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									                                                 Apple Valley High School

                                                 “The Apple Valley High School Community is committed to challenge all individuals
                                                 to realize their potential as learners by providing high quality and diverse
                                                 opportunities for intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and physical growth.”

  Volume 20 No. 3                                    A newsletter for AVHS parents                                            April 2009

AVHS Robotics Team competes at state tournament
   Building on its year-long tradition         and enter them in competitions designed         Spindler, Travis Lawell, Katie Beaudry,
of success, the AVHS FIRST Robotics            by a committee of engineers and other           Brett Anderson, Jack Kunde and Eric Chan.
Team took its collective show on the road      professionals.                                      Advisor Don Blumenstein summed
recently to compete on the big stage – the        The AVHS team reflects the diverse           things up in saying, “ From the minute we
state FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).        nature of the competition with members          arrived at Mariucci Arena, it was all action
The 2009 FRC was held at Mariucci              joining for a variety of reasons and bringing   – setting up our work area, uncrating the
Arena on the campus of the University of       their wide range of skills to help with the     robot and checking it over to make sure it
Minnesota over a span of three days from       overall team effort. Some joined for the        was ready for competition. Of course, there
Thursday, April 2nd to Saturday, April 4th.    science and engineering. Some joined            is always something the event organizers
   Having learned a great deal from its        to share their graphic arts skills. Others      throw at you, like last minute software
participation at last year’s state event,      joined to utilize their machining skills.       updates and a voltage readout component
the AVHS team, led by advisor Don              Others just thought it sounded interesting.     they want you to have on board. Then it
Blumenstein – a technology education           FIRST redefines winning for these students      was off to have the robot weighed. Ours
instructor at the school – and a number of     because they are rewarded for excellence in     weighed in at 119.09 pounds, just under
returning veterans, prepared thoroughly for    design, demonstrated team spirit, gracious      the 120 pound limit – just right for the
the rigors of the multi-faceted competition.   professionalism and maturity, and the           competition. Because of the students’
   FIRST Robotics Competition is a unique      ability to overcome obstacles. Scoring the      great design and careful preparation, the
varsity sport of the mind designed to help     most points is a secondary goal. Winning        robot performed flawlessly throughout the
high-school-aged young people discover         means building partnerships that last.          competition.”
how interesting and rewarding the life            The AVHS team, known by its                      Additional information about FIRST
of engineers and researchers can be. The       competition moniker, Team 2667 – How            Robotics and the full range of FIRST
acronym FIRST spells out the primary           ‘bout dem Apples – was a great example          programs for young people is available at
goal of the endeavor: For Inspiration and      of that. Senior Eric Chan said of the  The AVHS team site is available
Recognition in Science and Technology.         experience that, “It was not easy, but we       for viewing by accessing the school’s
The FRC challenges teams of young people       worked through the challenges and became        home page, clicking on “Calendars and
and their mentors to solve a common            like a family.”                                 Activities” on the left menu, then clicking
problem in a six-week timeframe using a           Team members were Joey Lake, Mike            on “Activities” and finally scrolling down
standard “kit of parts” and a common set       Rohr, Rachel Dietz, Andrew Gunderson,           to “Robotics Team.” The team site includes
of rules. Teams build robots from the parts    Alice Kouc, Shari Narverud, Mallory             a variety of video features and photos.

                                                                                                   I nside

                                                                   Brett Anderson (l)
                                                                                                Calendar ...................................2
                                                                   and Travis Lawell
                                                                   work on the AVHS             Principal’s Column ....................3
                                                                   robot as Advisor Don         Attendance Office News ...........5
                                                                   Blumenstein stands
                                                                   at the ready with the        Guidance Office News ..............8
                                                                   universal solution for       Sports .....................................10
                                                                   any technical glitch –       Site Council Minutes ...............18
                                                                   duct tape.
   15      Wednesday     Late Start-Seniors
   15      Wednesday     MCA/Math Test-Segments 3 & 4, Grade 11
   15      Wednesday     MCA/Reading Test-Segments 3 & 4, Grade 10
   17      Friday        State Speech Tournament
   20-24   Mon.-Fri      MCA Makeup Test-Reading, Grade 10; Math, Grade 11
   22      Wednesday     GRAD Makeup Test- Written Composition, Grade 9
   23      Thursday      Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:30-8:30 p.m.
   27      Monday        MCA II Science Field Test Window (4/27-5/22/09)
   29      Wednesday     Sweeney Todd-Senior Citizen Preview, 3:00 p.m., Theatre
   29      Wednesday     Site Council, 7:00 p.m., Library
   30      Thursday      Sweeney Todd, 7:30 p.m., Theatre

   1       Friday        Sweeney Todd, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   2       Saturday      SAT Test Date
   2       Saturday      Sweeney Todd, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   3       Sunday        Sweeney Todd, 2:00 p.m., Theatre
   4-8     Mon.-Fri.     AP Testing
   5       Tuesday       Percussion Ensemble Concert, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   6       Wednesday     9th Grade Band/Concert Band, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   7       Thursday      Bloodmobile, Gym D
   11-14   Mon.-Fri.     AP Testing
   11      Monday        Student Activities Awards, 6:30 p.m., Library
   14      Thursday      Cap and Gown Distribution, Lunch Hours, Sports Arena
   14-16   Thurs.-Sat.   Danceworks Performance, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   15      Friday        Track & Field State True Team
   18      Monday        Jazz Ensemble Concert, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   20      Wednesday     Concert Band/Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble Concert, 6:30 p.m., Theatre (Awards Program Following)
   22      Friday        Senior/Academic Awards Program, 9:30 a.m., Theatre
   22-25   Fri.-Mon.     NCFL National Tournament-Speech/Debate, Albany, NY
   25      Monday        No School-Memorial Day
   27      Wednesday     Site Council, 5:00 p.m., Library
   29      Friday        Yearbook Distribution, Gym D
   29      Fri.-Sat.     Adapted Softball CI-State Tournament
   29      Fri.-Sat.     Adapted Softball PI-State Tournament

   2-5     Tues.-Fri.    Boys’ Tennis State Tournament
   2-5     Tues.-Fri.    Boys’ and Girls’ Golf State Tournament
   3       Wednesday     Pops Concert Preview/Awards, 7:30 p.m., Theatre
   4       Thursday      Pops Concert, 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., Theatre
   4-5     Thurs.-Fri.   Softball State Tournament
   5-6     Fri.-Sat.     Boys’ and Girls’ Track & Field State Meet
   6       Saturday      Prom-International Market Square
   10      Wednesday     Final Exams (Schedule F), Hours 1, 3, 5 and 7
   11      Thursday      Final Exams (Schedule F), Hours 2, 4, 5 and 6
   11      Thursday      Last Day of School
   11-12   Thurs.-Fri.   Baseball State Tournament
   12      Friday        Graduation, 6:00 p.m.
   13      Saturday      ACT Test Date
   13-20   Fri.-Sat      NFL Nationals-Speech/Debate, Birmington, AL

   21      Tuesday       GRAD Written Composition Re-test, Grades 10-12
   22      Wednesday     BST Math Re-test, Grade 12
   23      Thursday      BST Reading Re-test, Grade12

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         A Message from the Principal…
                                                                             by Steve Degenaar

Class Rank . . . We all know what it is,
but is it really necessary?
   Locally, Edina, Minnetonka and                 suggests that one source of this stress in our   more students than it helps in the college
Wayzata High Schools have all studied this        seniors’ lives is the student experience of      application process. In a high achieving
issue and decided to no longer report class       earning solid grades in college preparatory      school like AVHS, the difference between
rank. Current work in both Eden Prairie           course work, achieving high scores on            the rank of 1 and the rank of 50 (top 10%)
and Bloomington High Schools indicates            college entrance tests, but not seeing           is two tenths of a point.
that they are also planning to remove the         themselves ranked highly in the class. This          At AVHS, class rank is a statistic that
reporting of class rank very soon.                scenario is cited by many of the schools         we don’t use in any of our educational
                                                  which have decided to drop class rank.           processes. We allow any student to choose
Why are high schools eliminating class                                                             any course to enroll in; we eliminated
rank?                                             Why change the current system?                   long ago all requirements for enrolling
   According to the College Board, citing             We have heard from many parents and          in our Honors and Advanced Placement
a report from the National Association for        students who say that the pressure involved      programming. We do recognize our Top
College Admission Counseling (NACAC),             in trying to take the kinds of classes           Ten seniors and our Top 10% during our
over half of all high schools in America          colleges like to see on an application along     graduation ceremony, something we would
no longer report student rankings. On the         with earning the kinds of grades that will       continue to do. Maybe it is time for AVHS
past two MN Student Surveys, many high            keep them highly ranked is overwhelming.         to take a serious look at the practice of
school seniors (including AVHS) report            Eden Prairie’s analysis on class rank            reporting Class Rank; AVHS parents and
high levels of stress in their lives related to   reinforced this point. Class rank alone          students . . . what do you think?
academic expectations. Anecdotal evidence         is a number without context and can hurt

Viaje a México 2009 – Spanish                                                                        Yearbook
students travel to Mexico                                                                            sales and
   “Profesora” Holman and six Advanced Placement Spanish and Honors Spanish 4
students spent the week of spring break in the Yucatan region of Mexico. The students                distribution
stayed with Mexican families in the picturesque colonial town of Mérida. Day trips to the
ancient archeological sites of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, as well as to the sacrificial cenote
wells and the Celestún Biosphere, home to 20.000 African flamingos, provided highlights
and expanded horizons. Relaxation on Isla Mujeres was the perfect ending to the liguistic,
cultural, archeological and geological excursion.                                                    outlined
                                                                                                         Students who do not know
                                                                                                     whether they or their parents
                                                                                                     purchased a yearbook from Smart-
                                                                                                     Pay earlier during the school year
                                                                                                     should consult the list posted in
                                                                                                     school near the Main Office. Those
                                                                                                     who have not purchased a yearbook
                                                                                                     still have an opportunity as extras
                                                                          Pictured on Isla           will be available for sale at the time
                                                                          Mujeres are Spanish        of distribution on May 29th in Gym
                                                                          trip participants          D during all lunches. At that time,
                                                                          (l to r) Michelle          yearbooks will cost $70.00. Students
                                                                          Keohane, Kyla              will also be able to purchase plastic
                                                                          Koboski, Karen Ly,         covers for $2.00 and autograph
                                                                          Alberto (the group’s       booklets (eight pages each) for $1.00.
                                                                          guide), Taylor
                                                                          Tiedemann, Tazia
                                                                          Volker and Alayne
                                                                          Littrell.                                        Pipeline Page 3
       SiTe CouNCil PAReNT NoMiNATioN FoRM
                                                                                   sought for
                                                                                   Site Council
 Name of nominee: __________________________________________

 Address: __________________________________________________
 Telephone: ________________________________________________
                                                                                      Several members of the 2008-2009
                                                                                   AVHS Site Council are completing their
 Students in school: __________________________________________                    terms during the spring trimester. The
                                                                                   AVHS administration wishes to express
                                                                                   thanks to Maureen Earp, Brent Harms,
 Background related to serving on the committee:___________________                Mary Hautman, Cory Landes, Szuyin
                                                                                   Leow, Tatiana Mackins-Burton, Kim
 __________________________________________________________                        Miklya, Amy Meitz, Lisa Roehl, Lisa Ruff,
                                                                                   Jim Ryan and Lindsay Swiggum for their
                                                                                   work with the Site Council throughout
 __________________________________________________________                        the year. These people, along with other
                                                                                   Site Council members, have devoted
 __________________________________________________________                        considerable time to helping AVHS become
                                                                                   a better school.
                                                                                      The AVHS Site Council is made up
 __________________________________________________________                        of elected members and representative
                                                                                   appointees. Three elected parent positions
 __________________________________________________________                        will open up at the end of the school year as
                                                                                   the terms of Maureen Earp, Lisa Roehl and
                                                                                   Jim Ryan come to an end. Nominations are
 __________________________________________________________                        now being accepted for individuals who
                                                                                   wish to serve in these elected positions. A
 __________________________________________________________                        nomination form is provided in this issue of

 Brief explanation of why nominee is interested in serving on the                      The Site Council is charged with the
 committee:_________________________________________________                           • To research issues and make decisions
                                                                                   in the best interest of all students;
                                                                                       • To make recommendations into overall
 __________________________________________________________                        policy and operations at Apple Valley High
                                                                                       • To support Apple Valley High School
 __________________________________________________________                        programs through on-going projects;
                                                                                       • To provide a forum for Apple Valley
 __________________________________________________________                        High School community input by those
                                                                                   persons directly affected by the Council’s
                                                                                   decisions; and
 __________________________________________________________                            • To promote communication between
                                                                                   Apple Valley High School and the
 __________________________________________________________                        community.

                                                                                      AVHS community members are
 __________________________________________________________                        encouraged to nominate themselves or
                                                                                   someone else to serve the school as part
 __________________________________________________________                        of this forum. Nominations are due to
                                                                                   Karen Kurz, principal’s secretary, no later
                                                                                   than noon on Monday, April 20th. Voting
 __________________________________________________________                        will take place the following Thursday
                                                                                   at parent/teacher conferences by written
   Please return completed nomination form to Karen Kurz, Principal’s Secretary,   ballot.
 Apple Valley High School, 14450 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124 by noon,
 Monday, April 20, 2009.

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Notes from the Attendance Office                                                                by Linda Jokela, Assistant Administrator

Student illness                                 home number. A parent can check the           Students are to remain in their scheduled
    If a student is unable to attend school,    home telephone number listed on the           rooms for the entire two-hour block of
his/her parent should call the AVHS             school computer by going on the Parent        time. Students are not to be dismissed
Attendance Voice Mail at 952-953-1610           Portal and clicking on “Family.”              from their blocks even if they finish finals
before 1:00 p.m. each day of absence.                                                         ahead of schedule.
When calling, parents should leave the          leaving School During the School Day
following information:                             Students who leave the building            Attendance and Discipline information
   • Name and relationship to student           for any reason (including obtaining              Students and/or parents may access
   • Absent student’s name and grade            homework left in a car parked in the          assigned detention dates as well as
   • Day and date of absence                    parking lot, or becoming ill) without a       attendance and discipline records through
   • Reason for absence                         Permit to Leave from the Attendance           the Parent Portal. Student grades may
   • Parent’s daytime phone number (so          Office will receive consequences such         also be accessed through the portal.
office staff can verify the call, if there is   as detention, in-school-suspension or         Anyone with questions about Parent
a need).                                        out-of-school suspension. Under no            Portal regarding passwords or user names
                                                circumstances may a student leave the         should send an email to avhsportalhelp@
Students Remaining After 2:30 p.m.              school building without first obtaining a
    Students who are not directly               permit to leave.
supervised must exit the building and                                                         Summer School
the grounds following the 2:20 p.m.             Restricted lunch Periods                         Summer School classes will begin
dismissal bell. Any students remaining             Lunches and snacks are to be               Monday, June 15, 2009, and will meet the
in the building after 2:30 p.m. must be         consumed in the cafeteria. Students           following days:
under the direct supervision of an adult        found eating outside of the cafeteria
coach, teacher or advisor. Students are         may be assigned consequences such
to exit the building when their after           as detention, in-school-suspension or
school activity is finished and their adult     out-of-school suspension. As per district
supervisor leaves. Students who are             policy, AVHS is a closed campus during
involved in activities that conclude prior      lunch - meaning students are not to leave
to the activity bus departing at 5:00 p.m.,     the building during their designated lunch
should make arrangements to leave the           periods. Students are to remain in the        Monday-Thursday: June 15-18
building and return at 4:50 p.m. to board       cafeteria or the lobby area adjacent to the   Monday-Thursday: June 22-25
the activity bus.                               cafeteria. The gym areas, Greek Theater,      Monday-Tuesday: June 29-30
                                                classrooms, theater balcony and weight
Automated Calling System Notifying              room are off limits. Students found in        Wednesday: July 1
Parents of unexplained Student Absence          restricted areas during lunch will be         Monday-Thursday: July 6-9
    The AVHS automated calling system           assigned consequences.                        Monday-Thursday: July 13-16
notifies parents of unexplained student                                                       Monday-Tuesday: July 20-21
absences. At the end of each day, this          Pre-planned Absences                          There will be no classes on Thursday, July
system reviews student attendance and               Students and parents are reminded         2, 2009
automatically begins calling the home           that any pre-planned absences of one
telephone numbers of students who were          day or more must be authorized prior             Students may register for up to three
marked “Absent Unknown”. Students are           (preferably at least one week) to the         trimester credits. Classes meet during
marked “Absent Unknown” if they have            absence in order to be verified. Students     three blocks of time: 7:30-9:15 a.m.; 9:20-
not been called in absent by a parent or        must bring a parent note and obtain a         11:05 a.m.; and 11:10 a.m.-12:55 p.m.
excused by the school. If parents receive       pre-planned absence authorization form           Registration materials may be
a telephone call from the school regarding      in the Attendance Office. Students            obtained from counselors during
any such unexplained absence, they              must arrange with all of their teachers for   parent conferences on Thursday, April
should send a note with their child the         make-up assignments prior to the absence.     23, 2009, 4:30-8:30 p.m. Students
next day explaining the absence. Parents        Pre-planned absences are classified           may obtain materials in the Guidance
are asked to direct their son or daughter to    as verified absences and count in the         Office, beginning Monday, April 27th.
drop the note off in the Attendance Office      maximum absence rule.                         Registration deadline is Friday, May
before school.                                                                                15th. Summer school schedules will be
    Parents should also notify the              Final exams                                   available for students in the Attendance
Attendance Office through email                    With the exception of 5th hour, all        Office beginning on June 11th.
(                final exams are taken in two-hour blocks         Anyone with summer school related
regarding any change to their home              of time. Spring finals are scheduled for      questions should call Ms. Jokela, Summer
telephone number or if they would like          Wednesday, June 10th (hours 1, 3, 5, 7)       School Coordinator, at 952-431-8213.
to be notified at a number other than the       and Thursday, June 11th (hours 2, 4, 5, 6).

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School District 196 Board to recognize AVHS Students of the Year
   The ISD 196 Board of Education will recognize           Selection for Student of the Year designation
the AVHS Students of the Year pictured here at their   is done by each department in the high school
regularly scheduled meeting on April 27th. Each        and includes assessment by such criteria as
of the honored students will be introduced to the      accomplishment, effort, interest, discipline, self-
board and given a Certificate of Achievement. In       motivation, leadership, cooperation, creativity and
addition, the AVHS administration will present each    responsibility.
with a commemorative booklet highlighting his/her          The 2008-2009 Apple Valley High School
accomplishments. A video will be aired for the board   Students of the Year are pictured alphabetically by
describing the rigors of the selection process and     curriculum area.
underscoring the success of the honorees.

                                                                                                              logan Moorse,
                                                                                                             Business education

  Amanda Allrich,             Carmita Jara,             lindsay Ryskoski,             Carson King-           Michele Keohane,
     Dance                   english language              Family and                   Fournier,             language Arts
                              learner (ell)             Consumer Science           instrumental Music

Alexandra Sundlof,           Mitchell Bires,               Peter loftus,              Rachel Gulden,           Alvaro Bonilla,
   Mathematics             Physical education/               Science                  Social Studies          Support Services

 Brett T. Anderson,            Sarah lampe,              Katherine Shutt,            Kendra Handzel,         Courtney Kimball,
    Technology                  Visual Arts               Vocal Music                 Work Program           World languages

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                                        Off the Cuffs
                                        by Mike Eliason, Police Liason Officer

     Teen driving crashes have become a        anticipate.                                    tough questions like “Where are you
 serious issue in Minnesota that cannot            • Parents should always make sure that     going?”, Who are you hanging out with?”
 be ignored. In today’s fast-paced society,    everyone in their vehicle is wearing a seat    “What will you be doing?” Teens like to
 teenagers are bombarded with many             belt. The car should not move until the        assert their independence, but knowing
 distractions as they drive. Most teen         belts are buckled.                             answers to these questions can help
 drivers have cell phones on while driving.        • Parents should limit the number of       parents hold teens accountable and keep
 Add in other distractions such as iPods,      passengers a young driver can take in the      them safe.
 car stereos, GPS units and friends, and       car at any one time.                               • Parents should have their son’s/
 the mix can become overwhelming and               • Parents should limit the hours during    daughter’s eyes checked at least once a
 dangerous – even deadly. The number one       which their child can drive – at the very      year. If glasses or contacts are required,
 killer of teens in Minnesota today is car     least these should never be outside those      drivers need to wear them.
 crashes.                                      hours designated by community curfew.              • Parents of new drivers should
     The requirements to receive a driver’s        • Teens should be sure to turn cell        make sure that at least ten hours of their
 license in Minnesota are minimal. To          phones off before starting the car. Calls      supervised driving is done at night.
 compound the problem of inexperienced         from home are as distracting as any                • Parents of student drivers should
 drivers plying the roadways is that most      others. Teens can pull off the road to make    speak with their child’s instructor to
 parents really don’t know what to teach       a call if needed.                              learn about their child’s strengths and
 their sons and daughters when they                • Parents should strive to set the best    weaknesses. Instructors are approachable
 first get their permits or licenses and       example of safe, responsible driving           and appreciate the support of parents in
 are becoming acclimated to ever more          for their children. Sneaking through           training safe drivers.
 crowded streets, highways and freeways.       intersections on the yellow does not
 Traffic in the metro, it seems, is becoming   qualify as safe. Parents with young drivers        It is all right for parents to pay for
 faster and more congested with drivers        in their car should consider if they would     additional driving instruction beyond the
 becoming more and more aggressive.            want their sons or daughters doing exactly     minimum. Safety is not always a bargain,
 Teens need to learn to contend with the       as they do. Experience should make safer       and lives are priceless. The more time
 hazards of driving – both inside and          drivers, not serve to permit experienced       a teen spends with a certified driving
 outside of the car – if they are to remain    drivers to take risks. If parents take risks   instructor, the better off the teen will be.
 safe.                                         on the road, children will, too.               There are also many defensive driving
     What can parents do to help? Here are         • Parents should talk to their young       courses available for teens and adults.
 some suggestions.                             drivers about chemicals, including             Insurance companies and AAA can
     • Parents should take their teen on       alcohol, illegal drugs, as well as over the    provide the necessary information. Most
 the road for more than the minimum            counter and prescription medications.          insurance companies give discounts for
 number of required hours. This should be      These all can inhibit a person’s ability to    completing such classes.
 done under various traffic and weather        drive safely.                                      Taking the time to work with young
 conditions, so teens get guidance under all       • Parents should address circumstances     drivers can give parents peace of mind.
 conditions for all circumstances.             ahead of time that may arise in a teen’s       Riding along with young drivers can
     • Parents should point out situations     world such as the dangers involved with        also create great opportunities for those
 that can be used to teach and to support      parties or taking rides with intoxicated       important conversations that need to take
 critical awareness and safe driving habits.   drivers.                                       place between teens and adults.
 Good drivers are aware of what goes on            • Parents should be involved in their          If you have any questions, please feel
 around them. Good drivers also learn to       young driver’s life, asking the sometimes      free to call me at 952-431-8223.

AVHS jazz musicians shine at midwest showcase competition
    Independent School District 196 was        hundred point scale, from a second place       School Jazz 1 and 2, FRMS Combo, and
well represented the weekend of April 3rd-     finish.                                        Valley Middle School.
5th at the Eau Claire Jazz Festival, which         The Eau Claire Memorial High School           Individual awards went out to
is considered to be the most competitive       Jazz Ensemble 1 and Oconomowoc High            outstanding Apple Valley High School
jazz festival in the midwest. Falcon Ridge     School Jazz Ensemble took the first two        soloists at the festival. The following
Middle School (FRMS) took top honors           places in AA. In class A, Brookfield           seven Apple Valley High School students
in the middle school division. Both Apple      Central High School Jazz Ensemble 1 and        were recognized for their outstanding
Valley High School Jazz Ensembles 1 and        Eau Claire Memorial High School Jazz           performances: Tyra Guldseth, Nick
2 took third place in their respective class   Ensemble 2 took the first two places.          Devitt, Scott Rivenburg, Carson King-
AA and A divisions. Both Apple Valley              Other ISD196 schools who participated      Fournier, Hanna Pahr, Greg Dean and Jerod
groups were less than a half point, on a one   were Eastview High School, Eagan High          Kaszynski.

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  Guidelines from the AVHS Counselors                                                                           by Lisa Schmidt,
                                                                                                                AVHS Guidance Counselor

   Making final college decisions                                        Making “cents” of financial aid
      Seniors, sometime this month or next month, you should have            The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
   received admissions decisions from all or most of your college        gathers information that all colleges use to determine a student’s
   applications. With several acceptances in hand, it’s time for that    ability to pay for college. Utilizing federal formulas and
   final selection. Let’s look at ways of choosing the “best fit” from   methodology, the FAFSA seeks to level the playing field for
   your college options.                                                 all students and families. For the fastest results, apply online
                                                                Apply for a PIN number that will allow
   Characteristics                                                       you to access your online form, as well as sign your FAFSA
      Start by reconsidering each of the factors that you deemed         electronically.
   important when you began your college search. You’ll want to              Carefully read directions and gather needed documents before
   rank each of these features in terms of its importance to you right   you begin to complete the FAFSA. Some of the records you’ll
   now, considering such characteristics as                              need include the following:
      • size                                                                 • social security number
      • location                                                             • driver’s license
      • majors                                                               • records of money you earned including a W-2 form
      • college facilities                                                   • parent’s federal tax return
      • special programs                                                     • current bank statements
                                                                             • business and investment records
       Compare each college to which you’ve been accepted and see            • records of untaxed income such as social security or
   how closely each meets your requirements in these areas. Make a       veteran’s benefits
   list of positive and negative qualities for each college.
                                                                             Then begin to complete the FAFSA form, carefully entering
   Cost                                                                  all data. Save often so your information will not be lost if your
       Since the cost of education is often a significant factor in      session is interrupted. Print out a copy for your own records
   final college selection, you will want to compare any financial       before submitting your FAFSA.
   aid packages you have received and determine the real cost to             You (and the colleges you listed on the FAFSA) will receive
   you at each institution. Look carefully at the amount of loans        a Student Aid Report (SAR) two to three weeks after submitting
   versus grants in order to determine how much you will need to         your FAFSA. It will contain an estimated Expected Family
   borrow to meet the cost of education at that school. Be wary of       Contribution (EFC), a preliminary estimate of the amount you
   committing yourself to borrowing a substantial amount of money        and your family will be expected to pay toward your next year of
   to finance your education. Graduating with a significant amount       education. Colleges use the EFC in order to determine a family’s
   of undergraduate debt may impact your ultimate choice of job or       established need. The expected family contribution will remain
   your ability to continue with graduate education.                     the same for all colleges; need will vary depending upon the total
                                                                         cost of attendance at each institution. Each college you indicate
   Campus visit                                                          on the FAFSA will provide a financial aid package that will
      Try to arrange a final campus visit to each of your top            attempt to meet your family’s established need. These packages
   choices. While “accepted student weekend” programs provide            may differ depending upon the colleges’ ability to meet all or
   a whirlwind of activities geared towards prospective freshman,        only part of need. You can pick up a paper FAFSA form from the
   you might get a more realistic idea of student life if you visit at   Career Center or submit your information online.
   another time. Be sure to leave yourself time to speak with current
   students, to sit in on a class or two, to eat in the dining hall      Dealing with test anxiety
   and, ideally, to stay overnight in a dorm. Even if you’ve visited        Feeling anxious about high stakes exams like finals and
   before, this additional campus visit will help to crystallize your    college entrance tests is normal. In most cases, a bit of anxiety
   feelings about each college and how well it fits you.                 keeps test takers on their toes and allows them to focus on the
                                                                         task at hand and do their best. For some students, however, a
   Final choice                                                          high level of anxiety impedes their performance and prevents
      Once all this has occurred, you will be in a better position to    these students from demonstrating their true ability and
   determine the school that is right for you. If you are still unsure   knowledge. Understanding how to control your anxiety level will
   after considering all your hard data, go with your instinct. As       help you to score higher on these important exams. Check-out
   with any important decision in life, after considering the facts,     the website “Study Guides and Strategies” at http://www.studygs.
   you still need to go with what your gut tells you is right for        net/tstprp8.htm for some useful test prep tips.
   you. Although it is desirable to complete your undergraduate             Much of anxiety stems from feelings of being unprepared.
   education at the college where you begin, remember that no            Spending time familiarizing yourself with a test’s format and
   decision is irrevocable. Write promptly to each college you have      reviewing material to be covered will reduce some of these
   decided not to attend thanking them for the opportunity they’ve       uneasy feelings. Begin preparing for college admissions
   presented, and explaining that you’ve accepted another offer of       tests (SAT or ACT) 8 to 10 weeks before each exam. Review
   admission. You just may wish to reconsider that institution when      material thoroughly either by taking an organized test prep class
   you begin your search for the “right” graduate school.                or by preparing on your own in a structured and disciplined

Pipeline Page 8
manner. Online test prep material is available at www.       Coming Soon to AVHS!, or www. Highly organized students may find using test
prep books helpful. Take as many practice tests as you
can using the actual exams released by College Board
for the SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests, or by ACT for
their exam. Being well-prepared will help you to feel in     A ColleGe PlANNiNG ReSouRCe FoR STuDeNTS AND
control and this reduces anxiety.                            PAReNTS
    Knowing what to expect on test day also helps. Make          Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools has selected Naviance
a practice run to the test site if you haven’t been there    Family Connection to assist district students in managing the college
before. Set out all the materials you’ll need the night      application process. This is a comprehensive website that students and
before – registration form, photo id, calculator, pens and   parents can use as a tool in planning for college. College search, career
pencils, watch and snacks. Relax the night before the        exploration, acceptance history, scholarship databases, personality
exam and be sure to get a good night’s sleep. Arise early    assessments, links to SAT, ACT and NCAA are just a few of the resources
enough to eat a well-balanced breakfast. You might also      available on this site.
want to avoid caffeine, which has been shown to increase         In a few weeks, AVHS Counselors will launch Naviance Family
anxiety. Lessen your anxiety levels by avoiding others       Connection to the entire class of 2010. The graduating classes of 2011 –
who are nervous. Employ anxiety-reducing techniques          2013 will have launch dates set throughout next year. More information
such as taking several deep, calming breaths or by           is to come
visualizing yourself doing well.
    Each section of these exams is generally arranged
with the easiest questions at the beginning. Begin with
these, thinking of your own answer before looking at the     Senior portrait information for
                                                             yearbook being sent to juniors
choices provided. If necessary, eliminate the answers that
you can and make an educated guess from among the
remaining choices. (Guess on SAT questions if you can
eliminate at least one of the choices; on the ACT answer         Letters regarding senior portraits will be sent to the homes of all
all questions you can.) Clearly mark on the test booklet     current juniors in late April. While it might seem early to consider such
those questions to which you’ll return if time permits.      things, the timing is perfect for current juniors and their parents to select
    For essay questions, organize your thoughts in a brief   a portrait photographer and to schedule an appointment. Meg Robles,
outline. Start with a short summary or topic sentence that   yearbook advisor, wants all members of the class of 2010 to make sure
clearly states your position, and then make your points,     to allow enough time for the final portrait to be ready to submit to the
using examples to back up your position. If you begin        yearbook by September 28, 2009.
to feel nervous, close your eyes, take three deep breaths,       Additionally, a return postcard will be enclosed with the letter that will
and then return to complete the exam.                        allow each student to indicate how he/she wants his/her name to appear in
    Eat during testing breaks to keep your energy level      the yearbook. The postcard will also ask students to indicate whether they
up, but try a protein bar rather than candy which may        will submit a portrait photo or if a yearbook staff photographer will need
increase anxiety. Fruit and vegetables are good choices      to take one. For those who contract with a photo studio, that information
for break time. Remember, a bit of anxiety will help you     will need to be on the card when it is returned. The postcard must be
to maintain the energy needed to do your best. While         in the hands of the yearbook staff by the first day of school in the fall,
these suggestions are geared toward tests such as the        September 8, 2009.
SAT and ACT, the strategies described can also be used           If, for some reason, any junior does not receive the senior portrait
for classroom tests and the graduation tests.                letter along with the return postcard, he/she should contact Meg Robles.

Helpful on-line reference numbers
  • University of Wisconsin System: www.wisconsin.
    edu/campuses/index.htm                                   Desens inducted into noted
  • University of Minnesota system:
    twincities/index.php                                     music fraternity
  • Minnesota private school system: www.                        AVHS instrumental music teacher Corey Desens was inducted into                                   the prestigious Phi Beta Mu music fraternity at the Minnesota Music
  • Minnesota state university system:        Educator’s Association Spring Convention on Monday, February 9th.
    Student/StudentInfo.html                                 Mr. Desens was one of only two new pledges from the state to join the
  • Financial aid:                         international group.
                                                                 Known as the “International Bandmasters’ Fraternity,” Phi Beta Mu
  • College/career information system: http://mncis.
                                                             is the only such fraternity in the world. It works to promote fellowship
                                                             among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the
         password: avhs username: careers
                                                             development of better musicians in schools throughout the world, to
  • Career Exploration:                        foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and to encourage
  • Financial aid/scholarship search:         widespread interest in band performance.”

                                                                                                                      Pipeline Page 9
                           Eagle Athletic Update
                                            by Pete Buesgens, Athletic Director
   Stretching from the girls’ hockey tryouts in late October to the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Boys’ Basketball
Tournament on March 25th, the winter sports season has come to a close. In the proud tradition of Apple Valley High School, our
student-athletes had a tremendously successful season. Their memories and the friendships created during practice sessions, bus rides
and team functions are sure to be recalled just as easily as the scores of each game, match or meet. To our seniors, we thank you for your
contributions to your sport, your school and your community.

spring sports                                  Individual honors                              More honors
seasons                                        – coaches                                         The following list of honored Eagle
                                                                                              athletes is current as of March 28th:
underway                                          • AVHS Swimming Coach Mike
                                               McManus was inducted into the Minnesota        All Conference
   As I write this update, spring sport        Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame. Mike               Wrestling: Dakota Trom, Justin LaValle,
practices are underway. Barring any late       has been a swimming coach at AVHS since        Joe Fessler, Tyler Lehmann, Matt Hechsel
snowstorms, you can look for the Brown         1978.                                             Boys’ Basketball: David Bauer
and Gold to take to the outdoors starting         • AVHS Wrestling Coach Bill Demaray
in April, with games, matches and meets.       was selected for induction into the MSHSL         Girls’ Basketball: Shannon Thompson,
Please check our school calendar and stop      Hall of Fame for his contributions to the      Erica Gress
by to check out your favorite team. The        sport. Bill was the first wrestling coach at      Dance Team: Kathryn Davies, Jana
athletes really appreciate your support.       AVHS in 1976 and led the Eagles to six         Horstman
                                               state championships.                              Boys’ Hockey: Colton Warner, Aaron
Winter teams post                                                                             Gretz

season success                    Individual honors                                              Girls’ Hockey: Sami Broberg

                                  – athletes
                                                                                                 Gymnastics: Kelsie Long, Taylor
 Apple Valley winter sports teams                                                             Hoeppner, Sara Taormina
continued the Eagle tradition of performing        • AVHS senior Lisa Ruff was selected as       Boys’ Swimming: Nathan France
well at MSHSL state tournaments. The           the 2009 Athena Award winner. Lisa excels         Nordic Ski: Andy Dodds
following teams qualified to compete at the    at volleyball and golf.                           Competition Cheerleading: Kendall
highest level this winter:                         • AVHS seniors Rachel Bratek and           Broders, Kaila Hanson
    • The wrestling team earned their          Mac Marti were selected as the AAA
state record 27th consecutive section          (Academics, Arts, Athletics) Award winners     All Metro/Section/State
championship. The Eagles captured              for the 2008-2009 school year.                    Wrestling: Justin LaValle, St. Paul
their 17th MSHSL State Championship.               • Eagle wrestlers claimed nine medals      Pioneer Press Wrestler of the Year
Apple Valley ended the season as the #1        in the individual portion of the state meet.
ranked high school team in the country         State championships were won by Dakota            Gymnastics: Taylor Hoeppner – Beam
by and #3 by Amateur           Trom, Matt Kelliher, Brandon Kingsley,            Gymnastics: Sara Taormina–Vault
Wrestling News.                                Justin LaValle and Tyler Lehmann. State           Gymnastics: Kelsie Long – Floor
    • The boys’ basketball team won the        second place medals were awarded to
Section 3AAAA championship, defeating                                                            Girls’ Basketball: Erica Gress – All-
                                               Destin McCauley, Joe Fessler and Craig
Eastview in the finals. In the state                                                          State Honorable Mention
                                               Kelliher. Jarret Hoeppner won third place
tournament, they fell to eventual runner-up    honors.
Osseo.                                                                                        Section All-Academic Team

                                               Apple Valley
    • The adaptive floor hockey team (CI                                                        Jordan Kingsley– Wrestling
Division) won the state championship. The                                                       Matt Kelliher – Wrestling
adaptive floor hockey team (PI Division)
was state runner-ups.                          sportsline                                       Brandon Kingsley – Wrestling
                                                                                                Justin LaValle – Wrestling
    • The District 196 Figure Skating             A reminder to Eagle sports fans that the
Synchronized Skating Team earned first         Apple Valley Sportsline (952-431-8221)           Destin McCauley– Wrestling
place honors at their Duluth competition.      has each day’s games, times and locations.       Jarret Hoeppner – Wrestling
    • The AVaires Dance Team finished 3rd      With Minnesota’s unpredictable weather,          Craig Kelliher – Wrestling
in the section competition and qualified for   we suggest checking after 1:00 p.m. the day
                                               of the event.                                    Luke Schmidt – Wrestling
the state tournament.
    • The boys’ hockey team finished
as section runner-ups, falling to Cretin
Derham Hall in an epic overtime struggle.

Pipeline Page 10
Lake Conference Website                                                  AVHS celebrates National
                                                                         Girls and Women in Sports
   Athletes, parents and fans will find the Lake Conference
Website at a valuable source for

                                                                         Day with signature event
schedules of all ten Lake Conference schools. In addition, there are
also maps to the competitive venues used by each Lake Conference
                                                                             AVHS health education teacher and head softball coach
                                                                         Carla Christiansen organized a community event to celebrate
MshsL.ORG                                                                National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Held in AVHS on
                                                                         February 3rd, the event was designed to bring attention to the
   For those of you wanting complete Minnesota State High
                                                                         many opportunities that girls have to participate in sports, and the
School League state tournament results, visit If
                                                                         lifelong benefits that come through such participation.
you missed the excitement of the winter sports state tournaments,
                                                                             The event drew hundreds of participants who took advantage
check out where you can
                                                                         of the chance to hear from FOX 9 sports personality Dawn
find state tournament photos.
                                                                         Mitchell and to meet 1998 AVHS graduate and USA Olympian
                                                                         Shani Marks. The event was also scheduled to coincide with a
                                                                         gymnastics meet and girls basketball game. The message of the
                                                                         event was clear – the benefits of sports to girls are numerous and
                                                                             Christiansen noted the opportunities that the school provides
                                                                         for female athletes. She also hoped to showcase current athletes as
                                                                         role models.
                                                                             Marks provided the highlight of the event for many. Although
                                                                         her training and competitions have required her to spend
                                                                         considerable time away from Minnesota, she always makes an
                                                                         effort to help out in the community that gave her her start and has
                                                                         been so supportive over the years.
                                                                             Christiansen’s hope was that the event would highlight the
                                                                         strong tradition of girls’ athletics at AVHS, and to encourage
                                                                         today’s young girls to be active and participate. If the excitement
                                                                         exhibited by the young girls running through the halls on May 3rd
                                                                         provides an accurate measure, the event was a wonderful success.

                                                                         Staff members reach milestones
                                                                         in service to School District 196
The Apple Valley Wrestling Team met with Governor Tim Pawlenty
on April 9th. They were being honored as the 2009 MSHSL
State Class AAA Wrestling Champions. The team also presented
                                                                             Several AVHS staff members have reached milestones in their
Governor Pawlenty with the “Governors Cup”, given each year to
                                                                         careers with Independent School District 196 this year. Each
the champions of The Clash National Duals. The Eagles won that
                                                                         will be recognized for his/her years of service at the end of year
title this year.
                                                                         faculty meeting in June.
                                                                             Completing fifteen years with the district are Shelley Potter,
                                                                         Meg Robles and Byron Tracy.
                                                                             Aging particularly well (still looking youthful and feeling

Twelve students opt for                                                  great) are the twenty year veterans – Gail Kramer, Jackie Preble,
                                                                         Donna Lovstad, Pam Wycoff and Bob Helgeson.

early graduation
                                                                             Clocking in at twenty-five years and still going strong are
                                                                         Dominique Braud, Mark Westad, Donna Lock, Jan Moynihan,
                                                                         Keith Randa, Neil Michels, Pat Iverson and Jean Wikoff.
   Eschewing the traditional June ceremony, twelve AVHS seniors              Trying to convince the world that experience and wisdom
opted to graduate early during the 2008-2009 school year. Early          make up for that lost step in driving to the academic hoop are the
graduation is an option that students have contingent on successful      thirty year veterans Sue Rief-Gregory, Brian Peterson, Kathie
completion of sufficient credit hours prior to the spring trimester      Michels and Jim Geske.
of their senior year. Students generally elect to leave early to get a       Paul Trewick, still around after all these years, defies logic by
head start on post-secondary education or work.                          looking thirty years old after thirty-five years in the district. How
   Paul Brichta, Kelley McDonald and Ashley Estis graduated              he does it after spending thousands of hours helping students with
following fall trimester. Graduating following winter trimester          their behind-the-wheel driving instruction has left doctors at the
were Alisha Kindvall, Nicholas Wallberg, Joel Clausen, Cherish           Mayo mystified.
Rudolph, Kaycee Garske, Brian Pederson, Samantha Mergen,                     In a category all his own is Larry Dombrock with thirty nine
Kelly McDonough and Jeremy Hampton.                                      years of service to the district.
   Congratulations to these graduates, and best wishes to them as            Congratulations to these dedicated educators, who blend
they begin their various educational and career pursuits.                wisdom with energy and creative insight to make their corners of
                                                                         AVHS welcoming and wonderful places to learn. The students are
                                                                         richer for their efforts.
                                                                                                                        Pipeline Page 11
                               TeACHeR ReCoGNiTioN AWARD
                                2008-2009 NoMiNATioN FoRM
                                APPle VAlleY HiGH SCHool
                                                         Past Recipients:
                           2005-Kerrie Schilling, 2006-Scott Voss, 2007-Rollie Greeno, 2008-Kristin Peterson

Please print or type:

Nominee: ________________________________________________________________________

Position: ________________________________________________________________________

  The above named nominee should be selected for the “Teacher Recognition Award” because of the impact he/she has on the school
community. This person:
                * demonstrates effectiveness in the classroom
                * shows concern for students and student individuality
                * contributes overall to the school community
                * is respected by students and staff, and
                * is a teacher to whom we would be proud to present the award.

   Please be specific in your examples of what this teacher has done to gain your respect and attention. Please write documenta-
tion on this form or attach an additional sheet. The selected teacher will be recognized at graduation, the final teacher workshop
and will receive a monetary award. Staff members who have received the award in the past are eligible to be nominated and
receive the award again.









Name of nominator: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________

The nominator is a(n):    employee         student          parent            community member

  (Names of nominators will be kept confidential within the Site Council Teacher Recognition Committee.) Please return by Friday,
May 1, 2009. Forward to AVHS Site Council, 14450 Hayes Rd., Apple Valley, MN 55124

Pipeline Page 12
Site Council accepting
nominations for                                   The Reading Corner
Teacher Recognition                                                                                  by Scott Voss, Reading Coordinator

    Nominations for the 2008-2009 Teacher          Attention economy
Recognition Award are currently being                  People in the literacy world have been watching an interesting shift over the last
sought by the AVHS Site Council and the            10 to 15 years. The shift is from how students interact and read traditional print text
Apple Valley Rotary Club. Any member               and how they interact and read digital texts. Lo-and-behold, they are finding that it is
of the AVHS permanent, certified staff             a slightly different process. For example, they are finding that it requires a different
(excluding administrators) who is employed         set of processing and comprehension skills. For starters, the digital reading process
as a full or part-time employee at the time of     is much less linear. Whereas on the printed page, a reader will move from top to
his/her nomination can be nominated.               bottom, left to right, on the screen, researchers notice, the eye tracking patterns are
    Any employee, student, parent of a             less likely to follow a systematic “flow.” They notice that the eye goes to aspects of
student or member of the community may             the screen that grab attention. From there, the reader examines the text (print and
nominate one candidate each year. (School          visual), and most likely clicks to move off the page, spending maybe a few moments
administrative staff is not allowed to             per page.
participate.)                                          Literacy folks have termed this phenomenon the new attention economy. Since
    Nominees should be staff members who           the middle ages, power has resided with those who had access to information. So,
have demonstrated exceptional performance          for example, those who had access to adequate education (which is a means of
of their professional duties and exemplified       acquiring information) could make the most informed decisions and thus many of
a positive attitude and a willingness to serve     them were likely to gain power. With the information revolution and the prevalence
the school community. Nominators should            of computers / internet in our lives, access to information has become the standard.
express as many concrete examples of               Of course, some might argue about the quality of that information, but still the means
these as may be known in support of their          to gaining good information is available to anyone with an internet connection.
nominees.                                              By the laws of economy, information is no longer scarce, thus it doesn’t have the
    Nominations should be submitted on             same value as it did 20 or 30 years ago. In the past, to get information you either paid
the form provided and placed in a sealed           a high price for an education, or you needed access to print text—a library, a book
envelope marked “Teacher Recognition               store, an archive, etc. Now, however, information—or perhaps more accurately—
Program Nomination.” Nominations may               data is everywhere via the internet. It is no longer finite. It is virtually unlimited.
be mailed to or left at the AVHS Main Office       However, our attention is finite (in other words, we can only focus on so much at one
or submitted to any AVHS Site Council              time); therefore, it has become the hot commodity. And the leaders - businesses and
representative. Submissions must be made           entertainments that can capture and hold our attention for any period of time - will
no later than Friday, May 1st.                     ultimately have power. Additionally, those who have the ability or power to focus
    Teacher Recognition Awardees will be           or concentrate by their own volition versus being manipulated by others will have
selected by the AVHS Site Council and the          power.
Apple Valley Rotary Club, who will present             So what does all of this mean to parents, teachers and schools? First, we need to
the award prior to the end of the 2008-2009        be aware of this shift. To be a thoughtful consumer, citizen or student means that we
school year.                                       must challenge the practices around us. And while the world might seem glued to a
                                                   cell phone, laptop or gaming console, it is our responsibility to show our children how
                                                   these devices (and the people who create them) manipulate the medium to get and
World Language students                            sustain attention.

excel on national German
examination                                      Danceworks 2009: Kaleidoscope to
                                                 feature AVHS dance talent
   This winter over 26,000 high school
students from across the country
participated in the American Association
of Teachers of German (AATG) National               Mid-May will see the AVHS Theatre come alive with the dance talent of more than 150
German Examination. Five AVHS students           students, staff and guest choreographers. Danceworks 2009: Kaleidoscope, simultaneously
scored above 90% on this challenging             a celebration and a showcase, will unify the efforts of the school’s dance department to
examination which places them among              celebrate identity, honor dance and express adolescent empowerment. Choreography and
select company. Level 2 students who             movement will be used as a reflection of individuality, and as a way to address social and
scored above 90% were Connor George              political changes of the 21st century. Danceworks 2009: Kaleidoscope is sure to inspire
and Jacob Thoennes. Vincent Digatono and         audiences of all ages and backgrounds with its diversity of dance styles and dynamic
Melanie Nelson accomplished the feat at          energy.
Level 3. Max Mayrhofer achieved a perfect           Performances of Danceworks 2009: Kaleidoscope are scheduled for Thursday, Friday
score of 100/100 at Level 4.                     and Saturday, May 14th, 15th and 16th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will cost $9.00 and $5.00 for
   Other AVHS students who took the              senior citizens and students.
AATG and are to be commended for doing
well are Amber Thoennes, Jordan Jenkins,
Vanida Thavisone, Jerod Kaszynski, Scott
Splett and Peter Loftus.                                                                                               Pipeline Page 13
                   DiSTiNGuiSHeD CoMMuNiTY
                       VoluNTeeR AWARD
Name of Person/Business Nominated______________________________________________________________

Please provide as much information as possible in each of the following categories:

1. Commitment to an ongoing program at AVHS.

2. Commitment to a special, one time program or project at AVHS.

3. Commitment to developing or honoring student or staff scholarship, leadership or excellence.

4. Other information that supports this nomination that is not included above.

Return completed nomination form by Monday, May 4th, to:

  Community Volunteer Award; Apple Valley High School; 14450 Hayes Road; Apple Valley, MN 55124

Name of Individual Completing Form ___________________________________ Date ____________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone ___________________________ Title or Relationship to Nominee ____________________________

Pipeline Page 14
Site Council solicits                                                              Faculty Fame
nominations for                                                                        Debbie Hadas, ELL teacher, delivered a

Distinguished Community
                                                                                   presentation entitled “Transition to Academic
                                                                                   Writing Made Easy and Fun” at the

Volunteer Award
                                                                                   international Teachers of English to Speakers
                                                                                   of Other Languages (TESOL) Convention
                                                                                   that was held in Denver, Colorado March
                                                                                   26th-28th. This was the 43rd annual TESOL
    The AVHS Site Council is                 2. Nominations must be submitted      convention. The theme for the event was
eager to recognize individuals and/       by either letter or nomination           “Uncharted Mountains, Forging New
or businesses that have made a            form and must include supporting         Pathways.” Hadas had previously delivered
significant contribution to students      documentation.                           her presentation to state TESOL conventions
or programs at AVHS. These                   3. Publicity requesting nominations   in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
contributions may be evidenced            will be placed in the school bulletin,       Mike McManus, PE and health instructor
as time, money and/or expertise.          local newspapers and Pipeline.           and boys’ swim coach, was inducted into
As a learning community, AVHS                4. Nominations are due the first      the Minnesota Swim Coaches Hall of Fame
is fortunate to be surrounded by          Monday in May.                           at the group’s annual All-State Swimming
individuals and businesses committed                                               and Diving Banquet. The event was held
to the education of young people.            Selection:                            on April 3rd, and was attended by coaches
Over the years this commitment               1. Selection of the recipient(s) of   and swimmers from across the state as well
has had a considerable positive           the award will be made by the Site       as many of Coach McManus’s family,
effect on AVHS. The Distinguished         Council at the May meeting.              friends, former swimmers and colleagues. A
Community Volunteer Award                    2. There is no limit to the number    plaque in Coach McManus’s honor will be
represents the Site Council’s desire to   of awards that may be presented each     included with the Hall of Fame display at the
recognize outstanding contributors.       year nor does there have to be an        University of Minnesota natatorium.
In an effort to make sure that all        award each year.                             Bill Demaray, PE teacher and wrestling
worthy individuals and/or businesses         3. The award will be presented at     coach, was recently named to the Minnesota
receive due recognition, the Site         a public function to be determined.      State High School League Hall of Fame.
Council is asking AVHS community          Examples are Senior Awards,              The induction ceremony is scheduled to take
members to submit nominations.            graduation, etc.                         place later this spring. Demaray’s induction
    Information regarding eligibility                                              serves to recognize decades of dedication to
as well as the nomination and             Previous recipients of the award         the sport of wrestling. After a distinguished
selection processes are listed below.     include the following individuals        career as a competitive wrestler, Demaray
Questions regarding the Distinguished     and businesses:                          took the reins of the AVHS team as head
Community Volunteer Award should          1996-97     Mark and Sandy Bauler        coach in 1976 when the school opened.
be directed to Steve Degenaar at 952-                 (Valley Images)              Demaray oversaw six state team titles as
431-8201.                                             Mary Jane Hackett            head coach, and has remained integral to the
                                                      Laurie Johnson               program to this day.
Distinguished Community Volun-            1997-98     Nikka Davies                     Gordy Hagert, media specialist, recently
teer Award eligibility:                   1998-99     Sue Reichert                 served on the MEIR Task Force, a team
   Any business or individual who                     Kay Elliot                   of 35 library professionals representing
has significantly contributed to AVHS     1999-00     Diane Morrison               K-12, higher education, and public libraries
students or programs.                                 Kirk Hyatt                   from Minnesota, North Dakota, and South
                                                      Apple Valley American        Dakota. The MEIR Task Force reviewed and
   Criteria:                                          Legion Post 1776             evaluated vendors and online products for
   A significant contribution may be                  The Great Frame Up           inclusion in the statewide electronic library
defined as any or all of the following:               Turck                        collections.
   1. Commitment to an ongoing            2000-01     Tom Butler                       Scott Voss, Apple Valley’s reading
program at AVHS.                          2002-03     Ted Cochran                  specialist, was recently awarded a Bush
   2. Commitment to a special, one-       2003-04     Darrell Stahlecker           Fellowship in Leadership. The fellowship,
time program or project at AVHS.          2004-05     Rita Wing                    which is designed to give mid-professionals
   3. Commitment to developing                        Jim Friend                   the chance to return to school with the goal
or honoring student scholarship,          2005-06     Barb Van Wie                 of becoming a leader in their fields, will
leadership or excellence.                 2006-07     Debra McNulty                enable Scott to complete his doctoral degree
   4. Commitment to developing or         2007-08     Mary Hautman                 at the University of Minnesota. His degree
honoring staff scholarship, leadership                Kathryn Thompson             will be in reading research with an emphasis
or excellence.                                                                     on how to better engage adolescent students
                                              Nominations should be returned       in the reading process.
   Nomination:                            to the AVHS Main Office on the form
   1. Nominations may be made             provided by Monday, May 4th.
by staff, students, parents and/or
community members.

                                                                                                              Pipeline Page 15
DeCA makes mark at state and sends several to nationals
    Mark Westad and the members of AVHS DECA returned                   all-important direct relationship between curriculum and the real
from the recent state competition with numerous medals in               needs of business and industry.
their possession. Competing with teams from across the state                Historically one of the largest and most active groups in
at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency March 8th – 10th, the AVHS             Minnesota, AVHS DECA sent 40 participants to the State Career
competitors showed that they know their business and marketing.         Development Conference (SCDC), the state level competition, in
Had this been The Apprentice, Donald Trump would have said to           a variety of events. Ten of the forty won state championships with
the All-Business Eagles, “You’re hired.”                                many others placing high in their event categories. State winners
    Nationally, DECA is a co-curricular, student-centered               were Sean Baddeley, Zach Johnson, David Rosenthal, Logan
educational organization. For almost 60 years, DECA’s mission           Moorse, Ali Larson, Katie Shutt, Monica Keo, Michelle Truesdell,
has been to enhance the education of students with interests in         Aly Rockwell and Molly Sands.
marketing, management and entrepreneurship.Working hand-                    Over 1,300 students in all participated at SCDC in events that
in-hand with the education and business communities, DECA’s             feature both knowledge and practical skills in different facets of
goal is for its student members to develop a “Career Success Kit”       the business world.
to carry into their business and personal lives after graduation,           The ten AVHS state champions are now slated to continue their
one that includes: career competencies, job skills, leadership          competition at the International Career Development Conference
abilities, an understanding and appreciation of community service       scheduled for April 29th – May 2nd in Anaheim, California.
and ethical values. To accomplish this, DECA uses on-the-job                Thousands of students are expected to converge on Anaheim for
experience, chapter projects and a competency-based competitive         the international competition. Best of luck to the AVHS group as
events program in more than 35 specific areas. DECA emphasizes          they head west looking for gold.
academic and career excellence and helps to demonstrate the

Math Team shows strength in numbers
   Math team head coach Dan Peterson and his mighty math                   Comprised of around 50 members, the enthusiastic AVHS team
minions completed the major portion of their season with a 25th         was clearly the largest team in the division. Most teams ranged
place ranking in state, missing out on the state meet by a slim eight   from 10-25 members. Interest in math runs high in AVHS.
point margin. Beginning slowly, but building confidence steadily,          Stalwart members of the team will compete in one final event
the team progressed from an early season 45th place ranking             this spring, a tournament scheduled for Mankato on April 21st.
to crack the top 25 out of 170 teams from across Minnesota.             Following that meet, seniors will turn their attention to graduation
Unfortunately, the team competed in one of the most hotly               and college while underclassmen will begin preparations for team
contested divisions in the state, and when vying for a spot in the      competitions next year. At AVHS, there is strength in numbers.
state meet lost out by eight points while accumulating a total of          The AVHS Math Team was supported in its efforts this year by
over 300 points. The top three teams from the division went on to       assistant coaches Brian Peterson and Kelly Tommerdahl.
place in the top seven in state.

                                                                           Red Cross
                                                                           Bloodmobile to pay
                                                                           spring visit to AVHS
                                                                              The AVHS Student Council is sponsoring a spring visit
                                                                           by the Red Cross Bloodmobile on Thursday, May 7th. The
                                                                           Bloodmobile will accept donations in Gym D between 7:00
  Members of the AVHS Mock Trial Team are pictured in a                    a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  courtroom at the Hennepin County Government Center. The                     Any person 17 years old or older in good health and
  A-Team ended their competitive season with a 10-5 record,                weighing more than 110 pounds is invited to donate. The
  defeating Park Center, Orono, Meadow Creek and Spring                    need is great, and Apple Valley has always “stepped to the
  Lake Park before bowing out in region finals to eventual state           plate.” Cookies and juice will be available for donors, as
  runner-up Breck.                                                         well as other food generously provided by local businesses.
  The team, also, had strong showings at both the Owatonna                    Blood donations save lives. Donations serve community
  and Minneapple Tournaments during the season.                            needs, in many cases helping neighbors and friends.
                                                                              Questions about the visit of the Bloodmobile should be
  Coach Paul Kramer would like to thank the attorney coaches               directed to Travis Laurent via e-mail.
  for the team: Mark Lund, Chris Haugen and Eric Strauss.

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  Sweeney Todd set to                                                  AVHS Chess Team
  bring creative edge to                                               places sixth at state
                                                                           The Apple Valley High School Chess Team completed
                                                                       a successful season with a 6th place team finish at the state
                                                                       tournament which was held March 28th and 29th at Robbinsdale
     Director Shelley Potter was looking to bring a unique             Cooper High School. Leading the way for the AVHS paladins was
  edge to the annual spring musical this year, and Stephen             team captain Max Mayrhofer who tied for individual second place
  Sondheim’s musical thriller seemed like just the thing. So,          honors with only one loss on his record. Next year’s captain, Ryan
  over five performances in late April and early May, the AVHS         Matter, and sophomores Kirby Hermansen and Jason Kelley also
  stage will redound with the wickedly glorious story and music        contributed significantly to the Eagles’ fine showing.
  of one of the most unique productions of modern musical                  As a sidebar, Max played a simulation match against
  theatre.                                                             International Grand Master Victor Adler and won a fine chess set
     Sweeney Todd tells the story of a protagonist recently            for the draw he was able to achieve.
  returned to England from Australia where he had spent fifteen            Chess Team Advisor Eric Hendrickson, Bobby Fischer’s second
  years in prison on false charges. Set in the gloomiest Victorian     cousin (if rumors are true), wants it known that all interested
  England, Mr. Todd fashions a prosperous business arrangement         students -regardless of skill or experience- are welcome to join the
  with the appropriately named Mrs. Lovett, an enterprising            team. Coach Henrickson also encourages interested chess players
  pie shop owner. In seeking revenge upon those who sent him           to look for announcements about an upcoming faculty/student
  into unwarranted imprisonment, Todd, a barber, treats his            “Chessdown” tournament in May.
  customers most uncivilly. They are then entered into their own
  post-mortem arrangement with Mrs. Lovett as filling for her
  meat pies, and all of London begins clamoring for her tasty
  delicacies. Although filled with dark, scary humor, Sweeney
  Todd boasts some of Sondheim’s most beautiful songs.
     Historically, Sweeney Todd has its roots in what the French
  termed the “Grand Guignal” or horror theatre. This particular
  story of “the Demon Barber of Fleet Street” can also be traced
  back to its early days in England as a “penny dreadful,” a
  tale of horror to which even the poor could subscribe. The
  story does not glorify revenge, but in a sense does serve
  as a metaphor for the economic processes by which the
  wealthy sometimes consume their less affluent, less fortunate
     While the AVHS production will be far removed from Tim
  Burton’s latest film version, Sweeney Todd is rated PG and is
  not suggested for younger children.
     Performances of Sweeney Todd are scheduled for Thursday,
  Friday and Saturday, April 30th, May 1st and 2nd, at 7:30 p.m.       Members of the AVHS Chess Team paused from competition long
  and Sunday, May 3rd, at 2:00 p.m. Tickets will cost $9.00            enough to have their picture taken as a group. Pictured here are
  for adults, $7.00 for senior citizens and $5.00 for students.        (front row, l to r) Kirby Hermansen, Tyler Metzger, Jesse Carlson
  The AVHS Box Office will be open for ticket sales April 27th         and Ryan Matter; (back row, l to r) Jason Kelly, Jacob Thoennes,
  through May 1st from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and one hour            Laura Grace, Kelley McDonald, Lucas Palokangas and Max
  before each performance.                                             Mayrhofer.

AVHS Speech Team crowned Section 3AA Champions
   In an exciting, late night section final, the Apple Valley Speech   p.m. Though it was a long and exhausting event, Apple Valley
Team was crowned the Section 3AA champions on March 31st               students rose to the occasion. Apple Valley’s individual champions
at South St. Paul High School. Secion 3AA is one of the most           included six seniors: Emily Peterson in Storytelling, John
competitive sections in the state (three of the schools have           Hofmeister in Drama, Tatiana Burton in Poetry, Lindsay Swiggum
been ranked among the best in the country). Despite the stiff          in Oratory, Sarah Brickner in Great Speeches, Chris Theis in
competition, Apple Valley won 7 of the 13 events and qualified         Extemporaneous Speaking and Michelle Keohane in Informative.
a total of 13 students to the state tournament that will be held at       Other state qualifiers include seniors Kate Brown in
Gustavus Adolphus College on Friday, April 17th.                       Extemporaneous Reading and Szuyin Leow in Oratory; juniors
   To accommodate the spring break schedules of various schools,       Abby Gotter in Oratory, Mia Owen in Informative and Ashley
the section tournament was held on the late afternoon of March         Tanberg in Prose; and sophomore Khadijah Said in Discussion.
31st, which meant that final rounds did not get underway until 8:00

                                                                                                                      Pipeline Page 17
AVHS Speech and Debate                                                  siTe CounCil
headed to Nationals                                                     MinuTes
   In June, the Apple Valley Speech and Debate Team will be            Wednesday, February 25, 2009
sending nine students to the National Forensic League National
Tournament that will be held in Birmingham, Alabama. The                  • Heard reports about winter sports teams, including news
tournament is limited to students who have qualified in one of three        about section and state successes.
district-level tournaments. This year, Apple Valley won all three         • Heard reports about DECA and National Honor Society.
available slots in Lincoln–Douglas Debate and will send seniors
Michelle Keohane, Chris Theis and Kevin Granlund. Juniors Mia             • Heard reports about the Speech/Debate Minneapple
Owen and Abbie Gotter will represent AVHS in Public Forum                   Tournament, as well as performances by Speech/Debate
Debate. At the Student Congress District Qualifier, senior Emily            participants for a Rotary Club meeting.
Peterson won her way to nationals in the Senate. At the Speech            • Heard reports about Broadway performances and a
District Qualifier, seniors John Hofmeister, Szuyin Leow and                meeting for PSEO and gifted and talented students.
Tatiana Burton won all three available slots in Original Oratory.
   John Hofmeister and Chris Theis were double champions and              • Heard reports about Apple Valley Alliance and questions
qualified in two events, but by rule must select only one event             regarding the school start date for 2009-2010.
to perform at Nationals. John was the Champion in Dramatic
                                                                          • Received an update regarding registration for 2009-
Interpretation and Chris Theis was the Champion in U.S.
                                                                            2010 classes, including review of registration forms and
Extemporaneous Speaking. First alternates to nationals include
                                                                            discussion of dropped classes.
senior Lindsay Swiggum in Original Oratory and sophomore
Bryan Porter in Humorous Interpretation.                                  • Received a report regarding district level “Extended
   Many of these students have already had success at the NFL               Cabinet” meetings in which such topics as budget cuts
National Tournament in previous showings. Last year in Las                  and Q-Comp have been examined.
Vegas, John Hofmeister placed 4th in the nation in Dramatic
Interpretation, Szuyin Leow reached quarterfinals in Original             • Received a report regarding the district audit process
Oratory (top 30 in the nation) and Kevin Granlund reached                   and, specifically, audit information pertaining to AVHS.
elimination rounds in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. The year before             • Received March Student Services Calendars.
that Michelle Keohane placed 6th in the nation in Lincoln-Douglas
Debate as a sophomore. One special note is the fact that this year        • Received a report regarding the posting of the
Chris Theis becomes the second Apple Valley competitor to be                superintendent’s position, as well as the proposed
a four-time qualifier to the national tournament. The team will             timeline for hiring a new district superintendent.
compete at Nationals June 13-20th.

Video Club set to air AVHS
events on District Cable                                               AVHS senior wins
   Cameras are rolling at AVHS. The “We Are Apple Valley”              language study scholarship
(WAAV) Video Club is in full production mode this spring
recording events for broadcast on District 196 Cable Television.
Over the next few weeks the group will be broadcasting
Eloquence, Danceworks, EaglEye and a program about the AVHS               Senior Max Mayrhofer learned in February that he had
Students of the Year. Currently in post-production is Broadway         been selected as a winner of the Minnesota Chapter of the
2009: A Dream Within a Dream.                                          German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) annual
   Along with new Athletic Director Pete Buesgens, District Cable      scholarship award. Max’s prize of $1,000.00 was the largest
Coordinator Cliff Dodge and the WAAV crew are in pre-production        of five awards given out this year in the state of Minnesota.
of a new Eagle sports program. This new production, currently          Selection of winners was based upon essays submitted in
without a working title, will highlight each week’s athletic events,   German by participating students.
include features on academic athletes, provide a nostalgic look into      Max was honored at a dinner and reception sponsored by
athletic programs and investigate “where are they now” on alumni       the GACC on Friday, February 20th at the German-American
- and much more.                                                       Institute on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Nina Roelofs,
   The student productions in Apple Valley and Rosemount will air      Executive Director of the Minnesota Chapter of GACC and
on Charter channel 10. District 196 cable television programming       Assistant to the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic
can now be seen on Comcast channel 19 throughout the cities of         of Germany described Max’s essay as a “very impressive”
Eagan and Burnsville as well as in some Lakeville homes. Every         demonstration of his language skills.
episode of EaglEye can be viewed on-line at
com/applevalleyeagles. Anyone with questions, comments or
suggestions about programming they would like to see should
contact District Cable Coordinator Cliff Dodge at

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                                                      Senior Party planning well
offer effective
parent teacher
                                                         Parents of the Class of 2009 are planning an all night, chemical free party
                                                      at AVHS for the night of graduation, 10:00 p.m. Friday, June 12th – 5:30 a.m.
                                                      Saturday, June 13th. The party will be a lock in event and students attending
    With the school year winding to a close, it       will not be allowed to leave the building during party hours. This promises to
might seem the appropriate time for parents to        be an exciting event for the students. All parents of seniors are encouraged to
let loose a little bit, and not focus so intently     volunteer to help. Interested parents should call Tracy Garrison at 952-683-
on their children’s coursework and grades.            9165 or email to Helping out will be a great way for
Nothing could be further from the truth.              parents to be part of this memorable night.
Children are always aware if parents are tuned           Donations in the form of prizes, cash, gift certificates, services or materials
in to their school work or not. Spring is no          are needed as well to make the party a success. Karmen Mattsen is the prize/
exception. Attending conferences is a great           donation chair and can be reached at 952-953-3998 or pkmattsen@charter.
way for parents to reaffirm their commitment          net. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to make donations.
to their children’s education, and to send               Reservations for the Senior Party are available now by mail. The party
a message to their sons and daughters that            will be a ticketless event. An email will be sent as confirmation of reservation
school matters.                                       purchase and, along with an ID will serve as admission for the party. The cost
    Seniors need to finish strong as they prepare     of admission is on a rising scale – beginning at $60.00 if purchased during
for their post-secondary plans. Juniors need to       January or February. The cost is $70.00 if purchased during March or April.
realize that their junior year grades will appear     The cost will rise to $80.00 if purchased in May or June. Admission will cost
atop the transcripts that they will likely send       $85.00 if purchased the night of the party. Questions regarding ticket sales
along with college applications beginning             should be directed to Denise Otterstetter at 952-431-7279 or eurobrit@aol.
in the fall. Sophomores and freshmen need             com.
to sustain the year’s effort to prepare for the          Senior posters are an important and fun tradition at the party. Many
remainder of their high school careers. Spring        parents have completed their masterworks, but additional sessions remain
trimester is important.                               for those who still need to “get ‘er dun.” The senior posters are made by the
    In the time it would take to boot up a            parents/guardians of the graduating seniors to help celebrate their life and
computer and study the Parent Portal, most            accomplishments. The completed posters are on display during the party and
AVHS parents could hop in their cars and drive        are then taken home afterwards as a commemorative keepsake.
to school for face to face meetings with their           Poster boards can be picked up during spring trimester conferences or at
children’s teachers. Certainly, the dynamic           any of the remaining poster information nights listed below or by contacting
of in-person conferences allows for clearer           the Poster Committee chairpersons: Amy Keohane at 952-432-4392 or amy.
communication regarding the interests and    or Roxanne Marti at 952-431-7852 or martiparti@
needs of individual students. Screen time    The final poster meetings will take place in the AVHS Teachers’
is all well and good, but simply cannot and           Lounge from 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Monday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 12th.
should not replace the relationship base that            The Poster Committee will provide free poster board (a non-standard
has always been the foundation of the best            size is distributed, so parents are asked to use the sheets provided to keep
education.                                            the poster displays uniform). Committee members will also provide design
    Conferences will take place during one            advice and details as to where to drop off completed posters. The last day to
evening session this spring between 4:30 and          turn in posters will be June 3rd.
8:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 23rd. Teachers              Graduation is an exciting time. The Senior Party, like most graduation
will be located in individual classrooms.             events, requires lots of planning and help. So, parents are encouraged to help
Guides and maps will be available to help             out in any way they are able.
parents find their way around the building.

Softball alumni invited for                         Escape to Wonderland is
5th Annual Alumni Game
   Head Coach Carla Christiansen is eager to        2008-2009 prom theme
see a big turnout for the 5th Annual Alumni            Plans for the 2008-2009 Apple Valley High School Prom are well underway. The
Softball Game. Each year the event proves           theme for the event is Escape to Wonderland, and Chris Porter, faculty advisor for
to be great fun. Scheduled for Saturday, May        prom planning, sees a wonderful program shaping up.
16th at 10:00 a.m. on the Varsity Field, the           Prom will once again be held at International Market Square and will be catered
game will serve as a precursor to the real main     this year by D’Amico Catering. Northern Lights will supply the DJ and music.
course – a delicious barbeque lunch. All AVHS       Prom tickets will cost $75.00 per person and will be on sale May 18th -22nd. Once
softball alumni are encouraged to come and          tickets have been purchased, there will be no refunds or exchanges. Tickets will
play a few innings. Anyone with questions           only be available during the weeklong window in May.
about the event should contact Coach                   Questions regarding Prom can be directed to Chris Porter at 952-431-8200.
Christiansen via e-mail at carla.christiansen@                                                                                                     Pipeline Page 19
                        Science olympiad group
 National Honor Society
                        places at state
 inducts new members                                                    Keeping up a long-standing tradition of top ten showings at
    At its annual induction ceremony held on April 13th in the      state, the 2008-2009 edition of the AVHS Science Olympiad Team
 AVHS Theatre, the Apple Valley High School chapter of the          finished fifth out of thirty-two teams at the state meet which was
 National Honor Society welcomed 44 new members into its            held on Saturday, March 14th at the University of St. Thomas.
 ranks. Language Arts instructor Rose Jagim was the featured        Coached by AVHS chemistry teacher Kathie Michels, the team had
 speaker for the evening’s program which also included              a strong showing with several individuals taking home medals.
 presentations by NHS leaders highlighting the four pillars of          Capturing first place honors in their individual events were
 NHS membership: service (Adam Reiersgaard), leadership             Scott Tangen and Peter Loftus in “Forensics”; Becca Strauss and
 (Mark Pohl and Scott Tangen), scholarship (Colin Andrews),         Stephanie Diamond in “Health Science”; and Cole Arora, Ryan
 and character (Szuyin Leow). Senior Courtney Kimball               Bringgold and Alex Johnson in “Experimental Design”. John
 served as Master of Ceremonies for the event.                      Garrison and Stephanie Diamond took second place honors in
    The National Honor Society was established nationwide by        the competitive category of “Astronomy”. Several other team
 principals to recognize students who have made noteworthy          members had solid showings in a variety of events. With many
 achievements in their high school years. Membership in the         team members slated to return for next year’s competition, the
 honor society is the result of a qualification process available   prospects for the future of AVHS Science Olympiad are looking
 to sophomores, juniors and seniors who have a cumulative           the same direction that Galileo did for most of his adult life: up.
 grade point average of 3.700 or above following completion             Other team members participating at the state event were Eric
 of the fall trimester of each school year. Eligible students       Barnes, Briana Graber, Jack Loftus, Matt Ploenzke, Levi Preiner,
 are sent a form on which they indicate accomplishments in          Dan Wilson and Rachel Winegardner. Team members dedicated
 the areas of leadership, community service and co-curricular       many hours after school to prepare for their competitions. Aside
 participation. Applications are reviewed and selections made       from their state placing, a highlight from the season was winning
 by a committee of five faculty members.                            the Lake Conference Science Olympiad crown. A past president
    Members of the AVHS chapter of NHS provide various              of the sponsoring agency as well as a past organizer for the state
 services in the school and the community as part of their          competition, Neil Michels serves as assistant coach for the group.
 membership requirements. Tami Taylor serves as the faculty
 advisor for the AVHS chapter.

                                                                    AVHS senior selected
    The spirit of the AVHS chapter was articulated in a
 quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson that was included on
 the induction ceremony program: “What lies behind us and
 what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies
 within us.”                                                        for Washington, D. C.
                                                                    Youth Tour
    Included below are the 2008-2009 NHS inductees listed
 alphabetically by class.
 Senior inductees                    Sophomore inductees
   Angella Gyamfi                      Matthew Bettes                  Elise Reller, who splits her days between AVHS and the School
   Bentley Mancini                     Melissa Conway               of Environmental Studies (SES), was chosen as a delegate this
   Maximilian Mayrhofer                Andrew Dodds                 spring for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s
   Sean O’Toole                        Ian Giese                    (NRECA) annual Washington, D. C. Youth Tour. The tour will take
   Erin Pattison                       Jordan Gilbertson            place from June 13th through the 18th.
   Daniel Wilson                       Simon Goettl                    The Youth Tour is a program run by the Electric Cooperatives
                                       Mariah Grant                 of America. The Youth Tour has brought high school students to
 Junior inductees                      Jennifer Gravrok             Washington, D. C. every June since the late 50s – almost 50 years.
   Cole Arora                          Erin Haugen                  In total, some 40,000 students have benefited from the program.
   Eric Barnes                         Kirby Hermansen              While in Washington, D. C., participants learn about electrical
   Veronica Becerril-Gonzales          Muyhouy Houth                cooperatives, participate in National Youth Day events, visit with
   Cassandra Bowen                     Jordan Jenkins               their legislators and explore the sites around the area.
   Stephanie Diamond                   Joshua Johnson                  Elise was selected for the program through an application
   Kathryn Horski                      Emily Kieser                 process. Interested students can inquire about the program in
   Alexander Johnson                   David Lauer                  the AVHS Career Center or through their counselor. Additional
   Quinn Kelly                         (Da) Anna Lee                information is also available on line at
   Dylan Kleopfer                      Daniel Mundt                    Congratulations to Elise, and hopefully the cherry trees will be
   Abby Meyer                          Michael Osterhaus            in bloom!
   Melanie Nelson                      Adam Polzin
   Marie Owen                          Amber Stotts
   Katie Paulson-Smith                 Shawn Tangen
   Cooper Rapp                         Jacob Thoennes
   David Rosenthal                     Jacquelyn Young

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Student teams shooting for Team America Rocketry Challenge Final
   Student rocket teams from across the country prepared their launch
vehicles for qualification flights this spring in the opening round of the
world’s largest rocket contest. Three teams from Apple Valley High
School were among them. In all, 653 teams from 45 states and the
District of Columbia registered for the 2009 Team America Rocketry
Challenge (TARC) – the seventh installment of the annual competition.
AVHS has participated in the event every year since its inception.
   The contest challenges 3- to 10-member teams to design and build
model rockets by hand, then successfully launch them and return a
raw-egg payload to the ground unbroken. This year’s contest goals are
an altitude of 750 feet and a flight time of 45 seconds. The rockets must
transport one egg laid horizontally to mimic the position of an astronaut.
The 100 teams with the best qualifying scores make it to the final round
fly-off at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia, (near Washington, D.C.)
on May 16th. The teams registered for the contest in December and had
until April 6th to submit a qualifying score. A group from AVHS has
made the trip to the final fly-off four of the past six years. It appears
likely that AVHS will be represented at nationals once again after each of
the three teams recorded some excellent qualifying scores on April 3rd      James Scriven (l) and Peter Loftus (r) watch their rocket as it
and 4th.                                                                    lifts off.
   AIA sponsors the annual contest, along with the National Association
of Rocketry and several partners: NASA, the Defense Department,
the American Association of Physics Teachers and three dozen AIA
member companies. The goal is to increase interest in science, math
and engineering education among middle and high school students
to ultimately steer them to careers in aerospace. The industry faces a
workforce challenge as many current employees are nearing retirement
   There is plenty at stake for the teams – the total purse is $60,000 in
scholarships and prizes. Two AIA companies provide additional prize
premiums. Lockheed Martin gives $5,000 in scholarship funds to each
of the top three teams, and Raytheon pays for the winning team to attend
the International Paris Air Show in June. Some of the top teams may
also be invited to take part in the NASA Student Launch Initiative, an
advanced rocketry program. Since the first TARC in 2003, about 50,000
students have taken part.
   Advised by physics teacher Neil Michels, the AVHS teams consisted
of the following members: seniors James Scriven, Peter Loftus, John
Garrison, Scott Tangen, and Aaron Lomen; juniors Cole Arora, Alex            Lucas Palokangas gets the measurements just right as he
Johnson, Quinn Kelly, Alex Sterling, Jiho Yang, Shari Narverud,              works on his team’s rocket.
Mallory Spindler, and Travis Lawell; sophomores Alex Bursell, Steven
Mann, Lucas Palokangas, David Lauer, Ben Stuttgen, Scott Redig,
Jason Kelley, Bryton Russell, Brianna Graber, Taylor Hanson, and Erik
Voelker; and freshmen Jordan Kangwijayn, Austin Paradeau and Spencer
   After their qualifying launch on Saturday, April 4th, rocket team
members Peter Loftus and James Scriven were asked about their chances
of going to the national fly-off finals. Loftus summed it up, “We are very
excited about the score on our last flight. A perfect score is zero, but
scores under twenty usually qualify for nationals. We just scored a 14.18,
so we’re really happy with that score. We’d love to go to Washington.”
   The three AVHS rocket teams consist of ten, ten and seven members.
Each team works separately and the teams compete against each other
as well as the other 650 teams from across the country. The other two
AVHS teams scored 11 and 19 respectively, so it is likely that two, and
possibly all three AVHS teams will be among the 100 teams nationally         Rocket team members watch their creation blast off.
that will meet and compete later this spring in Washington, D. C.
   Additional information about the event is available at www. The site provides comprehensive program information
and pictures, and will soon include results of the national finals that are
scheduled for May 16th.

                                                                                                                      Pipeline Page 21
Parents Matter: Healthy Teen Relationships
The following article was made available          Discuss the signs of abusive
to Pipeline by the Dakota County Public        relationships – such as when a partner . . .        Tips for parents about teen dating:
Health Department.                                • is controlling or jealous. (For instance,      • Monitor your teen.
                                                    they might call a lot.)                        • Know whom your teen is dating.
   Today’s teens do not use the term              • has a short temper.                            • Invite your child’s “date” to a family
“dating” the way their parents once did.          • puts you down. (Emotional abuse                  dinner.
Teens use the term “going out” to refer to          often occurs before the first slap, push       • Offer to drive.
a relationship they may have with a person          or grab.)                                      • Encourage dating in groups. One-
of the opposite sex. One-to-one “dating” is       • isolates you from friends.                       to-one dating is not advised until age
somewhat uncommon among today’s teens;                                                               sixteen.
instead groups of teens hang out together.        Have lots of conversations that clearly          • Know where your teen is going on a
   What is still true today is that parents    convey your values to your teens. Ask:                date and what he/she plans to do. Set
continue to be their children’s primary           • What are your expectations from this             guidelines for where, when and how
educators on relationships. Young people            relationship?                                    often your teen goes on dates.
learn from their parents how to be in and         • How will you maintain friendships              • Be clear about your family values
maintain healthy, satisfying relationships.         outside of this relationship?                    about dating.
As a teen begins to “date,” parents have the                                                       • Set clear rules about curfew,
important role of discussing and modeling         If he/she doesn’t feel they can talk to            communicating when plans change,
aspects of healthy relationships.              you, their parent, help them identify a               expectations for drivers.
   Talk with your teen about the things that   trusted family relative or friend they can
make a relationship happy and healthy, for     go to.                                              For more information and support,
example:                                                                                        connect with the following resources:
   • respect                                      Ten tips for open communication:                 • U of M Parent Education Resources:
   • honesty                                      1. Start early.                           or call 800-
   • equality                                     2. Initiate conversations with your teen.          876-8636
   • trust                                        3. Initiate conversations with your teen         • iVillage:
   • fairness                                        -- even about sex and sexuality.                teen/tdating/topics/0,,4rsq,00.html
   • responsibility, and                          4. Create an open environment.                   • Talk With Your Kids: www.
   • your own examples                            5. Communicate your values.              
                                                  6. Listen to your child.                         • Community Action Council: www.
                                                  7. Be honest.                            
                                                  8. Be patient.
                                                  9. Use everyday opportunities to talk.
                                                  10. Talk about it, again. And again.

                                                                      to AVHS
   We’d like your input and concerns. Tear off and send to Mr. Degenaar, Principal, Apple Valley High
   School, 14450 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124. (Attach a separate piece of paper if necessary.)


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Mentor students explore careers up close
   The Mentor Program at AVHS is an academic program designed
to allow highly motivated students to focus on specific areas
of career interest. The centerpiece of the program is the “field
experience” where individuals work alongside accomplished
professionals to see first hand how the best take care of their
   Cited as one of the finest such programs in the country by the
U.S. Department of Education, the AVHS Mentor Program facilitates
the kinds of hands-on learning that bridges the gap between the
purely academic realm and the world of professional work.
   Students or potential mentors interested in the program should
contact Pam Wycoff at 952-431-8326.
   The pictures included here highlight the diversity of career
experiences AVHS students are having in the field.

                                                                           Meghan Syrstad observed surgery as part of her mentorship with
                                                                        Dr. Trilva Mebo at VCA Cedar View Animal Hospital in Apple
                                                                        Valley. Meghan said of her experience, “Getting to see what goes
                                                                        on behind the scenes at a veterinary hospital and learning first hand
                                                                        from a professional has really helped me to understand my future
                                                                        career.” Meghan plans to attend North Dakota State University in
                                                                        the fall and will major in microbiology while completing her pre-
                                                                        veterinary requirements.

    Jessi Meliza mentored with Claire Wilson at The Loft, one of the
largest non-profit organizations in the country dedicated to creative
writing. Through the experience, Jessie learned how to improve
her skills as an aspiring novelist. She also learned a lot about the
business side of non-profits. Next year Jessie will be attending
Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin where she earned a full
tuition scholarship. Jessie credits her experience in the Mentor
Program as the primary factor that distinguished her from the other
students competing for the scholarship. At Carthage, Jessie will
continue to pursue creative writing as well as other interests.
                                                                           Scott Tangen mentored with Glenn Lehrke and Scott Wigen at
                                                                        Goodrich Corporation in Eagan. Scott studied aerospace engineering
                                                                        with these two design engineers.One of the mentors, Scott Wigen, is
                                                                        a graduate of AVHS and himself participated in the Mentor Program
                                                                        when a student. After graduation from college and several years in
                                                                        the industry, he teamed up with Glenn to experience mentoring from
                                                                        the other side. Scott Tangen will attend the U.S. Navel Academy
                                                                        next year and plans on becoming an engineer.

                                                          AVHS student attending
                                                          Julliard in the fall
                                                             AVHS senior, Carson King-Fournier, was notified earlier this year that he
                                                          has been accepted into The Julliard School, New York, New York, beginning
                                                          next fall. Carson had to endure a long line of auditions before being selected.
                                                          At Julliard, he will be studying with internationally known teachers and
  Carson King-Fournier performed during Broadway 2009.    performers in preparation for his career as a trombone performance artist.

                                                                                                                        Pipeline Page 23
AVHS Site Council
Laura Kay Allen, Administration                    Advanced Placement tests provide
Pete Buesgens, All-Sports Booster Club
  Representative                                   opportunities for many to earn college credit
Steve Degenaar, Administration                        Each spring many AVHS students avail themselves of an opportunity to earn college
Mary Delmedico, Parent                             credit through the national Advanced Placement testing program. For a ten-day period
Maureen Earp, Parent                               in May, test anxiety becomes a way of life as many of the participants in the Advanced
Brent Harms, Band Boosters Representative          Placement (AP) classes offered by AVHS take college level examinations in their subject
Paul Hattouni, Parent                              areas to see if they might earn college credit.
Mary Hautman, Parent Community                        Governed by the College Board, the same group that sponsors the Scholastic Aptitude
  Representative                                   Test (SAT), AP classes are designed to provide bright, motivated students with an
Kathy Hermansen, Speech/Debate Booster             opportunity to challenge themselves within the framework of college level curricula. Tests
  Club Representative                              are given in upwards of 37 subject areas in the spring of each year to measure student
Cory Landes, Athletic Captain Student              achievement against national – and to some extent international – standards. Scored on
  Representative                                   a 5-point scale (5 being highest), tests earning 3 or higher can often earn students credits
Szuyin Leow, Student Activities                    or advanced placement from participating colleges and universities. It is common for
  Representative                                   ambitious AP students to begin their college careers with a significant number of college
Tatiana Mackins-Burton, Student Activities         credits already in hand. This, as tuition strapped students and parents know well, can
  Representative                                   translate into thousands of dollars saved.
Amy Meitz, Athletic Coaches Representative            AVHS offers twelve AP courses. Students in grades 10-12 enroll in AP courses as
Kim Miklya, Faculty                                electives, and are met with challenging curricula audited and approved by the College
Lisa Roehl, Parent                                 Board to prepare them for the rigors of the AP tests. Eighteen different AP examinations
Lisa Ruff, Athletic Captain Student                will be offered locally. While anyone can sign up for any of the examinations, the College
  Representative                                   Board does not encourage students to take tests without thorough preparation.
Jim Ryan, Parent                                      The cost per test throughout District 196 is $42.00. Testing for AP this year begins on
Lindsay Swiggum, Student Activities                Monday, May 4th and runs through Thursday, May 14th. Registration has already taken
  Representative                                   place, but questions regarding the AP tests can be directed to Mrs. Michels. The detailed
Valerie Thoennes, Parent                           schedule is as follows:
Arlys Thompson, Parent
Joe Wycoff, Administration                         Date            Morning                                Afternoon
John Zimmerman, Faculty                            May 4           Government & Politics: US              Government & Politics: Comparative
                                                   May 5           Spanish Language                       Statistics
                                                   May 6           Calculus AB                            Calculus BC
School Board                                       May 7           English Literature                     German Language
Joel Albright                                      May 8           US History                             European History
Art Coulson                                                                                               Studio Art
Rob Duchscher                                      May 11          Biology                                Physics C: Mechanics
Jackie Magnuson                                                    Music Theory                           Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Mike Roseen                                        May 12          Chemistry
Kevin Sampers                                      May 13          English Language
Bob Schutte                                        May 14          Macroeconomics
Superintendent                                       Several private firms offer test preparation classes as well as print and electronic study
John Currie, Superintendent                        materials. Many offer practice tests. However, the College Board itself remains the best,
                                                   most authoritative and authentic source for test preparation materials and practice tests.
Administration                                     These are available at no cost on the College Board’s website at apcentral.collegeboard.
Steve Degenaar, Principal                          com.
Dr. Laura Kay Allen, Assistant Principal
Pete Buesgens, Athletic Director
Joe Wycoff, Arts and Activities Director
Linda Jokela, Administrative Assistant
Paul Tinder, Administrative Assistant

Pipeline editor
Dr. Robert Helgeson

                           The Apple Valley High School Alliance Foundation was formed in 2004 to receive gifts and donations from individuals,
                           families and corporations who want to invest in our educational future. The Alliance operates independently from
                           School District 196, and exists solely to benefit the students, faculty and staff of Apple Valley High School. Proceeds
                           will provide scholarships for AVHS graduates, recognize and promote staff excellence and support Academics, the
                           Arts, Activities and Athletics for grades 9-12.

  To contribute to the AVHS Alliance, send a check (payable to AVHS Alliance) to: AVHS Alliance, 14450 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN,
  55124. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

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