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• Perception of East Liberty         • Lack of Product
   – Realtors not communicating         – Not a clear way to access
     or referring clients                 ELDI and other developers
   – Not enough people see East         – Long path to homeownership
     Liberty as a place for “home”        for existing residents
• Affordable Housing                    – Not enough market rate
   – Income guidelines for new            housing, particularly rental
     housing very narrow                – So many properties in
   – Predatory lenders leading to         terrible condition
     people losing homes             • Government/Citizenship
   – Not enough mid-ranged              – Laws against absentee
     product in the market                owners not enforced
   – Developing any kind of             – Block groups only in certain
     housing now is VERY                  places
     expensive                          – Housing Authority not
   – Concerns about affordable            focused on ownership
     housing forever
• Perception of East Liberty           • Lack of Product
   – Identify good realtors               – Need website for East
   – REALLY market resources to             Liberty homes for sale
     purchase homes                       – Require owner occupancy
   – Allow realtors to purchase ad          for ELDI home sales
     space on website                     – Need a landlord association
• Affordable Housing                      – Build more market rate
   – More programs for current              houses/apartments
     residents to become                  – Advertise green
     homeowners                        • Government/Citizenship
   – Define “affordable”                  – Strengthen relationship with
   – Create list of reputable               Housing Authority
     contractors                          – Better outreach to Section 8
   – Publicize efforts of                   tenants
     neighborhood groups                  – Organize and focus block
   – Publicize refinancing options          organizations
     to get out of predatory lending
                         Action Plans
• Encourage Positive                   • East Liberty Home
  Landlording                            Ownership
   – Price units reasonably high          – List available properties on
     to attract home owners over  
     absentee investors                   – Advertise programs for
   – Offer landlord training                renovation and ownership
   – Create landlord association          – Convince realtors to open
   – Publish list of great landlords        storefront in East Liberty
     and provide incentives to be         – Utilize Neighborhood
     on that list                           Housing Services to educate
   – Work with HACP to                      people about buying
     encourage tenants to join            – Use vacant store fronts to
     tenant associations                    advertise housing
   – Send info to tenants on how          – Teach home owners how to
     to take landlords to court             sell their homes to their best