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									                             On The Ohio . . .
                             The Newsletter of the Ohio River Chapter
                             Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
                             Volume 11       Number 4       Winter 2010

                                                    Message from the President
                                 Haven't been checking my emails much lately. Am in Arizona near
                        Hereford at my youngest daughter Sarah's till the first of March. Been busy
                        enjoying the family and the weather. It only got up to 79 degrees today.
In this                 Sarah’s stepson is going to college up in the Sierra Vista Branch of the
                        University of Arizona. He had to do a paper on Lewis and Clark last week
Issue. . .              and got an A on it.
                                 That is about all the L & C news I have except that am really looking
                        forward to the spring meeting. There is so much history of our era of interest
                        there at the straights and I'm sure everybody will thrilled with the choice,
Message from the
                        even if it is a bit off of the center of our drawing area. When the location was
                        first announced I heard some complaints that it was too far away. If there is
Minutes from ORC        anybody that still complains, I would like to take this opportunity to remind
Regional Meeting at     them that all, and I mean the entire state of Michigan, is with in our drawing
Cumberland Gap          area just the same as 20 miles from the Ohio River.
                                 From the time I was a kid our big vacation was going to Leg Lake in
Spring 2011 Chapter     the Upper Peninsula. When they built the bridge across the straights, we
Meeting Information     were one of the first cars to cross. Everybody in the car received a nice gift.
                        What a thrill it was going across the bridge, but sometimes I miss the ferry
2012 Annual Meeting     as well as the kids coming by your car selling smoked fish or pasties and
                        anything else you might want to eat while you were waiting for the ferry.
Lewis and Clark and     That was always our dinner—so many good memories. Not so different from
New Orleans Part II     the good memories we all have about Lewis and Clark and all they did and
                        wrote about as well as the thrill of hearing stories passed down through
The Year 1811           native families along the trail.                                   Your Servant
                                                                                           Bob Anderson
Lewis and Clark
Wellness Challenge    Piqua Shawnee
                      tribal members
Dues are Due          including ORC
                      President Bob
Usual Conversation—   Anderson help
Unusual Trail         commemorate
Connection            Meriwether
                      Lewis’s survey
From the Journals     on November
                      23, 1806 to
Upcoming Meetings:    determine the
  Chapter Meeting     accuracy of Dr.
  Annual Meetings     Walker’s line
              Ohio River Chapter of the LCTHF                    moved to plan an ORC recognition at the spring meeting and
       Cumberland Gap & Pine Mountain State Resort               prepare a national nomination for the 2012 National
                      Park, KY                                   Meeting in Clarksville. Seconded by Dick Keith. Motion
     Chapter Meeting Minutes November 6, 2010                    passed.

President Bob Anderson called the meeting to order. He           A committee will plan to visit the fort to gain information.
welcomed all attending and asked the 32 members present          Several members who live closer to the fort will arrange a
to introduce themselves and to identify where they lived.        time. Anyone interested contact Stan Spencer or Tom
Secretary’s minutes of the last meeting were printed and
distributed. Nancy Spencer moved acceptance; motion              Newsletter mailing was discussed. Some members would
seconded by Doug Wozniak. Motion passed.                         like the newsletter mailed to their homes instead of
                                                                 receiving it via the Internet. Skip Medley moved to add
Jerry Wilson reported on the Wellness Committee. Nineteen        $5.00 to the dues each year for those people who would like
people are registered for the Foundation’s wellness              their newsletter mailed. Motion seconded by Jan Huff.
challenge. The auction at tonight’s dinner should raise at       Motion carried.
least $300. The T-Shirt sale was over $200, which covered
the cost of purchase plus a profit for the program. This         Stan Spencer distributed copies of the History of the Ohio
activity should make Foundation members more aware of            River Chapter. He and Nancy received information from
the Ohio River Chapter.                                          several charter members and prepared and printed the
                                                                 project. Members expressed their appreciation of a job well
Tom Williams reported on the ORC/Boy Scout Patch                 done.
program. Press releases were sent to 160 newspapers in 5-
state area. Also made email contact with all Scout councils in   Jerry Wilson added an item to the agenda. Big Bone Lick
Michigan except two to make them aware of the program            needs new signs. Jerry volunteers for the park and they had
and to inform them of the ORC contact. To date we’ve had         approached him to see if our chapter would be interested in
22 contacts from Scouts and leaders and two patches              being a sponsor for a sign.
earned.                                                          Motion by Nancy Spencer to form committee to finalize
Regional meeting program was discussed. The dedication           wording of a sign to be presented to our group for final
ceremony including the Shawnee presentation was                  approval. Grant Kearns supported motion. Motion passed.
particularly inspirational with their service honoring           President Bob Anderson appointed Skip Jackson, Jim
veterans.                                                        Holmberg, and Jerry Wilson to the committee, which will
                                                                 report at the spring meeting.
The American Heritage Girls organization has approached
the chapter and would like to participate in a patch program     Spring meeting will be held in May at Mackinaw City. It will
similar to the Boy Scout Patch Program. It would be self-        be open to anyone who would like to participate. Ron
sustaining as it is with the BSA. Tom Williams reported that     Laycock will present program on fur trade, which is one of
he had told them he would discuss it at our November             the three areas of focus. The remaining two are the
meeting and get back to the group. Ann Bear moved to             Northwest Passage and French Influence which will be part
extend the patch program to the AHG organization. Motion         of the Friday – Sunday agenda. For those who are able to
was seconded by Mark Bear and motion carried.                    stay over, the Spencers’ invited all to their cottage; adding
                                                                 another stop before going home would be to stop at the
Tom Williams presented an idea of the President Patch            Wozniacks’ who live near Sleeping Bear Dune.
Award for members of the ORC. Since the success of the
BSA patch project depends on our membership marketing            Jim Keith reported on the planning for the 2012 meeting in
the program, a list of ideas for helping to market the BSA       Clarksville. He asked for some time on the agenda in May
patch would be assembled and each member could earn a            for ideas for the program. The current theme being
patch. The patch could be earned by keeping a journal as         investigated concerns Charles Floyd and the Nine Young Men
required by each Scout for their patch. Requirements were        from Kentucky.
discussed and consensus was to “proceed on” with the             The chapter expressed their appreciation for the good
project.                                                         meeting at Cumberland.
Stan Spencer reported about the building of a Fort Clatsop in    Announcements:
Fremont, MI. BSA Gerald Ford Council built the fort for use      Jerry Wilson suggested a regional meeting could be held in
of their members in 2003. A former Council leader who            New Orleans since he feels there is a Lewis and Clark
donated around $50,000 funded it. Discussion centered on         connection.
seeing the fort; use of the fort, and the possibility of                                Respectfully submitted,
nominating the project for a national award. Jim Mallory                                        Kay Williams, Secretary
TENTATIVE ITINERARY                                Possible stop at Father Marquette National
Northern Michigan Meeting for the Ohio             Memorial (north end of Mackinac Bridge)
                                                   Meet at outdoor pavilion for short talk by Lou
River Chapter of the Lewis and Clark
                                                   Ritten from Illinois
Trail Heritage Foundation                          Topic: Father Marquette, the Relevant Jesuit
Straits of Mackinac, Mackinaw City,
Michigan                                           Saturday Afternoon
May 13-14, 2011                                    12:00-1:30 P.M. Lunch in the hotel meeting room
Regular Meeting and Program                        featuring a special Michigan delicacy—the pasty
                                                   2:00-4:00 P.M. Tour Colonial Fort
Friday Evening                                     Michilimackinac Park under the Mackinac Bridge
3:00 - 5:00 P.M. Check-in at meeting               Admission: $10.00-11.00 range
headquarters hotel:                                231-436-4100
Mackinaw Beach and Bay All Suites Resort 
929 South Huron                                    Saturday Evening
Mackinaw City, Michigan 49701                      6:00 P.M. Dinner at Audie’s Restaurant
231-436-8621 or 800-468-7736                       $5.00-15.00 range                                  314 N. Nicolet
$59.99 plus tax per night                          Mackinaw City, Michigan 49701
Rooms blocked until April 13, 2011                 231-436-5744
Mention Lewis and Clark meeting for special rate
5:00-7:00 P.M. Dinner on your own                  8:00 P.M. R&R back in the hotel meeting room
7:00 P.M. Reception and evening program in the     Possible “spelling bee” for a prize!
hotel meeting room:                                “Far Horizons” for a prize!
Welcome - Stan Spencer, president-elect, ORC
Special display: Equipment from the Lewis and      For more information, contact: Stan Spencer
Clark Expedition presented by Richard Hennings     President Elect
from Charlotte, Michigan                           Ohio River Chapter
Guest speaker: Ron Lacock from Minnesota           LCTHF
Topic: The Dorians and the Fur Trade               269-795-2062
Follow up speaker: Jerry Robertson       
Topic: The Provenance of Artist John Cylmer’s
print of Maria Dorien                              Sunday (May 15): Optional Post Trip #1
Overview of next day: Stan Spencer, view DVD       Take ferry of your choice to Mackinac Island.
                                                   Spend the day on the island visiting Fort Mackinac
Saturday Morning                                   and other sites, bicycling, carriage riding, eating
Free complimentary breakfast at the hotel for      fudge, etc.
Breakfast brainstorming session led by Jim Keith   Monday (May 16): Optional Post Trip #2
Topic: Hosting the 2012 LCTHF Annual Meeting       Spend the day at the very rustic and humble
in Clarksville, Indiana                            Spencer cottage in northern Michigan on
Everyone is invited to offer input.                Intermediate Lake in Antrim County located
9:00 A.M. Business meeting in the hotel meeting    between the towns of Central Lake and Bellaire.
room                                               Address of Spencer cottage:
10:00 A.M.-Noon Tour historic Marquette            459 N. Intermediate Lake Road
Mission Park and Museum of Ojibwa Culture:         Central Lake, Michigan
500 N. State Street                                cell phone 616-340-6888
St. Ignace, Michigan                               Pontoon Intermediate Lake and learn the history
(906) 643-9161                                     and ecology of the area from your guides and
Admission: $2.00 per person                        hosts, ORC members Stan and Nancy Spencer.
Numerous lodges and resorts are located within       Pasties are a traditional food eaten by the miners
ten miles (i.e. Shanty Creek or the Bellaire Inn).   who came to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Wives
For more information, contact either of the          would make a thick crust and fill it with meat,
following:                                           carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc., fold it into a
Shanty Creek Resorts                                 crescent shape, seal it and heat it in the morning.                                  After wrapping in a cloth, it would stay warm the
800-678-4011                                         entire day. Pasties come with veggies only or
standard rate $146.00 plus tax for 2 people (10%     chicken or beef. Please indicate on the form
AAA discount available)                              included if you would like to join us for the pasty
                                                     lunch. (NOTE - pasties are not something all
Bellaire Inn                                         would like. Stan, for instance, will be joining us,
728 East Cayuga Street                               but he will bring his own sub. You can join us if
Bellaire, Michigan 49615                             you want with any food you may bring.)
231-533-7777                                         Saturday evening - Audies Restaurant - full
standard rate $65.00 plus tax (no discounts)         menu, but noted for its Lake Michigan whitefish.

Tuesday (May 17): Optional Post Trip #3              Sunday - on your own
Enjoy a personalized guided tour of Sleeping Bear
National Lakeshore. Your hosts will be ORC           Monday noonish - burgers and brats at Spencer’s
members Doug and Margaret Wozniak from               cottage. Please indicate below if you’re coming.
Beulah, Michigan, in Benzie County. The tour
will                                                 Tuesday 10 A.M. - With the Wozniaks at
begin and end at their home.                         Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. Please indicate
Address of Wozniak home: 930 Bluewater Drive         below if you’re coming:
Beulah, Michigan 49617                               _________________________________________
231-882-0435                                         Please reply by April 15 by email or USPS to:
The Best Western Scenic Hill Resort is located in or Stan Spencer, 6845
the area. For more information, contact the          N. Whitneyville Rd., Middleville, MI 49333
Best Western Scenic Hill Resort
1400 US Highway 31                                   Your Name:
Beulah, Michigan 49617                               ___________________________________
231-882-7754 or 800-439-7080                                  Number planning to attend the Mackinaw
standard rate $77.39 plus tax                        meeting: _________
Numerous accommodations are also available in
the Traverse City, Michigan area that would place    Saturday noon pasties lunch (pasty, drink, cookie)
you half way between the Spencer cottage and         Cost: $7.00. Indicate number and type. Payment
Wozniak home.                                        will be by cash at the beginning of Friday’s
                                                     evening meeting.
              Meal Information:
                                                     Veggie _____      Chicken ______       Beef ______
Friday evening - On your own.
       We will eat at Darrow’s Restaurant            Monday at Spencer’s cottage:           Donation for
 303 Louvingney Street, Mackinaw City, MI            lunch and soft drinks with any profits to the
49701, (231) 436-5514 and suggest it to you if       national LCTHF. Number visiting ____
you have no other ideas.
                                                     Tuesday at Wozniak’s house:       Nominal
Saturday noon - On your own or join us for           charge to be determined. Number visiting_____
      pasties at the hotel meeting room.
             2012 Annual Meeting                         and children also became involved in New Orleans
                                                         and later Texas politics.
        Looking ahead to the 2012 Trail Heritage
Foundation meeting in the Falls of the Ohio region is    Well how did Cenas travel from Pittsburgh to New
very exciting. The planning committee is being very      Orleans? I do not know for sure as I have not been
diligent about building a comprehensive meeting          able to locate any kind of Cenas journal.
that will include activities for youth, a day trip to    However, I believe it would be a reasonable
Vincennes, Indiana to visit the national George          assumption to state that Cenas and his family
Rogers Clark memorial and seminars, which will           traveled by boat down the Ohio and Mississippi
focus on the area’s many connections to the              Rivers. Thus I believe I could trace the river trip
Expedition.                                              using other journals. Some information could be
        The Falls of the Ohio is ‘where it all began’    gathered from the writings of Lewis on the Ohio,
when the captains met to recruit, enlist and train the   but what about the Mississippi? Zadok Cramer’s
Corps of Discovery. They departed from here on           THE NAVIGATOR would be useful, but in
October 26, 1803 and returned to here November           1803/04 he had not written much about the
1806.                                                    Mississippi. In THE JOURNAL OF ANDREW
        Youth will enjoy the area’s camp-o-ree held      ELLICOTT he had written information about the
                                                         mouth the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers.
at the home site of General George Rogers Clark on
Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28. There will be     However, I believe it would be best to depend on
demonstrations of the Corps’ recruitment, enlistment     an old standby for Ohio River Chapter members,
and training. Area scout groups will be included.        A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WEST Thomas
        The day trip to Vincennes will be a study of     Rodney’s 1803 Journal from Delaware to The
the War of 1812 and its connection to the Lewis and      Mississippi Territory.
Clark Expedition. The national memorial has              I have to believe that Cenas visited Marietta, Point
recently been completely renovated.                      Pleasant, Gallipolis, Cincinnati (and nearby Big
        The planning committee is looking forward        Bone Lick), Falls of the Ohio and Fort Massac and
to having many people join the 2012 meeting and is       all other Lewis and Clark sites on the Ohio River.
working hard to include a variety of events that will    Actually, some of those places could not be
have a broad appeal. One goal of the committee is        avoided. New Madrid and Fort Pickering on the
to keep registration rates very affordable so that       Mississippi River would, I believe, been stops as
families can participate. The headquarters hotel is      well.
the Holiday Inn Lakeview in Clarksville.                 Thomas Rodney left Wheeling on September 20th,
                        Jim Keith, Executive Director    1803 and arrived in Natchez on December 1st,
                                                         1803. I know that Blaise Cenas was at Brunot’s
  LEWIS AND CLARK AND NEW ORLEANS                        Island on August 31st, 1803 and was appointed
          Blaise Cenas Part II                           New Orleans postmaster on October 1st, 1804. It
 In Part I of my articles relating to the Lewis and      took Rodney nearly two and one-half months for
 Clark Expedition and New Orleans I wrote about          his river travel. How long did it take Cenas, he
 the experience Lewis had with his air rifle at          would need to travel further from Natchez to New
 Brunot’s Island. Of course it was Blaise Cenas,         Orleans, I do not know.
 who “being unacquainted with the management of          My next installment will be related to Cenas in
 the gun suffered her to discharge herself               New Orleans. Research is still in the making.
 accedentaly (sic) the ball passed through the hat of    Janice and I have located his tomb, which is found
 a woman”, etc. Again, Cenas married into a              in the wonderful old St. Louis Cemetery #1. We
 political family from Philadelphia, thus was            have also found the location of his New Orleans
 known by Lewis. He was a Freemason as well.             home (in the French Quarter) and the location of
 Like Lewis he was on his way west as part of a          the first U.S. Post Office.
 government job. He ended up in New Orleans as                                                Jerry Wilson
 that city’s first postmaster and later became              For pictures from the Lewis and Clark at
 sheriff. Other family members, including his wife       Cumberland Gap Regional Meeting see below and
                                                           next page:
                   The Year 1811                                     LEWIS AND CLARK
                                                            WELLNESS               CHALLENGE
        As a member of the Ohio River Chapter of                   The 2010/2011 Lewis and Clark Wellness
the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation I             Challenge sponsored by the Ohio River Chapter is
am often searching for connections that I can               off to a good start. We have eight teams; four
further study. The year 2011 is the bicentennial of         from the Mouth of the Platt Chapter, two from the
several important events in the history of the              Ohio River Chapter, one from the Wisconsin
United States that can make for that study. No              Chapter, and one from the Minnesota Chapter.
doubt, in the year 1811 not many people were                This is an increase from 2009/2010, and we hope
concerned about the Lewis and Clark Expedition              to have more foundation members join in the
of 1803-1806. Jefferson was no longer president.            future. We have also discovered that the National
Lewis had been dead for over a year. Clark was              Park Service is interested in these types of
involved in the politics of Missouri. Other                 activities in relation to the Lewis and Clark
expedition members had moved on or had even                 Trail Eastern Legacy completion. The purpose of
died.                                                       the wellness challenge is to promote good fitness,
        We know that the Louisiana Purchase and             good nutrition and trail maintenance
information brought back by the expedition                         Prizes are awarded to challenge participants.
hastened the settlement of land in the Ohio River           Last year the ORC provided funds for a patch and
and Mississippi River valleys as well as land west          a certificate. Two events were held at the
of the Mississippi.. People of European heritage            November regional meeting at Cumberland Gap as
were moving into unknown areas that had been                fundraisers. One event was a t-shirt sale that
occupied by natives for hundreds of years.                  provided a profit of $239. The second event was a
Certainly neither group of people really knew               highly successful silent auction that provided
what to expect. Were the events of 1811 warnings            $819. This money was placed into a special
of what was to come?                                        account and will be used for future challenge
        Why was 1811 important? What events                 awards only. We may need to ask the chapter for
took place in 1811? Were these events man-made              support funds in the future, but as for the next
or forces of nature? What about The Great Comet             several years we have this money available. Some
of 1811, which was visible for 260 days? Of                 type of awards we are looking into are lapel pins,
course, the comet was a force of nature, as were            caps/hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Thanks to all
the earthquakes centered at New Madrid, which               chapter who purchased t-shirts and who either
lasted into 1812. What about the voyage of the              donated or bought silent auction items.
steamboat New Orleans that was an important                                              Jerry and Janice Wilson
man-made event? And, to me, the most closely
Lewis and Clark related event of 1811 was the
Battle of Tippecanoe. Even the extended family
of Jefferson, those with the Lewis name, had an
important role of the year 1811 in the history of
our country.
        I plan to read and study about the year
1811 as much as possible. I would encourage
other chapter members to do so as well. Maybe
this study could lead to possible topics for future
chapter meetings. I would like to report my
findings in future editions of our chapter
newsletter, as well.
                                      Jerry Wilson
          Ohio River Chapter Members



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Write a check in the            with your check to
                                Richard “Skip” Jackson, Treasurer
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                                Cincinnati, OH 45211
family made payable to
                                ADD $5.00 IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE
Ohio River Chapter.             the On The Ohio NEWSLETTER BY MAIL
Usual Conversation                                    fishermen. (FYI: adjacent to the campground is the
Unusual Trail Connection                              Three Rivers Wildlife Refuge and upriver is Deer
                                                      Island Wildlife Management Refuge with Pelican
My oldest friend is spending three winter months      Point, on the Nebraska side, upstream from the
in Florida near Ft. Myers. (Of course, I’m            Deer Island WMR.) Poor friend had to listen to me
jealous!) Our phone conversation centered on her      tell about the Niobrara River upstream from the
anticipation of the warmth in the sun and then on     Gavin Point Dam where the Missouri river, filling
the sites she and her husband look forward to         up with Niobrara sand, produces rushes which
visiting in the area. She brought up the ‘Ding’       provide shelter for the migrators. I continued
Darling      Drive     near      Sanibel   Island.    relating that while I was heading upriver in 2004
( I could relate to the    to the wonderful Nebraska State Park system’s
place since my parents, sisters, and I had driven     Niobrara campground in old Winnie, I snapped
through many years ago, probably in March. She        pictures of several large pelican gatherings near
mentioned how amazing it was to see the white         the riverside of the second location of the town of
pelicans en masse each February; only February        Niobrara. (FYI: There are 3 locations due to the
she said, since they migrate back up to the           Gavin Point Dam raising the Missouri depth.)
Missouri and other rivers like clockwork.             Even saw a few more white pelicans on the Lewis
                                                      and Clark Lake Overlook at historic Springfield,
Well, of course, I had to tell her about the white    Nebraska.
pelicans described in the Lewis, Clark, (also,
Ordway, Whitehouse, and Gass) journal entries of      As you can imagine, our conversation soon drifted
August 8, 1804. This is actually one of my            to other fishing stories, mostly hers, but I like to
favorite mental visions of what the journals          think my old friend found a new dimension to my
describe. I think Lewis entered the scene best by     Lewis and Clark travels. So now, as I watch the
explaining as they rounded a bend, the river          landscape fill up with about four inches of snow
turned white from shore to shore. Imagine. (If this   here in the Bluegrass, I’m trying to figure out how
isn’t a Charley Fritz, Michael Haynes, or Gary        to get to ‘Ding’s’ Drive on Sanibel this February
Lucy scenario, I don’t know any journal               where visions from the Trail at seventy-five
descriptions, which would be better on canvas!) A     degrees or better are very appealing. But really to
boatman explains the whiteness as pelican             you Lewis and Clarkers, my narrative is redundant
feathers, and soon Lewis describes a mid-channel      for you probably have a few pelican encounters of
sand bar where 5 to 6 thousand molting fowl are       your own. Happy Holidays, North or South—Julia
in motion: some flying, some landing, some            of ORC,         LCTHF now in Lexington.
eating, some preening, but all remaining close to
the sanctuary of the sand bar. Imagine. Lewis
decides to get scientific info and, after killing a
large pelican, finds the pouch will hold five
gallons of water. I thought this was pretty gross,
but Lewis spared nothing for enlightenment it
seems. I didn’t tell my friend this sidebar.
On the Bicentennial Trail, I expounded
enthusiastically, near this location was a stop by
the DESC boats at the confluence of the Little
Sioux with the Missouri. The southeast side of the
Little Sioux is now a major private campground,
Woodland Park Campground (Google gets only
Woodland Park Manager for some reason). Just
like the pelicans of yore, the local folks love to
come there to fish and boat. My friend and her        At the saddle of the Cumberland Gap
husband would enjoy the variety of fish to be                  November 6, 2010
caught on this stretch of water, being avid
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newsletter via email. The newsletter would come in the form of a PDF (which will probably be about
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possible, but no later than March 1, 2011.
Clark                                                                                              Christmas Wednesday 25th December 1805

     at day light this morning we we[re] awoke by the discharge of the fire arm of all our party & a Selute, Shoute and a Song which the whole party joined
in under our windows, after which they retired to their rooms were Chearfull all the morning— after brackfast we divided our Tobacco which amounted to
12 carrots one half of which we gave to the men of the party who used tobacco, and to those who doe not use it we make a present of a handkerchief,
The Indians leave us in the evening all the party Snugly fixed in their huts— I recved a presnt of Capt L. of a fleece hosrie Shirt Draws and Socks—, a
pr. mockersons of Whitehouse a Small Indian basket of Gutherich, two Dozen white weazils tails of the Indian woman, & Some black root of the Indians
before their departure— Drewyer informs me that he Saw a Snake pass across the parth to day. The day proved Showerey wet and disagreeable.

    we would have Spent this day the nativity of Christ in feasting, had we any thing either to raise our Sperits or even gratify our appetites, our Diner
concisted of pore Elk, So much Spoiled that we eate it thro' mear necessity, Some Spoiled pounded fish and a fiew roots.

                                                            UPCOMING MEETINGS
  1. Mackinaw Spring Chapter Meeting, May 13-15, 2011—See details inside,
  2. 2011 LCTHF Annual Meeting—First Encounters—Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA Metro Area, July
     30—August 3, 2011. Email for more information
  3. 2012 LCTHF Annual Meeting—“Nine young Men—Celebrating the Life of Sergeant Floyd,
     Clarksville, IN, July 29—August 1, 2010, Contact

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