Shepherds Pie Cajun Coffeehouse by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                 Shepherds Pie                                             Penne Sardinia
   Ground Sirloin and Vegetables in Guinness Gravy,         A Mediterranean style Pasta with Artichoke Hearts,
topped with Champs and Cheddar Cheese and baked ‘til        Shallots, Garlic, Basil, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Capers,
  golden brown. Served with choice of Soup or Salad.                Kalamata Olives, and Feta Cheese..
         Cajun Coffeehouse Steak                                      Fettuccini Cacciatore
       8oz center cut Flat Iron Steak crusted in              Sautéed Chicken with Onions, Mushrooms and
Cravens Coffee and Cajun Seasonings. Grilled to your          Roasted Peppers in a Red Wine Tomato Sauce,
   liking, topped with Roasted Peppers and Green                         finished with fresh Basil.
Onions. Served with Gorgonzola Mashers, Vegetable,                         Penne Sausage
                   and Soda Bread.
                                                          Italian Sausage, Red Onions, Garlic, Mushrooms in a
    Sean Kelly's Homemade Pasties                         White Wine Sauce with a touch of Cream finished with
  A flaky Pastry Crust filled full with Shredded Beef,             Parmesan Cheese and a hint of Pesto.
 Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots. Served with Champs,                     Spaghetinni Scampi
         Vegetable, a side of Guinness Gravy
                                                         Shrimp, Garlic, Shallots and Roma Tomatoes in a Lemon
             and choice of Soup or Salad.
                                                                            Chardonnay Sauce.
            Worcestershire Steak                                         Penne Wild One
A grilled Flat Iron Steak topped with a Worcestershire
                                                         Chicken, Red Onions, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Peppers
Cream Sauce. Served with Champs, Vegetable and Soda
                                                            and Roma Tomatoes in a Lemon Rosemary Sauce.
              Bangers and Mash                                          Spaghetinni Curry
                                                         Shrimp, Peppers, Garlic, Spring Onions and Asparagus in a
 Spicy Grilled Sausages, topped with Dan’s Caramelized
                                                                 creamy Ginger Chardonnay Curry Sauce.
     Onion Gravy. Finished with a side of Champs,
            Vegetable, and Irish Soda Bread.                          Fettuccini Coalmaker
               Served with Soup or Salad.                        Sauteed Chicken, Shallots and Bacon in a
                                                                      light Parmesan Cream Sauce..
               Mom’s Meatloaf
 A generous portion of Meatloaf topped with Sautéed                Penne Pork & Portobello
           Mushrooms and Guinness Gravy.                 Pork Tenderloin, Portobello Mushrooms and Asparagus
    Served with Champs, Vegetable and Soda Bread.                  in a roasted Shallot Cream Sauce.
                 Fish & Chips
 Beer Battered and set atop a mountain of Pub Chips,
        served with Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce.
               Halibut Half/Full Order                       All Pasta’s served with Garlic Bread!
                 Cod Half/Full Order
                                                                        Add to any Pasta
      Corn Beef & Cabbage Dinner                                   Grilled Chicken or Portobello
 Our take on an old favorite. Slow simmered Corned
  Beef, Carrots, Red Potatoes and Cabbage in a well
                                                                  Seared Tuna, or Sauteed Shrimp
       seasoned Stock. Served with Soda Bread.

                                          AN IRISH BLESSING
                   May the road rise to meet you; may the wind be always at your back;
             May the sun shine warm upon your face; may the rain fall soft upon your fields and
                      may you be in heaven a day before the devil knows you’re dead.

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