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					The International School of Azerbaijan

   After School Activities
      Primary School

       School Year 2010-2011
            Session 1
          (Sept 20 – Dec 10)

Dear Students and Parents
Welcome to Session 1 of TISA’s After School Activities Program for

Our After School Activities Program is an important part of the educational experience at TISA.
With the support of teachers and parents we can offer a fantastic after school program.

We are pleased to present our activity choices for Session 1. The activities will start on Monday
September 20th and continue until Friday, December 10th. The activities will be run by TISA
teachers and parents. Please note that there are maximum group sizes in some clubs and students
may join these strictly on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

After reading the choices available, please complete the sign up sheet (last page) and return it to
the Primary Reception desk. You may start dropping them off Monday September 13 at 8:15
A.M; deadline for all sign up sheets is Wednesday September 15.

Students will not be admitted to an activity unless they have been placed in a club.
Students can only join two activities per session; this does not include orchestra or student

If we need to cancel an after-school activity we will make every effort to contact you so you may
make arrangements to have your child picked up.

Please be sure to let the teacher of your child’s activity know if there are any health issues that
they need to be aware of.

I am looking forward to a successful first session of extra-curricular activities.
Have fun and enjoy this year’s TISA “After School Activities”.


Sevinj Farzaliyeva
Activities Coordinator

                          Primary After-School Calendar of Activities

Level        Monday                  Tuesday            Wednesday       Thursday             Friday               Saturday

                                                                                                                 *Soccer P1 -
 P3                              *Dutch Culture         *Lego Club      *Fun Club                                    P4

                                                                       *Fun Club                                 *Soccer P1 -
 P4        *Gymnastics           *Dutch Culture         *Lego Club   *Outdoor Games                                  P4

                              *Writing, Drawing and
                               Reading Fun Stoires                     * Intro Judo
                             *Primary Student Council                *Outdoor Games
 P5        * Gymnastics           *Dutch Culture        *Lego Club   *Primary Musical   *Typing Instructor

                              * Writing, Drawing and
                                Reading Fun Stoires
            * Gymnastics           * Hopscotch
        *RCX Lego Robotics   *Primary Student Council                   * Intro Judo
 P6       * UP Newspaper          *Dutch Culture        *Lego Club   *Primary Musical   *Typing Instructor

                              * Writing, Drawing and
                               Reading Fun Stoires
        *RCX Lego Robotics         * Hopscotch                                          *Typing Instructor
          *School of Rock    *Primary Student Council                   * Intro Judo     *School of Rock
 P7       *UP Newspaper           *Dutch Culture        *Lego Club   *Primary Musical      *Basketball

                              * Writing, Drawing and
                                Reading Fun Stoires
        *NXT Lego Robotics         * Hopscotch                         * Intro Judo     *Typing Instructor
          *School of Rock    *Primary Student Council                  *Orchestra        *School of Rock
 P8       *UP Newspaper           *Dutch Culture        *Lego Club   *Primary Musical      *Basketball

                          After-School Activities Descriptions
                                   3:00pm – 4:00pm

Gymnastics – P4 – P6
Room – Gym
Teachers: Karen Fielke & Jessica Maisonnave
Come and join gym club! We will be doing mostly floor work, learning how to balance, jump
and move and building up to a gymnastic routine.
Maximum Number of Students - 12

RCX Lego Robotics – P6 – P7
Room – Science 404
Teachers: David Fielke & Casey Bucheler & Gregory Kremer
Students will build programmable robots using the Lego RCX Kits. They will learn to program
their robots to complete and perform tasks.
Maximum Number of Students - 6 (due to sets available)

NXT Lego Robotics – P8 (M1-M3)
Room – Science 404
Teachers: David Fielke & Casey Bucheler & Gregory Kremer
Students will build programmable robots using the Lego NXT Kits. They will learn to program
their robots to complete and perform tasks.
Maximum Number of Students - 12

Upper Primary Newspaper – P6 – P8
Room – 201
Teachers: Michael Knott & Irada Guseynova
Did you ever dream of being a star reporter for a major newspaper? Now is your chance! “The
Junkyard” is looking for sports reporters, photographers, gossip magnets, poets, cartoonists, story
writers and all other skilled students who want to create a newspaper with zip!
Maximum Number of Students – 15

School of Rock – P7 – P8
Room – 206
Teacher: Nick Palmer
Ever want to be in a rock band. Come on and get involved in TISA’s “School of Rock”.
Previous instrument experience is preferred although not essential.
Maximum Number of Students – 7

                          After-School Activities Descriptions
                                   3:00pm – 4:00pm

Dutch Culture – P3-M2
Room – 103
Teacher: Rosalie van Mierlo
Have fun celebrating Dutch culture, traditions and festivals like Sinterklaas and the Queen’s
Maximum Number of Students - 12

Writing, Reading and Drawing Fun Stories – P5 – P8
Room – ESL (204)
Teachers – Gula Gafarova & Nargiz Mazanova
Students will brainstorm and exchange funny ideas in order to write, illustrate and read
humorous student produced books.
Maximum Number of Students - 20

Primary Student Council – P5 – P8
Room – 208
Teachers: Terry Tiplady & Eric Zarouba
Students will be selected to represent their class and year group. There will be a weekly Student
Council meeting where students will discuss, plan and take action on a range of issues connected
with our school. They will report back to their class. At the same time, they will collect
information and ideas from their classmates for future action.
Maximum Number of Students – 22 (two from each class)

Badminton – P5 – P8
Room – Gym
Teacher: Jo Green
Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players or two opposing pairs, who
take positions on opposite halves of a court. Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with
their racquet so that it passes and lands in their opponent’s court. Come and join in the
badminton FUN!
Maximum Number of Students: 12

Hopscotch – P6 – P8
Room – Outside Playground – next to Jungle Gym
Teacher: Colleen MacDonell
Learn to play a variety of hopscotch games. Bring a nice smooth stone!
Maximum Number of Students – 12

Softball – P8 (M1 – M4)
Room – Field
Teachers: Kate Brown & Fiona Williams
Throwing, catching, batting, base running are all part of softball. Come on out and have some
fun. All levels welcome.

Maximum Number of Students - 25
                         After-School Activities Descriptions
                                  3:00pm – 4:00pm

Lego Club – P3 – P5
Room – 106
Teacher: Karen Ludlam
Play and create with Lego. Come build with us!
Maximum Number of Students – 12

Lego Club – P6 – P8
Room - 116
Teachers: Enna Mamedova & Irada Jabrailova
Come and use your imagination and build with Lego.
Maximum Number of Students – 20

                          After-School Activities Descriptions
                                   3:00pm – 4:00pm

Fun Club – P3 & P4
Room – ELC
Teachers: Chee Wan Yuen, Ludmila Volodko, Yana Abdulagadova and Kamilla Abilova
Come to the Fun Club to play and make new friends. We will build with wooden blocks, make
magnets dance, create masterpiece artwork, write storybooks and much more!
Maximum Number of Students - 38

Outdoor Games – P4 & P5
Room – Field
Teacher: Jackie Rakochy
Set aside some time for outdoor fun! These outdoor activities provide great ways to have fun and
stay healthy! A few of the activities we will play on the field are T-Ball, Jump Rope, Red
Light/Green Light and more.
Maximum Number of Students - 12

Introduction to Judo – P5 – P8
Room – Gym
Teacher: Nick Ioramashvili
Introduction to Judo, not fighting, but somersaults, warming up, stretching plus some gymnastic
moves needed to excel at Judo.
Maximum Number of Students – 20

                           After-School Activities Descriptions
                                    3:00pm – 4:00pm

Primary Musical Drama – P5 – P8
Room – Hall
Teachers: Jim Hammer, Mita Velker-Pajic, Nigar Mamedova, Nick Palmer, Aileen Young
It's 1848 and gold has been discovered in California! There are cowboys and miners, townies and
farmers, and a few unhappily displaced squirrels, chipmunks and beavers! What will happen
when everyone catches gold fever!!! Primary Musical Drama students have the opportunity to
make props and dialogue suggestions and contribute their own original songs!

This activity stretches over two terms. In the first term (September-December), practices are
every Thursday, students will master songs, dances and perform at school assemblies. Then in
the second term (January-March), practices are every Tuesday AND Thursday, students will
work on the drama and perform this hour-long musical for the school, parents and community!

The dress Rehearsal is Monday, March 7, 1:00-3:00 (A Planning Afternoon). Performances
are scheduled for Wednesday, March 9, between 1:30-3:00 and Thursday, March 10, between
4:00 – 6:00. You must come to all practices and performances to participate in this activity.

Maximum Number of Students - 50

Orchestra – P8 (M1 – IB2)
Room 309
Teacher: Emma Burns
If you have been playing an instrument for at least one year, the orchestra is a great way to
practice and perform with others. This year we will be playing a wide range of music, from
classical to jazz, to rock. Students, staff, and parents playing any instruments are all welcome!
Maximum Number of Students - NA

                          After-School Activities Descriptions
                                   3:00pm – 4:00pm

Typing Instructor – P5 – P8
Room – 201
Teacher: Dilber Kuliyeva
Typing lessons for those who want to improve their typing skills and speed. Also very interesting
games are available. Come! It’s fun!
Maximum Number of Students - 10

Basketball – P7 – P8
Room – Gym
Teacher: Natasha Newstead
Learn basketball drills as passing, dribbling, shooting, defense and offense and implement these
skills in a game situation.
Maximum Number of Students - 20

                         After-School Activities Descriptions
                                  9:00am - 1:00pm

Football/Soccer – P1 – P4
Room – Gym
Teacher: Karen Ludlam, Ruth Kenna
Come out and learn how to play football/soccer. Children will be placed into a group. You will
not be able to request a certain time slot.
9:00 – 9:50
10:00 – 10:50
11:00 – 11:50
12:00 – 12:50
Maximum Number of Students – 20 per group

                               Return Slip Form / After School Activities

 Name: _________________________                 Homeroom: ________

      Please complete two choices for any of the chosen days. If, because of limited number of
    places it will not be possible to participate in your first choice activity, then you
    automatically will be given your second choice of activity if available. I will keep a waiting
    list for all activities that fill up. That will also be based on first come first served. I will let
    you know if a spot becomes available.

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:

    Parent signature: ___________________________

    Please return this form to the reception desk. The deadline for submitting is Monday
    September 13 to Wednesday September 15, 2010