders St station and was twice         Not only did the shooting cause death and serious injury to two brave men. It also
spat at and verbally abused. She
                                          struck a numbing fear into the community-at-large - a fear which could well be the
was frightened after being
                                          reason why a young female commuter on a morning train from Lilydale was
assaulted by another woman
whom she presumed was under               recently left without any help whatsoever after being assaulted by a fellow
the influence of alco-pops. Being         passenger. This total stranger’s drink and drug-fuelled jealousy erupted when she
spat at is a disgusting thing.            ―thought‖ her boy-friend had cast an admiring glance towards the young woman,
Boland then tried to move away.           who was simply reading her book as she traveled to work.
 Incredibly, no one on the 8.58am     That no-one had the courage to intervene has, perhaps understandably, elicited
 train had the courage to help her.   cries of ―Coward‖ towards the other commuters who abandoned her to whatever
 Passengers simply averted their      might happen.
 gaze and presumably pretended it Calls for the Government to ―do something‖, for tougher sentencing of offenders, for
 wasn't happening. As Boland          stronger police powers are predictable in the wake of appalling incidents of physical
 points out, no one even spoke out, and verbal assaults on innocent people. And predictable they should be.
 let alone stood up to intervene.
 Not one male passenger was           The problem however is deeper than tougher laws and sentencing can successfully
 confident enough of their own        address. Assaults on innocent people, and the paralysing fear they elicit from
 physical strength to step in. What   others who might otherwise assist them, reveal a much darker, uglier side of life in
 has happened to Australian men       Australia. That good people should be struck silent and feel powerless when
 and what has happened to our         confronted with mindless violence demonstrates that there is something
 community spirit where we protect fundamentally wrong with our nation, not just with those accused of being
 the vulnerable and refuse to let the ―cowards‖. ―Cowards‖ we all might well be if faced with a similar situation.
 dregs of society scare the rest of
The frequency of such incidents exposes serious flaws in the moral core of our nation, and demonstrates more
ugliness than we care to admit. Criticism of unfortunate people placed in a potentially life-threatening situation is not
 Steve Price, deserved, Tue. if understandable. We all need to take responsibility for what we have become, and start
really fair or“Herald Sun”, evenDec. 7
rebuilding our society on a base that is both unselfish, and courageous. It will be a long road, a huge U-turn, but it can
start with an admission of just how far the moral code of our nation has fallen.
Leadership of the right kind, and an acknowledgement from us all that the strength and grace of God that is essential,
might then provide the change of heart and moral fibre so sorely needed.
                                                              SHARE YOUR CHRISTMAS WITH THOSE IN
POLE POSITION (first time notices)                            NEED: Gifts for people in need, to be distributed before
      CHRISTMAS SCHEDULE 2010                                 Christmas by St. Vincent de Paul members, will be received
                                                              THIS WEEKEND, to be placed ―under the Christmas Tree‖.
Monday December 20 at 7.30pm:                                 Gifts should be new, wrapped, and with a peel-off label
Christmas Memorial Mass, to be offered especially for         indicating the type of person for whom it might be suitable,
those who have lost a family member or friend since last      or identifying the type of gift it is. Next week-end is still O.K.
Christmas. Individual names of those who have died in         for late contributions, but this week-end, or during this
2010 will be read out during the Mass.                        week, is better so as to allow maximum time for distribution.
Tuesday December 21 at 7.30pm:                                SCHOOL END-OF-YEAR MASSES:
Second Rite of Reconciliation - Communal preparation          Christ the King: Saturday December 11 at 6pm
followed by individual confession, with (hopefully) six       St. Mary’s: Monday December 13 at 6 pm
priests available.                                            St. Margaret’s: Tuesday December 14 at 7pm
Friday December 24 (Christmas Eve):                           St. Robert’s: Wednesday December 15 at 6pm (at St.
Mass at St. Mary’s at 6.00pm (Children’s Mass),               Mary’s Basilica)
8.00pm (Family Mass), 10.00pm ( in Polish), and               CAFÉ LIGHT: For the past two years, ―Café Light‖ has
Midnight (St. Mary’s Basilica Choir).                         been providing a welcoming social atmosphere after the
Also at 7.00pm at Christ the King Church, Newcomb.            three Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s (7.30am, 9.30am and
Saturday December 25 (Christmas Day):                         11am). With all profits from donations going to assist our
                                                              partner parish of Mary Immaculate in Viqueque, East Timor.
Mass at (Midnight) , 7.30am, 9.30am (St. Mary’s
Basilica Choir), 11.00am, 12.15pm (in Polish) and             For different reasons, the number of ―Supervisors‖ has been
                                                              reduced in recent months, putting extra duties on those who
6.00pm.        (NB. Not 5.30pm as in previous year)
                                                              remain. In some cases, experienced volunteers can
Also at 9.45am at St. Margaret’s Church, East                 manage Breakfast (after 7.30am Mass) without a
Geelong.                                                      Supervisor, so Supervisor duties on some Sundays need
CHRIST THE KING CHURCH DRIVEWAY:                              not commence until 9.45am, in preparation for the patrons
Parishioners are asked NOT TO PARK in the driveway at         from 9.30am Mass. It is hoped that Supervisors will need to
Christ the King. The adjoining car park has sufficient        be rostered only five or six times each year.
spaces, and movement of cars in the driveway creates a        If you would like further information on what is needed, call
safety hazard for others. Similarly, parking inside the       Margaret McTernan 5298 1114 or Fr. Dillon 5222 1977.
gates of St. Mary’s Basilica should be restricted only to     INVITATION TO ALL SINGERS & MUSICIANS: Join
those with severe disabilities.                               us to sing at the 8pm Christmas Eve Mass. Practices
HISTORICAL COMMITTEE: The ―History                            continue this Wednesday Dec 15 at 7.30pm—9pm in the
Committee‖ is reforming, and undertaking the sorting of a     Sodality Room. All levels of talent most welcome. For
wide range of parish historical memorabilia for storage       more information ph Rebecca 0423 314 724.
and eventual display in the Societies Room, hopefully         CLOTHING FOUND IN ST MARY‟S CHURCH: Items
during January. Please leave your name at the Parish          of clothing have been found in a shopping bag after Masses
Office if you are interested in assisting (5222 1977).        last Sunday. Please enquire at Parish Office - 5222 1977
Christmas cards are to be distributed to all known            HEYWOOD Grand Christmas Concert at St Mary’s Basilica
parishioners in the sixty seven zones of the parish. If you   on Friday December 17 at 8pm. Adults/Seniors $25,
can assist (each zone can be covered in about 30              Students $20. Students under 12 no charge GPAC or at the
minutes) please sign up and collect the cards during the      door.
week from the Office.                                         AD2000: December/January 2011 issue is now available
GEELONG COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS DAY                               in the Narthex. Price $4. included in this edition ―Facing Life
DINNER: Saturday Dec 25 at Christ Church Hall, cnr            Issues in Love and Truth‖, ―The Meaning of Messiah‖,
                                                              Letters, World News.
Moorabool & McKillop Sts, available to any person or
small family at no cost, who may be alone or would like
to join others to celebrate in true Christmas atmosphere.
ph 5221 9170 (till 21/12) or 0408133 561 (from 22/12) or
THE SHIRLEY MILLS “PLAZA” THEATRE:                                   ST. VINCENT DE PAUL -                                         ST
A minimum offering of $3 per head to assist in defraying             MARGARET‟S CONFERENCE: This week we would gratefully
                                                                     accept donations of TINNED &/or PACKETS of SOUP. Due to
equipment costs and maintenance is requested for all
                                                                     the increasing number of calls for help and decrease in members
Sunday December 12 at 1.30pm “THE SNOWS OF                           able to respond in the East Geelong area, the decision has been
KILIMANJARO” starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner Based                made for St Margaret’s St V de P Conference to amalgamate with
on Ernest Hemingway’s book. Harry who lies delirious in an           the St Mary's St V de P Conference in January 2011. Thank you
African campsite, recounts the story of his life, his travels, his   to all parishioners for their generous support in the past. We hope
big game hunting. PG                                                 your grocery donations, each week, in both Churches, wil
Friday December 17 at 7.30pm “STEEL MAGNOLIAS”                       continue. St Margaret’s St V de P Conference has been
starring Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts, Tom            continuously functioning for the poor in the East Geelong area for
Skerritt. Based on the true incident of screenwriter Harling’s       over 50 years.
mother and sister, the story set in a small-town beauty shop    ST VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY - ST MARY‟S
near New Orleans and spans several years in the lives of the    CONFERENCE: invite parishioners to contribute to our pantry
shop’s owner and her customers. PG                              supplies: staple foods like UHT milk, cereal, baked beans,
                                                                spaghetti , pasta sauce, etc. would be gratefully accepted. These
NEW YEAR‟S EVE: Friday December 31 at 8.30pm
                                                                can be placed in two green containers in the Parish Office Foyer
               “THE ULTIMATE GIFT”                              at 150 Yarra St or Café Light (on Sunday mornings) . A growing
WHAT‟S NEW AT „WING AND A PRAYER‟:                         Book need for grocery items to help feed our needy and marginalized is
of the Week for Adults: Sacred Space, The Prayer Book           an on-going exercise.
2011, from the Irish Jesuits. They invite you to make a sacred ADVENT PREPARATION - 9 DAY NOVENA MASS
space in your day and spend 10 minutes in prayer. Take it on (Simbang Gabi) You are all invited to attend/join the 9 day Mass
the bus, by your bedside table, in the garden, you’ll soon find Novena at St Francis Xavier, 143 Bacchus Marsh Rd, Corio every
with a bit of practice we can pray anywhere. $32.95             morning 5.30am from Dec 16-24. For more information ph Adela
Book of the week for Children: My Very First Nativity           0409 135 589.
Story. A delightful story of little baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and     SCHOOL HOLIDAY MOVIES -
that bright star. $9.95                                                Sessions are 10.30am & 2pm $3 donation per head
Christmas story, Sticker Book - Travel with Mary & Joseph to
                                                                     Tues Jan 4: “TOY STORY 3”
Bethlehem. Learn to tell the story and play your way through
the activities. Hours of fun for little hands. $7.95                 Thurs Jan 6: “FAR FROM HOME: The Adventures of
Christmas Gifts Galore: Do you need that special something                Yellow Dog”
for someone? Perhaps a fair trade gift that has been carefully       Tues Jan 11: “PLANET 51”
crafted. Know with your purchase, you assist women, through          Thurs Jan 13: “TOOTH FAIRY”
dignified work to feed and send their children to school. Coffee     Tues Jan 18: “DREAMER”
from East Timor, beautiful bags from the Youth centre in             Thurs Jan 18: “BABE”
Chiang Rai, aprons, oven mitts from Bangkok, Christmas               Tues Jan 25: “HAPPILY N EVER AFTER”
decorations from Peru, necklaces from Kenya, beautiful cards         Thurs Jan 27: “FAIRYTALE - A TRUE STORY”
from Nongkai. Call in (opposite Officeworks) and see our great
range of goods. New stocks of great reading books and Mary
MacKillop Jewellery from the Vatican Collection just arrived!        FETE SPONSOR OF THE WEEK: We acknowledge
ST MARY‟S SOCIAL GROUP:                                              with gratitude our Sponsors for the 2010 Fete. This week
Wed Dec 15:         Christmas Luncheon ‘Burrumbeet
                                                                     we recognise: Neuschafer, 90 Mercer St, Geelong Ph 5229
Hotel’ has been CANCELLED.                                           8871
INTRODUCTION TO PIANO: Private piano tuition for all                 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ―Even the most beautiful views
ages. Classical & Contemporary, Basic, Theory and How to             can get foggy sometimes‖. - JOHN WILLIAM JOSEPH McNALLY
Compose. More information Ph Josh 0430 706 119                       HOW ABOUT THAT!!: Our six-year-old daughter was
LITURGY CHANGES IN 2011: Cards produced by the                       thrilled when we took her to Dreamworld for the first time
Archbishop’s Office of Evangelisation are available in the           and headed straight for Tower of Terror. I worried that the
Narthex which outline the schedule for the introduction of           roller coaster would be too scary for her, but she insisted.
changes in the Mass—in particular, alterations to the Mass           To her delight, we rode it twice.
texts and responses. The official starting date for the revised      The next year we returned, and my daughter, now seven,
Mass texts is November 1, 2011. Additional information is            again dragged me to the Tower of Terror. As we stood in
available at                          line, though, I could see her soberly studying the signs that
                                                                     warn about the ride's speed.
                                                                     "Dad," she said, "I don't think I want to go."
                                                                     I asked her why she would be nervous when she had
                                                                     enjoyed herself last time.
                                                                     She replied, "This year, I can read."
RECENTLY DECEASED: Kerryn Leith; Simone Poldano-Franze, Fillipo de Francesco Mary O’Toole (Ireland)
CURRENT ANNIVERSARIES OF DEATH: James Sullivan; Philip Newbold, Val Crece, Margaret Stewart, Michael
 Devlin, Anthony William McFarlane, David Geoffrey Shortte.
                  St Mary’s Basilica, 136 Yarra St., Geelong
        MON Dec 13 St Lucy                             7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
        TUE Dec 14 St John of the Cross                7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
        WED Dec 15 3rd Week of Advent                  7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
        THU Dec 16 3rd Week of Advent                  7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
        FRI Dec 17 3rd Week of Advent                  7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
        SAT Dec 18 3rd Week of Advent                  9.00am, 6.00m (Vigil)
        SUN Dec 19 4th Sunday of Advent                7.30am, 9.30am, 11.00am, 12.15pm (Polish), 5.30pm.
                  Christ the King Church, Wilsons Rd., Newcomb(2nd & 4th Sundays at 9.45am)
        FRI Dec 17 3rd Week of Advent                  9.15am
        SAT Dec 18 4th Sunday of Advent                6.00pm (Vigil)
                  St Margaret’s Church, Lomond Terrace, East Geelong (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays at 9.45am)
        SUN Dec 19 4th Sunday of Advent                9.45am
               St. Robert’s Chapel, Mervyn St, Newtown WILL RESUME Sunday February 15, 2011
            Radio Mass: Sunday 10am on The Pulse 94.7 FM, and 7 a.m. on Light FM, 89.9 FM
                     ROSARY: usually recited before each Mass on Weekdays
                    RECONCILIATION AT ST MARY‟S - Saturday 9.30am
         PRAYER GROUP: Charismatic Prayer Group meets each Wednesday 7.30pm @ Wing and a Prayer .
            NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP: Mondays after 10.00am Mass

       ROSTERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY December 19, 2010 - 4th Sunday of Advent
               Readings for next week: Isaiah 7:1-14; Romans 1:1-7;                  Matthew 1:18-24
                          Readers             Special Ministers

Christ the King     6pm Pat Brooks, Sr Lesley Gifts & Special Ministers: Mary & Terry Carracher

St Mary’s           6pm Brendan Sullivan      Margot Jarman, Bernard Lewis, Paul Mora

                7.30am Kate Parke             Patrick Redden, Lorraine Cotter, Michael Keenan

                9.30am Damian McFarlane       Nola Schwidlewski, Clarel Duhau, Rob Robertson, Joanne
                                              McFarlane, Barry Leith

               11.00am Stephanie Cowdery      Deb Anderson, Rosa Marino, Maureen Zampatti, Shirley Carroll
  Children’s Liturgy of the Melinda Rau-Wig
                5.30pm Margaret Hedt          Jane Petti, Lyn Creece, Kevin Kleijn, Mario Spina

         St Margaret’s Kerry Tomison,         Gifts: Horrobin Family Cuppas: Leonie Cann
                  9.45am Tracy Wanat          Special Ministers: Mary McKie, Monica Constable

                                  Committee Meetings
              Journey of Faith at 7.30m                              Tuesday December 14
              Baptismal Preparation at 8pm                           Wednesday December 15

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