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                                     SECTION 00 11 21
                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL TO DESIGN-BUILD
                               (ADVANCED UTILITY METERING)
                                 (PROJECT NO. 101-09-066)

A1.     Scope of Contract
        Provide all labor, materials, tools and equipment, and design-build
        services necessary for design and construction of a utility metering
        system (―Metering System‖), to read, accumulate, and communicate utility
        data in 15-minute intervals.     The Metering System installation must
        include the meter units, design, documentation, installation (all
        equipment, tools, materials, travel, and supplies to install the meters
        and make fully operational), and testing of the Metering System. The
        Metering System shall be capable of integrating and functional with the
        VA Pilot Meter Project through the installed wireless access points
        located at each site and / or campus.       The Metering System installation
        must be in compliance with applicable codes, VA policy, and the contract
        terms of this contract.

A2.     Definitions
      A. Design-Build (DB) as defined by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
        is the procurement by the Government, under one contract, with one firm
        or Joint Venture (JV) for both design and construction services for a
        specific project.
        1. Contracting Officer (C0): A person with the authority to enter into,
           administer, and/or terminate contracts and make related
           determinations and findings. The term includes certain authorized
           representatives of the contracting officer acting within the limits
           of their authority as delegated by the contracting officer.
           ―Administrative contracting officer (ACO)‖ refers to a contracting
           officer who is administering contracts. ―Termination contracting
           officer (TCO)‖ refers to a contracting officer who is settling
           terminated contracts. A single contracting officer may be responsible
           for duties in any or all of these areas.
        2. Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative or Contracting
           Officer’s Representative (COTR): The Contracting Officer's written
           designation of a representative responsible for administering
           contracts under the immediate direction of the Contracting Officer.
           For the purposes of this contract the term ―VA-COTR‖ will be used

                                       00 11 21-1

      3. Technical Monitor (TM): This term, as used herein, refers to the
         person(s) assisting the VA-COTR in administering contracts under the
         immediate direction of the Contracting Officer.
      4. Design-Build Contract: This term, as used herein, refers to the
         Contract(s) to perform the design and construction of the project.
      5. Contractor: This term, as used herein, refers to the contractor under
         this contract or the DB team. The contractor or DB team is solely
         responsible for the management (planning, supervision, and contract
         coordination), design, and (professional) services and installation
         (including all labor, equipment, materials, tools, and inspections)
         to meet the requirements of this contract.
      6. Architect-Engineer (A/E): This term, as used herein, refers to the
         A/E firm(s) that is a part of the DB team, also referred to as DB
      7. Pilot Meter Project: VA Pilot Meter Project was awarded in 2008 and
         performed for VISNs 10 and 22 to provide a web based data collection
         system software application for electric, steam, chilled water,
         natural gas, and water meters.
      8. Advanced Electrical Metering Project: The advanced electrical
         metering project was awarded in September 2009 and performed for all
         VISNs to provide electric meter units, complete design, installation
         and testing of an electric metering system capable of integrating
         with the VA Pilot Meter Project with expected completion in October
      9. Utility Metering: For the purposes of this contract, Utility Metering
         shall include steam, chilled water, natural gas, and water meters.
      10.Project Management: The contractor shall provide an individual in the
         capacity of a contractor project manager.    The contractor project
         manager shall have legal (on-site signature) authority to represent
         the Contractor. The Project Manager shall be the initial point of
         contact for coordinating with the VA.
   B. Tentative Schedule:

         Milestone                               Date

         Synopsis Released                       January 5, 2010
         Request for Proposal (RFP) issued       January 28, 2010
         Proposals Received                      March 1, 2010

         Contract Award                          May 19, 2010
         Notice to Proceed                       June 19, 2010

                                  00 11 21-2

             Estimated Project Completion             July 19, 2011

      C. Period of Performance - The anticipated completion of this project is
        365 days after ―Notice to Proceed‖ (NTP).
A3.     Cost Range
        The anticipated cost range for this project is between $2,000,000.00 and
A4.     Pre-Proposal Conference & Site Walk through
        Please note a pre-proposal conference & site walk through for this
        project will not be conducted.
A5.     Permit Requirements
      A. The DB Contractor is responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals
        necessary to complete the project, prior to starting Construction.
A6.     Selection Criteria and Weightings
      A. In accordance with FAR part 15 The Government intends to award a
        contract or contracts resulting from this solicitation to the
        responsible offeror(s) whose proposal(s) represents the best value after
        evaluation in accordance with the factors and sub-factors in the
        solicitation. Responsibility determination will be made in accordance
        with FAR 9.1, Responsible Prospective Contractors.

      B. Evaluations - All evaluation factors other than cost or price, when
        combined, are significantly more important, than cost or price.
        Evaluations will be based on the following evaluation factors and sub-
        factors. The evaluation factors and sub-factors are listed in descending
        order of importance:

        1.   Technical Approach:             a.   Corporate Project Experience
                                             b.   Technical and Management Approach
                                             c.   Project Personnel Experience
                                             d.   Schedule

        2.   Past Performance

        3.   Cost/Price

                                     00 11 21-3


B1.     Use of Advisors
      A. Contractors are advised that VA contractor personnel may assist the
        Government during the Government’s evaluation of Proposals. The persons
        shall be authorized access to only those portions of the proposal and
        discussions that are necessary to enable them to provide specific
        technical advice on specialized matters or on particular problems.
        These individuals will be required to protect the confidentiality of any
        specifically identified trade secrets and/or privileged or confidential
        commercial or financial information obtained as a result of their
        participation in this evaluation.   They shall be expressly prohibited
        from scoring, ranking or recommending the selection of a Vendor.
B2.      Roles and Responsibilities
      A. The Contractor must identify all roles and responsibilities needed to
        support this effort. Potential tasks, descriptions, Contractor and VA
        roles at a minimum are provided below:

         Task              Description             Contractor      VA Role
         1. Project        Kick-off meeting and    DB Contractor   VA-COTR,
         Planning          determine project                       Project
                           scope and                               Manager, TM
                           objectives; complete
                           project plan
         2. Validate       Validate site           DB A/E          VA-COTR,
         Site Condition    condition for meter                     Project
                           installations                           Manager, TM
         3.     Design     Design for Utility      Provide         VA-COTR,
                           Metering systems        Designs         Project
                                                                   Manager, TM
         4. Shop           Shop drawings           Provide Shop    COTR, Project
         Drawing           submittal for major     Drawings        Manager, TM
         Submittal         components
         5. Coordination   Coordinate utility      DB A/E          VA-COTR, TM
                           outages with
         6. Install        Install device(s)       DB Contractor   VA-COTR, TM
         7. Training       Train engineers on      DB Contractor   System
         for Metering      meters                                  Engineer, TM
         9.     Warranty   Warranty Certificate    Provide after   VA-COTR,
                                                   Construction    Project
                                                   acceptance      Manager, TM

                                      00 11 21-4

B3.     Design-Build Team:
      A. The DB team includes all J/V partners, consultants and sub-contractors
        to the one firm. The DB team shall provide Architectural and Engineering
        disciplines for the preparation of construction documents, and
        construction contractor capabilities for construction of the project.
      B. If the DB Team A/E and contractor are a J/V (not one and the same firm)
        engineering and other technical consultants shall be subcontractors of
        the J/V Architect - not the Design-Build construction contractor or sub
        contractors. If the DB Team A/E and contractor are one and the same firm
        (not a J/V) those consultants shall be subcontractors of DB firm not the
        construction subcontractors.
      C. The RFP documents are intended to define the quantity, proposed type and
        proposed location for each meter to provide a complete utility metering
        system.   It is the contractor's responsibility to visit the site or
        ascertain the conditions at each site.      In addition, the Contractor
        acknowledges that it has taken steps reasonably necessary to ascertain
        the nature and location of the work, and that it has investigated and
        satisfied itself as to the general and local conditions which can affect
        the work or its cost, the existing conditions, certain required items,
        and design parameters to be included in the project. It is the DB Team’s
        responsibility to complete the documents and construction in a manner
        consistent with the intent of the RFP documents within the required
        period of performance.
C1.     General
      A. Proposals shall be based on solicitation documents issued for RFP
        Solicitation Number VA-776-10-RA-0085. Proposals will be in the format
        stipulated elsewhere in Section C2. Proposal Format.
      B. Proposals shall be received on or before March 1, 2010 by 4:00PM (EST).
        There will be no public opening of the proposals.
      C. Submit sealed offers to:
        1. US Postal Service Deliveries:
                     John Yallech, Jr., Contracting Officer
                     Department of Veterans’ Affairs
                     National Energy Business Center (VA-NEBC)
                     4141 Rockside Rd Suite 110
                     Seven Hills, OH 44131

                                       00 11 21-5

        2. Commercial Delivery Services / Hand Carry (Monday- Friday, 8:00 AM to
           4:30 PM (EST))
                     John Yallech, Jr., Contracting Officer
                     Department of Veterans’ Affairs
                     National Energy Business Center (VA-NEBC)
                     4141 Rockside Rd Suite 110
                     Seven Hills, OH 44131

C2.     Proposal Format

      A. Technical and Price sections of the Offerors proposals will be evaluated
        independently; therefore, the offeror shall submit the proposal in two
        (2) Volumes (Volume I: Technical and Volume II: Price). In order that
        the Volume I Technical may be evaluated strictly on the merit of the
        material submitted, the contractor shall include NO price information in
        Volume I. Offeror shall separately bind Volumes I and II. Both Technical
        and Price volumes; therefore, must be labeled with the Offeror's
        organization, business address, and VA Solicitation Number Offerors
        shall affix their names and return addresses on their
      B. The offeror shall submit Volumes I and II in both hard copy and in
        electronic format. The hard copy shall be one (1) original. The offeror
        shall submit a CD-ROM containing Volumes One (1) and Two (2). Include
        page numbers and the company name in the header or footer of each page.
        Each volume must be submitted as a single application-generated (not
        scanned) PDF document.
      C. The written offer including title page, detailed table of contents,
        preface, for Volume I Technical shall not exceed a total of 50 pages in
        Microsoft Arial size 12 font. Volume II Price Proposal shall not exceed
        a total of 20 pages in Arial size 12 font. Use graphic presentations
        where such use will contribute to the compactness and clarity of the
        proposal.   Each Key Personnel resume shall not exceed two (2) pages in
        length and will not be counted in the page limit. The solicitation with
        completed Pricing Schedule, the Draft QCP, the Draft Project Plan, and
        any J/V documentation will not be counted in the page limit.
      D. A page is defined as each face of an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper
        containing information. All information (except for document numbers,
        page numbers, etc.) shall be provided in an image area of 7 X 9 inches.
        The background color of each page of the submission shall be white or
        ivory stock only.     Excess pages will not be evaluated. Text lines will

                                       00 11 21-6

        be single-spaced.    A smaller font size for any graphics presented in a
        proposal is permitted as long as the information is legible to the human
        eye. Fonts other than Arial are permissible in the presentation of
        graphic material only.
      E. Offeror shall include all required Representations and Certifications;
        and acknowledge receiving amendments by filling out section 19 of the SF
        1442 and returning a signed copy of the amendment(s) with the offer.

C3.     Final Proposal Revisions (FAR 52.215-1)
      A. If determined to be necessary, proposal revisions will be requested from
        the proposals received. The CO will identify those offerors, whose
        proposals are within the competitive range, considering the selection
        criteria identified in this section. Negotiations may be conducted with
        those offerors falling within the competitive range, after which
        proposal revisions will be requested. Those selected as within the
        competitive range will be given 7 calendar days to prepare their
        proposal revisions. Sealed proposal revisions will be submitted as per
        Part III.C1.C, above, except as noted below and will be due at a time
        and place to be determined.
      B. Offerors submitting proposal revisions will not be requested to re-
        submit any documents which are unchanged from their initial proposals.
        They should provide necessary changes to individual paragraphs, as
        briefly as possible, together with a table of contents, which clarifies
        where within the initial proposal the additional information or changed
        documents would be placed. Proposal revisions shall include a completed
        SF 1442 that acknowledges receiving all amendments, by number. A new bid
        bond shall be submitted only if the final proposal revisions offeror’s
        price proposal is greater than its initial price proposal.
C4.     Technical Proposal Requirements (Volume I)
      A. The proposal shall address the following evaluation factors. Evaluation
        ratings will be based, in order of importance, upon the criteria in Part
        1. Technical Approach:
              a. Corporate Project Experience - The Offeror shall demonstrate   a
                history of recent, relevant corporate experience.
                1) In describing recent, relevant project design and construction
                   experience, provide the following information:
                   a) General Contractor: Provide no more than three projects
                      completed or ongoing within the last five years by a Design-
                      Build contract (Design-Build as defined by the VA, see

                                       00 11 21-7

                   article A2.A) and/or contracts similar in size, complexity
                   and scope to this project.
                b) Design firms (s): Provide no more than three projects
                   completed or ongoing within the last five years by a Design-
                   Build contract (Design-Build as defined by the VA, see
                   article A2.A) and/or contracts similar in size, complexity
                   and scope to this project.
                c) Team Experience: Provide no more than three projects
                   completed or ongoing within the last five years in which the
                   offeror’s proposed DB team have worked together on previous
                   Design-Build contracts (Design-Build as defined by the VA,
                   see article A2.A) and/or contracts similar in size,
                   complexity and scope to this project.
             2) Project title, location and brief description including the
                building use (Medical Facility etc) and contracting method
                (design-build, design-bid-construct, CM at risk etc).
             3) If the projects submitted above are not specifically for
                utility metering as defined in Section A2. ―Definitions,‖
                please provide a brief explanation of how these projects are
                similar in scope to the work required in this RFP.
             4) Project owner and name and telephone number of owner’s contact
             5) Project Design Architect and Engineers (consultants if
                utilized) and name and telephone number of contact person(s).
                Note each firm and employee also proposed for this
             6) Project Prime Contractor and Major Subcontractors and name and
                telephone number of contact person(s). Note each firm and
                managing persons (project manager/superintendent/foreman as the
                case may be) also proposed for this solicitation.
             7) Project Statistics including start and completion dates
                (original vs. actual) for design and construction; cost (with
                brief explanation of what is included in the cost); square
                footage; foundation type; number of levels; and any awards
                (prizes) received.
         b. Technical/Management Approach - The Offeror shall demonstrate
             their strategy for providing project management, the appropriate
             resources and expertise for proper and safe execution of this
             design-build project, and all aspects of the Contractor’s proposed
             project delivery philosophy to deliver utility metering,
             protocols, training and documentation described in the Statement

                                     00 11 21-8

             of Work and the attached specifications. The offeror shall
             demonstrate the following:
             1) Project Delivery Philosophy - Include expectation statements
                (a) Elements for Successful Partnering: Communication,
                   Commitment and Conflict Resolution.
                (b) Proposed Design Period Peer Review technical/administrative
                   by VA.
             2) Draft Quality Control Plan and Project Plan. Please see
                (APPENDIX J - Quality Control Requirements), and the SOW
                section 2.2 b) for Project Plan requirements.
             3) Project Organizational Chart and Narrative - Include team
                members submitted under Project Personnel Experience below.
                Clearly describe the prime responsible firm (or firms if a J/V)
                and individuals as well as the roles and responsibilities of
                individuals proposed as consultants and sub-contractors.
                Provide a list all consultants and all proposed major
                subcontractors, including telephone number, address, and name
                of contact.
             4) Capability to perform:
                (a) Provide the offeror's total bonding capacity, current
                   available bonding capacity and expected available capacity
                   in calendar year 2010.
                (b) Provide the offeror's current workload and availability of
                   adequate staff listed under Project Personnel Experience to
                   manage the project. Include project schedules for current
                   and pending projects, as well as the anticipated impact of
                   this project on those schedules and staffing plans.
             5) The Offeror shall describe in a written narrative the plan for
                phasing the work so that the site remains operational while
                utilities and access roadways are realigned. The narrative will
                also detail how the contractor intends to prepare the site,
                disassemble, relocate, reassemble, and reactivate utility
                services to the site within any specified time limits.
         c. Project Personnel Experience - (Specialized experience and
             technical competence). The Offeror shall demonstrate the relevant
             management and design-build experience of key project personnel
             involved in this procurement by submitting resumes of proposed key
             1) Biographical data shall include the following:
                a) Name of individual.

                                   00 11 21-9

                b) Company employed by.
                c) Company position title.
                d) Years with the company.
                e) Describe work experience with projects that; were completed
                   by the Design-Build process, were medical facilities and the
                   company (by name) they worked for when involved in the
                f) An indication of which (if any) projects submitted under
                   Corporate Experience (above) the individual participated in
                   and what the individuals responsibility was for that
                g) An indication of which other individuals submitted under
                   Project Personnel Experience has worked with and the project
                   they worked on together, noting if that project has been
                   submitted under Corporate Experience (above).
                h) Position that the individual will hold in regard to this
                   contract/project team, description of duties and what
                   percentage of the individual’s time would be committed to
                   the project during both the design and construction phases.
                i) Describe job related educational experience including
                   degrees, certificates etc and granting institutions.
                j) The Government reserves the right to review and approve all
                   resumes for Key Personnel positions prior to acceptance.
             2) Supply this biographical data for key personnel for at least
                the following: (Note if one individual is proposed for more
                than one position listed):
                a) Overall Project Manager.
                b) (Architect) Design Project Manager.
                c) Construction Project Manager.
                d) Project site superintendent.
                e) Architect/Engineer Field Representative.
                f) Mechanical Engineer.
         d. Schedule - The progress schedule will be in a time scaled bar
             graph format. The horizontal axis will be scaled for time
             beginning with the Notice to Proceed and concluding with contract
             completion. The vertical axis will show the milestones and major
             portions of the contract work. All schedule items will show a
             start date and a completion date. The detailed schedule will
             indicate specific tasks with dates for each step of the process
             including (if applicable):

                                  00 11 21-10

             1) Design Period: The design period sub periods (i.e., first and
                second reviews, other meetings, internal QUALITY ASSURANCE
                /QUALITY CONTROL plan reviews, etc.).
             2) Construction Period: Mobilization; Demolition method and
                sequencing; Excavation; Structure Completion; Exterior
                finishing; Procurement and installation of equipment;
                Provisions for overtime or shift work; Timing of relocation of
                existing equipment; Site utilities, roadway realignment; and
                temporary rerouted medical center vehicular and pedestrian
                routes, Tests and final inspection.
             3) General Project Delivery Schedule and Narrative - Show
                relationships between construction document
                development/completion (including required review activities)
                and construction activities for (if applicable), utility
                relocation, excavation, substructure, structure, exterior
                façade, interior finishes, building systems, and site
             4) The Offeror shall specify how much allowance has been made for
                bad weather in the schedule, the days of the week and the hours
                of construction operations during each phase of the work, and
                the percentage of contract completion that will be achieved at
                the end of each month of the contract.
             5) The Offeror will provide a written commitment as to the time
                frame (number of days after receipt of the notice to proceed)
                within which the Offeror will guarantee completion. The maximum
                anticipated completion of this project (including design and
                construction of the entire project) is indicated on the SF
                1442. The schedule should not exceed the period of performance
                for this contract.
      2. Past Performance – The offeror’s offer shall include a summary
         description of at least three but no more than five completed or on-
         going contracts, with references, within the last three years with
         organizations with similar mission and functional domains, and of
         comparable size, complexity and scope.
         1) These references must also include the following:
             a) Contract number, brief description of the project, type of
                contract, and amount of the contract;
             b) Contracting Officer’s Name and Phone Number, Government Agency
                or Company Name
             c) Contracting Officer’s Representative Name and Phone Number

                                     00 11 21-11

           2) The Contractor must indicate whether they were the prime
              contractor, sub contractor or other teaming arrangement.
           3) The offeror shall submit a past performance survey (APPENDIX I –
              Past Performance Survey) to all references. The contact reference
              is required to complete the survey in its entirety and return it
              directly to the CO for validation by the closing date. In the
              event the company itself does not have relevant past performance,
              past performance surveys may be submitted on contracts performed
              by the Key Personnel of the company that will also be performing
              on this requirement. The offeror will be responsible for
              submitting the Past Performance Survey to its references in a
              timely manner. The Government reserves the right to contact the
              references submitted in the offer and all other references the
              Government deems necessary for validation of past performance
           4) Offeror’s are invited the opportunity to provide information on
              any problems encountered on the identified contracts. This section
              shall be limited to the discussion of problems and corrective
              actions taken by the offeror to remediate the situation.
C5.     Price Proposal Requirements (Volume II)
      A. Standard form (SF) 1442 Solicitation, Offer and Award (Construction,
        Alteration, or Repair), and the pricing schedule located at page 7 of
        the solicitation shall be used for submitting price offers. The offeror
        shall refer to section C2. Proposal Requirements on how to submit.
        1) Offeror shall submit separate prices for all Option Items indicated
           on the Pricing Schedule and SF 1442;
        2) Offeror shall submit the required bid guarantee with Volume II.
      B. The prices shall be Firm Fixed Price. Any terms, conditions, and pricing
        assumptions shall be identified in this section. The offeror shall take
        care not to include remarks that take exception to the Government’s
        SOW/Specifications or pricing requirements or otherwise preclude the
        Government from evaluating the offer or render the offer as non-
        responsive or unacceptable.
C6      Evaluation of Offers
      A. Corporate Project Experience: Will be evaluated on relevant and recent
        experience of design-build contracts and/ or contracts of comparable
        size, complexity and scope within the last five years to assess the
        offerors ability to provide quality design and construction. Scoring may
        be more favorable if relevant management, design and construction
        experience are met. Scoring may also be more favorable if the offeror
        can demonstrate that the proposed team for this project has worked

                                      00 11 21-12

      together on recent and relevant design-build contracts of similar size,
      complexity and scope within the last five years.
   B. Technical and Management Approach: Will be evaluated on the proposed
      methodology to manage, design and construct the proposed utility
      metering project against the statement of work and all related
      specifications. This includes elements for successful communication,
      Draft Quality Control Plan and Draft Project Plan. This also includes
      the offeror’s ability to perform this work concurrent with other ongoing
      projects, how the offeror organized personnel for this project, and the
      lines of authority between the construction firm, design firm, and key
   C. Project Personnel Experience: Will be evaluated on relevant management,
      design and construction knowledge and experience on Design-Build and /or
      contracts of comparable size, complexity and scope.
   D. Schedule: The VA will evaluate and use the submitted schedule as an aid
      to help determine that the offeror understands and can perform all of
      the required elements of the requirements of the solicitation in the
      time frame specified. The schedule submitted with the offer should not
      be construed as the agreed upon schedule as per FAR 52.236-15, the
      contractor shall, within five days after receiving the Notice to
      Proceed, submit a revised schedule which will supersede the proposed
      schedule. The revised schedule will be subject to VA approval and must
      show the project being accomplished within the time frame specified on
      the SF 1442.
   E. Past Performance: Will be evaluated on the quality of the offeror’s past
      performance within the last three years with respect to design-build
      and/or construction contracts of similar size, complexity and scope.
      This includes, but is not limited to, timeliness of contract completion,
      including adherence to contract schedules and timely submission of data
      deliverables; the contractor’s ability to comply with the terms and
      conditions of the contract; the overall quality of the work performed on
      the contract; the Offeror’s managerial performance’ and whether or not
      the reference would enter into a contract with the contractor again. The
      currency and relevance of the information, source of the information,
      context of the data, and general trends in contractor’s performance will
      also be considered. Contractors without relevant past performance or for
      whom past performance information is not available, will receive a
      neutral rating. In the event that the prime contractor does not have
      relevant past performance, surveys submitted for key personnel will be
      evaluated. In accordance with VA Information Letter (IL) 049-03-9, past

                                 00 11 21-13

        performance evaluations may also be conducted using information obtained
        from CPS or PPIRS and any other sources deemed appropriate by the CO.
      F. Price: In accordance with FAR parts 15.404-1 (b) and 36.214 price
        analysis will be used to evaluate price proposals. The comparison of
        proposed prices received in response to the solicitation will be used to
        adequately determine price reasonableness. Price will be analyzed for
        reasonableness, the offeror’s understanding of the work and the ability
        to perform the contract.
D1.      Construction Document Preparation:
      A. Design Review Submissions:
        1. The Design-Build Team A/E (DB A/E) shall prepare and submit complete
            construction documents for review and approval by the VA in
            accordance with standard professional practice, the Department of
            Veterans Affairs RFP (VA RFP), and prevailing codes. The design
            submission guide can be found at the following web site:
        2. The documents may be divided into multiple review submission
            packages. The VA will review as many as six (6) package submissions
            (examples: demolition, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical,
            Electrical, plumbing etc.) to facilitate the start of construction.
        3. The completed documents will be developed based on site investigation
            of each proposed meter location.   For each design, the contractor
            shall visit the site and ascertain the actual conditions.      The
            solicitation provides a proposed meter location.   It is the
            contractor's responsibility to determine the most practical and best
            meter location for each meter (based on access, ease of utility
            outage and manufacturers standard installation specifications).
        4. All submission packages will be reviewed at Schematic Design (SD),
            Design Development (DD), and Construction Drawings (CD) completion
            stages. The CD review submission packages will incorporate the final
            review comments from the SD and DD reviews. If any package is not
            complete for the required stage a post review may be required, the
            cost of which will be borne by the DB Team and will not be subject to
            any contract time extensions. The DB A/E shall adhere to the
            following submission schedule:

                    Work Element                    Copies          Due

                                      00 11 21-14

                      Certification of 100% field
                      verification and data collected
                      (MS Excel Spreadsheet). SD
                      Design Documents, drawings
                      (half size) (DWG), specs                 45 Calendar Days
               SD                                       4
                      (bound), draft outage schedule             following NTP
                      (MS-Project) and estimated
                      construction schedule (MS
                      Project). 1 CD with all files
                      in native and pdf format.
                                                               14 Calendar Days
                      DD Design Documents, drawings
                      (half size) (DWG), specs
                      (bound), draft outage schedule           30 Calendar Days
               DD     (MS-Project) and estimated        4    following receipt of
                      construction schedule (MS                   SD comments
                      Project). 1 CD with all files
                      in native and pdf format.
                                                               14 Calendar Days
                      CD Design Documents, drawings
                      (half size and full size),
                      specs (bound), and estimated          30 Calendar Days after
               CD                                       8
                      construction schedule (MS             receipt of DD comments
                      Project). 4 CD’s with all
                      files in native and pdf format.

      4. The submission packages will include an index of drawings (by sheet
         number and title) and specifications (by section number and title)
         submitted. The packages will be distributed to the VA-COTR, the VA
         Medical Center, and others as determined to be appropriate by the VA
   B. Design Review Meetings:
      1. A review meeting to resolve design issues will be held for each
         design review package including SD, DD, and CD. The meeting shall
         include discussion of VA comments and address any issues which
         require the VA’s decision or input. SD, DD, and CD review meetings
         will be required at each site unless otherwise specified. The final
         CD meeting is included, but may omitted at the discretion of the VA-
      2. Pre-Design meetings will be required at each site unless otherwise
         specified, and should be combined with the site investigations. The
         pre-design meeting may occur the same day as the contract award, but
         will occur no later than 14 days after NTP. Available information on

                                      00 11 21-15

         the project will be transferred by the VA to the DB A/E team at this
      3. Participants will include: VA Staff and no more than two (2) DB team
         members as appropriate for the specific package to be reviewed. The
         DB A/E shall provide minutes for the meeting, documenting all
         decisions and changes, and shall distribute copies to all meeting
         attendees within 48 hours of each meeting. The DB team members will
         each allow for (1) full day per site, per review/package design
         review meeting. DB team management will be present at each review
      4. The DB team shall allow a maximum of 14 calendar days for each review
         cycle. A cycle includes:
         a. The VA’s receipt of the design review submission package.
         b. The review meeting.
         c. DB team’s receipt of comments from the VA, either electronically,
             by fax, or by hard copy delivery.
      5. Coordination of the review meeting schedules will be the
         responsibility of the VA-COTR (for the VA) and the DB Team Project
         Manager (for the DB Team). See (APPENDIX J), Quality Control Plan
      6. Bi-weekly design status meetings via teleconference shall be required
         by the VA-COTR and/or CO to ensure the project stays on schedule and
         proactively address any barriers to on time completion. Adherence to
         the project deadlines is critical.
   C. Electronic Media:
      1. Design review submission drawings and final Construction Document
         submission drawings will be executed in electronic format using the
         latest version of AutoCAD. Contractor shall comply with VHA National
         CAD standards Application Guide – MAY 2005.
      2. The drawings included in the VA RFP will be available to the DB team
         in electronic format using PDF, JPG, Microsoft Word, and AutoCAD
         formats for use in preparing the construction drawings. Since data
         stored on electronic media can deteriorate undetected or be modified
         without the VA’s knowledge, the above identified types of drawing
         files are provided without warranty or obligation on the part of the
         VA as to accuracy or information contained in the files. The user
         shall independently verify all information in the files. Any user
         shall agree to indemnify and hold the VA harmless from any and all
         claims, damages, losses, and expenses including, but not limited to,
         attorney’s fee arising out of the use of the above identified drawing

                                    00 11 21-16

      3. Design review submission specifications and other 8 1/2 by 11
         formatted material and final Construction Document submission
         specifications and other 8 1/2 by 11 formatted materials will be
         executed in electronic format using Microsoft office 2003 or higher.
      4. The specifications included in the VA RFP are VA Guide Specifications
         which are the set of master guide specifications reflecting VA
         technical policy. These specifications shall be available to the DB
         team in electronic format at for
         use in preparing the construction specifications. Since data stored
         on electronic media can deteriorate undetected or be modified without
         the VA’s knowledge, any electronic media files are provided without
         warranty or obligation on the part of the VA as to accuracy or
         information contained in the files. The Design-Builder shall
         independently verify all information in the files and shall agree to
         indemnify and hold the VA harmless from any and all claims, damages,
         losses, and expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fee
         arising out of the use of the electronic files.
      5. The construction record drawings shall be completed in the latest
         version of AutoCAD.
      6. Construction shop drawings are not required to be completed in the
         latest version of AutoCAD.
   D. Professional Licensing:
      1. The DB A/E who prepares the construction documents shall be a
         professional engineer or registered architect licensed in the state
         in which the design work is completed.
      2. The professional seal indicating such license by the state shall
         appear on the final construction documents. The professional engineer
         or registered architect whose seal is shown will be known as the
         Architect of Record. The DB A/E shall certify compliance with the VA
         RFP and all applicable codes.
   E. Approved Construction Documents:
      1. The final CD submission package will be submitted by the DB team for
         approval by the VA after completion of the DD review cycle for the
         final package to be submitted by the DB team. The VA will have 14
         days to take approval action.
      2. The final construction documents submission package will include a
         full set of construction documents including all previous review
      3. The final construction documents submission package will incorporate
         all VA supplied comments from the earlier SD and DD submission
         package reviews and will comply with the VA RFP.

                                 00 11 21-17

      4. If the final construction documents submission package is not
         complete a post submittal may be required, the cost of which will be
         borne by the DB Team.
      5. The approved final construction documents include such details that
         the project can be constructed and will be used for construction of
         the project.
         Construction Document distribution.
   F. Construction Drawing Preparation - Mandatory material and equipment
      schedules and details may be indicated either on the drawings or in the
      specifications, at the option of the DB team. The construction drawings
      shall include a coordinated set of the following, as applicable:
      1. Civil engineering drawings including demolition plans, grading and
         drainage plans, paving plans, utility plans, schedules calculations
         and details.
      2. Landscape drawings including demolition plans, landscape plans, plant
         schedule and list, special landscape elements, proposed materials to
         be used for each special landscape element, calculations and details.
      3. Structural drawings including foundation plans, framing plans,
         schedules, and details, including general notes and all calculations.
      4. Architectural drawings including floor plans, building elevations,
         building sections, wall sections, reflected ceiling plans, stair
         details, toilet and bath details, door schedules and details, window
         schedules and details, room finish schedules, auto transport and
         other details.
      5. Fire protection drawings including floor and roof plans, riser
         diagrams, equipment schedules, and details, including general notes
         calculations and all related calculations.
      6. Plumbing drawings including floor and roof plans, riser diagrams
         equipment schedules, plumbing fixture schedules, and details,
         including general notes, and all related calculations.
      7. HVAC drawings including floor and roof plans, one-line flow diagrams,
         equipment schedules, and details, including general notes and all
         related calculations. Also provide sections for mechanical equipment
         rooms and sequence of operation for all HVAC equipment.
      8. Outside steam distribution drawings including demolition plans,
         system plans and profiles, manhole piping plans, calculations and
         sections, equipment schedules, and details.
      9. Electrical drawings including site demolition plans, site, floor and
         roof plans (power, lighting, and other systems), one-line diagrams,

                                 00 11 21-18

         panel schedules, equipment schedules, light fixture schedules
         calculations and details.
     10. Hazard abatement drawings including site demolition plans and floor
         plans indicating asbestos and lead abatement method.
     11. (If applicable)Infection Control drawings including fixed and
         temporary partitions with filtration (HEPA, etc.), positive and/ or
         negative project areas set up, particle distribution control into
         active staff and/ or patient care." areas.
     12. Parking Control drawings including paving plans, schedules
         calculations and details for the parking fee collection/parking
         control system for applicable sites.
   G. Construction Specifications - Project specifications shall include
      specifications for all products, materials, equipment, methods, and
      systems shown on the construction drawings in accordance with standard
      professional practice and the VA RFP. All specifications shall be
      prepared in accordance with VA Master Specifications located at the
      following web site: The
      specification submitted for review shall include:
      1. The name of the manufacturer, the product name, model number, or
         other identification as appropriate to clearly identify the product
         that will be used in the construction of the project;
      2. Other data as appropriate to clearly identify the product that will
         be used in the construction of the project i.e. shop drawings,
         product data, and samples as required by the VA RFP documents; and
      3. The required stamp of the licensed architect or engineer of record
         will be considered as certification of compliance with the RFP
   H. Design Requirements - Compliance with codes and standards.
      1. Project design shall be in compliance with applicable standards and
         codes described in VA Program Guides and design materials included or
         referenced in the solicitation materials.
         a. VA Master Specifications available via the web at:

         b. VHA National CAD standards Application Guide – May 2006 via the
            web at:
         c. Design submission requirements via the web at:
      2. See Section E. Approved Construction documents, above, for required
         inclusion of design review comments.

                                  00 11 21-19

      3. In the design of new building and alteration work under this
         contract, the DB team shall consider all requirements (other than
         procedural requirements) of:
         l) Zoning laws:
         2) Environmental and erosion control regulations; and
         3) Laws relating to landscaping, open space, minimum distance of a
             building from the property line, maximum height of a building,
             historic preservation, and esthetic qualities of a building. Also
             similar laws, of the State and local political division, which
             would apply to the building if it were not to be constructed or
             altered by the U.S. Government.
      4. The DB team shall consult with appropriate officials of the Federal,
         state, and political subdivision, and submit plans under the rules
         prescribed by those reviewing authorities. The A/E and VA shall give
         due consideration to the recommendations of the referenced building
         officials. VA will also permit inspection by the officials described
         above during the construction period in accordance with the customary
         schedule of inspections in the locality of the building construction.
         Such officials shall provide VA with a copy of the schedule before
         construction begins or give reasonable notice of their intention to
         inspect before conducting an inspection.
      5. The DB team shall provide prompt, written notification to the CO / VA
         -COTR concerning conflicts with, or recommended deviations from
         codes, laws, regulations, standards, and opinions of review officials
         as described above. No work altering the scope of this contract shall
         be undertaken prior to receipt of written approval from the CO.
      6. No action may be brought against the DB Team or VA and no fine or
         penalty may be imposed for failure to carry out any of the previously
         described recommendations of Federal, state, or local officials.      VA
         and its contractors, shall not be required to pay any amount for any
         action taken by a state or political division of a state in carrying
         out functions described in this article, including reviewing plans,
         carrying out on-site inspections, issuing permits, and making
      7. The DB team shall advise the CO of any variances with the applicable
         Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Standards, for
         occupancy requirements.
   I. Special Considerations for Design –
      1. The DB A/E shall obtain all necessary field data and make site
         investigations and studies incidental to the proper accomplishment of
         the work required under this DB contract. The DB A/E services shall

                                   00 11 21-20

         include verification of existing construction including all site
         improvements, building elements and systems, and other areas that
         will be impacted by this project.    Verification shall be through
         field investigations, review of available records and drawings in the
         VA archives and interview with government staff. The DB A/E shall
         investigate and evaluate the adequacy of existing building and
         support systems with respect to the additional loads to be imposed by
         any proposed work.
      2. The Government makes no representation on the accuracy of the
         information depicted on any data provided to the DB team. The DB A/E
         shall be responsible for field verifying any/all relevant information
         indicated on record drawings, and/or other documents and information
         provided from Activity project files and that may affect the design
         and construction of the project.
      3. The DB A/E is to use special field tests, or destructive testing as
         necessary to verify the accuracy of available data an the adequacy of
         the existing systems or conditions, the DB A/E shall clearly set
         forth any additional work required to assure engineering conclusions
         as a basis for design and submit a system level price proposal for
         accomplishing such work.
      4. The DB A/E shall determine the connection point from VA ownership to
         municipal or public utility ownership for all utilities where this
      5. Where possible, meters shall be located in sheltered areas. Meters
         specified in sites unprotected from the elements shall be rated for
         the expected exposure.
      6. The project design shall incorporate all applicable local, state and
         federal regulations including but not limited to: seismic, storm
         water pollution prevention, etc.
      7. The DB A/E shall provide a schedule of required outages. The schedule
         shall include quantity, utility type, location, duration, sequencing,
         impact, and any other information necessary to obtain agreement from
         site leadership. The schedule shall show how the site will remain
         operational while utilities such as steam, potable water, chilled
         water and natural gas are taken out of service for the meter
         installation.   Many sites are medical centers that have 7x24
         operations and critical clinical operations such as operating rooms,
         intensive care units, inpatient beds, clinical labs, etc.   Outages
         will take these operations into account and describe how the impact
         will be minimized to allow normal functions to continue. The schedule
         must take into account that there is a minimum time required for

                                    00 11 21-21

           shutdowns at a Medical Facility. Shutdowns must be requested 30 days
           prior to any shutdown unless, approved less by the VA-COTR.
           DB A/E shall obtain written agreement (signatures) with this plan and
           shall include it in the design and construction specifications.
        8. The DB A/E shall provide written certification from a Certified
           Industrial Hygienist as to the mitigation of asbestos and lead paint.
           The DB A/E/CIH shall conduct an asbestos survey and submit a report
           and a removal design.   Recently completed surveys performed by others
           may be used as reference for technical information and report format.
           These references, if available, will be available through the VA-
           COTR. These reports are to be used as guidance only.   It will be the
           responsibility of the DB A/E and CIH to supplement this information
           as required with his/her own survey.
D2.     Construction Period Submittals
      A. The DB contractor shall distribute a total of 8 sets of the approved
        construction documents prepared by the DB Team to the VA, as directed by
        the VA-COTR.
      B. Other submittals - The DB team shall submit test results, certificates,
        manufacturers’ instructions, manufacturers’ field reports, etc. as
        required by the VA RFP specifications, to the VA-COTR.
      C. Project record drawings - The DB team will maintain a set of
        construction documents (field as-built drawings) to record actual
        construction changes during the construction process as required by the
        RFP specifications. The project record drawings will be available for
        review by the VA-COTR at all times.
      D. Shop drawings and submittals - The DB A/E shall check government
        furnished and/or the DB construction contractor's shop drawings, detail
        drawings, schedules, descriptive literature and samples, testing labor-
        laboratory reports, field test data and review the color, texture and
        suitability of materials for conformity with the RFP Documents and
        construction documents. The DB A/E shall recommend approval,
        disapproval, or other suitable disposition to the VA-COTR. The VA-COTR
        will have final approval authority. The DB AE shall evaluate the
        submittals with reference to any companion submittals that constitute a
        system.   When necessary, the DB A/E will request the DB Construction
        Contractor to submit related components of a system before acting on a
        single component. Should this procedure be inappropriate, the DB A/E
        shall review all prior submittals for related components of the system
        before acting on a single component. The DB A/E may be required to hold
        joint reviews with the VA technical staff on complicated system
        submittals. The DB A/E shall notify the VA-COTR in writing of any and

                                    00 11 21-22

        all deviations from the requirements of the construction documents that
        he has found in the submittals.
D3.     Project Close-Out
        The DB team shall comply with the requirements in the ―General
        Conditions‖, Section 01001, and ―General Requirements‖, Section 01 00
        00, for submission of final as built drawings, manuals, and other
        documents as noted. Required as-built drawings and specifications will
        be submitted in the same format required for the construction documents.
D4.     Site Visits and Inspections
        During the construction period the DB A/E shall make weekly visits to
        the project site when requested by the VA-COTR. The VA-COTR may also
        request visits for special purposes. Only registered architects and
        engineers thoroughly familiar with the project may make site visits. The
        VA-COTR has the prerogative to determine other professional
        discipline(s) required for any visit. The DB A/E shall observe the
        construction, advise the VA-COTR of any deviations from the SOW /
        Specifications, and deficiencies or solutions to issues discussed. A
        site inspection report which includes the purpose of the inspection,
        items reviewed, deficiencies observed, recommendations and additional
        actions required, and shall be furnished to the VA-COTR within 48 hours
        following the site visit date. If deemed necessary by the VA-COTR, this
        report will be discussed during weekly construction progress meetings.
D5.     Weekly Construction Progress Meetings
      A. The DB Team project manager / project superintendent and other subject
        matter experts required as applicable shall meet with VA project
        Management on a weekly basis for approximately one hour. One (1) day
        prior to each weekly meeting, the PM / superintendent shall provide a
        status report to the VA-COTR including an updated project plan and
        schedule, updated risk management plan, identifying planned work for the
        upcoming weeks, accomplishments for the prior weeks, and open action
        items and plans to correct any deficiencies.
      B. The DB Team PM / superintendent shall attend meetings as stated in (D5.
        A.) and as deemed necessary. The Contractor shall take notes and prepare
        minutes for all meetings and conferences. The contractor shall prepare
        minutes in typed form, signed by Contractor Project Manager and
        furnished to the VA-COTR within 48 hours after the meeting/conference
        for concurrence and distribution to attendees.
D6.      Pre-construction conference
      A. A Pre-Construction Conference will be scheduled by the VA-COTR and held
        at each VA site. The Contractor representatives at minimum shall be the
        Project Manager, and Project Superintendent. The purpose of the

                                       00 11 21-23

         conference will be to discuss any outstanding issues that the Contractor
         may have and to discuss the role and responsibilities of the VA and the
         Contractor. The Contractor shall furnish a copy of all permits and
         approvals required to the VA-COTR during the Pre-Construction meeting or
         prior to starting the construction.
D7.      Asbestos and Other Hazardous Material
      A. If hazardous material is identified during construction; the DB
         Contractor shall immediately stop work, take measures to reduce
         contamination by the Contractor and building personnel, and immediately
         notify the VA-COTR and the site of the hazardous material condition and
      B. The DB Contractor shall refer to the survey and removal design prepared
         by the DB A/E/CIH and immediately remove the hazardous material in the
         manner identified in the design and in compliance with federal, state
         and local laws and regulations.
      C. Should piping require asbestos insulation removal to accommodate the
         work, Contractor shall reinsulate the abated piping regardless of
         whether the site or contractor removed the insulation.
D8.      Changes and Modifications
      A. The Contractor shall correct any errors or omissions in the original
         documents that may create problems during construction. The correction
         shall be done in timely manner with no additional cost to the VA. The
         Contractor shall incorporate these changes on the original drawings at
         no extra cost to the VA. In addition, the Contractor shall incorporate
         changes on submittal registers.
      C. Any variation which constitutes a change during construction shall be
         processed through the CO with a copy to VA-COTR regardless of whether
         there is a change in contract price.    The CO may issue a modification.
         No construction change shall proceed until a modification is approved in
         writing and signed by the CO.     The Contractor is required to prepare and
         submit a RFI to VA.    Subsequently, the VA will submit a RFP to the
         Contractor. The Contractor shall submit a proposal to the VA-COTR as
         soon as possible.     After the review of the price proposal, a negotiation
         will follow between the VA and the Contractor (if applicable) prior to
         issue a modification by the CO. Unsolicited change proposals during
         construction shall be handled in the same manner as mentioned above and
         does not constitute acceptance by the Government.
      B. The contractor shall submit all change related proposals in accordance
         with VAAR 852.236-88 ―Contract changes—supplement‖ also using VA forms
         08-3385a & 08-3385b. The contractor shall fill out both forms
         accordingly and attach all subcontractor quotes for review. Excel

                                       00 11 21-24

        versions of these forms will be given to the contractor at the Pre-
        Construction Meeting. If the contractor does not follow these procedures
        The Government reserves the right to reject the proposals. The
        contractor can find these forms in PDF format at
D9.     Safety Requirements
      A. The contractor shall strictly adhere to the requirements of FAR 52.236-
        13, ―Accident Prevention,‖ VAAR 852.236-87, ―Accident prevention‖ and VA
        Master Specification SECTION 01 00 00 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. A Master
        comprehensive safety plan with a site specific addendum shall be
        required per the Statement of Work (SOW) and shall be in compliance with
        OSHA and all other applicable codes and regulations. The contractor
        shall not start construction until this plan has been approved by the
      B. In accordance with FAR 52.236-13 (c) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
        Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1 can be found at The contractor must
        verify that this is in fact the latest version of the manual by
        referring to the above think.

                                 - - - E N D - - -

                                    00 11 21-25

Description: Proposal for the Contract to Design and Install an Integrated Suite of Software document sample