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					                                                          Single Equality Mark Questionnaires
                St Mary’s C of E                          Thank you to all the parents who have returned these.
                Primary School                            We will be writing our action pan shortly taking your
                                                          views into account.

Newsletter                                                Badminton
15st October 2010                                         Year 5 and 6 children had a Badminton taster morning
                                                          last week. We are hoping to send two teams to a
Certificates for 4/10/10                                  badminton festival next week.
Class 1        Tallulah Millard
Class 2        Rebecca Storey                             10 -10 -10
Class 3        Finlay Wilson                              The 10 -10 -10 challenge was a organised by
Class 4        Kayleigh Davies                            Churches together in Penzance to remind us of the
Class 5        Lauren Hill                                Millennium development goals
                                                          The whole school took part in this with every child
Certificates for 27/9/10                                  making a handprint for our St. Mary’s banner. The
Class 1        Jake Harvey                                banner also stated our promises to help other children
Class 2        All of Class 2                             and make a difference for those living in poverty.
Class 3        Tyran May                                  This looked fantastic decorating Chapel Street
Class 4        Oliver Billinger                           Methodist Church on Sunday. We were asked to hand
Class 5        Alannah Munro                              over the handprints to Andrew George MP. Megan
                                                          Baumbach and Lamorna Tregenza- Reid represented
Dates for your Diary                                      the school fantastically well. We are hoping to hear
Tuesday 19th Oct, from 3.30pm Parents Consultations       soon that the handprints and messages of commitment
Wednesday 20th Oct, 9.15am - Harvest Eucharist            to reducing poverty have been taken to the
Thursday 21st Oct, 3.15pm - Cake Stall                    ‘appropriate member of parliament.’
Friday 22nd Oct – Non-Uniform Day
31st Oct – Deadline for Year 6 Transfers to be            Sports
submitted                                                 The sports fixtures for this term have now started in
Monday 8th Nov, 9am – FOSM’s Meeting                      all events and we have new teams taking part that
Friday 10th Dec, 2pm - FOSM’s Christmas Fayre             have only met for three weeks before having matches.

Year 6 transfers                                          Netball Results
All our year 6 children have now had taster sessions at   St Mary’s 2 - 0 Mousehole
Mounts Bay and Humphry Davy School. We hope               St Mary’s 2 - 4 Sennen
you now have all the information to be able to make
an informed choice for your child. Please remember        Football
that these need to be submitted by 31st October 2010.     St Mary’s 4 -2 Trythal
If you need any guidance in completing these then         St Mary’s 0 - 1 St.Buryan
please speak to Mrs Bonell.
                                                          Bike it!
Parents Consultations                                     Since the last newsletter Sam Pickard, our bike it
We are holding these on Tuesday 19th October. Please      officer has worked with the children in year 1 and 2
sign up for an appointment on the list on classroom       on a fun bike session. This included the ‘slow’ bike
doors. If these times are inconvenient then please        race with the children developing control of their
speak to your child’s class teacher to arrange a          bikes and also a race to the cones testing the
suitable time.                                            children’s braking skills. On Monday this week all
                                                          children in classes 3, 4 and 5 learnt how to repair
Harvest Eucharist                                         punctures.
Our Harvest Eucharist will take place next                Children in year 5 and 6 were asked to apply for the
Wednesday at 9.15am.All parents are welcome.              job as Bike It crew and the following children were
Children are invited to bring a small gift of tins and    successful.
packets. We will be giving donations to Salvation         Sadie, Kiera, Ruby, Leo, Sab, Mya and Jack.
Army and Pengarth Day Centre

FOSMs and Library                                            Porthcurno Telegraph Museum Open Day
We are working hard to get our library full stocked,         Explore the museum, visit the new learning space, see
equipped and ready now.                                      the secret documents about the building of the WW11
                                                             tunnels. Sunday 17th October 10am – 5pm, FREE
FOSMs have kindly donated £500 towards books                 ADMISSION
from existing funds and we are aiming to raise £1000.
                                                             Cornish Soccer Skills Camp
So there will be…..                                          For boys and girls aged 4 -16 of any ability during
                                                             October ½ term. Cost £12 per child (accept Give it a
A cake stall on Thursday 21st October 3.15pm                 Go Funding - £1 from every child attending will be
Please bring in any contributions to school on               donated to Children’s Hospice South West).
Thursday morning. All cakes should be nut free. Also         Times 10am – 3pm
please give your child some spending money for this          Monday 25th October Illogan School,
event.                                                       Tuesday 26th October – Penryn Junior School,
                                                             Wednesday 27th October – Mullion CP School
Non uniform day on Friday 22nd October                       Thursday 28th October – Alverton School
Contributions of £1 per family to not wear school   or Tel: 07732840400
uniform for the day. Please however make sure your
child is dressed suitably for a day in school so no
jewellery or heels please.                                   Spotlight on Class 3

St Mary’s Christmas Fayre                                    Class 3 learnt the story of Monkey See, Monkey Do
Friday 10th December 2pm                                     and now have innovated the story with their own
If you would like to rent a table top space to sell crafts   characters. Matthew has written this Penzance
etc please let the office know. The charge for this will     version below.
be £5.
                                                             Seagull See Seagull Do
Next meeting of FOSMs will be on Monday 8th                  Once upon a time there was a man who sold pasties.
November                                                     One day he was travelling through the town when his
Please come along and support us if you can, we will         car hit a stone n the road! Unfortunately all of his
need lots of help to make our Christmas Fayre                pasties spilled everywhere. As soon as the seagulls on
successful.                                                  the roof saw the pasties they swooped down and
                                                             grabbed them as quick as a click. First the man
Donations to the new library                                 SHOUTED at the seagulls but all the seagulls did was
If you have any good quality children’s fiction books        shouted back. Because what a seagull sees then a
that are in good condition then please donate them to        seagull does. Next the man shook his fist at the
school. A big thank you for donations of books               seagulls but all the seagulls did was shake their wing
already received.                                            back. Because what a seagull sees then a seagull
                                                             does. After that the man threw a stick at the seagull
Operation Christmas Child                                    but all the seagull did was throw a stick back.
We are once again supporting the Shoebox appeal.             Because what a seagull sees then a seagull goes.
Your child has brought home a leaflet about this             Sadly the man rubbed his eyes and began to cry but
today. These need to be brought into school by               all the seagull did was rubbed their eyes and cry too.
Monday 8th November so we can deliver these to the           Because what a seagull sees then a seagull does.
collection point.                                            Finally the man got so fed up he threw his own pasty
                                                             on the ground and pushed his cart towards the pasty
Badminton Taster session                                     shop. But all the seagulls did was throw their pasties
Mounts Bay School Sports Partnership and                     on the ground too. Because what a seagull sees then a
BADMINTON England would like to invite you to a              seagull does. At that moment the man looked behind
FREE taster session at either of the Primary Clubs           him. And to his amazement all of his pasties where
listed below – Please call in at the school office to        back on the ground, he looked on the roof and there
collect a voucher to take along.                             was no seagull to be seen, they have all chased off to
     1. Mounts Bay Junior Badminton Club –                   the prom where one of them was eating fish and chips.
        THURSDAYS 4.30pm – 5.45pm at                         Because what a seagull sees then a seagull does.
        PENWITH COLLEGE.                                     Four leaf clover my story is over.
     2. Mounts Bay School Primary Badminton Club                                     By Matthew, Class 3
        – Fridays 4.30pm – 5.30pm at MOUNTS BAY
        SCHOOL.                                              Well done for masses of good story words