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<p>Buying a convertible crib is an excellent choice. Not only do they
look gorgeous but they grow with your child and, as you won't need to buy
your child another bed until adulthood, you'll save yourself a lot of
money. Here's a sample of some of the best convertible cribs.</p>
<p>The following manufacturers all make good quality products from sold
woods - usually pine, beech and birch - as well as beautiful veneers to
create exquisite finishes like 'antiqued' and 'distressed'. They all
offer more or less the same features with some minor differences.</p>
<p>The reviews are on their convertible lifetime crib collections. This
type converts all the way from crib to full size bed. This type, whilst
being more expensive than a traditional crib, can save you the cost of
buying your child a bed until they reach adulthood. Not only do they save
parents money, buy many parents prefer the style of convertible cribs and
they are becoming increasingly popular.</p>
<p>Pali Convertible Crib</p>
<p>This company has a fine pedigree in the manufacture of nursery
furniture. Pali is an Italian company with a wide distribution network in
the US. It was the first company to produce the "one-hand" drop side
feature with no exposed hardware. Pali calls its collections of
convertible cribs, 'Forever cribs'.</p>
<p>The Rosalia Forever collection is a particularly beautiful crib. It
has very traditional curvy legs and a straight-backed headboard with an
elegant curve along the top. The side rails curve slightly outwards.
There are plain slats on all four sides, with the side slats also curving
outwards. What is very appealing about its overall design is the rounded
rails found on all four sides; the rounded rails on the curvaceous side
panels are extremely elegant. It comes in a variety of finishes including
antique walnut, cherry, cinnamon, distressed white, matte white and
<p>The Carmen Forever collection has a chunkier look to it. The side
panels are straight, unlike the Rosalia, and the rails are only rounded
on the headboard and footboard. Again, the slats are plain in design. The
choice of finishes is somewhat smaller; you can have cherry, cognac,
hazelnut, matte white and natural.</p>
<p>Bonavita Convertible Crib</p>
<p>This is another Italian manufacturer. The style of Bonavita
convertible cribs is that of old world charm. It current collections are;
Cabana, Chadwick, Heritage, Hudson, Nikki, Peyton and Sheffield.</p>
<p>The Bonavita Sheffield crib is a popular model. It looks heavy and
sturdy and has a rustic, country look about it. The sides are straight
with wide slats. The footboard has a panel with heavy beading that runs
along the top. The headboard has a curved top, again with heavy
detailing. It comes in four finishes; country wheat distressed, tea
stain, rustic cherry and distressed almond - the country wheat distressed
finish really does suit this model; one can easily imagine this crib in a
country cottage setting.</p>
<p>The Bonavita Chadwick crib is in complete contrast. This is a far more
elegant design. While all four sides are straight, the slats are thin and
look long. But what really appeals is the headboard. Like many others it
has a curved top but the Chadwick has a dip in the middle, giving the
whole piece a very sophisticated air.</p>
<p>Bassett Convertible Crib</p>
<p>Bassett is an American manufacturer of nursery furniture. Its current
collection of baby cribs draw heavily on traditional American styles. The
names of its current collection give you some idea of what style to
expect; American Home, Cottage Pine, New Haven and Timber Creek to name
<p>The New Haven crib by Bassett looks very Shaker style in appearance.
All four sides are straight with simple, thin elegant slats on three
sides. The headboard has narrow wainscoting. The rails are square edged,
with the rails on the sides having the slightest of curves. This Bassett
crib is made from solid beech with beech veneers and comes in two
finishes; cherry and natural - in my opinion the cherry is definitely the
better finish.</p>
<p>The American Home crib owes its styling from the American Colonial
period. It has very simple straight edges and thin slats. The height of
the headboard is much higher than the other collections from Bassett. It
comes with streight rails and looks beautiful when converted to a toddler
<p>The Munire Convertible Crib</p>
<p>This is the most expensive of the cribs discussed. This is another
American manufacturer who specializes in nursery furniture. It not only
makes cribs but offers complete nursery furniture sets such as dressers,
armoires and nightstands. The style of Munire's current collection draws
on many different styles from the past. Unlike Bassett's prosaic styles,
Munire's tend to be a little more opulent.</p>
<p>The Munire Antigua crib draws heavily on our imagination of cooling
breezes in the Caribbean with its use of woven<a rel="nofollow"
'/outgoing/article_exit_link/4089164']);" href="http://www.zimmer-"> rattan</a>, sculptured moldings and exotic finishes.
Another offering is the Munire Newport collection with an elegant, gently
curving rail and fluted legs. The Munire Oxford crib is a stately looking
piece of furniture. There is a wide slat at the centre of both the
headboard and footboard with a beaded panel on either side. The headboard
is further embellished with curves that are reminiscent of French
Imperial style. The overall look is one of sturdy grandeur.</p>
<p>The above are just some of the most beautiful and best convertible
cribs on the market. They are all excellently well made from the most
reputable companies in the industry. Which is best will come down to
personal preference about design.</p>

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