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									APW 2010 Period I / Unit                                      1: Foundations                                          8000 BCE – 600/300 BCE
            Chapters 1-3: Early Civilizations – Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Americas
Day/   Key Topics & Journal topic                    Essential Questions                                                        homework
1      Historiography; Historical evidence;          What is History?                                                           Syllabus letter/
Mon    sources; point of view; vocabulary                                                                                       Rewrite essay according to
8/23   Habits of Mind/ themes                                                                                                   rubric if necessary
                                                                                                                                Diamond – due Wed.
2      History & Geography; demography, maps,       Where is History?                                                           4-14
Tue    cultural adaptation; Discuss Diamond article When is History?
8/24   Periodization; sources of change
5      Migration, Ice age

3      Neolithic “Revolution”                        How did agriculture change societies?                                      4 Articles on civilization -
Wed    Village life; agric & environment                                                                                        5 questions – due Tuesday
4      “civilization”; characteristics; metal use;   What is civilization?                                                      14-23
Thu    evaluation of concept of “civilization”;      What questions concerning the nature of civilization does this political   Mesopotamia: Sprite
8/26   Working with primary sources                  cartoon pose?
       Explain SPRITE                                Intellectual
       Analyze Hammurabi’s code

5      Essay writing discussion                                                                                                 Rewrite essay if necessary
Fri    CB Compare and contrast rubric-                                                                                          3 civilization articles; 5
8/27                                                                                                                            questions

6      Mesopotamian society                          Why do societies/civilizations differ?                                     3 civilization articles; 5
Mon    role of cities                                                                                                           questions
8/30   Water and agriculture                         Why was ancient Mesopotamia (from the time of Sumer) considered a
       Scarce resources                              civilization?

7      Inner/Outer circle: civilization              <inner/outer discussion> What is civilization?                             23-34 Egypt & India :
Tue                                                                                                                             sprite
8      Geography and culture & technology      How did geography and environment impact the developments of           37-48 China
Wed    Egypt, India & Mesopotamia compared     early River Valley societies?
9/1                                            Negative confession

9      Government: Chinese Mandate of          How do rulers justify and use their power?                             60-74 Late Bronze Age &
Thu    Heaven and other concepts of Kingship                                                                          Iron Age
9/2    Dynastic cycle                                                                                                 chart ch 3
       Egypt, Mesopotamia, India & China

10     Religion and society; Monotheism and    Why do societies have different belief systems? How do various         74-86 Israelites &
Fri    polytheism                              religious beliefs reflect and shape their societies? How is social     Phoenicians
9/3    Social class; role of women             stratification justified?
       Egypt (+ new kingdom), Mesopotamia,
       India & China
Mon    Labor Day Holiday
11     Cultural Interaction and Diffusion      How did interaction among Mediterranean societies impact those         48-57 Early Americas
Tue    Mycenaeans, Assyrians, Israelites,      societies?
9/7    Phoenicians                             Why were some societies conquered while others survived?
       Trade & war
       Assessing causes of war
12     Nubia                                   How did the resources and culture in the early Americas compare with   Review /study
Wed    Early Americas                          those of the Mediterranean and Asia?
9/8       Olmec
          Chavin
13     Review Game                                                                                                    Review/study
15                                                                                                                    89-110 due Monday
       Unit I test                                                                                                    Media Center Tues /Wed
9/10                                                                                                                  Belief systems research?

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