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									Light crude oil is fluid petroleum which is low in density. It is known
to stream liberally when it is on normal temperature. It is very low in
viscosity as well as its specific gravity. But the API gravity of the
light classification of crude oil is high. This is as result of the
existence of a high dimension of light carbon and hydrogen divisions.
Most of the light crude oil, irrespective of their origin, is usually low
in wax. These advantages of light crude oil make it to be priced higher
more than the heavy crude oil when it is traded on the market. Most
importantly, the reason for the high price of light crude oil than other
classifications like heavy is because it generates larger amount of
diesel fuel and gasoline when refined into useable goods at an oil
refinery industrial plant.       Types of light crude oil

  All kinds of benchmark crude oils around the globe are taken as light.
The widely known one in North America is referred to as west texas
intermediate. All forms of brent crude is regarded as light. Dubai crude
varieties are also regarded as light petroleum.        Reasons for the
variation of light crude oil      The difference for each country
acceptance of the right standard for light crude oil varies due to
countries like Mexico and Canada are likely to deliver heavier crude oils
more than the types which are usually seen in the United States of
America. From the beginning of the production of light crude oils, a lot
of big oil wells in the USA generate lighter crude oil which is better
than the ones found in most of oil producing countries.       Summary To
summarize this article, USA produces the best type of light crude oil and
Saudi Arabia may be the highest producer of light crude oil.      Modo
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