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Proposal for Web Maintenance Project


Proposal for Web Maintenance Project document sample

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									                             MID-OHIO REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION
                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) invites your firm to submit a technical
proposal for the Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project – Phase 2.

Consultants interested in being considered must submit twelve (12) hard copies and one (1)
electronic copy. Proposals will be received by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission until 4
p.m. (ET), Friday, April 1, 2011.

Submit proposals to:
The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Attn: Nancy Reger, Deputy Director, Transportation
111 Liberty Street, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43215

Proposals must arrive in the MORPC offices prior to the proposal due date and time. Firms making
proposals should take this into account when choosing a mail carrier. Facsimile submissions will
not be accepted.

MORPC and its Technical Team will evaluate and rank all of the proposals to determine the most
qualified firm. The ranking will be conducted using the Technical Proposal Rating Form included in
this RFP. MORPC may also contact the firm(s) to schedule an interview.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of
1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations,
Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, Part 21, Nondiscrimination in
Federally-Assisted Programs of the Department of Transportation issued pursuant to such Act,
hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant
to this advertisement, minority business enterprise will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in
response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or
national origin in consideration for an award.

Neither MORPC nor any member agency of the Committee shall be liable for any costs incurred by
the consultant in response to this RFP, or any costs incurred in connection with any discussions,
correspondence or attendance at interviews or negotiation sessions. All materials submitted in
response to this RFP shall become the property of MORPC and may be returned only at MORPC’s
option. All materials received shall be considered public information and shall be open to public

The Request for Proposals (RFP) is now available on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
(MORPC) website at

Questions about the proposal should be submitted via email to
Responses to questions will be posted within 3 business days and can be read at

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project

I. Project Background and Purpose
Phase I of the Franklin County LBRS project included the development of an LBRS file and
maintenance system. MORPC is currently hosting the Franklin County Location-Based Response
System (LBRS) data using ESRI Arcserver 10, ArcSDE 10 geodatabase on Microsoft SQL server
2008 R2. These LBRS data (address point and road centerline files) are being replicated (2-way)
and synchronized through the use of versions and geodata services, with secure log-ins that MORPC
set up. There are currently 9 GIS agencies in the county that have ArcInfo/ArcEditor and are
considered our Power Users. The power users make edits and synchronize changes back to the
main file. A model builder script is run to synchronize and compress all the different versions.

This Request for Proposal is for the second phase of this project. There are 2 main purposes for
this phase of the project:

A. Development of a secure GIS web application to allow multiple agencies who are not power
   users to update and maintain an address point and road centerline file for central Ohio onto a
   centrally located regional map.
B. Automate a procedure for merging 6 adjacent county LBRS files onto the Franklin County LBRS
   file to create a regional base map for GIS users to access from the MORPC server.

II. Scope
A. Creation of a website that will be hosted at MORPC to allow multiple users to add Franklin
   County LBRS address points and centerline segments and edit attribute information.
   Approximately 20 communities in Franklin County do not have ArcInfo or ArcEditor and
   consequently cannot edit a replicated version of the file. However, all of them assign new
   addresses and accept roadways. This website will provide communities that cannot currently
   edit the Franklin County LBRS with a tool for adding their information to the regional map.

    1). Tasks associated with this element
    a. Creation of an ArcServer web application with secure login capabilities for each participating
         community. This must include the ability to add future communities and allow for including
         updated base files during the development of this project. (Base files necessary for this
         project will be provided by MORPC. Samples of existing ArcServer sites produced by MORPC
         can be viewed at A preview
         of the existing LBRS centerlines and address points can be viewed at Copies of the files can be obtained
         by emailing Cheri Mansperger at )
    b. Configure ArcGIS 10 editing widgets/templates to allow user-friendly editing of address
         points, centerline segments and appropriate attribute information. (Attribute requirements
         will be supplied by MORPC.)
    c. Develop and implement architecture that allows the on-line edits to be reviewed by the
         County Coordinators (Franklin County Auditor/Franklin County Engineer) before
         synchronizing back to the main file. Include a diagram of the architecture.
    d. Full disclosure of programming scripts associated with the website.
    e. Training for editing the points and line-work added through the website interface.

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     2
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
     f.   Create a tool to allow editors to generate and print a report and map of new addresses
          added to the file that can be submitted to appropriate agencies. Details of the report to be
          determined by MORPC.

     2) Technical Details
     a. Services will be hosted on ArcGIS Server 10
     b. The website is to be based on the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.1 (or most current) utilizing
        existing components and widgets when possible
     c. All customization and/or widget development must be documented in the code and must
        follow ESRI’s development pattern (model-view-controller)
     d. All development to be done in Adobe Flashbuilder 4 using the Flex SDK 4.1 and ESRI Flex
        api version 2.1 (or most current)
     e. MORPC Flex Web site template should be the starting point for all web applications

B. Regional Map – Automate Merging Adjacent LBRS County Files onto the Franklin County LBRS
   Many central Ohio communities are in multiple counties. MORPC is working with the adjacent
   counties to ensure that the county boundaries and roads that cross the boundaries fit together
   to form a Regional Map. This map is scoped to include the addition of six counties, although
   ultimately it is expected to include 12 central Ohio counties. As such, training, documentation
   and full disclosure of methods and programming scripts are required.

     1) Tasks associated with this element
     a. Develop an automated process to download county LBRS data (Delaware, Fairfield, Licking,
        Madison, Pickaway, and Union). For details about accessing the county files contact Cheri
        Mansperger at Automate merging county files (address and
        centerline) into seamless layers, retaining LBRS specified attributes.
     b. Automate posting of files onto an ArcServer site on the MORPC website.
     c. Full disclosure of scripts.
     d. Training for possible adaptations and expansions to include other counties.

     2) Technical Details
     a. Use ArcGIS10 model builder scripts to automatically download county LBRS files.
     b. Use ArcGIS10 model builder scripts to standardize the attributes and merge county files into
        seamless layers, retaining LBRS specified attributes.
     c. Use Clip, Zip and Ship tool to ArcServer site to allow download of user-defined area as either
        a shapefile or File geodatabase.
     d. MORPC Flex Web site template should be the starting point for all web applications.

III. Proposal Timeline
A.   Proposals due to MORPC on April 1, 2011
B.   Selection and initial scope meeting the week of April 18, 2011
C.   Target to begin work on May 16, 2011
D.   Target completion data June 30, 2011

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     3
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
IV. Technical Proposal Format
A. Proposal Preparations General Instructions
   1) Each item in Section IV.B. requires a complete and concise explanation of approach,
      estimated completion time and cost.
   2) Transmittal Letter on the firm’s letterhead, with mailing address and e-mail address, signed
      by the contractual officer.
   3) Font size must be at least 10-point.
   4) Forward twelve (12) copies to MORPC and one electronic copy of Technical Proposal.

B. Proposal Elements
    1) Technical Approach: Please explain your method for the project development. In addition,
       please explain any aspect of your method that is unique or innovative, and specify the
       economic benefits to MORPC and/or the project if such an approach is utilized. Consider
       any impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of accomplishing the required work.

     2) Key Personnel: Indicate key personnel, along with their work experience, who will be
        assigned to the project, including any specialist outside the consultant’s firm who will be
        employed for the project.
        a. Project Manager (attach resume)
        b. Other key personnel (attach resumes)
        c. Sub contractor (attach resumes)
        d. DBE information if applicable.

     3) Availability and Capacity: Identify the location of the office where the majority of the work is
        to be performed. Discuss your staff’s availability and capacity in the required skill classes
        necessary to accomplish the work contemplated in the work elements as outlined in your
        technical approach. Specifically, break the staffing down by the number of professionals,
        technicians, and other specialists and indicate the number of each available for
        assignment to this project. Provide a list of the firm’s present workload and key individuals
        relative to capacity and availability to provide the requested services.

     4) Summary of Products and Timelines, including at a minimum the following milestones:
       1a. Draft web editing application for testing
       2a. Web editing application complete
       3a. Report formatting and printing
       4a. Training schedule

        1b. Draft web application merging regional map
        2b. Draft regional map web application model builder scripts
        3b. Test application of regional model builder scripts application
        4b. Model builder scripts, diagrams and other programming documentation delivered

     5) Prior Experience: Identify the experience of the firm’s personnel on similar projects and
        provide a brief description of past experience of the firm’s personnel. Provide a
        representative listing of projects similar to the proposed project performed by the firm.
        Include referenced client’s name, address, telephone number, and contact person.
        Provide authorization for MORPC to contact current and former clients.

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     4
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
     6) Subcontracts: List any items of work that are proposed to be subcontracted for this project,
        the proposed utilization of the subcontractors and the percent of work expected to be
        performed by each subcontractor. Discuss their qualifications and the basis for their

     7) DBE Requirements: The MORPC Transportation Department has a 12 percent
        disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) goal per requirements of the U.S. Department of
        Transportation (USDOT). Respondents are strongly encouraged to meet or exceed this
        goal. DBE firms must be certified by a USDOT-authorized certification agency such as the
        Ohio Department of Transportation. MORPC will expect contractors to meet or exceed the
        DBE percentage included in their contract, and will require ongoing reporting of this
        percentage during the contract life. MORPC will also include DBE prompt payment
        requirements in all contracts.
     8) Cost: The proposal must identify total costs associated with the elements identified in
        Section II of the RFP. Note: The costs provided shall include all direct labor costs by person
        or position, overhead costs, non-salary direct costs including any travel time, equipment
        costs, per diem, printing costs, cost of money, any fees, subcontractor costs, conversion of
        data and delivery to MORPC incurred by the vendor/consultant, as applicable.

        If the price proposal is not received when due or if the proposal does not include other
        necessary items, that proposal may be dropped from further consideration.

V. Procurement Process
A. Evaluation of the Proposal
   A Technical Committee will evaluate and rank the proposals to determine the preferred firm.
   Consensus of the ranking will occur at MORPC’s offices. The rankings will be made using a
   format similar to that shown on V.A.2. Cost will be a contributing factor to the contract award.

    1) Members of the Technical Committee include, at a minimum:
       a. Central Ohio Transit Authority
       b. City of Columbus
       c. Suburban power user
       d. Suburban non-power user
       e. Franklin County 911
       f. Franklin County Auditor
       g. Franklin County Engineer
       h. County representative other than Franklin
       i. MORPC
       j. Ohio Department of Transportation Technical Services
       k. Ohio Geographic Referencing Information Service

    If necessary, MORPC will contact the firm(s) to schedule an interview. Following the interviews,
    the Technical Committee will evaluate, select and rank the firms interviewed to determine the
    most qualified. If interviews are not deemed necessary, the Technical Committee will make a
    selection based on a Technical Proposal Rating Form, similar to that shown on V.A.2.

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     5
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
    2) Sample Technical Proposal Rating Form

Consulting Firm:        _________________________________________________________

Evaluator Name/Title: _________________________________________________________

Evaluation Date:        __________________________________________________________


Proposal Clarity and Comprehensiveness                                      10
Cost                                                                        15
Approach                                                                    25
a. Approach to being flexible in working with local data providers         0-10

b. Approach to study, including the ability to derive creative solutions   0-15

Capabilities and Experience                                                 50

a. Experience of proposed project manager                                  0 - 10

b. Experience of proposed project staff                                    0 –10

c. Commitment of personnel to the project                                  0 - 10

d. Experience relevant to the project                                      0 - 15

e. Meeting the schedule                                                    0-5

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     6
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
  B. Scope of Service Meeting
     The revised Scope and/or price proposal must be received in the office of MORPC by the time
     and date established at the Scope of Services Meeting. A DBE/WBE Certification Form will be
     provided at the Scope of Services meeting that must also be returned with the revised proposal.

      If the price proposal is not received when due or if the proposal does not include requested
      information, that proposal may be dropped from further consideration.

      If negotiation with the highest ranked proposer fails to result in a mutually acceptable
      agreement, MORPC will notify that firm in writing of the termination of negotiations. The next
      highest ranked proposer, as determined by the earlier technical proposal evaluation, will then
      be invited to enter into negotiations with MORPC. If negotiations again fail, the same procedure
      shall be followed, with each next most qualified firm until a contract has been negotiated. If the
      remaining proposals are considered not to be qualified, the notification and selection processes
      will be repeated.

      The highest ranked firm will be invited to the Scope of Services Meeting and may be requested
      to submit a revised Scope of Services and/or Cost Proposal for the work that reflects scoping
      refinements resulting from the meeting.

      1) Attendees at the Scope of Services Meeting shall include:
         a.     Representatives of the selected consulting firm
         b.     MORPC
         c.     Others deemed appropriate by MORPC

VI.   Administrative & Organizational Items
  Evaluation of Proposal Compliance with Specifications
  Understanding that no Proposer may completely meet all requirements of the specifications,
  MORPC reserves the sole right to determine whether a Proposal substantially complies with the
  specifications; accept, negotiate modifications to, or reject the terms of any Proposal; and waive the
  right to accept a part, or parts, of a Proposal, unless otherwise restricted in the Proposal.

  Modification and/or Withdrawal of Proposals
  Modifications of a submitted Proposal must be received by the designated due date specified.
  Withdrawal of Proposals will be allowed only in those cases in which a written request to withdraw a
  Proposal is received by MORPC prior to the date and hour for receiving and opening Proposals. In
  such case, same will be returned to Proposer unopened.

  Proposer Qualifications
  MORPC may require all Proposers to submit evidence of qualifications, and may consider any
  evidence of the financial, technical, and other qualifications and abilities of the Proposer. MORPC
  will not award a Contract to a Proposer who, in its opinion, is not fully qualified on the basis of
  financial resources and responsibility, possession of adequate equipment, personnel, experience,
  and past record of performance to perform the obligation to be undertaken competently and
  without delay.
  Request for Proposal
  Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     7
  Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  February 2011
Award of Contract
Each Proposer acknowledges that MORPC will use its discretion and judgment in making the final
decision and further acknowledges that no claim by the Proposer will arise in any way relating to the
exercise of that judgment by MORPC. MORPC reserves the right to accept the Proposal deemed to
be in the best interest of MORPC or to reject any and all Proposals.

MORPC’s Executive Director is the only individual who may legally commit MORPC to the
expenditure of public funds. No cost chargeable to the proposed contract may be incurred before
receipt of either a fully executed contract or a specific, written authorization to proceed.

Compliance with US DOT Regulations
The project [may be/will be] funded from federal funds. Consequently, the proposer must comply
with all U.S. Department of Transportation regulations pertaining to federal transportation planning
studies. Proposer will be required to comply with all regulations of U.S. Department of
Transportation relative to, for example, non-discrimination in federally assisted programs.

Rights of Data
MORPC will retain the copyright for all data, materials, information, processes, studies, reports,
surveys, proposals, plans, codes, scientific information, technological information, regulations,
maps, equipment, charts, schedules, photographs, exhibits, software, software source code,
documentation, and other materials and property that are prepared, developed or created under or
in connection with this project.

Deviation Clause
The Proposer’s attention is called to the condition that, if awarded a contract, the Proposers will be
required to furnish the particular item referred to in strict accordance with the specifications or
descriptions as proposed, unless a departure or substitution is clearly noted and described in the
Proposal, along with the reasons therefore.

Tax Exemption
MORPC is exempt from the payment of federal excise and transportation taxes levied under the
provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. MORPC is also exempt from Ohio State Gross Retail (sales
tax). The successful Proposers will be furnished with any certificates of exemption required.

Equal Opportunity
The Proposer agrees that it will not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, or
subcontractor and that it will take affirmative action to ensure that employees, applicants and
subcontractors are treated equally during employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion,
ancestry, national origin, sex, disability or other handicap, age, marital/familial status, or status with
regard to public assistance.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the
performance of contracts financed under this solicitation. In this regard, all Proposers shall take all

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     8
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011
necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that minority business enterprises have the maximum
opportunity to compete for and perform any subcontracts.

The following are not part of the Proposal requirements but will be requirements in the contract in
addition to other contractual requirements. Please also note that prior to negotiation, the firm
selected for negotiation must provide average hourly rates for personnel assigned and a copy of
the last audited financial statement.

A cost plus fixed-fee contract with a maximum contract amount will be entered into after
negotiations between MORPC and the selected firm. Alternative compensation models may be
considered. During contract negotiations, the selected firm must provide individually-priced and
prioritized tasks to be completed “if authorized.” The sequencing of work tasks must be done in
such a way that successful completion of earlier tasks is not dependent upon the completion of
later tasks.

MORPC reserves the right to cancel any contract for failure or refusal of performance, fraud, deceit,
misrepresentation, collusion, or any other misconduct on the part of the Proposer.

Declaration Regarding Material Assistance/Non-assistance to a Terrorist Organization
Proposer must comply with ORC Section 2909.33 by providing MORPC a completed certification
attesting that it does not provide material assistance to any organization on the U.S. Department of
State exclusion list.

Unresolved Finding for Recovery
The selected Proposer (hereinafter the “CONSULTANT”) affirmatively represents and warrants to
MORPC that it is not subject to a finding for recovery under ORC 9.24 or that it has taken
appropriate remedial steps required under ORC 9.24 or otherwise qualifies under that section. The
CONSULTANT agrees that if this representation or warranty is deemed to be false, the agreement
shall be void ab initio as between the parties to this agreement, and any funds paid by MORPC to
the CONSULTANT hereunder shall be repaid to MORPC immediately, or an action for recovery may
be commenced immediately by MORPC for recovery of said funds.

Covenants of Consultant
CONSULTANT will be required to covenant and warrant the following:
   a) CONSULTANT is not debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or
      voluntarily excluded from participation in any contract, supported in whole or in part by the
      funding sources for this project.
   b) CONSULTANT has not within a three(3) year period preceding this Agreement had one or
      more public transactions terminated for cause or default.
   c) CONSULTANT will comply with the provisions of Section 1352, Title 31 of the U.S. Code,
      which prohibits the use of federal funds to lobby any official or employee of any federal
      agency, or member or employee of Congress; and to disclose any lobbying activities in
      connection with federal funds.

Request for Proposal
Central Ohio LBRS Cooperative Maintenance Project     9
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
February 2011

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