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Cuomo Economic Development by CelesteKatz


       "NY Works" Will Focus on Redesigning Government and Creating Jobs

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today held a Cabinet meeting to outline the second phase in his
plan to build a new New York. Phase I, which lasted through the legislative session, focused
on improving government performance, restoring the public's trust in Albany, and laying
an economic foundation for recovery. In Phase II, programs to redesign government will be
combined with economic development initiatives to put people back to work and make the state
function better for all New Yorkers.

"During my campaign and throughout my first six months in office, I repeatedly said that
Albany must start performing better for the people of New York," Governor Cuomo said. "We
have made great progress, but there is still a long way to go. It is essential that we build on the
momentum, fix state government, and create jobs for New Yorkers across the state."

Phase I of Governor Cuomo's plan to build a new New York began at the State of the State
in January, continued through the budget process, and ended with the close of the legislative
session in June. This phase consisted of returning performance to government, earning back the
trust of New Yorkers, and getting the state's financial house in order. In this period, among other
accomplishments, the Governor:
    ● · Closed a $10 billion deficit with no new taxes
    ● · Passed a property tax cap
    ● · Enacted tough ethics reform
    ● · Passed a Power NY program
    ● · Passed a SUNY2020 bill
    ● · Extended and expanded rent regulations
    ● · Reached historic agreements with labor
·        Passed the Marriage Equality law
Phase II -- called "NY Works" -- will build on these successes to reform and redesign the way
the state government operates in order to boost the economy and create jobs.

The strategy behind NY Works is based on:
    ● · Regionally-driven economic plans that build on local expertise and ensure regions
        will have a significant role in the shaping of their own recovery
    ● · Programs that promote a community-first, bottom-up approach
    ● · Comprehensive and collaborative approaches to government programs that replace
        agency "silos"
·       Initiatives that foster competition and reward performance
In the coming weeks, specific initiatives in Phase II will include:
    ● · The launching of the Governor's Regional Economic Development Councils
    ● · Historic changes to the way businesses apply for hundreds of millions of dollars in
        development funds
    ● · "New York is Open for Business" campaign, a new, coordinated communications and
        marketing program to demonstrate to business leaders all across the world why New
        York State is a great place to do business
   ●    · An overhaul of State procurement practices for goods, services, and real estate to
        save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and streamline the process for New York
        businesses to work with the state
·       The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Cabinet, and senior staff will visit regions across
the state, meeting with residents and local leaders to facilitate problem solving and coordination
of development efforts
Phase I laid the foundation for the state's recovery. Over the next six months, Phase II will show
New Yorkers that their government works and that performance is not a thing of the past.

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