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									                                  Personal Business Plan of A. N. Other

Timeline          College            Other studies       Audio Skills       Networking          Financing
Year I            AP101              Subscribe to        Learn Cool         Contribute to       Buy Cool
Q1                MATH1314           and read            Edit Pro           Audio user          Edit Pro.
Q2                                   Stereophile                            groups on the       Plan for
Q3                                   Magazine and                           Internet.           buying mics,
Q4                                   JAES                                   Join Audio          stands,
                                                                            Engineering         cables,
                                                                            Society.            headphones
                                                                            Put up website      and other
                                                                            Make business       gear.
Year II                              Short Courses       Keep up to         Meet other          Budget for
Q1                                                       date with new      engineers           new
Q2                                   Keep up with        equipment and                          recordings
Q3                                   the latest          software.          Conferences         and concerts
Q4                                   recordings
Year III          Revise résumé                                             Have lunch with     talk to bank
Q1                                                                          studio owners.      about $$$
Q2                                                                          More business
Q3                                                                          cards.
Year I
Year II
Year n            Open studio        Win Grammy                                                 Make $$$$$$

The purpose of this document is to enable you to make full use of your time between now and when you
arrive in the job that you are aiming for. Download it and use it as a template. It should be extended as
needed with as much detail as you can come up with. To begin with you can probably only think in terms
of Quarters, but these can be broken up into weeks. The columns above are only suggestions: feel free to
make up your own categories and personalize the document. You will start to fill out the plan in AP101
and modifiy it as you proceed through your degree program. It is to your advantage that you have a good
and realistic plan for your professional progress and for this reason it will form part of your grade in class.

Figure out where you want to do professionally after you graduate, where you want to do it and when you
expect to achieve this goal. You will need names of contacts to help you, artists, companies, labels. If you
aim to work for a specific company you will need to research in detail what they do, how they operate and
their work philosphy. In order to derive maximum benefit from them you need to consider where you
should do your internships. The portfolio you will build in the studio should reflect your experience and
be geared towards your aspirations. (Aim for variety.)

As you go through the Audio Program you may find that your goals change. When this happens it is
usually because you have gained deeper perspective into the business possibilities and your own skills
and interests. The plan can then be modified to reflect this—better that this happens sooner rather than
later. Eventually the plan will be several pages long, and it will serve as your professional TO DO list.

                                                                                          DAP : 9 March 2011

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