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Ardyss Compensation Plan Pitfalls


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        <p>Are you planning on making a fortune with the Ardyss
compensation plan?</p>
<p>Rest assured that Ardyss international has a great reputation in the
marketplace. They've been around for a while so you can rest assured
that they are not a scam.</p>
<p>To top it off, lots of distributors have made a killing with the
ardysss compensation plan.</p>
<p>So what's my beef?</p>
<p>Well, here's the thing.</p>
<p>MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE<br>The one thing that I cherish most (after God
and my family of course) is FREEDOM. That's really what network
marketing is all about right? With the help of the network marketing
industry I have received the blessing of being free. I can be with my
wife and kids... I don't have to punch a time clock, I love life!</p>
<p>You really have to be careful in this industry because there are
company's out there that tend to preach freedom on the one hand and then
turn around and take it from their reps on the other.</p>
<p>Now, don't misunderstand me... I think Ardyss is a great company and
they probably to not fall into this category.</p>
<p>I must warn you though, my friend, that when I researched the Ardyss
compensation plan, I ran into a few red flags that I wanted to make sure
you knew about before you jumped into this business.</p>
<p>SO WHAT ARE THE PITFALLS?<br>The Ardyss compensation plan is composed
of an 8 level unilevel. This simply means that anyone you personally
sponsor will be placed on your first generation and you can go as wide as
you want.</p>
<p>If you sponsor 100 people, your front line could potentially have 100
spots filled.</p>
<p>When you enroll someone that enrolls someone else... those customers
go on the 2nd level. When they enroll someone those folks go on your
3rd level.</p>
<p>Typicall, you get paid varying perentage rates on your first 7 or so
<p>What's my beef then?</p>
<p>It boils down to some stipulations that are laid out in the comp
<p>Stipulation #1, says that in order to get paid on business below your
first level, you have to advance to the required rank. If you enrolled
your neighbor, and they went crazy building the business, Ardyss wouldn't
pay you on the business unless you met their qualifications.</p>
<p>That doesn't sit well with me.</p>
<p>Ardyss would not have any of the business generated by your enrollment
had it not been for you so why in the world should your pay be capped
according to their stipulations?</p>
<p>Here is the other stipulation.</p>
<p>For you to get all of the commissions, you'll not only need to advance
in status by meeting a volume requirement... the 60% of the volume will
have to come from more than 1 leg.</p>
<p>Again, let me give you another example. You begin a leg by signing
up a network marketing rockstar. It goes nuts and you generate 300K in
sales volume.</p>
<p>There is a good portion of that volume that you won't get paid on.</p>
<p>CONCLUSION<br>In reality, the company has the power. They brought
the opportunity to the table so they have the right to make the
<p>You absolutely can earn a fortune with the Ardyss compensation plan.Â
Keep in mind you may just have to jump through a few hoops.</p>
<p>If you know how to market and get people to come to you none of these
stipulations will be a problem for you.</p>
<p>If you are stuck in a position where you are struggling to find new
people, these stipulations will be a big problem for you.</p>
<p>I choose to build my business in a way that is fun and easy. I have
developed myself and my marketing to a point where people come to me,
credit card in hand ready to buy.</p>
<p>Do you want to know my secrets? I'd love nothing more than to show you
these skills.</p>
<p>Â </p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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