How to make MRTG (graph) with mikrotik by DediHerlambang1

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Create charts in mikrotik (MRTG)
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Although it was easy, you can forget if you don’t write it down, don’t you :D

The steps :
   1. Open Winbox

   2. Select the menu Tools -> Graphing -> Resource rules

   (to allow the contents of the address / 0 for all destination address)

   3. Continue to Tools -> Graphing -> Interface rules, for all the interfaces in Mikrotik
select All, for a specific interface can be tailored to your own, allow address also filled /
0 to any destination address

   4. For more advanced settings can be via Tools -> Graphing -> Queue Rules ->
Graphic Settings, continued his determined Store Every once every 5 minutes, or every hour
or every day

   5. To access the graphics can be through your browser and type


This is the example for screen shoot

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