Salon Invoice

					                            JKS International Hair Care Products
                                  Advertising Claim Form
                           2008-2009 Co-Op Advertising Program
In order to receive reimbursement for advertising, this form must be submitted to JKS International within 60
days of the published ad date or 60 days of the advertising invoice date.


             Salon Name: _________________________

             Owner’s Name: ________________________

             Salon Address: ________________________

             City: _____________________________

             State: _________           Postal Code: ____________

             Telephone: ___________________________

             Fax: ______________________________

             Email: _____________________________

             Today‘s Date: __________________________

Total Advertising Costs Submitted: $ ________________
Did You Receive Written Prior Approval from the JKS International Co-Op Dept?                         ❑      Yes ❑ No
Please Include the Following Proof of Advertising:
❑      Print Advertising (Newspaper, Magazine, Direct Mail) - Must Include: Original full page tear sheet for
each time the ad ran. Original PAID publisher’s invoice showing the date the ad ran size of ad, publication name, and
cost. In some cases originall Post office receipt for Direct Mail claims.

❑     Radio -Must Include: Notarized tear sheet - radio script, (provided by your radio station upon request), Original
PAID invoice showing the date and time(s) ad aired length of radio spot, and cost, Copy of radio station’s local rate card.

❑     Television -Must Include: Copy of VHS tape of finished commercial, Notarized electronic tear sheet (provided
by your television station upon request), Original PAID invoice from television station.

❑     Outdoor Billboard -Must Include: Actual item sample or photo of outdoor billboard, Original PAID invoice.
The Salon submitting this form is subject to and bound by the terms and conditions stated in JKS International Hair Care
Product Co-Op Advertising Program. The Salon has read and agrees with the conditions stated in 2008 – 2009 Co-Op
Advertising Program.

                                                   Salon Owner Signature:     _____________
      Please Attach Salon/Spa                                              Mail To:
        Business Card Here                           JKS International Professional Hair Care Products
                                                                    3200 Winthrop Ave.
                                                                    Ft. Worth, TX 76116
                                                                       1 877 JKSUSA2
                                                               Email To:
                                                         (save the document on PC, make changes, then email as an attatchment)

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