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Autorun facility in Windows is actually made to simplify the user when they want to view, edit, delete, etc.,
of the contents flashdisk however, are often exploited by the 'ignorant' virus maker (VM, etc.) for the

With autorun facility in Windows, the VM can run virus without the artificial virus is run by the user. By
using a little script of autorun.inf.
VM can spread the virus from the computer user when the user double-click the flash icon found on
windows explorer. Do not click the open folder button when the autoplay menu appear, because it is
contains with virus behind.
But, for more carefull .. We can turn off the autorun facility of windows without the use of any software or
tools. We simply change the settings by using the windows facility.

The steps are:)

1. Say Bismillahirohmanirrohiim

2. Smile :D
3. On start select run windows (keyboard hotkey windows + d)

4. Continue to type in gpedit.msc

5. Continue to select the option Local computer policy Computer configuration Administrative templates
continue to keep the System continues to select the Turn off autoplay.

The screen shoot is

6. Turn off the options appear it. Enable the option. In this option there are two options that turn off and
on CD-Drives All drives. Now choose All drives. After that push OK

7. Now in trying to insert flash or CD Rom, had not: D

8. Have a nice try

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