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Sales Order Mis Report in Excel


Sales Order Mis Report in Excel document sample

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									Module No.   List of Modules                         Description                                                                                                 Price Rs.
                                                                                                                                                              Applicable from
                                                                                                                                                               01/11/2008 to
AWT/M/001    Manufacturer - Excise                   Integration of all excise computations, as required by Cenvat Rules with financial records
                                                     maintained by the company fully capable of handling the complexities of Domestic sales, Exports,
                                                     Deemed Exports, Exports through warehouses, Captive consumption etc and generates Excise
                                                     reports like ER1, RG1, RG23, Cenvat & PLA Register, Subcontractor register etc.
AWT/M/002    Sheetmagic - Reporting Tool for Tally   SheetMagic allows you to construct your own reports in excel using data from Tally without
                                                     programming knowledge. Even convert your existing excel report formats into sheetmagic reports.
                                                     Sheetmagic also allows you to generate reports from multiple Tally companies hosted across
                                                     multiple remote Tally server.                                                                                27000/-
AWT/M/003    Material Requirement Planning           MRP allows calculation of production & purchase requirement based on Tally data as to Sales
                                                     Order/Sales Plan, pending PO,Minimum Stock & Re-order Level etc worked with the Bill of
                                                     Materials for finished Goods and semi finished goods.                                                        27000/-
AWT/M/004    Voucher Type Level Security (SL)        A must have module for any multi user Tally customer, where the user can be restricted for
                                                     creation/alteration of a specific voucher type based on his respective Security Level under which
                                                     he/she is mapped/Grouped                                                                                     4500/-
AWT/M/005    Voucher Type Level Security (UL)        An enhanced security module for companies where the user can be restricted for creation
                                                     /alteration/cancelation/deletion/printing of a specific voucher type based on his/her respective user
                                                     name. The administrator can also restrict the usage of default tally facilitiies like upload, email,
                                                     export etc. for an user.                                                                                     5400/-
AWT/M/006    Brokerage Module                        Multi-method brokerage/commission payable generating module with various broker/sales agent
                                                     based analysing reports                                                                                      9000/-
AWT/M/007    Bank Pay-in-Slip                        Generate pay-in Slip from the multiple cheque receipt entries made in Tally. The printout can be
                                                     stapled with the physical cheques and deposited in the bank.                                                 2700/-
AWT/M/008    Negative Stock Control                  The module blocks the creation of transactions like sales invoice, delivery note and stock journal
                                                     vouchers incase the issued qty is more than the available stock.                                             2700/-
AWT/M/009    Audit Trail                             Maintains & reports the entire trail of a voucher starting from its creation to alterations(any no. of
                                                     times), by whom and on what date with time                                                                   5400/-
AWT/M/010    Credit Control                          A control which forbids a sales related transaction (sales order/ delivery note/ sales invoice) to be
                                                     made to customer whose transactional value exceed the limit set, with an facility to bypass the
                                                     same by an authorized person. Incase of credit-limit bypass the system generates exception
                                                     report.                                                                                                      5400/-
AWT/M/011    Voucher Authorization Module            Authorize vouchers before it reflects the books of accounts. Administrator can set the rights for
                                                     users who can authorize different type of vouchers.                                                          9000/-
AWT/M/012    Utility Pack                            A pack of highly utilized features for day to day operations. A must for all Tally users. Features
                                                     like calender, contact manager, soft colors, envelope printing, standard narration etc.
AWT/M/013    Multi Location Party Invoicing          Have different consignee location along with statutory details for same party and allow its
                                                     selection while invoicing. This avoids creation of different ledgers for same party.                         3600/-
AWT/M/014    Voucher Filter Synchronization          A must for all organization using Tally's data synchronization facility. The module controls flow of
                                                     specified transactions between tally server & tally client. Eg. The cash & bank vouchers created in
                                                     HO can be blocked from syncronizing to client however all transaction from client will sync to HO
                                                     Server. The administrator can define the flow of transaction.
AWT/M/015    No Master Synchronization               Blocks synchronization of masters & speeden up the synchronization process.                                  1800/-
AWT/M/016    SMS - Module                            Start Sending SMS's from Tally with Single Mouse Click. Inform your client about material
                                                     Dispatch, cheque Receipt or cheque Bounce, overdue bills etc. Bulk SMS facilities to Customers,
                                                     Dealers, Distributors, Agents, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Employees etc
AWT/M/017    Voucher Analysis Tool - Business        An analysis tool for management to have a 3 dimensional view based on the data in Tally. The
             inteligence on fingertips               tool is capable of generating matrix reports based on fields (standard & user-defined) in vouchers.
                                                     Facilities for creating user-defined fields in vouchers with popups and create MIS reports based on
                                                     the same.                                                                                                    36000/-
AWT/M/018    Export Documents                        Print export documents like export invoice, packing list, certificate of origin etc.                         27000/-
AWT/M/019    Order Modification Control              A control for blocking the modification of sales orders & purchase orders once it is executed partly
                                                     or fully.                                                                                                    3600/-
AWT/M/020    Inactive Master for voucher entry       Blocks the listing of Unrequired Ledger / Stock Items while entering vouchers.                               2700/-
AWT/M/021    Orders Short Closing                    Short Closing of Pending purchase & sales Orders so that they don't appear in enries or pending
                                                     order list.                                                                                                  3600/-
AWT/M/022    Envelope Printing                       Allows the user to print envelops for sending mail to Customers/Supplier. The user can define the
                                                     size & place of printing the address on the envelope.                                                         900/-
AWT/M/023    Standard Narration                      Allows defining list of standard Narrations & recalling the same while entering narration in a
                                                     voucher.                                                                                                      900/-
AWT/M/024    Ledger/Group level Security             This User can be blocked for displaying specific ledgers or groupor group ledgers. Also the ledgers
                                                     & group of ledgers will not be appearing in any of the voucher entries. Eg. The exporters ledger
                                                     group can be blocked to be seen by specific user                                                             5400/-

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