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Trouble shouting your PC


Trouble shouting your PC easily (completed)

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Trouble Shooting Komputer PC (hardware only)

Just want to share if there your computer “hang”, or it can’t ON..

The steps ….
1. Be calm and try not sure which damaged its main components (motherboard, CPU, etc.)

2. When the power button when pressed, the computer will not turn on, first check the connection
between the power cable with a power source, whether the source of power is already functioning
properly or not. If you've tried to check the power cable to the monitor if the computer was moved with
the same power cable will show different results or not

3. Please check the connection between the "ON" on the casing dengna PC motherboard, when previously
no problems (falls, etc.) then we check on the PSU (power supply unit)

4. Unplug all cables connecting between the PSU and motherboard and hard drive or CD / DVD Rom. After
that make a "jumper" small cable. After that look at the "jack" power for the motherboard from the PSU
that big, there is a hole of the cable "green and black". For there is only one green wire and black wire there
is a lot. Short one of the black hole of the cable (try a close, to avoid the wrong hole .. he he) with the black
hole of the cable. After that, connect the power cable with the PSU. If the fan from the PSU can run the PSU
is under normal circumstances (for a voltage not discussed)

5. After that we check its motherboard section. Put it the cord back into the motherboard by first installing
the PSU into the PC casing. if after pressed button "ON", it will not turn back (into the BIOS at least),
disconnect any cables attached to the motherboard (PSU, casing) then remove motherboard from the
casing. Put the isolator component on the bottom of the motherboard using an insulating material (usually
a cork from a pack motherboard). Attach it to its original position and motherboard cables into place.

6. If the screen on the monitor is still showing a black color, the last step we have to try is to disassemble
the CPU. Take out the CPU from the motherboard, then using a brush try to wash legs of the CPU, and then
plug it back again all in place ...

7. If until the last step the image shown on the computer is still black, a check on the VGA (both Onboard or
Card). This step can be used if we have a VGA card that is in good condition

8. The next problem is usually there on the computer's RAM, the BIOS beeps when there is a stick of course

very easy to determine what part is broken, if there is no of course we should try one by one. Copotlah
RAM from the motherboard and then rub with the eraser on the yellow part of the RAM is slow, then
reinstall your machine


Above steps are the steps before the PC into the OS (Operating System). When it is successful and the PC
can not get into Windows let's check the following hardware:

1. Try to move the sata cable connections tightly secure IDE from the hard drive (unplug it first and then
attach it again)

2. Same as No. 1 above for the power cable from the hard drive, if not yet be try changing the use of plugs
to another, or if you use try to use the SATA power converter power "IDE to SATA '

Have A Nice Try (do not forget to pray ^ ^)

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