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        <p>An introduction to Facebook Applications<br>Â Â Â Facebook
need no introduction. It is one of the most popular social networks in
the world. Predominated by youngsters, the user base is almost about 500
million active users. Indeed, even these statistics have been taken from
one of the applications from Facebook. The fact sheet also states that
there are almost as many as 20 million installations of Facebook everyday
and they are developed using the Facebook platform, by people from more
than 190 countries. One other interesting fact about Facebook is that
Facebook application development has made inroads to mobile users as well
and today, people accessing Facebook through their mobile phones are
twice as active as their non – mobile counterparts. Other websites
integrate with Facebook as well, in order to spread the awareness about
their business or about their websites. As many as 10,000 new business
websites are connected with Facebook every day.<br><br><br>Some of the
Facebook applications<br>Â Â Â There is a plethora of Facebook
application development introduced each day and one is free to choose the
application of his / her choice. Some of the applications which are ready
– made applications are Facebook for iPhone, Causes, Mafia wards ( a
game which has almost half the Facebook users playing), Sketch me, Trip
Advisor, Birthday cards and My calendar which server to remind a person
about his daily agenda. The beauty of these applications is that there is
even an application available, which allows a person scope for Facebook
Application Development. This application uses all the protocols of web
application building and enables even the least knowledgeable person to
build an application.<br><br><br>Games on Facebook<br>Â Â Â Games seem
to be the heart beat of many Facebook user. In fact, the popularity is so
high that there is stiff competition between people playing the same
game. The very fact that this creative website design is being used so
frequently declares the success of Facebook Application development. One
of the facts to be noted at this stage is that most of the Facebook
Application Development takes place offshore. Offshore development is one
of the business techniques being practised today and it involves setting
up the office away from home, with people who possess the required skill
sets. The offices concerned with offshore development have different
procedures like setting up the physical atmosphere, the computer
connections with the necessary tools, hire the required personnel and
create the correct protocols for responsibility transfer and
reporting.<br></p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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