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WhoUare is comprised of volunteers who make Prem Rawat’s message of hope and peace available
to people who may be interested. Prem Rawat, known also as Maharaji, is a respected teacher who
speaks to people around the world about the possibility of making peace and fulfillment a reality in

What we offer are self-discovery programs for college and university students, using an excellent
contemporary approach to a process of learning more about oneself. We use a range of formats,
including video screenings, music, reading materials, and other resources and activities.

This program is comprised of four presentations by Prem Rawat, each 40 minutes, based on his
addresses at various universities and colleges around the world. We can easily conduct our programs
according to your classroom schedules. Our request would be for four time slots of 40 minutes each
for these presentations directed at students of 18 years of age and above.

We look forward to welcoming all who are interested to this interesting presentation on self-


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